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No QB in the draft next year.

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  • No QB in the draft next year.

    This team still has alot of things to do before becoming a playoff caliber team. Young players maturing..............players staying healthy.

    I would much rather see the Rams address other needs. If things go poorly again, which with they're luck with injuries it will, then next year they might have a shot at Locker. And that may well be the last very high pick this team sees in a while.

    I think Suh in the first, then chase BPA in round 2 and 3, then needs in the rest of the draft. Continue to sign young FAs.

    Whose going to play QB? Whose playing it now.

    Little may retire? who knows. Let's get the rest of the base team fixed up before the QB of the future arrives. Rothsburger style.
    Semper Fi!

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    Re: No QB in the draft next year.

    Nah, I want QB in 2nd or 3rd rd.


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      Re: No QB in the draft next year.

      I agree that the Rams need to think about value and not merely try to fill spots, but I'm not convinced that there won't be value at the QB spot in Rounds 2 or 3. I think there are at least three players: Colt McCoy, Tony Pike and Ryan Mallett, who would be worth considering with the 33rd pick. That said, if all three were available at #33, but I was convinced that one of them would likely still be there at the top of Round 3, I'd probably take a WR in Round 2.


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        Re: No QB in the draft next year.

        If there are other players of greater value than QB in the second round, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to waiting on a QB until later. I think there will be some value at WR, and perhaps some value at a number of defensive positions too. I think that a solid cornerback or defensive end could be there, for instance.

        That being said, I think this team should draft someone at least in the mid rounds, anywhere from round two to round four or five, whom they think has a reasonable chance of being groomed to be a starter in this system. We can't bank on being able to draft Player X next year, because there's no guarantee we'll be in a position to take him. If we're going to pass on a QB in round two for another player of good value, then we're going to need to have our eyes peeled for someone later on in the draft.

        One thing that might negate the need to spend a higher pick on a quarterback is if we find someone in free agency whom we view as having more potential than just being a stop-gap veteran. If the team thinks a Jason Campbell or Tarvaris Jackson could come in here and develop into a good starter, maybe they sign him and bypass a QB until the mid to late rounds. Then if that person doesn't work out, they can view QB as a priority in 2011.


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          Re: No QB in the draft next year.

          I think they will keep Bulger, he is a proven Q-back, especially with competent players starting along side of him. He played at pro bowl caliber twice, therefore he realistically could accomplish that again given the protection and the other pieces of the puzzle. Bulger is 32, he should be able to play a few more years. Null looks like a #2 if the coachs continue to coach him up. Depending on what the brass do in the off season as to FA, the top two picks should be used appropriately, maybe lineman, backers or corners.


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            Re: No QB in the draft next year.

            I agree with the OP, no QB is worth a pick at #1 in the first round or even at #1 in the 2nd round. The only QB that I would take at that spot may be Tony Pike, he has great accuracy and plays with great confidence. But he seems injury-prone and I want to see his arm strength in workouts. Colt McCoy, to me, is right up there with Tebow for guys I wouldn't even consider as a potential franchise QB. He's Tim Couch part 2. Seriously, the guy hardly ever throws the ball more than 10 yards down the field. He wins, but guess what, about 50 other college QB's could win at Texas. In his 2 games this year against good defenses (Oklahoma and Neb) he struggled mightily. He does have decent mobility, but I really question if he has NFL throwing ability. Please, for all that is good and holy, stay away from McCoy. As for Mallett, he is intriguing, but I think he would be a major project after one year as a starter as a RS Soph in college.

            I would go with Suh in the first, Jahvid Best (if he comes out) in the second, and Danario Alexander in the third. I see everyone pleading for more D, and our D has certainly struggled, but have you guys seen how many points we've scored this year? 169, or 11.23 per game. That's putrid. The next worst is Cleveland at 220. This team needs offensive playmakers in the absolute worst way. Even that is an understatement. We have no backup RB (or nobody to even help S-Jax carry the load) and a bunch of #3's and #4's at WR. At this rate, S-Jax is going to be completely burned out by the time the Rams are competetive again.

            As a caveat, I do think Jimmy Clausen is going to be a good one. But I just don't know if he's worth the #1 pick when the best, most dominant DT of this generation is there for the taking.
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              Re: No QB in the draft next year.

              One of the few things i agree with ESPN commentators on is that the NFL is a passing league. Tavaris Jackson and Campbell are most likely restricted because of an uncapped year. Ruling FA out.

              The more QBs that come out the better. More options, more to analyze more to compare. Rams are going to need to analyze all QB options available in the first 2 rounds. IMO QB evaluation by our scouts and staff should be an emphasis. That is why you have to take really long looks at Bradford and Claussen. If that is the case and you fall in love with that guy you explore a trade down first for a team seeking Suh, but if that doesn't happen you can't be afraid to take the guy you love.

              Ryan Mallet could be the key to this draft if he comes out. 3 first round talent QBs are in the draft then. If the Rams like what they see in him, I think Devaney understands the importance of a strong QB and would trade up to get him. I think he gets drafted in the same range as Josh Freeman and the Rams would probably handle him similarly with 1 or 2 vets ahead of him.

              In all I just don't see the Rams getting out of the first 2 rounds without a young viable QB. Whether it drafting a guy first overall (never know who rises), trading for someone elses promising QB, trading up to get your guy, or just drafting one at the top of the second. IMO the Rams can't afford to wait to 2011 to find their franchise guy.


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                Re: No QB in the draft next year.

                I think there is enough of a drop off at QB to take one with the 33rd pick.

                I can't think of too many teams searching for a new QB anyways. So, if I'm doing all this thinking correctly, we should have a QB fall to us in round two.

                We do need a new QB without a doubt. I think round two is the ideal spot to pick one.

                First over all pick? I'd pass.


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                  Re: No QB in the draft next year.

                  Originally posted by Mooselini View Post
                  I think there is enough of a drop off at QB to take one with the 33rd pick.

                  I can't think of too many teams searching for a new QB anyways. So, if I'm doing all this thinking correctly, we should have a QB fall to us in round two.

                  We do need a new QB without a doubt. I think round two is the ideal spot to pick one.

                  First over all pick? I'd pass.
                  From the top of my head, Oakland, Seattle, Carolina, Buffalo, Washington, Minnesota perhaps San Francisco and perhaps Arizona are the teams who could legitimately target a QB early.

                  I'm not particularly well versed just yet on team needs and priorities and so on etcetera for next year's draft but I'd be willing to wager that there's more than one team who will jump early at a QB, especially a team with time to let him develop around an already solid group of developing and veteran players, much in the same way Big Ben was nurtured in Pittsburgh. Minnesota and to a lesser extent Carolina and (should they choose to abandon Leinart) Arizona are the teams that jump out at me immediately.


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                    Drafting a developmental QB?
                    by Guest
                    Do you think we will draft a QB to develop in the mid to late rounds?

                    If so when? (which round)

                    Who will it be?

                    im not too good a projecting which round a certain player will be but i would like to draft a QB with the 4th or 5th round pick.

                    Do you think Chase Daniels or Pat White would be any good?
                    -01-31-2009, 12:28 PM
                  • general counsel
                    would you pick broehm in round 2?
                    by general counsel
                    Mel Kipper has brian broehm out of the first round. Should the rams use a #2 pick to take him?

                    ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -02-15-2008, 01:27 PM
                  • HornIt
                    Thinking QB
                    by HornIt
                    With Cassel going to the Chiefs, that would seem to leave either Thigpen or Croyle available to be had for possibly a late round draft pick.

                    With Pennington's performance for the Dolphins last year and their drafting of Henne, it would seem likely that perhaps John Beck could be had for a late round pick at this point.

                    In Green Bay, they committed to Rogers to be their starter long term and they drafted both Brohm early and Flynn late but Flynn came out on top in the job for the backup spot to Rogers last year. So perhaps Brian Brohm would be available now for a mid round pick?

                    In Minnesota they just traded for Rosenfels to compete with Tavaris Jackson for the starting spot. That would seem to leave John David Booty, a guy they drafted just last year, out in the cold. Could he be had for a late round pick now?

                    So here's the list I'm looking at.

                    Brohm or Flynn

                    And the reason I'm looking at these QB's is because they are all young, have some NFL experience now and would seem to fit the offensive system the Rams will be running. They all have some mobility and good arms and are all in situations where they should be expendable to the teams they're currently on.

                    I think somebody like this would be a wise pickup for the Rams to go into the season with a guy who's best years should still be in front of them, who fit what the Rams want to do and who could step in for Bulger should he either get hurt or continue to struggle and would have a shot at being the Rams QB of the future.

                    In addition, they should still draft a QB such as McGee or Painter in the later rounds.
                    -02-28-2009, 03:05 PM
                  • Barry Waller
                    Rams Quarterback Situation
                    by Barry Waller
                    First of all, as much as I like Johnnie Manziel, I don't buy the Rams taking him in round one, and I doubt he drops as far as 13.

                    However, looking at the teams that look to be taking a QB in the top 75 picks, I can see the Rams getting a really good prospect in round three.

                    There are seven teams likeliest to take a QB in the top two rounds, and a couple more who could surprise with a QB in the top two rounds, but that's about it.

                    That means the Rams have no shot at these guys in round three:
                    Manziel, Bortles, Bridgewater, Carr, Garoppolo, Savage, Mecklinberger.

                    Chances are, a 8th team will take AJ McCarron in late round two.

                    However, with all the teams that could take a QB that early going with that group, there is little question that one of the next tier of QBs, L. Thomas, A. Murray, and D. Fales, as well as J. Mathews, T. Boyd, and C. Shaw, will be available at pick 75.

                    Thomas is a high upside guy, Murray a very heady type with great intangibles and experience.

                    Looking at the board, and the teams sure to take a passer early, it's pretty clear that the Rams can get either Thomas or Murray in round three, and either would be a bargain there.

                    If somehow they acquire an extra second rounder or two, they may even think about one of the second round guys as to good to pass up with an "extra" pick.

                    And even if Qbs start dropping, as far as #11, where I think Tennessee would have to really look at taking the best QB, knowing at pick 42 they won't get a top seven passer even with the late start, there will be a big run on them late in round one after deal ups, and early round two.

                    Pretty much every top 10 team passing on a QB despite a big need is 99% sure to take on with their second rounder, if they don't deal up first from there to get their guy.

                    That competition will get very interesting if the QBs drop out of the top 10.

                    When it's all said and done, Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Minnesota, and Tennessee will almost surely add one of the top 6 passers.

                    Tampa Bay and Arizona seem likliest to be in the QB market early as well.

                    Like the Rams, Dallas and Denver have passers with some injury or age questions, and either could surprise by taking a QB earlier than expected.

                    The Chiefs and New England could also surprise with a QB pick if the value is there. However, the Chiefs lack a second rounder, and pick after the Rams in round three, and New Endland is more likely to deal down to a teamwanting a QB than take one in the top two rounds.

                    The 9 or 10 player depth at the QB position plays right into the Rams hands in round three, one more positive for Les Snead and Jeff Fisher.
                    -05-05-2014, 09:23 AM
                  • mcpeepants232003
                    Would you think about taking a QB in rounds 3-6?
                    by mcpeepants232003
                    There's a lot of decent mid round QB prospects this year. If there is one we like should we take him?

                    I am not giving up on Sam and actually am higher on him than most(I think he's a mid level QB already) but I wouldn't mind grabbing a talented QB in the middle rounds and developing him.
                    -11-26-2012, 09:29 AM