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HEY What about THIS ?...(plan)

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  • HEY What about THIS ?...(plan)

    With the rams first pick (what ever pick it may be and assuming Suh is off the board ) they can add one more captain on another level of defense....

    this is how i see it.......

    Dline- Chris Long i truly believe this guy will be something great.....(hes the leader in sacks in his draft class) just needs help in the interior*

    Linebacker- James Lauranitis .... this kid is gunna be the next Urlacher ....hes every where ...its scary... needs help at either side*

    Secondary- Eric Berry ..... his playmaking ability is ridiculously good not to mention his knockout hits and tackling...

    NOW THESE ARE THE PILLARS i would hang my hat on lol this has the potential to be one Scary defense in the future ....the sky is the limit for these young men....this can become a very solid unit for a very long time... i feel as if though the elite teams of now and of the past have all had this in common (Ravens- R.lewis/reed/Suggs Steelers-Polumalu/james Harrison/Casey Hampton Buc- Lynch/Sapp/Brooks Patriots- asante/Harrison/Brushci/Seymour Colts Freeney /Bob Sanders/Brackett (blue collar player)

    *areas in which they should draft (keep in mind they do need a QB maybe in the second?) not saying theyll only have 1 second rounder alot can happen from now and then...
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