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Suh vs McCoy?

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  • Suh vs McCoy?

    How much better is Suh compared to McCoy(OK)? Maybe trade 1st pick and draf McCoy and still pick up our needed QB.

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    Re: Suh vs McCoy?

    Statistically, he's lightyears ahead of McCoy. In general, Suh is just lightyears ahead of everyone in any category.

    I've been saying this before and I'll say it again, I think getting Suh and Colt McCoy in the 2nd works perfectly. Also, Av's mock is solid as well. Either scenario works out well for us.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      Re: Suh vs McCoy?

      suh is better, but mccoy is still very good. i think it's a significant enough difference that we shouldn't even be thinking about mccoy being that we have an opportunity to pick suh.

      colt mccoy will almost certainly not be available in round 2.


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        Re: Suh vs McCoy?

        I think McCoy is pretty good also and has a slim chance of falling into the second round. However Bradford needing arm surgery, and Tebow with his unorthodox throwing technique are both good candidates in the second round.


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          Re: Suh vs McCoy?

          I like Gerald McCoy. He's clearly second DT on this draft and probably top 5 pick, but compares to Suh...nothing compares to Suh!


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            Re: Suh vs McCoy?

            Gerald McCoy has an amazing first step and burst off the line, but his strength is lacking compared to Suh. IMO, Suh is better in every other category.


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              Re: Suh vs McCoy?

              I'd take Suh over both McCoys


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                Re: Suh vs McCoy?

                i think the team that would be on the other side will also ask that question? Is it worth it to trade an additional high pick even-though G. McCoy will be available.


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                  Re: Suh vs McCoy?

                  Originally posted by BarronWade
                  i think the team that would be on the other side will also ask that question? Is it worth it to trade an additional high pick even-though G. McCoy will be available.
                  Well both Lions and Buccs want and need a DT. The first 3 picks may very well be DT's. It's plausible that there will be a rush for DT's in the first.


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                  • xkidflowx
                    Colt Mccoy + Suh..
                    by xkidflowx
                    WHAT IF... we had drafted Suh.. then colt mccoy in the 2nd.. do you think we would have been a better team? because me and my friends had a arguement and me defending bradford. My point was that, Bradford was the best thing that can ever happen to any organziation.

                    their point.. Colt Mccoy is the REAL DEAL and SUH is the real deal....

                    So let me hear your guys thoughts!
                    -11-30-2010, 12:56 PM
                  • dave626
                    Suh and Mccoy
                    by dave626
                    Are there any clan members who would rather take Mccoy over Suh. Im in the Bradford camp myself, but IF we swing a deal for a vet QB (a whole other thread) and are sitting there with the number one pick and the 2 DTs are there which would you take, or which have you read we are most interested in.

                    I read that Spags had dinner with Mccoy and his family (not sure where I read that), and Spags really likes him.

                    I havent read any such situation with Suh. I have read that Suh is a VERY serious guy and is dedicated to becoming a great football player, not that Mccoy isnt, just that Suh is noticeably so.

                    The only argument Ive heard that raises Mccoy over Suh is the scheme they played in, Mccoy was attacking the gap, where as Suh was a read and react guy. Is that to say Suh cant attack the gap or Mccoy cant beat the double team IDK.

                    I was hoping maybe one of you guys who are more informed than I, could shed some light on this for me. At seasons end it seemed that Suh was a lock at #1 but now, without any more games being played, compareable numbers at the combine, except of course the bench, Mccoy has somehow moved into the conversation.

                    To me, that 23 reps that Mccoy put up truely shows his lack of weight room dedication, and is a GLARING weakness. Suh AS FAR AS I KNOW has no GLARING weakness.(maybe one of you guys help me out here)

                    Id like to know what you guys think about it and as you can tell Im a Suh guy when talking about DTs.

                    GO RAMS!!!
                    -03-28-2010, 02:16 PM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    McCoy continues to annoy
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    The one comment (which I've read from a handful of fans and a couple of analysts) that I just don't get is the suggestion that Gerald McCoy should be taken before Ndamukong Suh.

                    Based on what?

                    Go and look up their stats (I've posted them before and I don't have the time of patience to pull them again). Its not even close. Suh's production is essentially double that of McCoy.

                    And what's the context of these stats? Two guys who play in the same conference against the same competition level. Two guys who are close to the same size.

                    I've heard some try to argue that McCoy has better technique. I don't see it. From what I've seen, Suh has great technique for a college player. But, even if McCoy had better technique, SUH DOUBLED HIS PRODUCTION! Imagine how Suh could produce if his technique develops further.

                    If the Rams ultimately decide that they need to take a QB with the first pick, I'll be disappointed, but at least I'd understand the thinking. After all, if that pick were to turn into a franchise QB, nobody would argue with it in the long run. Similarly, if the Rams trade down, I'll have misgivings, but I'd understand the logic.

                    I'll tell you this, though. If the Rams stay a pick No. 1 and take McCoy over Suh, you will hear a loud sound coming from the Southeast United States.

                    It will be me screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"
                    -01-26-2010, 06:25 AM
                  • TakeSuh
                    How does suh even compare with mccoy
                    by TakeSuh
                    here suh 85 tackles 24 tfl 12 sacks 10 passes blocked 26 qb hurries 3 blocked kicks
                    mccoy 34 tackles 11.5 tfl 6 sacks 2 passes blocked 7 qb hurries 0 blocked kicks
                    NOW SOME PEOPLE BRING UP THAT MCCOY HAD MORE TALENT AROUND HIM........ lets compare the talent on both teams
                    nebraska:Number one in the nation in scoring defense
                    1 pass efficency defense 17 in total pass defense 7th in total defense 5th in rush defense
                    Oklahoma is all above the 40s in thesw catagories.

                    This just makes Suhs stats even better. Lets not forget they played in the same conference and agianst each other (nebraska won 10-3)

                    Texas: Mccoy 3 tackles one sack, Suh 12 tackles 7 for loss 23 qb hurries, 4.5 sacks (other d tackle for crick, the other d tackle for nebraska, set the record for 5 sacks in one game agianst baylor)

                    kansas st:mccoy 1 tackle no sacks
                    suh 9 tackles one sack 4 qb hurries 2 passes defended 3 tackles for loss.

                    Now lets get back to this guy crick, he had way better stats than mccoy too and he is only a sophmore:76 tackles 9.5 sacks 18 tfls, 4 blocked passes 16 qb hurries
                    now im going to take a bold step here: Its not the scheme mccoy plays,its just he isnt as good as SUH OR CRICK.
                    Back to Suh. Suh had the way better combine and had a 35.5 inch veritcal, highest for a guy over 300 pounds since 2000, he had 9 more reps on the bench, practically tied with mccoy in the forty (when will a d tackle run 40 yars straight? (oh wait suh made 2 tackles this year like that......) and suh also outpreformed mccoy in the 3 cone drill and the shuffle. Add this up and you get one hell of a defensive tackle who intercepts passes, blocks kicks sacks the quarterback, racks up the tackles, pressures the qb, disrupts screens, can make tackles 10-20 yards down field, and tackle the ball carrier for a loss.

                    how could you not want suh?

                    YouTube - Ndamukong Suh

                    (ps i do not care about spelling on the internet, as long as people get the general idea...)
                    -03-04-2010, 08:45 PM
                  • rob6465
                    Monster D-tackles Suh, McCoy could emerge as NFL No. 1 pick
                    by rob6465
                    No links!!!
                    -03-11-2010, 06:34 AM