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Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

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  • Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

    Did my best to transcribe it, enjoy!

    Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

    Bernie: Do the Rams seem to love Suh as much as pundits and scouts do?

    Thomas: Devaney shows he's a good poker player, but we quoted him on record as saying Suh is a top player, #1 prospect though they don't have a board yet. Head coach, defensive oriented. Made his bones in NY with tons of DL talent. Rams depth chart @ DT, came close to setting franchise record of most rushing yards allowed. Moderately better in last few games but run defense up the middle is a problem. Makes all the sense in the world to haver that high a grade on Suh even with all other needs. If he's the best player, there's definitely a spot for him. All signs are they like him a lot.

    B: Has Thomas picked up any hints that the Rams could fall in love with a QB? Maybe b/c of great workout?

    T: In the position the Rams are in, unless it's the workout of all workouts, doesn't think Sam Bradford fits in. Won't throw until 4-6 weeks before draft. Are some people who like Jimmy Clausen, but enough to take #1 overall? Doesn't see it. THere are people in the building who like McCoy, even some who like Tebow, but the sense is there's no one they like enough to take #1. Now, trade down? Great theory, but Gerald McCoy is pretty good 1B to Suh. So if they want DT, why trade up when you can get McCoy?

    B: Rams like CJ Spiller, but you already have a running back. Spiller could return kicks and be a receiver in situations, don't know if SJ will hold up, Spiller is intriguing guy.

    T: Rams do like him a lot, and maybe if they had #2 pick Spiller might have been in play even though that's a little high. Bit of a question mark next to centerpiece of offense. SJ is great, won doubters over, but what about his back? Say with rest he'll be fine, but we know RBs hit wall and hit wall suddenly. SJ is young but with workload he gets, they need a bonafide 1A. Then look @ OT position. Wouldn't be surprised if Barron isn't back and Smith is LT next year, but do you feel safe enough with the concussion to make that commitment in 2010? Couple issues that look like strengths but you have to wonder. Complicates how the Rams look @ this offseason.

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    Re: Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)


    As far as a backup RB goes, I think our best bet is to get a free agent. I just don't "rebuilding mode" and high draft pick for a backup RB in the same picture. If we were in a position like the Cowboys, it's a bit different but we need to fill our needs first before we go for the "sexy" pick, if you will.
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      Re: Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

      I'm a Suh backer and I still laugh at how everyone says its a forgone conclusion that Suh is the logical pick because our coach is defensive minded. Well, why didn't Jim Schwartz take Aaron Curry last year at #1? Why did Rex Ryan and the Jets trade up to #5 to get Mark Sanchez? It has nothing to do with the coach's expertise. Whatever the team feels is the best player or who has the most value should be the pick. If the Rams believe that is someone else over Suh, so be it. Just because Spags has made a living dialing up blitzes and working with great schemes in Philly and NY does not mean Suh is a lock. Schwartz even made a comment last year that in this league as long as you have a quarterback you always have a shot. Not the typical comment coming from a defensive coach, correct? We can't be blinded or limited to that sort of thinking because that will get us in trouble not just in the first round but all the way through.


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        Re: Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

        Good point bald. Suh is not a lock because spags is a defensive coach. Suh is a virtual lock because he is the best player in the draft AND an important position of need. We have way too many needs at key positions to pick an inferior player just because he plays qb.

        The only logical consideration to me would be if someone paid an arm and a leg so that we could draft mccoy (ie still get a blue chip defensive tackle) and pick up great value in addition. However, i am highly skeptical that is a realistic possibility.

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          Re: Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

          You know what worries me? The part of the interview that says the Rams have individuals in the Front Office who want Tebow. Other than that it sounds good. Oh and the part about CJ Spiller at the 2 pick I agree with Varg6 on. No way does it make sense to reach for a 1A back when there are other positions of need.


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            Re: Jim Thomas on Bernie's Radio Show (1/4)

            Originally posted by AtlantaRamFan
            You know what worries me? The part of the interview that says the Rams have individuals in the Front Office who want Tebow.

            Seriously though, its probably a secretary who is a Florida fan who wants Tebow. He never said it was anyone who had any influence that wants him!