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  • Sean Weatherspoon

    What would you guys think about taking him in the second round if he's available? He and Laurinaitis would help make up a young and fierce linebacker corps that would be the envy of the rest of the league. Spoon has been projected late first round or early second round, so it's likely that he will be available come our second pick.

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    Re: Sean Weatherspoon

    Here's what I said regarding Weatherspoon as a possibility to the Rams when RAMarkable asked about it in the thread for my mock draft:

    Originally posted by Nick View Post
    He'd be in consideration and probably would be among the best players available at that point. But it would be tough not to pull the trigger on an equally talented player at a position of greater need such as quarterback or wide receiver. I think teams can probably find capable weak-side linebackers later in the draft, though I suspect Spags would like Weatherspoon's size if his listed measureables (6'1" 245) hold up.
    So yeah, I think he'd have to be in consideration, especially if the Rams aren't blown away by what they see at some other potential positions there (QB, WR, DE, CB, etc).


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      Re: Sean Weatherspoon

      I love to see him fall to us and Spags et all grab him. Maybe hard if some talented QB's are available. Wonder if the Rams could action next years 2nd round pick and some latter round picks to move back in the 2nd if he's there?

      Go Rams


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        Re: Sean Weatherspoon

        From what I saw in the Navy-Mizzou bowl game today, I'd rather take a talented QB or another position of higher need, than drafting Weatherspoon. His play was decent, making a tackle here and there, but he didn't look too impressive.


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        • sosa39rams
          2nd round topic
          by sosa39rams
          As I am watching the senior bowl, I have noticed that Brandon Graham has come to play. Hes doing a fantastic job in the running and passing game.

          Hes been a force all game and is dominating the Oline. I would like to consider him for our 2nd round pick. I also like Sean Weatherspoon. He is also having a great game and they would both fill positions of need.
          -01-30-2010, 03:00 PM
        • FestusRam
          Obvious Round 1 Selection but 2?
          by FestusRam
          Ok, my vote is for Suh round one. Thats an obvious pick you cant pass up

          But round 2? I see many people wanting to acquire Alexander and i agree and disagree with it both.

          The reason i agree is, he is very talented receiver with great size. He would fit exceptionally well into the West Coast O. I've seen him catch screens many times and just break them for 50+ yards.

          However, I feel like if we acquire another WR this off season it should be a veteran. Not another rookie. I dont beleive the rams will draft him in the 2nd but I honestly don't know. What do you think about it?
          -01-26-2010, 10:05 AM
        • C-Mob 71
          Taylor Mays- Round 2
          by C-Mob 71
          Here's a simple second round scenario:

          We tender OJ, and prepare to lock him up long term at FS.

          Taylor Mays falls to the second round.

          Do you draft him to play SS?

          Personally this would be a dream come true. Three years ago during the season I wanted to draft James Laurainaitis in the first round, he went back to school, and I think you guys know what happened next.

          Two years ago I was thinking Taylor Mays would be a great first round pick for the upcoming draft. He went back to school.

          Do we grab another great defender in the second round?
          -02-25-2010, 03:52 PM
        • Ramsong
          Ramsong Mock 1.0
          by Ramsong
          I never think it's too early for mocks, and even though they are usually ridiculous speculation, I think it's fun and generates some debate. So here goes:

          Round 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska - Whether or not we pick #1 overall...Whatever it takes to get this guy, we must do it, even if it means trading up to get him. He is a freak of nature. On top of that, he's intelligent, articulate, a superb athlete and fits the 4 Pillars to a tee.

          And we can't be afraid to draft another DT despite Kennedy, Carriker (playing out of position), Pickett etc. and their results.

          I think he would instantly make Ryan, Long, Lauranitis and Company a better and potent front 7. Starter from day 1.

          Round 2: Dez Bryant, WR OK State - This one is iffy because many feel he is a top 10 talent, but he just may slip into the top of the 2nd with the NCAA suspension...Just might put off some NFL execs.

          We need to be drafting BPA available regardless of position, because we are desperate for playmakers on BOTH sides of the ball. Bryant just happens to fit a need as well. Big, fast, strong. There have been some questions about his hands, but that's something that can be coached.

          Alternates here (if we go WR) include Golden Tate, ND / Brandon LaFell, LSU / Damian Williams USC & Aurelious Benn, ILL (who was hurt by the wacky offensive system at ILL and lack of a productive QB this year.)

          Round 3: Tim Tebow, QB Florida - OK, before you start ripping me, please hear me out. By round 3, Bradford, Locker, Claussen, McCoy will all probably be gone. Tebow may as well, but if he is there at the top of round 3, you almost HAVE to take him.

          I keep hearing about his mechanics and delivery. Trust me, these are things that can be fixed at the NFL level, at least with the right coach.

          One thing you can't fix, is the desire and will to win. This guy has that in spades. He is the type of guy that will put a team on his shoulders and absolutely carry them to a win. When was the last time we had that at Rams Park?

          His footwork is not an issue, as he is very mobile and athletic. I want a guy like this on my team, the perfect example of BPA and great value at the top of round 3.

          QB alternates here include Dan LeFevour (another favorite), Tony Pike and Zac Robinson. A deep class for QBs.

          Round 4: Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford - This guy is a stud, and may fall to the top of round 4. He would be the perfect compliment and ultimate replacement for Jackson. Bruising runner and good pass catcher, plus the dude can block. He also throws the ball well.

          Options here at RB include Noel Devine, but I think round 4 is a little high for Devine because of his size. He would be a great change of pace back though.

          Alternate picks would be DE and OLB - BPA.

          Round 5.1: Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas
          Round 5.2: Alex Carrington,
          -12-12-2009, 01:38 PM
        • GoRams1
          I Change My Mind-- No WR In The First Round!
          by GoRams1
          First of all, I'm all for Justin Blackmon if we take him in the 1st Round (I'm an OK State Homer).
          But I cant see Spags going WR in round 1. I say we take this guy... Von Miller.

          YouTube - Von Miller Butkus Award Winner 2010 Highlights
          -01-05-2011, 07:17 PM