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Making the Case for Clausen

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  • Making the Case for Clausen

    Personally, ill probably lose popularity for this, but i wanna grab Clausen over Suh at this point. I want us to trade down a few spots and pick up another 2nd round pick (or first round if humanly possible) and grab him. I love Suh just as much as the next guy but he wont get us a passing offense....and we still don't know what we have in Carriker, Ryan has been solid as well. Long has definitely come along and will hold down the LE spot, and hopefully we can pick up another DE in the second round or through FA.

    The rams will quite simply continue to fail utterly without a quarterback and this was as plain as day in our most recent failure against the *****. Shut the ***** out of the game for 3 quarters!!! Then let them poor it on in the last quarter because no doubt our defense got gassed, and the ***** were able to pull it out because they have an offense and we don't..

    Give us a quarterback that can make all the throws (love him or not: Clausen can make all the throws) and we have a chance to win that ball game. I'm not knocking Null because i understand his situation, but you put a Warner (who Clausen reminds me of sort of, with a bigger arm) and you convert those field goals in the points. Broad assumption but i think its at least reasonable to say, despite our horrible o-line woes, Clausen with his quick release could have converted a lot more of those third downs with less arid throws and accidents.

    Making the Case for ClausenStrengths: Solid size and adequate bulk
    Very good arm strength; can fit balls into tight windows
    Extremely quick, snappy release
    Great accuracy
    Nice hip torque on throws
    Gets rid of ball quickly
    Very decisive with the football
    Takes what defense gives him; doesn't force ball/will throw away
    Elite football IQ
    Great touch
    Well versed in NFL offense
    Good sense of timing
    Will step up/out of pocket
    Knows how to read coverage
    Sees the entire field; great vision
    Very polished for a true junior
    Shown outstanding development from freshman to junior season
    Extremely intelligent
    Ice in his veins; great poise
    Mentally tough; plays through pain
    Big leader
    Film room rat
    Elite intangibles
    Good genetics and very well coached
    Spent 3.5 years in a West Coast offense

    Does a poor job of selling play action
    Footwork used to be a bit shoddy, has improved
    Not a fluid athlete
    Personality might come off as abrasive
    Sometimes gets too much air under fade route
    Lacks a little pocket awareness

    We want less rookie down time because we need wins NAO; this guy is the most pro ready quarterback in this years draft EASY.

    Interesting tid bit on Clausen's stats Ive found.

    --Courtesy of Walter Football
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    Re: Making the Case for Clausen

    Good arguement, I have always been a proponent, of trading down and getting Clausen....if we can get a 2nd round pick

    But with 1st overall it will just be stupid to pass up on Suh I think


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      Re: Making the Case for Clausen

      Well, picking Suh is no doubt the fan favorite for the pick. But if he cant make our defense into the 2000 Ravens defense. The rams will continue to suffer the same woes as this year (barring a good performance from our suspect offense). The fans will quickly forget their jubilation for grabbing Suh if we continue our losing ways, and then all of a sudden Spags and Devaney our being questioned again, and people are calling for their heads. If we do pick Suh i wont be mad, but i will get that sense of extreme unease over our passing prospects...


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        Re: Making the Case for Clausen

        Yeah, I hear ya there. I'm still trying to figure out how Suh reduces the offense's three and outs, but that's just me...or how Suh makes the O-line better, giving the QBs and receivers more time to make the plays downfield like we all want...

        Now, with that being said, Suh did also do some work at fullback, so it wouldn't be much of a reach to think he could work just as effectively on the OL instead of the DL. If that is indeed the case, and he was willing to do it, then I would be one of the folks that totes a shotgun to the wedding.

        If those things happened, Clausen might not be a bad idea if he were to fall in the Rams laps in the 2nd.
        sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!


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          Re: Making the Case for Clausen

          The Case Against Clausen:

          -Suh requires double teams, which will make the entire D-line more effective.
          -His talent is obvious and undisputed, lead team in Tackles, Tackles for loss, and Sacks. Which is amazing since he is a DT and despite always being double teamed.

          -Clausen alienates a lot of people, including ND fans, teammates, etc.. by just his arrogant, cocky, immature attitude. I think that sums it up for a lot of people.
          -You can't throw any young QB out there like a piece of meat and expect a glorious change. Look what it's done to our former pro-bowler. Look what the Lions did to Stafford.

          So in summary: Suh = more change Clausen = little change


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            Re: Making the Case for Clausen

            Hmm well as far as Clausen's "cocky and immature" attitude. Thee guy is cocky because he has confidence in his ability and wants to win and make plays. The immaturity at this point can be disputed as he is considered a really good leader by his teammates from what Ive heard and spends hours in the film room and learning his craft. And who says he alienates fans? I go to places such as youtube or w/e and see nothing but fan praise for Clausen.

            And as far as throwing him out as a piece of meat who says that's what im saying. So you don't ever draft a quarterback because your scared he will have to see an NFL defense....? Im sure the crap line play you saw against the whiners was a by product of the insane amount of injuries we've had and the patchwork that was done to keep it together for a few more games. Jason Brown (pro bowl caliber), Jacob Bell (possible pro bowl caliber), Jason Smith (pro bowl caliber), possibly Adam Goldberg at Guard (not at tackle), and another solid RT and our line is perfectly fine to protect him.

            Clausen is not Bulger so your argument about what its done to him is irrelevant. Some guys are less timid than others. Clausen doesnt fade out because of adversity as easy as Bulger has done in the past (given they are two different levels of competition). Bulger also didnt get pressured of sacked as nearly as many times as he did previously this year, in fact the lowest hes EVER been sacked before our line went down with injuries. Hell the lowest total since 1999.


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              Re: Making the Case for Clausen

              Originally posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
              Personally, ill probably lose popularity for this, but i wanna grab Clausen over Suh at this point.
              I don't think you'll lose popularity, you just have a differing viewpoint from most, which is fine. Clausen will be, and should be a serious part of the discussion.

              From my perspective, Clausen would be a good pick, just not at #1. Suh has been widely described as a once in a generation talent and is a dominant presence who has the very real potential to make a major impact in the NFL. Clausen is a good prospect, but I don't think he comes close having that kind of potential. The Rams need to hit a home run with the first pick and Suh fits the bill IMO.


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                Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                At this point, if Clausen tears up the combine....I could be persuaded.


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                  Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                  if a great option to trade down for extra picks/players is available it's at least considerable, but i'm in favor of taking suh. yes we still need plenty of help on o, a couple of guys on the line and a qb are top priorities, but d-linemen that can bring pressure is just as big a need..i think our d is close to being very good, suh and a right end would get us much closer.


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                    Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                    I love suh, and a team that has as many holes as the rams should be drafting BPA...but a qb affects the game so much more than a DT...honestly I'd be happy with either, dominate D-line for years to come with Carriker, Long, ryan, and Suh or get a qb who put up some AMAZING stats in a pro style offence. either way, cant wait for the draft

                    go Rams go


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                      Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                      Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
                      At this point, if Clausen tears up the combine....I could be persuaded.
                      :eek:What!??!?! Did Tex just say that?

                      Brailadore I tend to agree with you and I was driving a Jimmy Claussen bandwagon until Suh crashed it, but I think Claussen will need a strong offseason because Suh has a big lead right now.


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                        Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                        I'm almost to the point of:

                        Dez Bryant? Sure

                        Eric Berry? Ok

                        Ndamukong Suh? Alright

                        Sam Bradford? Cool

                        Jimmy Clausen? Yea

                        Gerald McCoy? Can handle that pick

                        Carlos Dunlap? Good selection


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                          Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                          take out carlos dunlap nao....


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                            Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                            Just out of curiosity OP, are you a ND fan?


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                              Re: Making the Case for Clausen

                              No; not at all.


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                              • sosa39rams
                                Suh + clausen?
                                by sosa39rams
                                Well, I agree 100% on taking Ndamukong Suh with our first pick. I've been looking around at a lot of mock drafts lately, and it seems like Clausen might slip out of the first round.

                                This would be amazing because we would be able to get Suh, and Clausen (franchise QB).

                                Also, he will not be able to preform at the scouting combine. This may cause him to drop.

                                I would also love for us to get Dexter McCluster. He can play WR/RB/KR/Punt return, and he is a game changer. Where do you guys think he will be drafted?

                                Do you guys think Clausen drops, and if so, would you take him in the 2nd?
                                -02-17-2010, 02:43 PM
                              • sakl18
                                Suh or Clausen/Bradford?
                                by sakl18
                                The main debate for the upcoming draft is if the Rams will take Suh or a QB, with Clausen currently having the edge over Bradford. Although Suh would improve the defense, you can't win in this league without a solid or elite QB. Here are the top teams from 2009 and their QB's.

                                1) Indianapolis - Peyton Manning
                                2) New Orleans - Drew Brees
                                3) San Diego - Phillip Rivers
                                4) Minnesota - Brett Favre
                                5) Dallas - Tony Romo
                                6) Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers
                                7) Philadelphia - Donovan McNabb
                                8) Arizona - Kurt Warner
                                9) Cincinnati - Carson Palmer
                                10) New England - Tom Brady

                                As you can see, the top 10 teams have arguably the top 10 Quarterback's in the league. As it has been posted before, our defense can compete in this league. However, our offense can't. If we take Suh, we will be looking at another top 5 pick again next year. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the Rams have a player like Suh. But if we grab him, we would lose a shot at a franchise QB like Clausen. Having Clausen would take a lot of pressure off of Jackson as teams wouldn't be able to consistantly stack the box against him. Not only that, but Clausen spent three years in a pro-style offense under Charlie Weiss, who has been a successful OC in the NFL.

                                If you look at the numbers that Clausen put up, they are spectacular. He finished the year with a 68% completion percentage, 3722 yards, 28 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He did all of that with a terrible offensive line (he's already starting to fit in!) and virtually no running game (which he will have with the Rams).

                                The two biggest flaws that people seem to pick out in him are his attitude and his carrer record (13-18). when you look at the win loss record, it is no fault of his own. During his time in Notre Dame, he was playing with no defense. With the points he put up and the level he played at, the losses were not his fault. His character is the other issue. Although he is cocky and abrassive, can't the same be said in Phillip Rivers?

                                IMO, Spags and Devaney need to take Clausen to move this team forward. In the NFL you can't win without a QB, and I guarantee you that the front office is aware of it (they did spend a year with Bulger, Boller and Null* starting at QB).

                                *This isn't a shot at Null, I realize that he was a rookie, and I have high hopes for him as the future backup of the Rams.
                                -01-21-2010, 09:38 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Who's your choice for the Rams' first pick (pre-Thanksgiving edition)
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                I'm sure we'll do a lot of these polls before all is said and done. Let's see who the Clan likes right now (assume the Rams are in a position to select any of the players listed).
                                Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
                                Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
                                Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
                                C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
                                Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
                                Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
                                Jake Locker, QB, Washington
                                Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
                                Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
                                Taylor Mays, S, USC
                                Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
                                Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
                                -11-25-2009, 08:26 AM
                              • sntlouisrams
                                Ideal Scenario
                                by sntlouisrams
                                If the rams wanted to draft clausen as the qb of the future here is what I think would be the best way we would maxamise out of doing this. The rams would firstly trade their 2010 1st for Tampas 2010 3rd, 35th and maybe another later round. With this being done I also invisige the Rams trading the 2011 1st rounder to a willing dance partner. This SHOULD be able to see us draft 4 players in the first 33players of 2010 I believe this would be a good shout. The 4 people I would pick and reasons

                                3rd-Jimmy Clausen (rams want a solid future qb)
                                Late First rounder(from 2011 trade) - Golden Tate (reliable wr to compliment clausen)
                                32nd - Sean Weatherspoon (solid lb and v.good senior bowl)
                                35th - Brandon Graham (solid de and v.good senior bowl)

                                In this draft we would pick up 4 instant starters that all would contribute immediatly. I know we could have Suh and I am a massive SUh fan, but that being said if what I suggested could happen and we got those 4 players I would take that over suh any day. (also the last 3 players could be interchanged regarding who is more likely to go earlier)
                                -02-12-2010, 01:45 AM
                              • smitheRAM
                                Second quess
                                by smitheRAM
                                So we picked Bradford, but what if we could of picked Suh and now Clausen. Would you have rather done have them?
                                -04-22-2010, 08:00 PM