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Is backup running back a position of need?

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  • Is backup running back a position of need?

    I think Chris Ogbonnaya has a chance to be a really good backup to SJ39, but most people seem to believe that a backup to Big Steve is necessary for next season.

    And yes, that is a Star Wars reference in the poll.
    Yeah, Chris Obonnaya doesn't cut it.
    No, Ogbonnaya Kenobi is good enough.

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    Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

    It is a position of need, but probably the last on my list. I would rather get other holes filled before I fill that one. Besides, I believe Ogbonaya is good enough.


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      Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

      I voted yes although I didn't like the fine print. Maybe CO will be a good back-up. I don't think we've seen enough evidence either way.I was totally flummoxed by the Darby situation last year. And I thought he looked just as good as CO when given some real playing time vs AZ. But CO is a DeSpags draft pick so I'd expect him to have the edge on sticking next season.No doubt that SJ won't make it through many more years with that workload.

      I also think a change-up option would be useful. Someone with burner speed & good hands like Forsett for The Hags.Dunno where he's projected to go but I'd love to see Jahvid Best wearing the horns.


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        Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

        Geez... Obannaya was what? Our 7th round pick? And he's made leaps and strides to progress off the practice squad. He has all the tools we want. Lets give him a shot, Gado ain't getting it done.


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          Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

          I agree with most of your guys' sentiments. Ogbonnaya deserves more of a look.

          I guess what I'm trying to say, is that it isn't a great position of need. If we can get a different position filled instead of taking a RB, then we NEED to.

          We should give Ogbonnaya a look.


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            Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

            Geez. Those choices in the poll are kinda of leading! Why does the need or no need have to be based on Oby?

            If he showed more I'd say yes, a backup RB is still needed. If he got the ball and dragged his bottom across the field like a dog, I say yes, a backup RB is still needed.

            I can't pick an option on the poll provided, but YES, a backup RB is needed.

            To clarify, there is no true proven relief for SJ on the roster. Doesn't mean his relief isn't there, it just may be to soon to say. And injuries happen, so you need depth. I'd like proven depth. But being proven has to start somewhere.
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              Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

              Originally posted by The Optimistic Lamb View Post
              Geez... Obannaya was what? Our 7th round pick? And he's made leaps and strides to progress off the practice squad. He has all the tools we want. Lets give him a shot, Gado ain't getting it done.
              Huh? "leaps & strides"? The guy didn't even dress on Sundays until injury forced SJ to sit, did he?


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                Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                Really didn't see enough of Ogbonaya to say that yet, but the coaches do know. He was in there alot on 3rd down showing that he is good in blitz pickup and as a receiver where he really excelled at Texas. That we know he can do, as a runner im not sure yet.


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                  Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                  Ogbannaya has some good tools in a third down back. Soft hands, played a bit of receiver i understand. Good but not great speed. Heres a little clip of him doin' work at Texas.
                  YouTube - Chris Ogbonnaya Texas vs Missouri

                  this guy has good moves but doesnt dance and wiggle unnecessarily he's a one cut back that sees a hole and explodes through it. Really need to watch him in training camp

                  theres another vid of him vs Colorado, look it up on youtube


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                    Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                    We have been lucky up to this point with SJ, just think what would happen if he went down for an extended period of time. With the way we use him I would get a good veteren backup out of FA and work Oby up to maybe be #2 in 2011.

                    If we continue to be a running offense then I think that would make the #2 RB a pretty important need, certainly not at the bottom of the need list.

                    my 2 cents


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                      Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                      we could definitely use another running back, this guy showed some flashes but that doesn't make him a consistent football player. it's not at the top of the list, and the list is long, but it's on the list.


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                        Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                        Ogbannaya is a nice back for us, however.. I'd like to get either Jahvid Best, or Jonathan Dryer to be a #2.


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                          Re: Is backup running back a position of need?

                          This is a copycat League.
                          I would love a change of pace back.
                          Trade back twice and pick C.J. Spiller. Would be great 2 back Set.


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                            Backup RB
                            by a.p.quinn
                            If there's no one suitable shaken from the trees around the NFL to be no. 2. Need to sign a running back that can pass block. Doesn't have to be a great running back, just needs to be able to pass block. Darby can't, Toston isn't particularly good, Ogbannaya is iffy. That or just put a backup OG or DT in at running back on pass plays from time to time... Really bored, just thinking out loud.
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                            I didn't know this previously, but apparently Baltimore's RB/FB hybrid McClain is due to be a free agent as long as we're under previous CBA rules. I know I'm one of the few banging the drum for a big back as opposed to a little 3rd down guy, but what would everyone feel about him as a pickup?

                            One, he's a better fullback than we have currently, and has a track record of success when he gets the opportunity to tote the rock.

                            Two, he wants to touch the ball more (he's 3rd in Baltimore), but isn't in line for either a starting job or money and would probably be happy being a primary backup.

                            Three, he's a guy I wouldn't mind handing the rock to 20 times a game if we had to if Jax got hurt.

                            I think he'd fit just about everything we could want, including ability to share the backfield with Jax, ability to carry the load if need be, and provides us with one extra roster spot in essence.
                            -06-08-2011, 01:04 PM
                          • TheStable
                            Gado legit #2 back
                            by TheStable
                            I think its clear that Gado in the clear #2 back for the Rams. Especially with him being able to return kicks, play fullback if needed and backup Jackson. He has 3 TD's in 3 preseason games so he has a nose for the endzone. I think he will be exactly what the Rams want him to be, a role player. He knows this is Jackson's team and he just wants to help the team be successful. Keep up the good work Samkon Gado!
                            -08-27-2009, 06:32 PM
                          • The Optimistic Lamb
                            Unresolved Issues:
                            by The Optimistic Lamb
                            Looking at the Rams Roster we seem to have collected a promising collection of starters. And where we still lack we seem to have a plethora of competition.

                            But what puzzles me is that at some positions I see huge need. Specifically OLB and RB.

                            Who we got at OLB? Na'il Diggs??? Our compensation pick (Josh Hull)??? Chamberlin???

                            At RB we only have Darby and Ogbonnaya to back up Jackson. Is this a reflection of the Ram's faith in Ogbonnaya???
                            -04-29-2010, 09:56 AM
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                            RB Depth and the 35th Pick
                            by A-Web
                            Not that I believe we have a bad running game. Obviously when Jackson is healthy it is one of the most dangerous in the league. Well, if our O-Line could produce for him. And I am sure they will in the near future.

                            Anyways, I was just wondering, because I was browsing some mocks and found something interesting.

                            In most mock drafts, it seems that there is only a single running back coming off the board in the first round. Knowshon Moreno. One draft, by Charles Davis of NFL.COM, whom I highly regard for his articles and opinions, had Knowshon as the only RB taken in round one. And the sad part was, he had him going to the Chargers. Recently, however, the Chargers have struck a deal with LT and now have both LT and Sproles in the bank. He has edited his post to

                            "This could easily become LB Rey Maualuga, especially since L.T. just signed."

                            So being that fact, it seems there is a potential major slide at RB like the WRs had last season. There may be none taken in the first round. If that is the case, and Knoshon Moreno doesn't go in the first, and Chris Wells doesn't go in the first, what happens to them then?

                            Well I for one have watched both of the backs throughout their last season campaigns, and still cannot see how some people believe Knowshon is better than Chris Wells. Everybody claims that Wells has trouble with injuries, yet it was basically a single injury in his entire 3 years as the Running Back for the Buckeyes. Yes he had some on and off trouble with his ankle after that point, but that is what happens to everyone in the NFL too. When you are mid-season, and you are hurt, you have to try to recouperate while at the same, when you are healthy enough to go on any particular week, you go. Sometimes that causes some setbacks, but when your team needs you to perform you have to.

                            Unlike the NFL where you can afford to have a couple losses, sometimes up to 8 in a really poor division (Chargers / Broncos / Arizona Cardinals), in NCAA football, a single loss can be the difference between being in the Big Game, and not being in the Big Game. So it makes sense that moreso than ever, you would not be able to sit on any given week because if your team loses because you didn't play, that's it. You just have to go out there, do your best, and hope it doesn't get aggrovated. Wells is healed up, showed amazing skill and ability in the combine and pro day, and is ready to roll.

                            Not to take away from Knowshon Moreno. For a guy to come into the Georgia starting lineup after red-shirting his freshman year, he performed outstandingly. 1336/1400 being his two seasons total rushing yards, while averagine a 5.4/5.6 respectively. 30 TDs in 2 years is amazing, and add to that two reception touchdowns in his senior '08 season, and he can play from the backfield as receiver too. 253/392 yard seasons in receptions with an avg of 12.7/11.9. Something to note...
                            Neither Running Back
                            Moreno, and utilize split carries
                            Wells, and utilize split carries
                            Moreno as a pure backup
                            Wells as a pure backup
                            -03-15-2009, 07:22 AM