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Add USC RB Joe McKnight to the list

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  • Add USC RB Joe McKnight to the list

    McKnight leaving USC for draft
    By Joe Schad
    Updated: January 8, 2010, 1:48 PM ET

    USC junior running back Joe McKnight said Friday that he will enter the upcoming NFL draft.

    "The time is right," McKnight said. "This was my first healthy season and I really don't want to come back and risk injury."

    The Trojans held McKnight out of the Emerald Bowl against Boston College in December amid an ongoing investigation into whether he violated rules by using an SUV that does not belong to him, as well as his relationship with the vehicle's owner, Santa Monica businessman Scott Schenter.

    McKnight was not cleared in time by USC's compliance department to participate in the Emerald Bowl, a 24-13 victory for USC. He said Friday that the ongoing investigation did not factor into his decision to leave school early.

    "If I would have come back it would have been to pursue the Heisman," said McKnight, who also spoke of the difficulty of being compared with former USC running back Reggie Bush.

    "My career was OK," McKnight said. "It was good, but not like Reggie. There was a constant pressure to be like Reggie."

    McKnight was USC's first 1,000-yard rusher since 2005. He gained 1,014 yards, scored eight touchdowns and averaged 6.2 yards per carry. The Trojans finished 9-4, their worst season since 2001. The Trojans failed to make a BCS bowl and win the Pac-10 title for the first time in eight years.
    If he's there in the mid rounds, he wouldn't be a bad pick-up as a #2 behind Jackson. Not sure I'd think about it until the third or fourth though, and by that time he may be gone. Still, food for thought.

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    Re: Add USC RB Joe McKnight to the list

    If hes there in the 3rd or 4th you gotta grab him, coming out of high school this guy was supposed to destroy in college, but injuries and off field issues (he had to sit out their bowl game because of some sort of controversy) kinda slowed him down.
    All the talent in the world though, could be a good guy to spell jackson.


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      Re: Add USC RB Joe McKnight to the list

      I think Jahvid Best is someone the Rams should look at possibly in the 2nd round.


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        Re: Add USC RB Joe McKnight to the list

        i think the rams shouldnt touch a back or a receiver to at LEAST the 4th round. Our recevier situation really isnt s bad as people seem to think it is..

        And a backup RB isnt as much a priority for us as dt, old, de, tackle, and QB are.

        that being said, id like us to hold out another year for a QB. no sense settling for sloppy seconds with a pike or mccoy. If we get a "QB of the future" might as well do it right.


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        • BarronWade
          How do you feel about the Rams taking a RB in the 3rd round?
          by BarronWade
          Okay IMO Bulger can only play if there are great players around him so i think we should go Sanchez. But obviously Bulger's contract puts us into a situation that we cant take a big contract QB. So we are a probably going to try to protect him so he wont get injured.

          However Bulger is not our franchise player Action Jackson is. Spags said Action Jackson is going to be the centerpiece of the offense. So that means he will probably get 30-40 rushes per game. His health has definitely been an issue. We have been horrible without him. If i'm not mistaken we havn't won a game with out Action Jackson in the last 2 years. So that means we need Steven Jackson!

          So one way to to keep Jackson healthy is to take a RB that could be a reliable back-up. I dont think Brian Leonard is the guy (yea IMO he is a bust even thou he is from Rutgers and can leap over people). Pittman is a possibility of a back-up but i think we need a back up that is reliable that can block, run fast, and catch the ball.

          Some people are saying Devin Moore or Ian Johnson (change of pace backs) but the way we are building this line it looks like we will look to power run the ball with the bigger guys like a steven Jackson.

          So here is a guy we look for Rashad Jennings out of Liberty in the 3rd. THis guy is big 6-1 231 pounds. But the thing that makes him good is that he has good hands, very durable, also a very good blocker, and most importantly he is pretty fast.

          So do you think a 3rd round RB (like Rashad Jennings)would help Action Jackson. Also do you think we need a back-up RB for S-Jax in the draft?
          -04-16-2009, 03:13 PM
        • AvengerRam_old
          Best value at top of 2nd may be at RB
          by AvengerRam_old
          I'm starting to think that the Rams best option at pick 33 may be a RB. At this point, I think there is one certain first rounder among the RBs (C.J. Spiller) and one likely mid-to-late first rounder (Ryan Matthews).

          The rest of the crop may very well still be there at pick 33. This includes Jahvid Best, Jonathan Dwyer, Toby Gerhart, Joe McNight, Montario Hardesty and Ben Tate.

          Best and Dwyer definitely intrigue me. Best, who ran a 4.35 at the Combine, would give the Rams a home run threat to compliment Steven Jackson. Dwyer would give the Rams a backup workhorse who could carry the load if Jackson ever needs to sit a game or two.

          From a need standpoint, there might be better options. However, from a BPA standpoint, RB could be the position to watch.
          -03-01-2010, 11:45 AM
        • harrydog
          Evan Royster
          by harrydog
          What do you think of Evan Royster if he slips to the 5th or 6th round? If he had entered the draft after his junior year he was projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round but he decided to return to Penn State for his senior year. Since Penn State was starting a freshman at QB teams really keyed on stopping Royster so he didn't get a lot of yardage early in the season and it hurt his stock. Plus he was told to bulk up in the off season and it really hurt his quickness early on. Later in the season he got back to his normal playing weight of around 212 and did much better.
          He's probably not going to be a featured back in the NFL but I think he'd be a solid back up. He's a good blocker. He has good acceleration and great vision. He also has good hands catching passes out of the backfield. He's been durable and consistently productive. I think he'd be worth a shot.
          -04-11-2011, 05:47 PM
        • Barry Waller
          Look For Some RB to move up to Round One
          by Barry Waller
          The last few drafts seem to be slim on highly drafted RBs, with maybe one cracking the top 15.

          While this year looks to be no different, the quality and productivity of this bunch could cause a team that is already good to go that way earlier than expected. There looks to be six or seven backs who will go from late round one to mid round two

          The Giants certainly will be looking for a starting back, with David Wilson highly questionable with neck surgery clouding his career.

          Would they go for one 12th overall? Sesm a deal down first might be done first.

          The Jets pick 18th, and also need a running back, as does Miami, picking 19th.

          With the pick they got from Indy, Cleveland may well draft Trent Richardson's replacement, or they could wait till their own 2nd, just a few selections later.

          Is Dallas sure they have THE guy there?

          That would be a bit of a risk though, because some playoff clubs could really use a back.

          Even Seattle and the Niners, with good backs in place, teams that rely on the running ga,e a lot, could be looking at this bunch as early as the first round.

          The Saints need a top back still, and the Ravens might need to start looking for Rice's replacement.

          Early in round two, Jacksonville seems sure to take a RB to replce Jones-Drew, who was picked around that spot. If Cleveland hasn't taken a RB yet, they will almost certainly get one early in round two.

          If they still have a second rounder, the Falsons may look to get Steven Jackson's replacement there.

          It could get really interesting once a RB or two comes off the board, and interesting till t hen to see how they stack up rank wise.
          -01-10-2014, 02:15 PM
        • a.p.quinn
          Drafting the right RB could fill multiple voids
          by a.p.quinn
          If the Rams pick the right back it'll be a smaller guy in the third or later. Someone who can block, fill slots as a receiver and be the number two halfback. Possibly be a return option in addition to Amendola. Although I wouldn't be against Ryan Mathews if he fell to the second (highly doubtful). It would have to be a change of pass back because that's the only way the Rams can get value. Jhavid Best, Dexter McCluster types. Get a guy to come in and do the Reggie Bush thang.

          Sorry if this is another dull concept, but I'm getting too excited for draft time and just need to vent some bulls**t.
          -04-04-2010, 11:54 AM