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This secondary is awful.

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  • This secondary is awful.

    This offseason, the Rams need a completely revamped secondary. The only player that deserves to stay and start is Oshiomogho Atogwe. James Butler has looked very mediocre all year when he's not committing safeties or tackling Atogwe on interceptions. And obviously, Ron Bartell, I don't care if he's injured, is not getting it down. Bradley Fletcher was okay, Jonathon Wade is bad, Quincy Butler and Danny Gorrer are possibly the worst players I've ever seen. We better get some good CB's and a strong safety.

    So I ask ClanRam, what good cornerbacks are there to be had in the draft second day (rounds 3-7) and what CB's could we get in free agency? We better not raid any more practice squads looking for jewels.

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    Re: This secondary is awful.

    craig dahl is a great tackler and an average cover guy. Hes done well in his starts. I think you definetely keep him, OJ depending on his money demands, fletcher, bartell if hes willing to take a significant pay cut. the other guys are expendable.

    TAKE SUH, and some how some way someone get a Quarterback in here...


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      Re: This secondary is awful.

      Originally posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
      craig dahl is a great tackler and an average cover guy. Hes done well in his starts. I think you definetely keep him, OJ depending on his money demands, fletcher, bartell if hes willing to take a significant pay cut. the other guys are expendable.

      TAKE SUH, and some how some way someone get a Quarterback in here...
      C. McCoy should be available second round.


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        Re: This secondary is awful.

        I think we need to go this route with the free agency. Adding a CB in the draft is ideal too, but we need two or three new guys.


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          Re: This secondary is awful.

          Let's see...

          Bartell in 2008 had the best stats of any CB in the division in terms allowing completions/big plays, etc.

          In 2009, he's played hurt most of the year and had no pass rush to help him, so his play has diminished.

          That's what you call a lost cause?

          Bartell, Atogwe and Butler are keepers. Dahl is fine as a backup. Ideally, they'll get an upgrade at the #2 CB spot, but I'd worry more about the pass rush than anything else.


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            Re: This secondary is awful.

            you're right. danny gorrer needs to pack his bags..


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              Re: This secondary is awful.

              Fix the pass rush and the secondary will automatically look better.

              And looking bad against the Cards passing attack is no more an indictment than looking bad against the GSOT back-in-da-day.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: This secondary is awful.

                Rounds 3-7 probably will not give you the upgrade you seem to think the Rams need. Some of the guys you mention were drafted in those rounds. Give some of these guys time to adjust to the NFL and learn the Rams D system. As mentioned above these players will look alot better with some kind of pass rush and maybe a offense that will take some time of the clock so the guys can come off the field and get the rest needed to chase all of these WR up and down the field.

                Go Rams


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                • evil disco man
                  Strong Secondary a Top Priority
                  by evil disco man

                  Thursday, June 4, 2009
                  By Nick Wagoner
                  Senior Writer

                  A simple glance at what the Rams did in this offseason is all it takes to know that they have made the secondary one of their first priorities.

                  Consider for a moment that in this most recent free agent market, the Rams placed the franchise tag on safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, forked over $28 million to keep cornerback Ron Bartell and inked safety James Butler to a lucrative four-year contract.

                  If nothing else, it sent a clear message that new coach Steve Spagnuolo, who has spent plenty of time in the league as a defensive backs coach, places a premium on strong secondary play.

                  And while those financial commitments show plenty of confidence in the players filling out the defensive backfield, the players are showing plenty of confidence that they could be the leaders of this defense well into the future.

                  “We are the backbone,” Butler said. “We’re young, we all had to work hard to get where we are and I think that’s a good thing. Guys are hungry, guys are working hard to be the best and I think these guys will go out and do a great job this year.”

                  With the 2009 season still months away, it’s evident from the happenings on the practice field that the Rams are putting a lot more than money into developing the secondary into one of the team’s greatest strengths.

                  Soon after Spagnuolo was hired, the Rams made it clear that retaining the services of Atogwe and Bartell was at the top of the team’s laundry list.

                  After some lengthy negotiations, the Rams decided to put the franchise tag on Atogwe, one of the league’s emerging defensive players and the team’s Most Valuable Player in 2008.

                  Last season, Atogwe posted 109 tackles, five interceptions, eight forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. In the process, he established himself as one of the league’s best ball hawks and the preferred last line of defense for the Rams.

                  With Spagnuolo at the helm and a new defensive system in place, Atogwe is still feeling his way through the defense but has made it a point to stay in St. Louis and do everything possible to acquaint himself with the scheme.

                  That process includes gaining a better understanding of making calls in the secondary and an increased focus on communicating with his fellow defensive backs.

                  “I am still figuring it out,” Atogwe said. “I am still learning the defense and figuring out where I fit in the defense and how I am best utilized in the defense and how the defense can best utilize me and my skill set. It’s a learning phase.”

                  Helping Atogwe and the rest of the secondary through that learning phase is Butler. After spending two seasons as the starting strong safety in Spagnuolo’s New York defenses, Butler came to St. Louis with an intimate knowledge of the defensive scheme....
                  -06-05-2009, 12:40 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Free Agent Preview: Defensive Backs (Nick Wagoner - Team Site)
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  By Nick Wagoner
                  Senior Writer

                  For the better part of the past two weeks, Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff has spent the majority of his time in contract negotiations for the team’s top two in-house free agent priorities.
                  Those two players just so happen to be the key cogs in the Rams’ young secondary. Free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe and cornerback Ron Bartell were clearly the team’s best defensive backs in 2008 and quite possibly the best players on the entire defense.
                  In their efforts to keep Atogwe and Bartell, the team slapped the franchise tag on Atogwe, ensuring that he can’t go to a different team without the Rams getting a boat load in compensation.
                  Of course, the franchise tag for the safety who posted 109 tackles, five interceptions, eight forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries comes at a hefty salary cap number of more than $6 million.
                  That number could be reduced some by a long term contract, something Demoff and Kenneth Landphere, Atogwe’s agent, continue to work on. Both sides are optimistic that something can be done after meeting at the NFL scouting combine last weekend.
                  Bartell’s situation, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Bartell doesn’t have the three years of production put forth by Atogwe and only really came into his own as a starter in 2008.
                  There’s no arguing, though, that Bartell had a breakout season last year. Bartell’s opponent passer rating on balls thrown to the receiver he was covering was just 60.2 in 2008. The next closest among corners in the NFC West Division was San Francisco’s Walt Harris at 79.8.
                  Bartell also allowed just 1.5 touchdowns last season and finished with three interceptions, a sack, two forced fumbles and 20 passes defended.
                  Along the way, he proved to be one of the few corners with the size and athletic ability to match up with Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals threw five fade routes to Fitzgerald and completed none because of Bartell’s ability to go up in the air with Fitzgerald.
                  While Bartell has yet to do it over the long haul, he’s the type of emerging player the Rams would like to keep around. That objective is made more difficult by a rapidly decreasing in players but increasing in price free agent market for cornerbacks.
                  Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha got $45 million over three years from the Raiders and Houston placed the franchise tag on Dunta Robinson.
                  Those players have lengthier resumes and might not directly affect Bartell’s price other than the fact that it moved Bartell up the pecking order of players available.
                  Perhaps more concerning is the contract Kelvin Hayden, a solid if unspectacular corner for the Colts, received. Hayden got a five-year contract from Indianapolis worth $43 million with more than $22 million of it guaranteed.
                  Bartell hasn’t produced at Hayden’s level (and in much different systems) but as one of the top two or three corners who will...
                  -02-25-2009, 12:27 PM
                • dave626
                  Bradley Fletcher / DB question
                  by dave626
                  Does anyone know when he is expected to return? Do they expect him at training camp or workouts, or beginning of the season?

                  Also what do you guys think about our DBs should we draft a CB and if so what round would you suggest.

                  Quincy Butler, could he start?

                  GO RAMS!!!
                  -04-04-2010, 02:41 PM
                • r8rh8rmike
                  Rams DB's Bartell, Atogwe Held Out Of Practice
                  by r8rh8rmike
                  Rams DBs Bartell, Atogwe held out of practice
                  6 hours, 13 minutes ago

                  ST. LOUIS (AP)—St. Louis Rams cornerback Ron Bartell and safety O.J. Atogwe did not practice Wednesday while nursing shoulder injuries. Two other members of the secondary, cornerback Justin King and safety Craig Dahl, were limited with shoulder and knee woes.

                  Bartell sustained a stinger in the first half Sunday at Arizona and was uncertain Wednesday whether he’d be able to play this weekend at New Orleans. Bartell, the Rams’ top coverage cornerback, said his injury would probably be a factor the rest of the season but said he felt better.

                  “It’s one of those things, if you take a hit the wrong way or tackle somebody the wrong way it’s something that just may happen,” Bartell said. “It’s not something I’m going to concern myself with. If I’m able to get my strength back I’ll be out there on Sunday.”

                  Atogwe said his shoulder was a little sore but he would be ready for the Saints. Coach Steve Spagnuolo said King aggravated an earlier injury.

                  Atogwe is second on the team with 69 tackles with two interceptions and has been a big factor on the blitz with two sacks and five quarterback hits.

                  Another cornerback, rookie Jerome Murphy, was limited with a hamstring injury. Murphy did not play last week.
                  -12-08-2010, 07:55 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Rams secondary takes shape
                  by RamWraith
                  By Bill Coats
                  ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                  Sunday, Mar. 15 2009
                  In mid-February, the Rams' secondary was in a state of flux. Strong safety
                  Corey Chavous had been released, cornerback Fakhir Brown had been removed from
                  the team's plans, and free safety Oshiomogho "O.J." Atogwe and cornerback Ron
                  Bartell were about to become free agents.

                  Less than a month and more than $50 million later, the new regime at Rams Park
                  has solidified most of its defensive backfield:

                  Feb. 19 — Atogwe, 27, is assigned the team's franchise tag, assuring his
                  presence in 2009 and earning him a one-year salary of $6.34 million.

                  March 2 — After a visit to New Orleans and a contract offer from the Saints,
                  Bartell, 27, re-signs with the Rams. His four-year deal could max out at $28

                  March 10 — Strong safety James Butler, 27, a free agent who spent the previous
                  four seasons with the New York Giants, signs for four years and, if certain
                  incentives are met, about $17 million.

                  "It's very exciting," Butler said. "O.J.'s been having a lot of interceptions
                  the past two years, and Ron Bartell's arrow is definitely going up."

                  With a laugh, Butler added, "We've got a lot of young players, and they're fast
                  — I might be the slowest one out of the bunch. I might have to start working on
                  my 40s."

                  Atogwe, a 5-foot-11, 210-pound third-round draft pick in 2005, is a three-year
                  starter who has developed into one of the NFL's top ball-hawking defenders. He
                  led the NFC with eight interceptions two years ago and picked off five more
                  passes in 2008. He also finished second on the team in tackles this past
                  season, with 109.

                  Bartell, a 6-1, 209-pounder drafted in the second round in 2005, cobbled
                  together a breakout season in '08. After shuttling between safety and
                  cornerback his first three seasons, Bartell became a full-time starter. He was
                  the team's best defender in coverage, compiling one of the league's best "burn"
                  rates (percentage of passes completed against him), and his three interceptions
                  were second to Atogwe.

                  Butler, a 6-3, 215-pound Georgia Tech product, wasn't drafted after his senior
                  season in 2005, which shocked the two-time all-Atlantic Coast Conference

                  "It was very tough. I was like, 'Man, these guys aren't better than me,'"
                  Butler said. "But I think every player has things he has to go through, and I
                  went through that. You just have to roll with the punches."

                  The snub amped up his determination to prove the skeptics wrong, Butler

                  "Every player has a motivation. ... that was my motivation," he said.
                  -03-15-2009, 03:52 AM