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Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

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  • Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

    Demetrius Thomas, the 6' 3" 235 pound stud receiver from Ga Tech declared for the draft today. I think he is an excellent possiblity if we go receiver in round 2. I have watched him every game for two years, he has an nfl body, good hands and is an outstanding blocker. The key will be how he runs. He looks fast on the field, but i dont know him 40 time. He is a real playmaker.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

    "... if we go receiver in round 2."

    Do you mean if he is BPA in round two or if they feel they need to do a WR in round two?

    I support one: BPA. If a WR is BPA significantly compared to a more pressing need, sure then. Nice prospect.
    Semper Fi!


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      Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

      In terms of build, he reminds me a lot of Anquan Boldin.


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        Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

        He needs to work a bit more on his hands IMO, but he's definitely a guy who is going to be in the mix in the second round. I'll have my eye on him during the combine and his pro day; a good show for a guy that size could help him sneak into the first.


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          Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

          Gotta love the size, but in that option offense there will be alot of questions about his game besides his blocking where I think he is verry good. He doesn't really run the full NFL route tree, most of the time he has a go route of off play action. Workouts and the combine will be extremely important for him.


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            Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

            Didn't the rams say they wanted big WR's??? I would love to take a big WR if he can play good. But he has to be a better prospect than the QB's who may fall from the 1st round.


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              Re: Thomas from Ga Tech declares-possible round 2 pick

              I am not suggesting that we have to go wide receiver in round 2, only that if we do, he is a legit option. His average per catch numbers and total number of catches are very impressive considering the type of offense he played in. His size and blocking speak for themselves. I agree, he has had some drops, but he has also made a very significant number of huge catches. The guy played two years with a qb with essentially no accuracy and many of his big catches were throw them up in the vicinity and let him make a play type of receptions.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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                I used walterFootball to set the round that the player might be available. I havenít changed my position as to which player Iíd take at the top of the second but hey if we could get one in the second and one in the third Iíd take them both. Hansen in the fourth would be interesting from Cal he and Goff did not have a chance to play much together but he was very productive in his last year. In 2015 Goff and Hansen connected on 19 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown in Hansenís first season.

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                Here are the RBs I'd consider taking, by round.

                Round 1

                Mark Ingram, Alabama
                Ingram is the only RB I give a clear first round grade. I would not take him with the 14th pick, but he could be an option if the Rams trade down in the round.

                Round 2

                Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech
                Williams could go in the first round, but I have him rated as a second round pick. If he were to last until the Rams second round pick, I'd strongly consider him.

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                Rodgers has a high-profile, and might not last this long. If he does, he'd be a nice fit for the Rams and a good value in Round 3.

                Round 4

                Dione Lewis, Pittsburgh
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                I like Lock's speed and receiving ability. He would not be a future replacement for Jackson in all likelihood, but could be a great complimentary back.

                Rounds 5-7

                John Clay, Wisconsin
                Clay would not be a change-of-pace back. Rather, he is a back who will remind many of Brandon Jacobs. It will be interesting to see his 40 time, as that will likely determine where he is taken.

                Donald Buckram, UTEP
                Buckram had nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage in his Junior year before being slowed by injuries in his Senior year. Another potential sleeper pick.
                -02-08-2011, 10:13 AM
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                Third Round MLB
                by timsum1283
                if all goes somewhat according to plan, the rams will take an OT first round (whether it be Smith or Monroe) and more than likely Laurunitis will be off the board in the second round. Thus, in the third round I would hope for a MLB choice if not attained in the second. What are your opinions on this one:

                Extremely tough...Super aggressive...Tremendous instincts...Decent timed speed...Reliable tackler...Excellent football IQ and is like an extra coach on the field...Reads and reacts quickly...Works through traffic well...Good awareness and is adequate in coverage...Does a nice job in pursuit...Has a non-stop motor...True leader...Fantastic work ethic...A terrific special teamer...Has a ton of experience...Productive.

                Just average height and bulk with short arms and small hands...Not a great athlete...Range is somewhat limited...Has some trouble shedding blocks...Will get engulfed by massive offensive linemen...Lacks fluid hips...Marginal change of direction skills...Isn't much of a pass rusher.

                -taken from

                I personally think the pros greatly outweigh the cons in the prospect and due to a knee injury he may be available in the third.

                This prospect is Jason Phillips from TCU.

                I think he should be the pick if available in the third round because unlike other MLBs in the draft, his production remained consistent and he played with a fearless rampage throughout his career.

                What does everyone else think? Is round three a MLB choice or do you see greater priorities?
                -04-10-2009, 11:42 AM
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                2018 DRAFT: Rams round out Rounds 6-7 with more trench players
                by Nick
                Round 6, Pick 18 (192): Jamil Demby, G, Maine

                Round 6, Pick 2 (195): Sebastian Joseph, DT, Rutgers

                Round 6, Pick 31 (205): Trevon Young, EDGE, Louisville

                Round 7, Pick 13 (231): Travin Howard, LB, TCU

                Round 7, Pick 26 (244): Justin Lawler, DE, SMU...
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              • Barry Waller
                Vaccaro ? No Freaking Way in Round One!!
                by Barry Waller
                Vaccaro will NEVER be a stud. If he was a race horse, he would win some claiming races due to courage and heart, but when he moved up in class, he'd end up in the glue factory or as someone's pet.

                He has serious height and speed and athletic liabilities, and I doubt he goes in round one. You won't find ONE safety at 6 ft 213 that ran 4.63 and was a first rounder, let alone top 22.

                The only safety with first round credentials is Eric Reid, and maybe Jon Cyprien if he runs under 4.5 *didn't run at combine) And I would bet Samarko Thomas goes before a lot of other bigger name safeties, If yu go short, may as well go really fast with Thomas.
                -03-22-2013, 04:28 PM