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Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

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  • Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

    Rams resign these players:

    O.J. Atogwe
    Clifton Ryan
    Daniel Fells
    James Hall
    Leneard Little
    Alex Barron. I know alot of poeple are upset about resigning Barron.

    Pick up these players in free agency:

    TE Tony Scheffler (from Broncos)
    OLB Derrick Johnson (K.C.)
    WR Malcolm Floyd (Chargers)

    Rams draft without any trades:

    1st RD DT SUH
    2nd RD DE Greg Romeus or DE Jason Pierre-Paul (can't decide)
    3rd RD OT Gabe Carimi
    4th RD DE Austen Lane
    5th RD (a) "G" Thomas Austin
    (b) OLB Luthur Brown
    6th RD TE Jimmy Graham
    7th RD (a) OLB Jason Beauchamp
    (b) QB Rusty Smith

    Rams draft with trades:

    1st pick trade to Bucs for Bucs 1st, 2nd & 3rd rd picks.
    with the 3rd pick in draft trade to cleveland for both of Jets picks 3rd & 5th rd picks

    With the 7th pick in draft take : RB C.J. Spiller
    2nd RD (a) Rams: DE Greg Romeus or DE Jason Pierre-Paul (can't decide)
    (b)Bucs: OLB Sean Wheatherspoon
    3rd RD (a) Rams: OT Gabe Carimi
    (b) Bucs: DT Marvin Austin
    (C) B/J: TE Dennis Pitta
    4th RD DE Austen Lane
    5th RD (a) "G" Thomas Austin
    (b) OLB Luthur Brown
    (c) TE Jimmy Graham
    6th RD QB Rusty Smith
    7th RD (a) OLB Jason Beauchamp
    (b) DT Kade Weston

    What do you think?

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    Re: Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

    I think you dont do enough to address the QB position, and i dont understand why you would want to draft an RB in the first round when pretty much every other position on the team except RB needs help


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      Re: Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

      With the West coast ofence you either need two great RB's or a FB & RB.
      With of coarse a great pass catching TE.
      With Spiller or Jaskson in the back field who would you cover in the flats on a pass situation.

      I know there was a ton of injures on the Ofence but the Ofence sucked bad.
      I think the defence was on the field at an average of 65% of a game. A better ofence will make a better defence.

      Bulger is a good QB not a great QB let him play give Null, Reilly & drafted prospect a chance to learn on the bench.
      While hopefully the O-line gets alot better. So the next QB will have a chance to survive in the back field.


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        Re: Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

        No way the Rams come out of the draft without a QB in any round. Are the Rams going to bring back Bulger at his current price, I don't think so.

        Did Gabe Carimi say he was coming out, i'm pretty sure he is a junior


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          Re: Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

          I wouldn't draft Thomas Austin. Tenessee's whole o-line has been really bad this year. More like John Jerry.


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            Re: Shan the Ram Mans off season for Rams

            Why would you want Barron back? Should I remind you what happens when a stoppable force meets number 70? Holding.


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            • Shan the Ram Man
              Would RAM fans want multiple trade downs for more 2nd round picks or QB S. Bradford?
              by Shan the Ram Man
              Does the CLANRAM Nation want QB Sam Bradford at all costs.


              Dream Big!

              Trade downs with Bucs, Browns then to maybe the 9th-12th pick. Pick up 3 extra 2nd round picks and get RB C.J. Spiller or DE Derrick Morgan.
              Four possible starters in first 2 rounds just by moving down 9 to 11 spots.

              Rd 1 RB C. J. Spiller
              Rd 2 TE Germaine Gresham
              Rd 2 (bucs) OLB Daryl Washington
              Rd 2 (browns) WR Damion Williams
              Rd 2 (Jags) OT Jared Valdeer
              Rd 3 QB Dan Lefevour
              Rd 4 OLB AJ Edds
              Rd 5 DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim
              Rd 5 DT Jeff Owens
              Rd 6 OT/G Mike Teppers
              Rd 7 CB/S Brian Jackson
              Rd 7 TE Jameson Konz
              -03-18-2010, 04:45 PM
            • BarronWade
              B Dub's Mock off-season
              by BarronWade
              Now that the Rams season is officially over (except Steven Jackson's Pro bowl) It's time for a Mock:

              Rams to Be Re-signed:

              DT Cliff Ryan- Had a good year and is a RFA
              TE Dan Fells- Pretty good TE showed upside
              DE James Hall- Veteran that is still a productive back up
              FS OJ Atogwe- FRANCHISED- Defensive playmaker that is needed
              DE Leonard Little- I just do not understand why we let him go when he is our best pass rusher. Yea Chris Long may do better on the left side but then who will play on the right side? I think we should keep Little and see what happens during the season just in case someone loses there starting DE and wants to trade. But letting go of Little is a huge mistake and will make our line worse.
              Marc Bulger-No he is not a free agent but we will re-structure his deal

              Free Agents:

              OLB Chris Gocong- With spoon now in Phili; Gocong is probably out. He has connections with Spags and the eagles so this is a good possibility.

              CB Roderick Hood- Veteran presence should come cheap. An improvement over John Wade. Also Hood can start.

              OT Ryan CookHe has started at RT before for the Vikings. If Jason Smith moves to LT than we need a RT so let's see if cook can be that guy.

              RB Jerious Norwood Fast back. Change of pace to Steven Jackson

              Read description before commenting
              QB Mike Vick I fear this is going to turn into a Mike Vick thread which im hope it doesnt. Let me start by saying he is not the STARTER. Marc Bulger is the starter. The move is not for Bulger and Vick to be on the field at the same time (so no wildcat). If you noticed something about the offense its very straight forward nothing really to keep the opposing D-coordinator working overtime for. Our biggest trick play is probably a Jackson draw. We need something to make the the opposing Defenses guessing. Bringing in Vick in the redzone like the eagles do is a good thing. But also on some 1st or 2nd down's make him run an option with Jackson or let him throw it deep cuz Bulger can't do that anymore.

              2010 Draft (5 rounds)[/COLOR]

              Round 1 (1)- DT Ndamukong Suh Nebraska
              Obvious pick

              Round 2 (33)- TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
              Alternate Pick- QB Colt McCoy, Texas

              With Gresham's injury he may drop to the top of the 2nd round and he would be a great pick-up. But in all likely hood he will go in the 1st and if he does we should get Colt McCoy.

              Round 3 (65) RG Mike Johnson, Alabama
              Run blocking guard. big 6-5 305 pounds. Struggles vs. the pass thou but explodes off the ball

              Round 4 (97) DE Austen Lane, Murray State
              A DE with good athleticism and good size 6-6 260. Powerful. However he needs to improve his technique and needs some coaching. Spags can teach him about getting penetration.

              Round 5 (129) WLB AJ...
              -01-05-2010, 04:23 PM
            • Guest's Avatar
              KLINK'S 7 rd. before sup. placings.
              by Guest
              i'm not sure how far i would sway to grab a receiver this year, i really wanted one in the 2nd round, but i went with you guy's and the majority, and let it go til the 3rd. i won't go past 3rd's fot the fact, that the suplamental's place of picks starting in the 3rd. so this is what i came up with for myself. 1ST rd #13 - ADAM CARRIKER , DE/ DT . nebraska . 2ND rd #52 - JUSTIN HARRELL , DT. tennessee . 3RD rd# 82 - JASON HILL , WR . washington st. ..... i would love to do more , because i really think that my board is going in the right direction, as i see it. but the rams will do something totally differant, as seen last year. and i'm not sure what we get after the suplamental placings. so have at it and tell me how much of a crackhead i am.
              -04-01-2007, 10:17 AM
            • Guest's Avatar
              O-PLAYERS i have targeted and why.
              by Guest
              This is a very pumped year for the fact that our position is A NICE ONE TO HAVE this year . we have seen many positions of need for us to have a deep class . These are the players i see as being a good prospect and i will try to give you my reasoning for it . so lets start with OFFENSE and just do it .

              QB's : J.FLACCO - RD-2.. # 33 The RAMS do need a young QB to
              E. AINGE - RD-5.. # 129 develope , this could be a good time
              K. OCONNELL - RD-6.. # 161 to do that. 1 hit away from 3-13 ?
              M. FLYNN - RD-7.. # 200

              RB's : NO

              FB's : YES
              O. SCHMITT- RD- 4.. # 97 The RAMS should draft a
              J. FELTON- RD- 6.. # 161 OR # 170 young guy to come in and
              M. PETERSON-RD- 7.. # 200 start new with JAX. I also
              M. COX- RD-7.. #200 can see then gettinf a vet.

              WR's :
              E. DOUCET- RD- 2.. # 33 YES , the teams needs a speed
              L. SWEED- RD- 2.. # 33 receiver to stretch , but also a
              D. THOMAS- RD- 3.. # 65 strong youth movement. i feel
              D. AVERY- RD- 3.. # 65 that even if we do not get a high
              L. HAWKINS- RD- 4.. # 97 round receiver this year , we can
              E. ROYAL- RD- 4.. # 97 still get a young guy to bring along
              A. BOWMAN- RD- 4.. # 97 that can contribute . i think that
              W. FRANKLIN- RD- 4.. # 97 1 or 2 of these could help .
              K. BURTON- RD- 5.. # 129
              P. HUBBARD- RD- 6.. # 161 or # 170
              D. JACKSON- RD- 7.. #200
              S. JOHNSON- RD- 7.. #200

              OT's :
              J. LONG- RD- 1.. # 2
              R. CLADY- RD- 1.. # - ONLY IF A TRADE DOWN HAPPENS.
              C. WILLIAMS - RD- 1.. #- TRADE DOWN or top of rd 2 .
              S. BAKER- RD- 2.. # 33
              G. CHERILUS- RD- 2.. # 33
              C. NICKS- RD- 3.. # 65
              A. COLLINS- RD- 3.. # 65
              J. GRECO- RD- 5.. # 129
              B. RICHARDSON RD- 5.. # 129
              K. BARTON- RD- 6.. # 161 OR #170

              O. COUSINS- RD-4 , and F. DUNBAR- RD-7 could be better fit to play guard to start , and maybe move to the RT spots .

              G's : B. ALBERT- RD- 1.. ONLY ON TRADE DOWN .
              E. YOUNG- RD- 4.. # 97
              R. SCHUENNING RD- 4..# 97 RAMS need some solid drafting in
              M. McGLYNN- RD- 4.. #97 the mid and late rds to get help
              R. FELTON- RD- 5.. # 129 for the interior of this line .
              -03-17-2008, 03:22 PM
            • HUbison
              HUbison's Rams draft projections
              by HUbison
              If everybody else is going to throw out one of these, why not me? Surely I can do better than TSN...

              Round 1 (19) - Jamaal Brown OT (Oklahoma) - The best pass blocker in college football goes to the team that needs the best pass blocker in college football

              Rd. 2 (18-50) - Josh Bullocks FS (Nebraska) - With Thomas Davis showing he has the skills to play S at his pro day, Bullocks will fall to #50. He's a smart playmaker in the secondary and exactly what the Rams need to replace Aeneas.

              Rd. 3 (2-66) - Darrant Williams CB (Okie St.) - This may be the Rams annual reach pick. Whispers have it that the Rams love this guy. If the league sticks to their "more skill, less wrestling" approach to pass coverage, he could be a solid nickel, maybe even #2 corner. But he is a top-notch return man with amazing speed and agility.

              Rd. 3 (17-81) - Ray Willis OT (Fl. State) - The Rams finally leave the Big 12 with their 4th pick. If Brown is not there in the 1st, this pick is a sure thing, if not 15 slots earlier. Willis is a solid RT who can handle a bull rush from any DE in the league. Speed rushers will give him some problems, but his run blocking is second to none. While Bulger will enjoy the Brown pick, this pick will excite Jackson and Faulk.

              Rd. 4 (16-117) - George Gause DE (S Carolina) - Gause was disappointed to see 11 DEs go on Day 1 without his name being called, but he doesn't have to wait long on Day 2. He's a run stopper from the DE spot. He won't rack up Little sack numbers, but will stuff any RB that heads his way.

              Rd. 4 (33-134 comp.) - Robert McCune ILB (Louisville) - The rise of other ILBs like Adam Seward and Kirk Morrison has pushed the Combine's physical freak of nature into the 4th round. The fact that he is a 26-year-old rookie with limited experience pushes him into the comp. picks at the end of the round. But hey, he literally is the fastest and strongest ILB in the entire draft. The Rams will take a chance on him.

              Rd. 5 (19-155) - Joel Dressen TE (Colo. St.) - Dressen finds himself in a weak TE class that nobody is too interested in this year. No one is excited about the TE prospects as a whole and Dressen finds himself available in the 5th. He's a good receiver, but needs to work on his blocking. Will compete with Jenson as our #3 TE, unless he shows that he can fit into the H-back role.

              Rd. 6 (18-192) - CJ Brooks OG/OT (Maryland) - Brooks has the versatility that Martz likes in his young O-lineman. His natural position is guard, but he could play tackle if needed. Great heart and a nasty disposition on the field, solid but not great as both run blocker and pass blocker.

              Rd. 6 (36-210) - Sione Pouha DT (Utah) - The Anti-Martzites go ape nuts with the Rams 2nd 26-year-old rookie draft choice. Pouha is a solid run stuffer inside. He won't get to the QB much, but will be the perfect...
              -04-08-2005, 07:15 AM