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The NFL GM Draft Game

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  • The NFL GM Draft Game

    alright, so here is everything that you need to know in order to have a succesful draft.

    The draft rules that nobody knows about

    1. NEVER draft Big name players
    2. NEVER draft players that have a first name longer than 8 characters
    3. NEVER draft a Notre Dame QB
    4. ALWAYS Second guess yourself
    5. Make sure that the first player you draft, is from Mount Union university
    6. NEVER EVER EVER draft a player if he couldn't even score 20 TD's in college, if he can't do it in college, then how can he do it in the NFL?
    7. Players who's names begin with Tim should always be first on your board
    8. Always Over reach for a player
    9. if Ndamakung Suh was worthy enough to be a #1 overall pick, his name would be, Ndamakung One
    10. and the BIGGEST DRAFT RULE that you need to know in order to be succesfull is this.

    I hope you all have learned something valuable from this, because I know who I would draft with the first pick...

    ARMANTI EDWARDS!!! he is the surest thing since Ryan Leaf!!

    thank you ;)

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    Re: The NFL GM Draft Game

    12. When in doubt draft a tight end. You can NEVER have enough tight ends.


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      Re: The NFL GM Draft Game

      Originally posted by rams#1 View Post
      3. NEVER draft a Notre Dame QB
      Joe Montana would like to have a word with you out back.


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        Re: The NFL GM Draft Game

        Were did you get al davis's rules at?


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          Re: The NFL GM Draft Game

          Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
          Were did you get al davis's rules at?

          He started writing things down as he nears closer to the grave... ;)


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            Seriously, I tried last year to watch the draft. Thought that it might be relaxing after a strenous tax season. However, I found myself longing for the guy who painted little trees in the corner because the bushes needed friends. That's how boring I thought this "draft coverage" was. So, how do you make it enjoyable?

            This year, it's golf. You know, they should make one of those ESPN commercials about me when I'm going to be fixated on my phone while the draft is on. Then, when the Rams draft Sigmund Freud in the first round and I sling my putter across the green in disgust it will make a perfect Verizon highlight moment.
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            Here are my wishes (and pleading) to the Rams front office heading into the draft:

            1. Draft on production not on workout statistics.
            2. Don't get cute, draft solid players at established positions.
            3. Draft players who are physical
            4. If necessary move up for impact players in 2nd and 3rd rounds
            5. Don't forget to draft both a developmental RB/TE mid or late rounds.
            6. First two picks get an OT that can start this year, and a playmaking DB that can start at either FS or nickle CB. I don't care what order you pick them in.
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