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Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

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  • Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

    Note: As a UM Law alum, I concede that I am a bit biased when it comes to the Canes.

    As the draft approaches, I'll compile my sleeper list (current players such as Brandon Marshall, Osi Umenyiora and, from last year's draft, Terrence Knighton, have appeared on my lists).

    My first entry is Jimmy Graham, Senior TE from Miami. If you look up his stats from this year, you'll see 17 receptions and 5 TDs. If you look up his stats from 2006, 2007 or 2008, you won't find them - unless you look at UM's basketball stats. That's right... Graham was a power forward until this year.

    He is 6'8, 260. Not bad size for a Red Zone target. He is unquestionably a developmental player, but if you look up the term "upside potential" in the dictionary, you might find his picture.

    Is he the next Antonio Gates (another converted hoops player)? Time will tell. I'd consider spending a fourth round pick on him to find out. That said, if he runs well at the Combine, a fourth might not be enough.

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    Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

    David, don't take this the wrong way, but ....

    A tight end? Really? With the luck the Rams have had drafting tight ends?

    I'm just skeptical....I haven't seen the kid play.


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      Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

      Given the current roster, I'm more concerned with filling roles than I am with filling positions (apart from QB).

      I see the Rams' main needs as follows:

      Offense: playmaker
      Defense: pass rusher

      If, in Round 4, Graham is the best playmaker prospect, then I'd consider him. Its not like McMichael, Fells and Bajema are World-beaters.


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        Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

        Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
        Given the current roster, I'm more concerned with filling roles than I am with filling positions (apart from QB).

        If, in Round 4, Graham is the best playmaker prospect, then I'd consider him. Its not like McMichael, Fells and Bajema are World-beaters.
        I cannot argue with this logic.


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          Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

          Remember the former B-ball player Linny brought in to play TE the draft he picked 9,000 TE's. Hopefully he isn't like that. In Linehans first draft with other huge needs like OT, DE, S, CB he takes a TE.


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            Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

            There are other ways to fill needs such as Free Agency and trades. When you see fresh talent and huge potential sometimes you have to roll the dice. With a fourth round pick, the worst that could happen si he doesnt quite pan out. Luckily you didnt drop the big money on him. There will be plenty of free agents to fill needs with.


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              Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

              Good job AV

              Trade Down

              Suh or Clausen won't save this Rams team.

              I would be happy trading 1st pick to the Bucs for there 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks.
              The Lions already have the franchise QB. The Rams have a 50/50 chance they won't take DT G. McCoy and take OT. R. Okung to protect that franchise QB.

              I wouldn't mind dropping back 1 more time, to around the 6th-9th pick for another 2nd or 3rd rd pick. Then they can draft and develope a pkayer like TE Jimmy Grahm

              First of all the Rams should pick the Best available player that fits in the SYSTEM Rams run.

              Free agents 1. TE Tony Scheffler <-------
              2.OLB Derrick Johson
              Have to give QB. K. Null some weapons to work with.

              Then my draft
              1st pick C.J. Spiller (2 back set who do they cover out of back field SJ or C.J.)
              2nd (a) DE. Greg Romeus or Carlos Dunlap (I wouldn't mind Rams drafting 3 DE's in draft).
              (b) OT. Gabe Carimi (Felt sorry for any QB behind line during Whiners game)
              3rd (a) WR. Eric Decker
              (b) DT Marvin Austin (4.88-40 @305LBS)
              4th DE. Austin Lane
              5th (a) QB Rusty Smith
              (b) G Thomas Austin (Have to fix that line)

              Can't do it all in one draft ! ! !


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                Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

                I wonder... after his Combine peformance, is Graham even a sleeper any more?


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                  Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

                  I watched his combine performance, this guy is a beast! He is tall, quick, great hands, explosive and best of all a play maker. I'd throw him in my top 5 TE's.


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                    Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

                    Yeah I posted in the which TE should we select that I thought he looked like an absolute beast. Guy has a ton of raw talent and potential.


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                      Re: Sleeper Watch: Jimmy Graham, TE, UMiami

                      good post, agree he'd be a nice snag in the 4th... and with the depth of this draft... you never know!


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                        Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma - a second round prospect?
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                        Its obvious to everyone that an upgrade at the Tight End position is needed. McMichael isnt expected to be back as he is a unrestricted free agent, and Daniel Fells and Billy Bajema are depth guys at best. So the Rams need a new started at TE.

                        Gresham is still thought to be the number 1 TE in the draft despite missing his last season through a knee injury. Obviously his combine showings will be important, but if he shows that the knee injury hasnt hindered his ability then he could very well be worth consideration.

                        If Gresham is there at the top of round 2 then the Rams have to be looking his way. However, if the Rams pick up a starting TE in free agency like Tony Scheffler or Ben Watson, its unlikely they will pick Gresham, instead focusing on one of the many other positions that the team could use an upgrade at.

                        But whoever is starting at QB for the Rams in 2010 would benefit from having a good, young receiving talent at the TE spot. Be it Bulger, a free agent addition, or a rookie QB.
                        -01-19-2010, 02:27 AM
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                        Kyle Rudolph TE
                        by Bing69
                        I was reading an interesting article saying how if Kyle Rudoplh was sitting there in the 2nd round when the Rams pick they should take him. He has the elite skills you look for in that position, and some believe he is a better receiving target than Gresham and Pettigrew taken in previous years. With Illinois Mike injury concern unclear (he may or may not be able to complete a full season), Onobun still raw and developing, Bajema just a solid team player, and Fells inconsistency (we could also loose him in FA) it might not be such a bad idea.

                        I know there are other ways to go with this pick, but he might just be the BPA at that stage. We have managed to get 2 first round talents in the 2nd the last 2 years (J-Lau and Saffold) and it would certainly make the offense more threatening. Having Rudoplh, Big mike, Bajema / Onobun would be a nice trio. Add to the fact if we get Rice , or V-Jax, or Julio Jones our offense would be looking pretty sweet.

                        I personally have no problem with the pick if it happens, but we dont know whos coming and going in FA.

                        Whats the general thought on Rudoplh from you guys??
                        -01-22-2011, 12:26 AM
                      • TekeRam
                        My reason why we'll draft a TE in Round 1
                        by TekeRam
                        I think we can all agree that our most pressing issues is our inability to keep our offense going and score, because of a lack of proven weapons and a "no" bowl level of talent on our offensive line.

                        There are two positions that help both of those issues and they are running back and tight end. We do need a new younger lead tailback, but he could be on the roster already in Richardson. We already have a starting tight end in Kendricks, but he's become more of a flex player, being put all over the field. He's like Hernandez in New England. We need a Gronk.

                        12 Personnel, one back, two tight ends, has become the new fad because of New England along side with the spread pistol this year with the Whiners and Redskins, among others. Having the two tight ends instill lets you run a base offense with good enough blocking, but it also allows you generally a faster player than a fullback is, and certainly a better catching threat.

                        As I already said, we have the flex player in Kendricks, what we need is a true matchup nightmare, someone who can stretch the field and is the ultimate of safety valves for Sam. Look at all the TE dominant teams in the playoffs this year: Baltimore, Indy, NE, Atl, SF(used to be...), Denver(Peyton says that Tamme's coverage dictates the offense), and even Cinci as the second receiver.

                        I'm willing to admit that unless Kendricks suddenly put it together forever at the end of the season, he's likely no better than a second string TE in a two TE offense. And Mulligan shouldn't be out there except in heavy packages. With one of Ertz or my preference, Eifert, we will have a pass game dominant player who helps us in all phases of the offense.

                        We can probably grab either one at #22, so we can use #16 to address Safety or the Offensive Line and go heavy at protecting Sam and creating an offense that can hold its own.
                        -01-20-2013, 07:54 PM
                      • ramfan247
                        TE Daniel Fells is one of the top sleepers of 09
                        by ramfan247
                        Excited about this kid. He showed a lot of promise and potential last year and it seems like hes gonna have a big 2009.
                        Its been reported that he has really shined in the last two mini-camps and has excelled as a slot receiver and mobile Tight End.
                        Bulger said that he had a "rediculously great" mini-camp and that he was playing like "lights out." And lots of media outlets that watched both camps have reported that he has gotten a whole lot of red zone action and that hes gonna be one of the number one deep threats this year.
                        Hes a big guy and could be the big receiving target we need this year because all our receivers are definitely on the small side.
                        Shurmur (the offensive coordinator) said "Fells is the guy for us that's really gonna make mis-matches with the defenses we go up against this year."
                        He's a definite sleeper and I think he might get more action as a receiving tight end than McMichael. I'm callin it. We'll see!
                        -05-08-2009, 07:13 PM
                      • Herron63
                        Playmaker at TE
                        by Herron63
                        Would anyone like to see the Rams go after a proved playmaker at TE like Ben Watson? Or maybe draft a guy that can run the seam like Pitt's Dickerson? Just wondering on your thoughts.
                        -03-11-2010, 10:35 PM