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  • Osi Umenoriya

    He seems really unhappy with the Giants...maybe we can trade for him during the offseason..

    It seems like Giants can't afford to keep Tuck and Osi...Not only money wise but cant give them playing time wise...

    Spags-Osi combo, I am sure Osi would like that and maybe we can trade some players + next years 2nd round pick?

    Anybody think this could be possible?

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    Re: Osi Umenoriya

    They wont give him up Tuck and Osi are locked up and they are still young. It looks like they are putting all the blame on DC Bill sheriden. He is too good of a pass rusher to let go, especially when he is locked up and your alternative Kiwunuka isn't as good and is a free agent after 2010. The giants are fine money wise that isn't the issue at all.

    Players? who would they want? Bottom line Sheriden is out and Osi isn't coming here


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      Re: Osi Umenoriya

      Dont know man, he isnt happy at all not starting so he might push for a trade???
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        Re: Osi Umenoriya

        Can you imagine getting Osi and then Suh. That would be outstanding.


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          Re: Osi Umenoriya

          Originally posted by Dominating D View Post
          Can you imagine getting Osi and then Suh. That would be outstanding.
          Outstanding is the word....;)


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            Re: Osi Umenoriya

            No they will give up Osi but not for just a 2nd rounder

            I'm thinking 2nd round, 6th round, decent young DB (Bradley Fletcher)

            Osi has a lot of talent


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              Re: Osi Umenoriya

              Originally posted by 3STL9 View Post
              Dont know man, he isnt happy at all not starting so he might push for a trade???
              Alot of players aren't happy if the team says your not going anywhere you aren't going anywhere. If you don't play you are just hurting yourself and loosing money. He has no leverage he is signed long term. After Sheriden gets fired he will be much more happy and will probably start again.


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                Re: Osi Umenoriya

                Originally posted by BarronWade View Post
                No they will give up Osi but not for just a 2nd rounder

                I'm thinking 2nd round, 6th round, decent young DB (Bradley Fletcher)

                Osi has a lot of talent
                Why would the Rams give up on promising young corner in Flethcer and why would Giants trade for a seriously injured player who would probably start the year on the PUP list. A 2nd and 6th is alot to ask from a rebuilding team. Thats more of deal a team on the verge makes. Rams definately aren't that, draft picks are paramount here, we are looking to get more not loose some.


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                  Re: Osi Umenoriya

                  Is he a FA?


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                    Re: Osi Umenoriya

                    I wouldn't mind trading for Osi however I think if we go with Suh, we're more than likely going to get a QB in the 2nd round and giving that up wouldn't be a great idea unless you are referring to the 2011 2nd rounder. I think it's critical to have as many draft picks as possible for 2010.
                    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                      Re: Osi Umenoriya

                      According to Pro Football Talk (insert grain of salt), the Giants aren't interested in dealing Osi Umenyiora and suspect his public discontent is from a desire for a new contract. I wouldn't be very willing to trade a whole lot for Osi, considering he's been a disappointment this season and missed all of 2008 with a knee issue.

                      If the Rams want to spend their second round pick on a defensive end, just draft one. The potential for some good value is there. It's entirely possible that Greg Hardy, Brandon Graham, Greg Romeus, or Everson Griffin will be there. Just use the pick on one of them, if you want a DE in exchange for our second rounder. Pair any of those guys up with Suh and Long on the other side, and DL becomes a huge strength IMO.

                      That being said, can the Rams justify two linemen with their first two picks? Tough call.


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                      • NJ Ramsfan1
                        Osi Umenyura
                        by NJ Ramsfan1
                        Would love to see the Rams try to package a reasonable deal to get Umenyura from the Giants. The possibility makes perfect sense, as the Giants just drafted the DE from South Florida, Umenyura has expressed past unhappiness at the prospect of not starting and of course the Rams need a defensive end with an aging Leonard Little nearing the end. The Spags-reunion factor makes this plausible.

                        Comments or thoughts??
                        -04-22-2010, 09:50 PM
                      • Tampa_Ram
                        Umenyiora free to seek trade
                        by Tampa_Ram
                        The New York Giants have given permission to the agent of Osi Umenyiora to work out a trade for the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end, a league source told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

                        Graziano: Osi Blinks First

                        Osi Umenyiora's holdout didn't last long, but's Dan Graziano says this isn't the end of the saga. Blog
                        • Giants blog |

                        The Giants want a first-round pick in exchange for Umenyiora, who continues to be unhappy with his contract status even after a meeting with team officials over the weekend, the source said.
                        Umenyiora's agent, Tony Agnone, began contacting teams on Monday. He and a spokesman for the Giants declined comment on Monday.
                        Umenyiora is expected to remain in training camp pending the trade.
                        In a sworn affidavit as part of the recent Brady vs. NFL lawsuit during the lockout, Umenyiora said Reese told him in 2008 that if the defensive end were still playing at a high level in two years, he'd reward him with a new contract or trade him to a team that would pay him like a top-five defensive end.
                        Umenyiora has two years remaining on his contract worth a total of $8 million. The two-time Pro Bowler is coming off a season in which he had 11.5 sacks and 10 forced fumbles.
                        Umenyiora met with Giants general manager Jerry Reese on Sunday, and coach Tom Coughlin had said that he thought progress was made.
                        "Osi and I had a very good conversation and really that is all I am going to say about that," Reese said in an interview on the Boomer and Carton show on WFAN radio on Monday morning. "There are still some ongoing issues involved with that."
                        Umenyiora reported to camp on Saturday and underwent his physical on Sunday. Coughlin said Umenyiora was scheduled to visit with team doctor Russell Warren to get clearance to practice since Umenyiora has had issues in past with his hip, which required surgery in the offseason. Umenyiora watched practice from the sideline on Sunday night.
                        "We'll do what's best for the New York Giants," Reese added when asked if he will rip up the defensive end's contract and give him a raise. "I don't have any comments about Osi until we get all the issues resolved."

                        Id love to have Osi part of the rams squad but giving up a 1st round pick for him is way to much and will never happen with the rams.
                        -08-01-2011, 10:31 AM
                      • viper
                        RUMOR: Giants WR Odell Beckham being pursued by Rams in possible trade
                        by viper

                        PAT LEONARD
                        Mar 26th 2018 4:30PM

                        ORLANDO — Odell Beckham Jr. calls Los Angeles home in the offseason and soon he might live there year round.

                        The L.A. Rams, according to multiple NFL sources, already have talked with the Giants about possibly trading for the dynamic wide receiver and turning him from a Big Apple phenom into a Hollywood star.

                        One Rams executive, when approached by the Daily News at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Monday afternoon, declined comment but flashed a wry smile and didn’t deny it. “Where did you hear that?” the exec said.

                        The News has learned that the Giants’ asking price in a prospective Beckham trade is starting at a first-round pick plus. The “plus” is the negotiable part, but the meaning is that it likely won’t require two first-round picks to get it done.

                        Rams GM Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay would not comment when approached by the News on Monday. But Snead is one of only two GMs who have made trades already with Dave Gettleman as Giants GM, and the other is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Jason Licht, who just re-signed his own wideout Mike Evans to a megadeal himself.

                        L.A. is a tantalizing and logical place for Beckham to land considering all the factors at play.

                        Offensive guru McVay lit the league on fire last season as a rookie head coach, but he lost deep threat wide receiver Sammy Watkins to the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency and still could use a true No. 1 WR to team with talented wideouts Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp (Here lies the Giants’ 2017 secondary).

                        The Rams are building a new $2.6 billion stadium in Inglewood, Calif., for a 2020 NFL season debut, so Beckham’s star power would help open the new digs with a bang.

                        And they have a young, talented quarterback in Jared Goff who is also cheap playing on a rookie contract. And that financial flexibility could allow the Rams to sign both free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and Beckham after they make a trade with New York.

                        Beckham doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but his familiarity and affinity for the area could help him acclimate better than he would in other markets. His star power as an NFL and Nike icon still would shine brightly in a major media market such as L.A. despite leaving the bright lights of NYC.

                        The Rams hypothetically could give the Giants their 23rd overall pick in this year’s first round, a later round pick and perhaps wide receiver/kick returner Tavon Austin, who has just one year at an $8 million cap hit remaining on his restructured deal. Austin, 28, is dynamic but didn’t see much action in McVay’s offense in 2017.

                        The Rams — who, again, were pursuing Beckham even before this week’s drama — easily could have plenty of competition, though, after Giants co-owner John Mara basically invited bidders on Sunday by taking a hard line on Beckham’s behavior...
                        -03-26-2018, 03:29 PM
                      • Ramer
                        Shockey (Giants) trade a possibility
                        by Ramer
                        Giants | Shockey trade a possibility
                        Thu, 24 Apr 2008 08:50:27 -0700
                        Updating a previous report, John Murphy, of Yahoo! Sports, reports the possible trade to send New York Giants TE Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints could now be moving forward and could happen as early as this weekend, according to two sources.
                        -04-24-2008, 10:57 AM
                      • Big Horn
                        Rams willing to trade for Umenyiora?
                        by Big Horn
                        Per Rotoworld

                        The Chargers, Seahawks, Broncos, Ravens and Rams have expressed an interest in trading for Osi Umenyiora, sources tell the New York Daily News.

                        None of these teams appear willing to meet the Giants' asking price of a first-round pick. But if the price is dropped to a second-rounder, the Giants may get someone to bite. The Daily News' sources cite the Rams as the team to watch -- former Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo now coaching in St. Louis.

                        Aug 2, 9:42 AM
                        -08-02-2011, 08:01 AM