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How should Suh handle the offseason?

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  • How should Suh handle the offseason?

    If you were advising Ndamukong Suh regarding offseason activities, what would you tell him to do?
    Don't risk anything. Interview at the Combine and do a private workout. That's it.
    Work out at the Combine and in private workouts, but avoid All-Star games.
    Do it all. Senior Bowl, Combine and private workout. You have nothing to hide.

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    Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

    As a fan, I'd love to see Suh in the Senior Bowl, but I don't think that's his best move. Anything short of a dominant performance, and he risks falling from the top spot. More importantly, what if some OG trying to make a name for himself takes his legs out? Not worth the risk.

    That said, I would have him workout at the Combine. If he does well at the bench press and in quickess drills (as I expect he will), that only solidifies his position without any major risk of injury.


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      Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

      I'm a pretty conservative dude, and the only direction to go for Suh is down. So, I'd probably tell him to interview and do the private workouts. However, as AV said, a limited appearance at the Combine might solidify his spot.

      But if I let him talk to the media at all, I would be teaching him lines like.....

      "I'm just looking for an opportunity to join a team that I can make better."

      "I'm eager to get a chance to prove my worth to a team that needs me."
      Anything team related, that shows he wants and desires to be a part of a building process. I may even lose all subtlety and have him some.......

      "Mmm, mm, I sure could go for some Rigazzi's pasta and Ted Drew's custard, while watching the greatest hitter of our time, Albert Pujols, play some stickball. Carp and Wainy got robbed!"
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

        Participate at the Combine, but not at the Senior Bowl. He can't take too much off, because a good showing by Gerald McCoy at the combine might muddy the waters and close any gap between the two guys. Plus, with both QBs out for the combine, Suh might be able to gain some more distance ahead of everyone else by showing up and wowing people. The guy is a heck of an athlete, so he should be able to take advantage of the situation.


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          Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

          He has got to go to the combine and show up for the coaches. Yet i would advise him to avoid the senior bowl, lets not risk injury with no potential gain.


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            Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

            It's hard to quantify if it impacts your draft status but it just seems that if you don't participate in the drills at the combine, you are trying to hide something. Either you don't have the speed everyone else has and want to avoid the apples to apples comparison by moving to a quicker field or something is wrong physically. I think it is beneficial to participate at the combine but even if he avoids it I'm not sure he doesn't go #1.

            If he plays in the all-star games he's taking a massive risk.


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              Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

              OK...I picked the Senior Bowl, Combine and private workouts before I thought it through. I answered as a "fan" as Av mentioned instead of as an adviser because I'd really like to see him play. If I could have a do-over I'd have him participate at the combine and in private workouts.

              (Personally, I'm interested to see how he measures up against Gerald McCoy and the other DT's because I haven't seen him play much. If McCoy closes the gap immensely it might make me rethink trading down more and picking up extra picks. But, I doubt that happens.)
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                Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                I chose to do nothing, because this guy can seriously only lose ground. Everyone thinks he's the top player in the draft, and giving the media anything more to scrutinize/over analyze can only be negative to him. No one will say "wow, he's awesome just as we thought", they'll only concentrate on negatives.


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                  Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                  Most importantly, he needs to be learning the Rams playbook. Everything else is secondary.

                  ramming speed to all

                  general counsel


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                    Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                    As a rams fan i want him 2 do it all so he can prove 2 spags that he should be the pick cuz last year the lions took stafford (not a once in a decade QB) over fan favorite aaron curry


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                      Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                      To elaborate on what Suh could be doing this offseason, if I were him, I'd be looking for property in St Louis and working out with Long, Carriker, Ryan, Scott, Little Animal............

                      Just a thought.
                      Semper Fi!


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                        Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                        I think he should challenge NFL rules in a public spectacle, show up for the Combine 20 lbs. over weight, dog it through the 40, get an agent from Death Row Records, forgo a traditional signing bonus, take out loans with the mob, rob a few people outside a strip joint, flee from the police with a trunk full of firearms and a katana, spit on the police, and use racial epithets when they come after him.

                        I know of someone who could give him pointers if they allow visitors in solitary.


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                          Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                          god do i want him to bench 35+ reps and run a sub 4.8 40...

                          That would probably bring tears to my eyes....


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                            Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                            Id advise Suh to do the combine workouts and interviews, not necessarily play at the senior bowl though. However a great senior bowl position would cement his position as the first overall pick in the draft


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                              Re: How should Suh handle the offseason?

                              Start trying on Rams uniforms and helmets.


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                                Updated: February 17, 2010, 9:16 PM ET
                                Suh won't skip combine
                                By Len Pasquarelli

                                Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, expected by many to be the first overall player selected in this year's NFL draft, will participate in all of the workouts at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, which begins next week.

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                                Some talent evaluators think Suh, 23, is the NFL's best defensive tackle prospect to enter the draft in several years.

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                                The 6-feet-4, 302-pound Suh won the Outland Trophy, the Lombardi Award, the Chuck Bednarik Award and the Bronko Nagurski Award in his final college season. He was also named as the Associated Press player of the year and was a Heisman Trophy finalist.

                                "[He's] the best [tackle] I've ever seen," Barnes said.

                                Another tackle, Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma, is the consensus No. 2 prospect in the draft. At this relatively early juncture of the evaluation process, McCoy is actually regarded by some teams as the top prospect. The St. Louis Rams own the draft's top choice.

                                Since the NFL and AFL went to a combined draft in 1967, defensive tackles have never been chosen first and second in the lottery. A defensive tackle has not been the top pick since 1994, when the Cincinnati Bengals selected Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson.

                                There have been just five tackles chosen No. 1 overall since 1967.

                                The on-field portion of the combine, which begins next Wednesday, consists of position-specific workouts, weight-lifting, various change-of-direction drills and the 40-yard dash. Many top-rated players opt to skip the 40-yard sprint. Prospects will also have individual interviews with teams and undergo a rigorous physical examination.

                                "He's ready for it all," Barnes said.
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                                Money....Money Money Money. Suh reportedly has the same agent that Crabtree had last season. The same agent that notoriously causes rookie holdouts with every client he gets including the likes of Emmitt Smith, Larry Fitz, Walter Jones....Mr. Eugene Parker. If your a franchise hard up for cash and desperately need all your assets in camp come spring, this is a nasty development. He gets TOP dollar for all his clients and could likely cause Suh to be the most overpaid player......ever. Our franchise's state and Suh's stock could make this get out of hand.

                                Hopefully Suh isn't the type of guy that will make this get too ugly. I'd seriously be shopping the pick around for a good deal at this point. In im number one I still take Suh but if I can trade down and get a reasonable deal in the process...i take it.
                                -01-28-2010, 06:23 PM
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                                -10-11-2012, 06:24 PM
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                                suh the beast
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                                i dont know why some of you say suh is overated. Suh has more tackles for loss than alabamas entire d line, more passses defended than floridas alabamas and texas's d line line combined, he has more blocked kicks than texas, florida and oklahomas d line, and well the list goes on and on.
                                clip one: YouTube - DT Ndamukong Suh Highlights 2009 Nebraska Part 1

                                watch at 40 seconds for those who say suh only uses the bull rush.
                                YouTube - DT Ndamukong Suh Highlights 2009 Nebraska Part 2

                                clip 3 YouTube - DT Ndamukong Suh Highlights/Lowlights 2009 Nebraska Part 3

                                sorry suhs a beast and those videos show.
                                -02-08-2010, 10:05 PM
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                                Not 100% conclusive, but it looks to me like Suh intentionally kicks Matt Schaub right in the nuts with an unnatural leg move. This guy is mental IMO, and just can't help himself.

                                It'll be interesting to see if the hair-trigger NFL decides the incident is worth a fine.

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