I dont know how to post a poll, but i ask the group a simple three part question. Maybe one of our technology guru's can turn it into an actual poll so we can tally results.

Are you supportive of drafting a punter in round 6? Yes or No.

Are you supportive of drafting a punter in round 7? Yes or No.

Should we avoid a punter completely in the draft and deal with it via free agency? Yes or No.

I dont think the purpose of this question is to single out individual punters with our own personal preferences. I think we should assume for purposes of the poll that the punter that would be selected in either of those rounds would be a guy that Fisher et al like, rather than what we think we like. Thus, some of this voting depends on how much blind support people have for Fisher, at least while we are in the honeymoon period and he is undefeated.

My vote, I am supportive of a punter in either round 6 or round 7 if Fisher thinks that player is the best positioned to help us compared to the other options available at that point in the draft. I think we need a punter (obviously) and i think Fisher, not me (or anyone else on this board) is in the best position to compare whatever punter he likes vs. punters he guesses might be available in free agency (which of course you never know until the draft ends), vs. the relative upside of the other players at other positions available at that point in the draft. Is there a better punter available then whatever linebacker (as an example) is available at that point? I defer to Fisher on that. Thus, i guess you can count me closest to the blind faith in Fisher at this point category, but i admit that i am not one of the draft experts on this board. I do know that if we get a productive punter in round 6 or 7, he is going to be a bargain cap wise and i am supportive of that. A lousy punter really hurts you on special teams (see the reggie hodges movie if you have the stomach for it).

Ramming speed to all

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