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April...this has to happen

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  • April...this has to happen

    Round 1: Ndamukong Suh
    Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon
    Round 3: Tony Pike or Dan Lefevour

    what do you guys think?
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    Re: April...this has to happen

    Can't argue with Suh at this point unless there's a trade involved.

    SPOON II in 3D; Dynamic...Destructive....Dedicated... Could The Rams be so lucky as to get a 1st Rd LB two years in a row? Mebbe...

    I think Pike is an outside contender for The Rams #2 pick. Dunno that he's more than a taller Bulger which is either good or bad, depending on where you stand on that issue. Could be the next Andrew Walter,too, which no one needs.

    I also doubt the homegrown boy gets past the Bungles twice, if no other team. There's no one behind Carson who played like big cat scat vs The Jets last week.
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      Re: April...this has to happen

      I'd fall out of my chair if we pulled that off...


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        Re: April...this has to happen

        Sure, that would be sick. But I think what we need to keep in mind is that there are 31 other teams that are scouting and making their own boards, and all want players to fall to them too. The Rams are in a nice position of having the first pick in every round, but the idea that a 1st round LB can be had in the second AND Pike falls to the third is...unlikely. I'm pretty sure a team in the mid-low second round would pick up Pike if he was there.

        So I don't know that it HAS to happen..sure would be nice though.


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          Re: April...this has to happen

          we will definitely have access to first round talent with the first pick in the second round. 100 percent sure of that. With the the first pick of the third we also have an outside chance of first round talent falling to us.

          Personally I sacrifice small animals every night to the football gods so that they may allow Bradford to fall to us at the top of the second....

          *thinks about upping the ante with small children..*


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            Re: April...this has to happen

            If this happened.. we would be dirty.. fix up our D along with a great underrated QB.


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              Re: April...this has to happen

              I love it. I don't think Pike would be there in round three. But...maybe...just maybe Dan will. I hope thats true

              If we can do that, I will eat my shoe.


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                Re: April...this has to happen

                Yeah, that would be great if we could pull this off? Imagine the improvements, and oh yeah i have a question .. if we were to draft a QB lets say Tony Pike, do you think they would instantly play him, or let him learn a year or something like that under Bulger or whoever else?


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                  Re: April...this has to happen

                  The rams signed Keith Null to 3 more years. We have our bench warmer. The second string spot has to be used to develop a future franchise QB. We only have so much room.

                  It wouldn't make sense to take a development project this year and draft a first rounder next year. So by taking Pike or Lefevour you are saying you pass on Jake Locker, Ryan Mallet, Pat Devlin, and Terrelle Pryor for next year? Pretty big expectations to put on Pike and Lefevour.
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                  • DistantRam
                    Second round
                    by DistantRam
                    Let's assume, although there's still a long way to go, that the Rams choose either Suh or Clausen with the first pick in the draft. What happens in the second round?

                    I propose that a defensive end be selected, as this class has some exceptional DE prospects who may well slip to the top of the second round. Greg Hardy, Greg Romeus, Jason Pierre-Paul, Carlos Dunlap (despite reservations about his professionalism), Ricky Sapp and others might well be available at number thirty-three and I'm sure that Spags will be able to develop one of them into a real force.

                    With all of our current DEs, Long excepted, becoming free agents this year, it's about time that we acquired a new pass-rush threat to play opposite the number two pick from 2008.

                    If we end up with Long, Suh, Carriker and one of this year's DEs on the line, with Laurinaitis and Atogwe too, we'd have the core of a formidable defence.
                    -01-07-2010, 05:28 AM
                  • 3STL9
                    Tony Pike Second Round?
                    by 3STL9
                    I think we should trade downo ur first round pick. Get Terrence Cody....Unless he is expected to go Top 5. And try to get Pike second round..

                    Too early to talk draft, but just seeing what rams nation thinks we should do with that pick..
                    -12-07-2009, 07:17 AM
                  • FestusRam
                    Obvious Round 1 Selection but 2?
                    by FestusRam
                    Ok, my vote is for Suh round one. Thats an obvious pick you cant pass up

                    But round 2? I see many people wanting to acquire Alexander and i agree and disagree with it both.

                    The reason i agree is, he is very talented receiver with great size. He would fit exceptionally well into the West Coast O. I've seen him catch screens many times and just break them for 50+ yards.

                    However, I feel like if we acquire another WR this off season it should be a veteran. Not another rookie. I dont beleive the rams will draft him in the 2nd but I honestly don't know. What do you think about it?
                    -01-26-2010, 10:05 AM
                  • dave626
                    1rst round DL since 95
                    by dave626
                    How many 1rst round defensive lineman have we drafted since 1995.?
                    How many times have we heard that THIS guy is going to make a difference?
                    How many years have we waited for THIS guy to develope into the pick we've spent on him?

                    I know a new HC (and a good one IMO)
                    I know a new GM (also a good one IMO)

                    But as fans, we have put ALOT of hope into that D line, and I for one am ready to get a QB. Yes he has question marks about his durability, and the spread offense he comes from, but his accuracy,quick release and ability to get the ball out quickly, certainly give me more hope than another tackler.

                    I know Suh COULD be more than just another tackler but what if he isnt.What if we have to wait 3-4 years for him to grow into the roll? Then we would have wasted ANOTHER 1rst round pick on a position that our new HC should be able to coach up.

                    With a 1rst OA pick at the QB position I think after the first year we will KNOW what we have and if we've done our homework I think we could be in a much better position.

                    Its just surprising to me that with ALL we have invested in the Dline already there are guys still wanting to put ANOTHER 1rst round pick there.

                    Yes its still a hole but I think our coach will get more out of them in his 2nd year.
                    -03-22-2010, 07:17 AM
                  • 01d 0rd3r
                    My dream draft
                    by 01d 0rd3r
                    Round 1 Suh DT- Unless TB pulls out a good offer four our first pick then Suh is the obvious #1

                    Round 2 Weatherspoon OLB- Great size, good speed, and i love his attitude. I would like our defense to do alot more talking across the line, my hope is to turn him into a joey porter type.

                    Round 3 Dan Lefevour QB- Arm strength, mobility, smarts, this guy has it all. From reports from the senior bowl he seems to be adjusting to taking snaps under center well, this guy will be great for us.

                    Round 4 Dexter McCluster RB- Change of pace back take pressure off of SJAX, the man is a real playmaker and will bring a quick strike ability to our offense.

                    Round 5 John Jerry OG- Good size, great strength, will take the place of incognito in due time.

                    Round 5 Andrew Quarless TE- We might strike gold with this pick, he showed talent in the east west shrine game and could possibly be a very good TE

                    Round 6 Chris Hawkins CB- We need more depth at corner, we really run thin at times.

                    Round 7 Alex Daniels DE- Rotational player

                    Round 7- Reed Williams LB- Rotational Depth

                    Before you comment this draft assumes that we pick up some people in free agency. Like a RT and a DE, heres to hoping.
                    -01-27-2010, 09:55 PM