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Five Free Agents the Rams could target

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  • Five Free Agents the Rams could target

    Five Free Agents the Rams could target
    by ram_rod on Jan 14, 2010 3:55 PM CST

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    With the draft fast approaching, everyone seems to be buzzing about Ndamukong Suh (including myself). But as edpjr has pointed out, their is also a large amount of RFA/UFA's that could be hitting the market in the free agency.

    Compiled below is a quick list of free agents that the Rams could target. I have no idea what will happen if the league converts to a no-cap, everyone-is-an-RFA type system, so for simplicities sake, I'm leaving that mess out. These players aren't in any order.

    1) Jerious Norwood, RB, Atlanta Falcons

    Grand Poobah Devaney (hopefully) knows Norwood's capabilities from his stint in Atlanta from 2006 to 2008, where Norwood enjoyed his best years. Jerious looks to be on the way out especially with Jason Snelling carrying the ball so well. He's a quick, change of pace back to Steven Jackson. There is no doubt that Rams need a second back, because Steven simply won't be able to take as much punishment as he received in 2009 much longer. He's everything the Rams would like in a second runningback; he's quick, has the ability to catch passes, has a good career YPC average (5.3 yards off of 373 attempts) and most importantly, will come rather mildly priced.

    2) Tony Scheffler, TE, Denver Broncos

    One McGenious' trash is another man's treasure, as the saying goes. Scheff is a young, pass-catching tight end with soft enough hands to help whoever might be the quarterback next season. He was put on the scout squad by McDaniels for being a big meanie to the coach, and much like Brandon Marshall, may be on his way out of Denver. He would be a more expensive option, but most likely wouldn't break the bank, which is something that most of the Rams free agent acquisitions this year will most likely have in common.

    3) Aaron Kampman, DE, Green Bay Packers

    Luckily for the Rams, Kampman has struggled of late switching to Don Caper's 3-4 scheme. He has seemed somewhat out of place as an OLB and probably would fit best if he returned to a 4-3 DE. He had an injury this year and Brad Jones did well enough as his replacement that the Packers probably won't keep Kampman around. He's still only one year removed from a 9.5 sack season, and just turned 30 a few months ago. He's a bit on the older side for the Rams, but should have plenty in the tank for a mid-length contract. Like Scheffler, he could be a bit more expensive, but the Rams are desperate for front seven help and will most likely be willing to pay quite a bit for improving it.

    4) Jason Campbell, QB, Washington Redskins

    Hold the phone- I just pulled a Van. This idea has met a lot of opposition, but quite frankly, you're not going to find an All-Pro, young, franchise, cheap quarterback on the market. There's been a lot of talk here about Kevin Kolb, but quite frankly, the Eagles aren't going to let him go, especially with only one year remaining on aging Donovan McNabb's contract. If the Rams are looking for something more long term, they'll either need to look in the draft or try for a QB like Campbell. Statistically, every year he has improved. His stats aren't anything to brag about, but hated OC Pat Shurmur was indeed a QB coach before coming to the Rams. Not only that, but with a few pieces available, the Rams could create a nice support system for him. He'd be a good, inexpensive pickup for the Rams should they look for another QB.

    5) Donald Penn, OT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Penn is a young, talented tackle. He currently plays LT, but could probably make the transition should it be required of him. He'd most likely be a cheaper option only because of his lack of fitness. Reports came out that he tipped the scales at a Free Willy-esque 360 pounds, which is huge. Spagnuolo has had mixed success in helping offensive lineman throughout the course of the season, but a little Spagalosophy could go a long way in helping out a player condition himself. Depending on what Tampa wants to do, he may be resigned, but he'd be a great pickup should he become available.

    Wilcard: Richard Marshall, CB, Carolina Panthers

    Marshall is a young, physical CB from Carolina, and DC Ken Flajole would most likely have some sway in helping the Rams cause. He's on the small side, but unlike Tye Hill, he's actually put up stats. He's not the most insane ball-hawk you've ever seen, but he's picked up some nice turnover numbers in addition to his clockwork 80 or so tackles a season. The Panthers would be stupid to let him go, but should they do, the Rams would be wise to to take a look at him.

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    Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

    This Jerious Norwood sounds like a good cheap back-up. But according to espn stats he's {209} lbs and only 5-11. Kinda small in my opinion. And Norwood seems to be anything but elusive and fast.
    Jerious Norwood Profile - Atlanta Falcons - ESPN
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      Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

      Originally posted by The Optimistic Lamb View Post
      This Jerious Norwood sounds like a good cheap back-up. But according to espn stats he's 109 lbs and only 5-11. Kinda small in my opinion. And Norwood seems to be anything but elusive and fast.
      Jerious Norwood Profile - Atlanta Falcons - ESPN
      Kinda small at 109 would be an understatement to say the least. Actually Norwood is listed at 209. 109 in the NFL would be suicide.


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        Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

        5'11 and 109lbs? I didn't know runway models were now playing in the NFL!


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          Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

          That would be an outstanding free agent class IMO. I love kampman and i've been talkin about j.campbell since week 7. I really like jerious as a change of pace to SJ. Scheffler is a very big upgrade at te. I like what you're saying about penn but i've never seen him so im not sure.

          I've heard we have a lot of money to spent this offseason, something like the third most in the league. I was wondrin if anyone knew how much money that actually is.


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            Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

            i can see the Rams taking a shot at all of those players except Kampman. Kampman is likely to draw high interest around the league but its his age that puts me off. I dont see the Rams giving the money that would be required to sign Kampman to a guy his age. Everyone else on the list is young enough to be adding to the team though. But i only see them going after Penn if he is cheap. He has been a starting LT in this league so if Tampa lets him hit free agency someone is going to throw money at him
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              Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

              Apologies for my typographical error, lol, 209 lbs. But still, that doesn't seem a little light for a RB? Colt McCoy is 210 lbs.
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                Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

                Originally posted by The Optimistic Lamb View Post
                Apologies for my typographical error, lol, 209 lbs. But still, that doesn't seem a little light for a RB? Colt McCoy is 210 lbs.
                It'd be light if he were a bruiser, but not surprising for a back who relies more on speed. Chris Johnson (league-leading rusher and Offensive Player of the Year) is listed at 5'11", 200 lbs. I think adding Norwood would make a lot of sense.

                I'm not fond of the idea of picking up Jason Campbell, though. Inexpensive maybe, but not good. The Redskins haven't been very good with him, especially on offense. Part of the blame might be attributed to Campbell not being a good fit for their offensive system (which is coincidentally similar to ours) and part on the lack of production of his young receivers (also a familiar circumstance). I don't think there is much reason to think that the conditions here would translate into different results, and we don't want the results the Redskins were getting.


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                  Re: Five Free Agents the Rams could target

                  I like the potential in alot of these guys but i would make a few changes.

                  Aron Kampman- I see the point in gettin him, he is a good player. The age kinda wards me off however, at 30 (I may be wrong i think thats his age) he will be on the decline of his career with us, I would rather pursue Ray Edwards of Minny. Although I understand we might have alittle bit of a hard convincing him to come over here.

                  Jason Campbell- While im not tottaly against campbell I would rather pursue Troy Smith who i believe is a Restricted Free Agent this year. At the very least we could probably throw david roach and a 6th round pick at baltimore and they might bite on it in a trade. Campbell as his former coach at auburn said thrives on positive energy, and with his career going like it has, this team might not be the best place for him. Troy Smith however can be molded into a very good QB. Since he is still very young and will come cheap we might get our franchise QB from the bargain bin.

                  I like all the other players though.


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                  • codeman123
                    Possible Players to Target
                    by codeman123
                    Here are some players that we should take into consideration. Not all are necessarily free agents.

                    Defensive End

                    Aaron Kampman - Has not been used properly in Green Bay's switch to a 3-4. He was awful in coverage, but looked right at home when he rushed from his usual end position. I do not expect the Packers to keep him with their great depth. He could come cheaper because of his injury.
                    Elvis Dumervil - Has played extremely well in Denver and will probably be tagged. It might not be worth it to pay him, but he would add a lot to our pass rush. There is a very small chance we will have an opportunity to grab him.
                    Osi Umenyiora - Is on the outs in New York and is extremely unhappy with his new defensive coordinator. It make take to much to get him, but we would be lucky to have him reunited with his former coach.
                    Aaron Schobel - He is contemplating retirement and is not happy with his situation in Buffalo. Has lost some speed, and has become more of a technician. He is still very capable, and put up nice stats in a Buffalo zone defense that puts all of the pass rush responsibilities on him.
                    Note - I would be surprised if Leonard Little didn't retire, but we should try to resign Hall he has played very well all season long.

                    Wide Receiver
                    Vincent Jackson - He is by far the best receiver that has a chance to reach free agency. I would be shocked if the Chargers didn't do everything in their power to keep him.
                    Brandon Marshall - There's no way he is going to be playing in a Broncos uniform next year, but the way they handle him will affect our ability to be in play. If he is signed as a restricted free agent we will not spend a 1st and 3rd to get him, but if Denver decided they want nothing to do with him then he is certainly an interesting option. He would instantly become our primary target and create mismatches for our other receivers.
                    Lee Evans - He is a good target in a bad situation in Buffalo. An interesting option to consider, although he is a deep threat in a similar mold to Avery.
                    Dwayne Bowe - I would like the Rams to seriously consider him as an option. KC seems to be frustrated with him, and he would be an upgrade over the receivers we have. Maybe we could trade Carriker and a pick.
                    Secondary Options - Antonio Bryant and Steve Breaston could be nice additions to our receiving corps.

                    Tight End
                    Tony Scheffler - The Broncos have leverage on Brandon Marshall, but they might not want to sign Tony and risk having to keep him. There is a large possibility the Rams will be able to sign him.
                    Owen Daniels - Had to deal with a season ending injury, but I would be surprised if the Texans let him go he is too talented.

                    Running Back
                    The Rams would be smart to add a speed back to take advantage of Steven Jackson's punishing running style. However it might be smarter to add a young draft pick.
                    Jerious Norwood...
                    -01-04-2010, 02:37 PM
                  • r8rh8rmike
                    Rams Prepare Their Lists For Free Agency
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Rams prepare their lists for free agency

                    BY JIM THOMAS
                    Sunday, May 15, 2011

                    After a draft that went heavy on pass catchers in the early and middle rounds, the Rams have plenty of unchecked items left on their personnel shopping list. Perhaps they'll find a hidden gem among undrafted rookies. Maybe there's a meaningful trade in the works. But most likely, if the Rams are going to fill any remaining holes on their roster, it must come via free agency.

                    As the lockout drags on, it remains to be seen when free agency finally begins, and what form it takes. But the Rams have had a couple of lists ready since late February ó one if unrestricted free agency is available to players with four years of NFL experience, another if it takes six years' experience to be unrestricted. A third list might be needed because, according to recent reports, the NFL is also considering alternative rules in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement.

                    But whether it's running back, offensive guard, defensive tackle, weakside linebacker or even cornerback and safety, there are options available in free agency. Obviously, the pool of players is much greater under four-year free agency as opposed to six years.

                    At running back, a crater-size hole remains on the depth chart behind Steven Jackson. There are some interesting names on this list, including Joseph Addai of Indianapolis, Ahmad Bradshaw of the New York Giants and DeAngelo Williams of Carolina. But none of those three would be unrestricted if six-year free agency is in place.

                    However, Cedric Benson of Cincinnati, Ronnie Brown of Miami, Darren Sproles of San Diego and Cadillac Williams of Tampa will be unrestricted whether the required experience level for free agency is four years or six.

                    As the Bengals went to more of a passing game last season, Benson's productivity declined and he had some uncharacteristic fumbles. Benson isn't what you'd call a nifty runner ó he's a grinder, a pounder who gets better as the game goes along.

                    But like Brown of the Dolphins, who has had injury issues, Benson will seek a place where he can be the feature back ó and that wouldn't be the situation in St. Louis.

                    Sproles and Cadillac Williams could be good fits in St. Louis. With the emergence of LeGarrette Blount, Williams' days as the lead back are over in Tampa Bay at age 29. He showed last season that he's well suited to a role as a third-down specialist. As his career has progressed, Williams has developed into a good pass catcher and pass blocker. He has a reputation in Tampa as a great locker room presence and might want to try to stay with the Buccaneers.

                    Sproles, who turns 28 in June, is one of the game's best screen-pass receivers. Despite his diminutive size (5 feet 6, 185), he's a fearless pass blocker. If the Rams are looking for a change-of-pace back, there's not...
                    -05-15-2011, 11:09 AM
                  • Nick
           Top 20 unrestricted free agents for 2016
                    by Nick
                    Top 20 unrestricted free agents for 2016
                    By Gregg Rosenthal
                    Around The NFL Editor
                    Published: Dec. 15, 2015 at 04:08 p.m. Updated: Dec. 15, 2015 at 06:51 p.m.

                    Free agent lists in December are teases. Fans see the big names and dream of offseason purchases their favorite team should acquire. In reality, most of the names on our top-20 free agent list below won't become available.

                    From now until March, teams will begin to re-sign the players they truly want to keep. If a long-term deal can't get done, the franchise tag will be used. Green Bay's four-year, $42 million deal for Mike Daniels on Monday was a great example of this trend. He would have been a the top-10 player on our list.

                    With the salary cap expected to soar this offseason, we suspect that deal will wind up looking like an absolute bargain.

                    Without further adieu, the list below is our early rough list of the top-20 unrestricted free agents set to hit the market. We will expand our free agency coverage dramatically in the coming months, with our annual Top 101 list coming out in February.

                    1. Von Miller, Denver Broncos linebacker: Miller has been one of the best overall defensive players in the league since he was drafted. He's as strong stopping the run as he is coming off the edge. There's no way the Broncos will let him hit the market.

                    2. Josh Norman, Carolina Panthers cornerback: There's nothing like having your breakout season in a contract year. Norman has been the best cornerback in football this year and is a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate. He's not going anywhere.

                    3. Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets defensive end: Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams were splashy draft pick additions, but Wilkerson is still the best defensive lineman on the Jets. New York has played hardball in negotiations thus far with Wilkerson, but the franchise tag has to be an option here.

                    4. Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears wide receiver: He might not be the most refined receiver in the league, but few are better at catching deep balls. He's fourth in the league in receiving yards-per-game and topped 1,400 yards in 2013.

                    5. Cordy Glenn, Buffalo Bills offensive tackle: True franchise left tackles are awfully hard to find. That's why he's a strong candidate for the franchise tag.

                    6. Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants defensive end: He's still disruptive despite playing with a club over his injured hand. There has to be a chance JPP will only get better as he learns how best to play with his disadvantage, and the ceiling here is tremendous. Still, he has struggled to wrap up opposing running backs. Can he finish plays?

                    7. Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs safety: Berry has come back from his cancer scare better than ever. Strong safety play is hard to find and...
                    -12-22-2015, 08:50 AM
                  • RamsSB99
                    10 intriguing free agents younger than 30
                    by RamsSB99
                    By Vinnie Iyer - Sporting News

                    Here are some of the biggest names left unsigned in the NFL free-agent market: Ray Lewis, Jason Taylor, Marvin Harrison, Kurt Warner, Amani Toomer, Derrick Brooks and Jeff Garcia.

                    Other than their lack of a team for 2009, they all have something else in common: They are all well older than 30.

                    Considering many of the expensive first-tier free agents have either signed or been franchise-tagged, the attention is starting to turn to the second wave. Still, the best investments remain younger players with untapped upside, rather than well-known veterans fading from the marquee.

                    The younger, the better, because teams can make the right deal to lock a player up for his prime without breaking the bank, something they might have to do short term for more established stars.

                    Here are 10 of the most intriguing remaining free agents who are comfortably younger than 30:

                    1. Igor Olshansky, DE, Chargers. Now that former Cowboy Chris Canty has signed with the Giants, Olshansky is the best 3-4 end left unrestricted. Several teams are planning to use consistent three-man fronts this year, and both his age (27 in May) and size (6-6, 309) should get him signed soon. Best suitor: Packers.

                    2. James Butler, S, Giants. At 26, the 6-3, 215-pounder showed signs that he could be a top playmaker last season with 68 tackles and a three interceptions, both career highs. He needs to stay in an aggressive scheme to blossom, and really, he would benefit if he kept playing for Steve Spagnuolo. Best suitor: Rams.

                    3. Sean Jones, S, Browns. Before the start of free agency, there were many reasons to tab him as a undervalued strong safety. Like Butler, Jones offers good size (6-1, 220). He is a good, physical run support with an underrated nose for the ball that has produced 14 interceptions over three years. Best suitor: Texans.

                    4. Khalif Barnes, OT, Jaguars. Durable starting left tackles just donít go on the market often, and heíll turn 27 only days before the draft. Barnesí off-the-field blemish (DUI in í06) is enough in the past where it shouldnít be a character issue in his signing. Best suitor: Raiders.

                    5. Freddy Keiaho, LB, Colts. Heís undersized (5-11, 226), but itís surprising that Indianapolis didnít tender an offer to this high-effort, versatile linebacker, making him an unrestricted free agent. Keiaho has plenty of starting experience for just three years in the league, and is a tackling machine. Someone will see his energy and find him a spot, at least in a linebacker position. Best suitor: Patriots.

                    6. Leonard Weaver, FB, Seahawks. Heís a different kind of fullback, in the sense that he has a full cadre of rare athletic talent for the position. At 6-0, 242, he is an excellent receiver and a good change-of-pace runner. Strangely, lead blocking was his weakness in Seattle, but thatís gotten...
                    -03-03-2009, 08:58 PM
                  • Rambos
                    Mike Wallace, Rashard Mendenhall lead list of risky free agents
                    by Rambos
                    By Adam Schein

                    At this time next week, there will be a lot of stupid money being thrown around the NFL with free agency well underway. And you just know some teams are going to make mistakes. Let's get a head start and lay out the nine riskiest free agents about to hit the open market:

                    My man Gregg Rosenthal has him ranked as the No. 1 player in free agency. My guy Jeff Darlington reports the Miami Dolphins covet Wallace and could be in a potential bidding war with the Minnesota Vikings for the speedster's services. And both teams certainly are in desperate need of a No. 1 wide receiver.

                    But I don't think Wallace is the guy. He's too inconsistent and unreliable -- just not worthy of the mega bucks he will receive.

                    Think about it. The Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the smartest and classiest organizations in sports, are about to let Wallace walk away. They've had enough. That should be a major red flag.

                    Wallace is all about the money. I don't think he prioritizes winning. He selfishly held out last year, didn't make an extra penny and helped derail the Steelers' season. Wallace wasn't part of the offseason programs and didn't learn new offensive coordinator Todd Haley's playbook. He then had an underachieving season filled with a case of the yips.

                    The San Francisco ***** needed a receiver last year. They passed on Wallace, then a restricted free agent, and instead used their first-round pick (what would've been the compensation) on a project receiver who never played. The New England Patriots also needed a wideout. They wouldn't do it.

                    At times, Wallace can be flat-out majestic, with a knack for taking a short pass to the house or streaking down the sideline for a score. But he wants top dollar, and I wonder aloud if he will take the money and just be too satisfied with his paycheck.

                    2. Cliff Avril

                    I think he's a good player. But is he simply a product of a talented Detroit Lions defensive line? While he will be better than Charles Johnson and Ray Edwards, paying top dollar to the "other" defensive lineman always scares me. And it would scare me that Detroit, which has had a lot invested in Avril and franchised him last season, would let him walk.

                    3. Paul Kruger

                    I like Kruger a lot ... at the right price. He had a dominant postseason with a knack for getting to the quarterback. He's a great teammate with an Energizer Bunny playing style. And you certainly can argue that he hasn't reached his potential yet. But here's the rub: I don't think he is a three-down player. I believe he will get more money than he deserves from a team with cap room (think: Cleveland Browns). I root for Kruger. He's a good player. But if your team signs him, don't expect him to be someone he isn't.

                    4. Jake Long

                    Bill Parcells made the offensive tackle the face of...
                    -03-08-2013, 10:03 AM