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  • Do you make this trade?

    Rams send their 1st (1) and 5th (via PHI) to the Bucs for their 1st (3), 2nd (35), and 2nd (via CHI)?

    If that is ever on the table, I would do it in a heartbeat. We would have four picks in the top 50, which would go a long way towards kick starting the rebuilding process for us. We could conceivably get Bradford at 3, and then get three quality players in round two. Even if they didn't offer us both seconds and gave us their 2011 2nd round pick instead, I'd still do it. Suh is an incredible prospect, so if you ask me the Rams will only benefit from all the hype he is going to get and they can be rewarded by reeling in more picks.

    I should add that I'm not saying this because I'm opposed to getting's actually the exact opposite. I just like the option of gaining more picks and making our team better in multiple areas which is very critical and heightened this year with the limited talent pool we will see in free agency (stupid CBA!).
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    Re: Do you make this trade?

    we would have to at least consider it. what if a guy like trueblood could be involved?


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      Re: Do you make this trade?

      I would if Bradford wowed Scouts at the combine/pro-day. In other words, if I'm going to take a QB in the 1st, especially with such a high pick, I need to know that he's the future and that he's worth it.
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: Do you make this trade?

        IF that was offered i'm sure we would take in a heart beat, but IMO that is a heck of alot for the Bucs to give up. The Rams would probably have to give up their 4th or 3rd for that to work on the trade value chart.


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          Re: Do you make this trade?

          Interesting thread topic. A very similar question was asked of Jeff Gordon in his post-game chat:

          nevadariverranch: Jeff, A draft question, if you could trade the 1st pick for Tampas 1st and 2 2nds, would you consider it?

          Jeff Gordon: Sure. That would be an insane trade by Tampa Bay.
          I tend to agree with Gordon that it would be a hefty trade on Tampa's part. Sending three picks, all in either the first or second round, in order to move up two spots is a big package, especially since the Bucs @ 3-13 could probably also benefit from multiple picks to help rebuild their team.

          If that trade was offered, I'd probably be tempted to take it. And I say that as a guy who really likes Suh, but the Rams need a lot of help and four picks in the first two rounds would be nice. I'd feel better (though still not completely crazy) about a QB @ 3rd overall than with the first pick, but I also wouldn't rule out Bryant at that spot either. The Rams could go any number of directions with multiple second rounders to work with - DL, WR, CB, OLB, or QB if it hasn't been addressed yet.

          But I doubt the Bucs would offer such a package, to be honest.


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            Re: Do you make this trade?

            We can come up with plenty of trade ideas over the next few months, but it really is pointless unless the trade suggested at least arguably makes sense for both teams.

            I don't see why Tampa would make the trade you proposed.


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              Re: Do you make this trade?

              If you refer to the trade value chart (which is obviously out-dated a bit), the values for each team actually match up closely. It just comes down to whether or not Tampa Bay would be willing to make a substantial offer like that. Their GM has made it no secret that he views Suh as the top player in the draft and certainly the Bucs have a need for a penetrating 4-3 DT of his caliber. But are they willing to pony up the picks and/or players to get him? We will see.


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                Re: Do you make this trade?

                Are the Bucs a Suh away from being a playoff team? Thats the only way i see them doing this trade, and quite frankly they have holes elsewhere on the team too, especially at WR


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                  Re: Do you make this trade?

                  why would we trade away a beast talent like Suh to a team that will probably use him to hurt our offense. i say keep suh and make the whiners and other rivals pay!
                  LA RAMMER

                  It's Jim not Chris


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                    Re: Do you make this trade?

                    I don't think the Bucs would do it.

                    Suh or Clausen won't save this Rams team.

                    I would be happy trading 1st pick to the Bucs for there 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks.
                    The Lions already have the franchise QB. The Rams have a 50/50 chance they won't take DT G. McCoy and take OT. R. Okung to protect that franchise QB.

                    I wouldn't mind dropping back 1 more time, to around the 6th-9th pick for another 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

                    First of all the Rams should pick the Best available player that fits in the SYSTEM Rams run.

                    Free agents 1. TE Tony Scheffler
                    2.OLB Derrick Johson
                    Have to give QB. K. Null some weapons to work with.

                    Then my draft
                    1st pick C.J. Spiller
                    2nd (a) DE. Greg Romeus or Carlos Dunlap
                    (b) OT. Gabe Carimi
                    3rd (a) WR. Eric Decker
                    (b) DT Marvin Austin
                    4th DE. Austin Lane
                    5th (a) QB Rusty Smith
                    (b) G Thomas Austin


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                      Trade down?
                      by Guest
                      Is there any scenario that we would want to trade down and get either an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick?

                      What would be realistic to expect?
                      Down 5 for 3rd?
                      Down 10 for second?

                      We need so much help on defense it would be nice to get an extra pick. I would like to upgrade at TE and OL (1 G or C) but that may have to come via free agency or next off-season.
                      -01-26-2006, 07:46 PM
                    • Bald_81
                      Hindsight is a (you know what). Do you make this trade?
                      by Bald_81
                      Prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, it was speculated that the Steelers were shopping Ben Roethlisberger. He was suspended for six games for the upcoming season (later reduced to four), which might've been the impetus for wanting to trade him. One team they made an offer to was the Rams. The rumor was they offered Roethlisberger (and possibly additional picks) for the #1 overall pick in the draft and the Rams declined.

                      Let's say they included their 1st rounder (18th overall) as part of the package. We could have drafted someone like Maurkice Pouncey, Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant.

                      So, with the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done?

                      I know, I know, you can use hindsight in a vast majority of situations. But I thought this one was particularly interesting because the decision, which was obviously paramount at the time, would have such a big impact on the direction of the franchise....
                      No, I still would've picked someone other than Bradford
                      No, I still would've selected Bradford
                      -09-10-2014, 01:30 PM
                    • vanillasue
                      What do you guys think we should get ?
                      by vanillasue
                      As a minimum on a trade down with the #2 pick. Put it in groups as follows.

                      If we get the #3,#4,#5 picks.

                      If we get the #6,#7#8 picks.

                      If we get the #9,#10 picks.

                      I am thinking we will trade with the #6-#8 pick and I would like to see a minimum of 2 additional seconds (this year and next) and a 3rd round pick.
                      -04-22-2014, 01:51 PM
                    • The Special One
                      Branden Albert anyone?
                      by The Special One
                      I know there hasn't been that much talk about this guy considering the Jake Long option, but I was wondering if any of you guys think it would be worth trading down, to draft Albert and also have 1 or 2 extra picks in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

                      The reason I say this is that Albert really is something special IMO. Because he plays the guard position, he gets overlooked slightly, but I think he may in fact be the BEST O-Lineman in this draft.

                      He is an absolute beast. He's so athletic, and has incredible strength. You rarely see the ability in a Guard to run downfield to run-block, but Albert is that kinda guy.

                      At first he was projected late 1st to early 2nd, but now, he could go as early as No. 5 to KC. One thing for sure is, the Cheaters might take a good look at him at No. 7.

                      I think we could go down two possible routes:

                      1. We trade away our No. 2 pick, into the middle of the round (anywhere from 12-18), to possibly draft Albert and get the trading team's 1st rounder in next year's draft.


                      (and this is what I'd love to see happen) :

                      2. Draft DE with our No. 2, Chris Long would be fantastic, and then if Albert is still available come the middle of the round, we could trade back using our 2nd rounder this year, and a 2nd rounder next year, or some kinda combination of picks (although staying away from 1st round choices), and draft Albert.

                      He's the kinda player who could ultimately play tackle in the NFL. He did in fact play LT in a few games last year and did a very good job. He would make such an impact to any O-Line, and for us, it would make our O-Line look something like this:

                      LT - Pace
                      LG - Albert
                      C - Richie?
                      RG - Bell
                      RT - Barron

                      What do you guys think? Would it be worth trading back into the middle of the 1st to get Albert?
                      -04-08-2008, 04:15 AM
                    • cowboyhater
                      Rams too clever trading out of the 1st
                      by cowboyhater
                      So, we finally get a first round pick (though a low one) and we trade it for a mid second and a mid third and throw in a 6th. I am not impressed. These guys might be too cute for their own good.
                      -04-25-2019, 09:24 PM