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Claussen vs. Vlasic...which will be the better pickle, I mean QB?

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  • Claussen vs. Vlasic...which will be the better pickle, I mean QB?

    Mark Vlasic...QB

    Drafted by the SD Chargers in the 4th round (88th overall)in the 1987 draft. Started four games in his four year career, winning two of them.

    Completed 52.8% of his passes.
    Went 75 of 142 for 762 yards, 4TDs, and 5INTs.
    Career passer rating of 63.2.
    Fumbled four times, losing two of them, and was sacked six times.

    Personally, I don't like pickles, but would buy the ones the store keeps cold for the crunch.
    sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!

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    These are the numbers from two QBs both playing now in the NFL. Here is what they did in college.


    Passing 10,071
    Pct 66
    TDS 78
    INTS 17
    Rushing 2,199
    TDS 32
    Total Yards 12,294
    Total TDS 110


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    INTS 27
    Rushing 1,375
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