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  • St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

    by Cameron Schott Cameron SchottContributor

    Previous Next Round 1, Pick 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT, NebraskaSlide 2 of 11

    I have waited to make the Rams NFL mock draft because yesterday was the last day for underclassmen to declare for the draft. So now that we know pretty much all the players who will enter, there will be no guessing if a player will stay or leave.

    Plus if you are a Rams fan, like myself, then this is our Super Bowl! I waited all year to see who we would get in the draft. Now let's look at what the Rams really need.

    Rams Needs:
    Quarterback- Marc Bulger is past his prime and gets hurt too often. Boller and Null aren't exactly what you call franchise quarterbacks. They can take a risk here because they may have a chance at Jake Locker next year.

    Backup Running Back- Steven Jackson is the best player the Rams have, but he can't play every down. A running back isn't a huge need, but the Rams need a decent backup. Last year the three backup running backs combined for 228 yards the entire season.

    Wide Receiver(s)- Donnie Avery can be pretty good, but besides him the Rams have no depth. Their number two receiver is Danny Amendola, who they got primarily to return kicks.

    Cornerback- The Rams were 25th in passing defense, and their corners didn't get an interception the entire year. They need some help here.

    Defensive Tackle- A strong defensive tackle will toughen up the line and stop the power run game. It will also take some pressure off of Chris Long.

    Outside Line Backer- James Laurinaitis was a great pick, now they have two more backers to go.

    They can also use offensive linemen or a tight end, but these are the biggest needs the Rams have. I spent a lot of time on this so let's take a look at the first pick!

    Round 1, Pick 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

    Rams should play it safe here by taking arguably the best player in the draft.

    Quarterbacks are hit and miss and Rams should look to strengthen up their defensive line. Suh is a quick 305 pound monster that teams can build a defense around. Anyone who saw the Big 12 Championship game knows that Suh is one of the best players in the country. Suh anchored Nebraska's defense and should translate his success into the NFL.

    Strengths: Very quick for his size and uses his hands well. Has good technique and can read plays very well. An amazing playmaker who can always find the football and make big plays.

    Weaknesses: Can struggle with a double team and can be inconsistent. Also has had some knee injuries in the past.

    2009 AP Player of the Year
    2009 Heisman Finalist
    2009 Consensus First Team All-American
    Two Time First Team All-Big 12
    2009 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year
    2009 Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year
    2009 Outland Award Winner (Best interior defensive lineman)
    2009 Chuck Bednarik Award Winner (Best defensive player)
    2009 Bronko Nagurski Award Winner (Best defensive player)
    2009 Lombardi Award Winner (Best lineman or linebacker)
    2009 Bill Willis Award Winner (Best defensive lineman)

    Next Round 2, Pick 33: Colt McCoy, QB,

    Ya, ya, he got hurt, but so have so many other players in this draft. I said this before the BCS Championship game and I'll say it again: the Rams should take Colt McCoy in the second round. McCoy's injury should not require surgery and he can still be a NFL quarterback. If he performs well in the combine, the injury should mean nothing.

    McCoy is an experienced leader that makes good, quick decisions. He has a quick, accurate release and is mobile. McCoy knows how to win.

    McCoy is coming off a shoulder injury on his non-throwing arm. He doesn't have a strong arm and floats deep balls. Has not taken many hits or snaps under center.

    2008 and 2009 Walter Camp Award Winner (Player of the Year)
    2009 Maxwell Award Winner (Player of the Year)
    2009 Chic Harley Award Winner (Player of the Year)
    2009 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Winner (Sr. Quarterback of the Year)
    2009 Davey O' Brien Award Winner (Quarterback of the Year)
    2009 First Team All American
    2008 and 2009 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year
    2009 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVP
    2008 Heisman Runner-up
    2008 Archie Griffen Award Winner (Player of the Year)
    2006 Freshman of the Year

    Round 3, Pick 65: Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

    The Rams can already have some chemistry coming out of the draft by picking two former teammates. Jordan Shipley and Colt McCoy are best friends and former roommates. Shipley was Texas' best receiver and was also a punt returner. This may be a little early to pick Shipley, but he will probably be the best receiver on the board at this time and will be taken later in the third round if the Rams pass on him here.

    Shipley is fearless competitor who never gives up. He is a great slot receiver with great hands and great speed. An advanced route runner who can make great catches. Also a punt returner.

    An undersized, skinny receiver. May have trouble escaping the jam at the NFL level and doesn't have much potential as an outside receiver.

    2008 Second Team All-Big 12

    Round 4, Pick 97: Jamar Wall, CB, Texas Tech

    If the Rams don't pick a corner by the fourth round, most of them will be gone. Jamar Wall is a huge competitor and a big hitter. Wall had nine interceptions during his time at Texas Tech, and can help the Rams get some turnovers. He can cause fumbles with his hits as well.

    Can play any type of coverage and stays with his man. Closes in quickly and is a big hitter.

    Wall is not a great athlete who can stay with NFL receivers. Isn't very tall and does not have great speed.

    2008 Big 12 Honorable Mention

    Round 5, Pick 129: Charles Scott, RB, LSU

    Charles Scott can go anywhere from the third to fifth round. With the first pick in the fifth round, I think the Rams will take him. He was a exceptional player at LSU and can have big runs to the outside as well as running people over. If the Rams don't get a running back by the fifth round, they mine as well not get one.

    Can run on the outside or in between tackles. A hard worker with good instincts when he has the ball.

    Has suffered a collarbone injury and was out for the majority of the season, the main reason he dropped this far.

    2008 Second Team All-SEC

    Round 5, Pick 152 (From Philadelphia): Sam Maxwell, OLB, KentuckySlide

    Maxwell is expected to go anywhere from sixth round to a free agent, but he can be a hidden gem. Maxwell had 5.5 tackles for a loss and six picks last year and may be a late round steal.

    The kid knows how to make plays. He has a nose for the football and can catch the ball carrier in the back field.

    A bit undersized and a little slow, but makes up for it with his hard work.

    Previous Next Round 6, Pick 161: Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling GreenSlide

    The Rams should probably take two receivers because of their lack of depth, and Freddie Barnes can be there in the sixth round. Barnes was a former quarterback and set a NCAA record with 155 receptions last season. Most people probably haven't heard of him, but he can be a no name star in the NFL.

    A good route runner with great hands. Has a high knowledge for the game and can maybe play quarterback with the problems the Rams are having!

    Unexperienced at the wide receiver position and played in a system offense that won't translate to a NFL offense.

    2009 Fred Biletnikoff Awards Finalist (Best receiver)

    Previous Next Round 7, Pick 193: Jimmy Graham, TE, MiamiSlide

    Projections for Jimmy Graham go anywhere from fifth round to a free agent. I don't think he will be that high of a pick, and could drop to early seventh round. Graham is like Tony Gonzalez, where he plays basketball and football. It can be interesting to see where Graham will land. The Senior bowl can make or break him.

    Has huge potential and is a big, physical player.

    Has almost no experience and is a raw player.

    Previous Next Round 7, Pick 211 (From Atlanta): Stevie Brown, S, MichiganSlide 10 of 11

    I have waited to make the Rams NFL mock draft because yesterday was the last day for underclassmen to declare for the draft. So now that we know pretty much all the players who will enter, there will be no guessing if a player will stay or leave.

    Plus if you are a Rams fan, like myself, then this is our Super Bowl! I waited all year to see who we would get in the draft. Now let's look at what the Rams really need.

    Round 7, Pick 211 (From Atlanta): Stevie Brown, S, Michigan

    Stevie Brown is a dual position athlete who can play either safety or linebacker. He is also big on special teams, which means you're getting a lot out of a guy in the seventh round. He is projected to either go in the seventh round or become a free agent, but I think the Rams will take him with their final pick.

    Can play linebacker or safety and plays on special teams. Also has huge potential and can be a pro bowl player.

    Has had a lot of games where he was a non factor and can have games where he has more negative hype than positive.

    Begin SlideshowUp Next If you liked this, check out the next slideshow:

    The Best Draft Classes of Each NFL Team; Modern Draft Era
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    Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

    My brain just exploded lol

    Are they the same picks each time? They look the same, I can't really tell...but I like the draft itself. I kind of forgot about Shipley, is he projected to be a 3rd round pick?

    I know a lot of people hate Colt McCoy but I think he'd do well in the WCO. If we can get our offense to resemble the Jets', by primarily feeding the ball to Steven and letting Colt make some quick/short passes, I don't see how we wouldn't succeed with running the ball and running the clock.

    Also by adding (hopefully) Scheffler in free agency, he'll not only help the running game but he'll be a great redzone playmaker.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

      I've seen Graham listed as a 6th or 7th round pick in a couple of mocks. Mark my words... he'll do very well at the Combine and will be selected in Round 3 or 4.


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        Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

        Originally posted by Varg6 View Post
        My brain just exploded lol
        Sorry my did to it double every thing tried to clean it up.


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          Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

          Questionable mock because:

          We have enough depth at WR and enough slot receivers. What we are looking for is a true #1 receiver, and Shipley does not really fit that mold.

          TWO receivers in the draft? Doesn't really make much sense because we already have 6+ receivers going into the off-season, which is enough as it is.

          Does Jamar Wall have the skillset to be the starter opposite of Bartell? Or is he going to be yet another nickelback?


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            Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

            I agree we have enough inexperienced receivers, what we need is a veteran number 1 if possible. Id like to see us either get Gresham in the second or get Scheffler in FA. Lol and Suh is inconsistent and struggles against double teams? He's one of the best Ive seen against double teams and makes plays in every single game. Guess you had to reach for criticism. Id prefer us get Sean Weatherspoon or Eric Norwood in the second and get Lefevour in the third personally. I also dont really want to draft a corner for some reason. I think we have solid depth and/or can pick up one in FA.

            Both have similar games and are pretty much identical


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              Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

              The reason why our corners did bad was because our d line applied no pressure and the QB could have sat there and ate a burger before being touched. Suh will hopefully change that. Just like everyone else I totally disagree in taking a corner back and wide receiver. I would also love for us to choose Ndamukong Suh, Sean Weatherspoon, and Dan LeFevour with our top 3 picks!


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                Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

                I think with more of an interior pressure that Long will find himself one on one more.....its gonna be interesting.....I would like McCoy more than LeFevour....he's more built for the WCO!


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                  Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

                  I like McCoy aswell, but why when you can have a better QB in LeFevour. We will work him into our system and we have a second round pick to spend on someone rather then McCoy.


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                    Re: St. Louis Rams 2010 Mock Draft

                    It's gotta be Suh. Hope Weatherspoon is still there for the second pick and LeFevour upped his stock in the senior bowl. The kid has a nice arm and is fast.


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                    • eldfan
                      2010 NFL Draft: The St. Louis Rams Are On The Clock
                      by eldfan
                      by Eddie Garrison Eddie Garrison
                      Featured Columnist

                      Written on February 12, 2010

                      The St. Louis Rams had a season in 2009 I am sure they would rather soon forget. Finishing it out with a 1-15 record, the Rams have the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

                      The lone win coming at the expense of the Detroit Lions, who we will get to in another piece as they have the second overall pick in this year's draft.

                      But for now, we will keep our focus on the Rams.

                      The gateway city to the west gave up the second most points in the league last year allowing teams to score 436 points on them while only managing to score 175 points for themselves, a league low.

                      Though the Rams are in utter disarray and needing help on both sides of the ball, this year's draft seems to be lined with defensive talent and I believe that is where St. Louis will attempt to rebuild their team.

                      So let’s see what options the Rams may be eyeing in the top three rounds come April.

                      First Round: Ndamukong Suh—Nebraska

                      There is not much that has not been said about the 6-foot-4, 300-pound defensive tackle from Nebraska, but we'll give it a go anyway.

                      Suh is surprisingly agile and quick on his feet for a man this size. His great athletic ability allows him to fire off the ball quickly and get into the backfield to either disrupt the play or get a hit on the quarterback.

                      He actually started his career at Nebraska lined up over center as a nose tackle. He has experience firing off the ball low and using his size to take the advantage over a center or guard.

                      Suh also shows great vision of the field and awareness in the running game. He posses the size to disrupt zone blocking schemes and is very smooth at getting away from cut blocks.

                      He actually led the Cornhuskers last year in tackles, a rare feat for someone at defensive end. He has the needed athleticism to chase down and make open-field tackles as well.

                      Suh presents the Rams with something they can build their defense around much like the Texans did with Mario Williams a few years back. He is the best pick for them and worthy of the No. 1 overall pick.

                      Second Round: Everson Griffen—Southern California

                      Keeping the defensive theme going here in the second round, I believe the Rams will take a good long look at Everson Griffen, a defensive tackle from USC.

                      The 6-foot-3, 280-pound Griffen is much like Suh in that he moves very well for a man of his build. He moves nimbly and quickly in the trenches and moves down the line on runs away from his side low and with force.

                      He avoids cut blocks very easily with his hip movement and the way he runs light on his feet.

                      Against the run he is a very imposing force as he is extremely hard to move and sheds...
                      -02-12-2010, 05:17 PM
                    • Dominating D
                      Dominating D 7 round Rams mock draft
                      by Dominating D
                      Players review from draft unless otherwise noted

                      Round 1 Ndamukong Suh DT NEBRASKA

                      Ndamukong Suh has become the best player in all of college football. The man can do things that no other can. At times, he looks like Superman swatting flies. Don’t pencil him in as the #1 overall pick; put it in permanent marker and laminate it. If the NFL team that has the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft passes up on Suh, it's just because they think their future franchise quarterback is looking them in the face.

                      The man is simply incredible. Not a mammoth man like a Terrance Cody, Suh packs a lot of power and natural strength into his 6’ 4” 305 pound frame and, frankly, college lineman are just no match for the force that is Ndamukong Suh. Possessing a fantastic burst and quickness of the snap, Suh is in your backfield before you’ve gotten up in the morning. He regularly beats lineman to the corner on traps and pulls, nullifying the play before it’s really even started.

                      And just to mix things up, he simply moves you where he wants to go and tosses you aside with sheer beastly strength. His bull rush is better than that of many NFL linemen.
                      He is now a finalist for the Lombardi, Outland, Nagurski and Bednarik awards.

                      · Recorded season-high nine tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 TFL and 2 PBU in Big 12 North clinching win over Kansas State last Saturday
                      · Earned Lott Trophy Impact Player of the Week for the third time this season—first time in history of award a player has won the award three times in one season
                      · Leads team with 65 total tackles, 15 TFL, 10 PBU and 20 QB hurries, while adding 6.5 sacks
                      · In position to become first defensive lineman in school history to lead Nebraska in tackles in consecutive seasons
                      · Only defensive lineman in the country to rank in the top 100 in pass breakups (Suh is 31st)
                      · Behind Suh, Nebraska ranks third nationally in scoring defense and pass efficiency defense and eighth in total defense
                      · Nebraska defense leads country in passing TDs allowed (4) and opponent red-zone trips (18)

                      An elite athlete, Suh has multiple pass rush moves and can spin either way to get free. His hand punch is like a sledgehammer on concrete, keeping blockers away from his body and allowing him to easily disengage to make tackles. His 5.5 TFL and 3 sacks don’t tell the whole story but Suh opens things up for the rest of the Husker defense, regularly drawing double-teams and pushing the action towards fellow defenders. He is a presence that needs to be accounted for on every snap.

                      He is generally quite instinctive and reads plays quickly. He makes linebacker type plays in the box, on the edges and at the sidelines and will hustle down the line and chase the ball all over. Even when fooled, he has the quickness to get back into the action. His athletic ability also lends him to shifting over at times to the edge and...
                      -01-09-2010, 11:10 AM
                    • starfoxx
                      Rams 2009 Mock Draft 2.0
                      by starfoxx

                      - If you have NFL Network, check out senior bowl week. Their covering all the practices leading up to the Senior Bowl This Saturday.
                      - Now we have a head coach. Now we have an idea what kind of team were going to be. I like the idea have Spags extracting the best out of Chris Long and the rest of our defensive line.
                      - NFL grants 46 underclassmen special eligibility for 2009 NFL Draft. Check out for the complete list.
                      - It's going to be hard to find a Stud fierce linebacker after the first round. If we don't trade down or up to get Maug or Laurinaitis. Were in trouble.
                      - Did my best with the NFL comparisons. I went with the best choice that represent the kind of player the prospect could be.
                      - Please feel free to correct any mistakes and suggestions. Thanks for looking.

                      Round 01 Pick 02
                      Michael Oher, Mississippi
                      OLT 6'5" 332pds. 5.20 Forty Yard Dash
                      Synopsis: Pace can't stay healthy and Barron has not turned out to what he was drafted at., if were going to rebuild this offensive line. We better start with left tackle. This year Michael Oher was on everyone’s First Team All-American list and is unanimously rated as the top offensive lineman prospect for the 2009 NFL Draft. A consensus All-American. A four year starter in the SEC facing top defensive linemen. Regarded as the most complete offensive linemen since Orlando Pace out of Ohio State. A special talent with proto type size and a mean streak. Scouts can't stop talking about his technique. The way he uses his hands and controls opposing defenders wows pro scouts. He plays with excellent knee bend, uses proper leverage and slides his feet very well. He plays with excellent balance and is solid muscle. Very mature. Can be plugged in at Left Tackle day one.
                      College Career Stats: 47 Consecutive starts.
                      NFL Comparison: Marcus McNeill, Chargers OT 6'7" 330pds. Made the pro bowl his rookie year. Should never have made it out of the 1st Round.
                      Previous Pick: Rey Maualuga, USC ILB - Maybe second overall is too high for a middle linebacker. Hopefully he can prove he's worthy at the Senior Bowl, Combine and USC Pro day.
                      Alternative Pick: Andre Smith, Alabama OT 6'4" 330pds - All-American OLT. Considered to be one of the best young offensive lineman in the nation. To bad his pass blocking is not on the same level of his exceptional run blocking.
                      Draft Status: Graduating and Entering Draft

                      Round 02 Pick 35
                      Brian Cushing, USC
                      OLB/MLB/DE 6'4' 255pds. 4.65 Forty Yard Dash
                      Synopsis: If we take an offensive tackle in the first, were going to have trouble finding that powerful middle linebacker after the first round. Brian Cushing has outstanding physical build. Unbelievable strength. Very versatile. Second team All-American. Plays sideline to sideline. Fierce attitude in the box and explodes into tackles. Could project inside or outside in either...
                      -01-19-2009, 08:07 PM
                    • The Optimistic Lamb
                      Response to AvengerRams's Mock Draft:
                      by The Optimistic Lamb
                      I love AvengerRam's mock draft, I really do. But it got me thinkin' about any alternatives there may be in each round. And this is what I came up with. Some of it may seem to be reaching, but given that the Rams pick at the top of every round, we should have multiple opportunities to pick some "left-overs".

                      1) Ndamakong Suh DT:

                      Despite being doubled teamed, Suh finished the 2009 regular season with 83 tackles, 23 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. He is so dominant that he batted 10 passes and blocked 3 kicks. Blah, blah, blah…

                      2) Colt McCoy QB:

                      The second round is really a crap shoot. But not much can compete with a future franchise QB, a position the Rams sorely need. McCoy may not start right away, but he should be ready sooner rather than later. McCoy has thrown for 3,521 yards and 27 touchdowns while completing 70.6 percent of his passes in 2009, and helping Texas average nearly 41 pts per game. Has set a NCAA record in 2008 with a 76.7% completion percentage. Plays in a spread offense, I know. But hell, who doesn’t?

                      3) Toby Gerhart HB:

                      Jackson’s compressed disc’s are a sign of wear. And it’s only going to get worse. We boast a run first offense, so to me keeping Jackson healthy and fresh is the key. Gerhart is 6-1 and 235 lbs and is projected as a mid to late second rounder. But I think we could grab him at the top of the third. He could definitely shoulder much of the burden for Jackson by taking the 3rd down short yard conversions. And with a scary Jackson/Gerhart duo, we’ll make teams pay for stacking the box.

                      4) Riley Cooper WR:

                      The “diamond in the rough” pick. Cooper’s potential cannot be determined from looking at his stats. But if you watch him, you’ll notice he has the rare combination of size, coordination, and raw speed. The Rams should love that he is 6’3’’ and 215 lbs. He has been clocked at faster than 4.40 in the 40-yard dash, but his real speed is probably somewhere in the high 4.4s. Cooper is tough, physical, and fundamentally sound as they come. Hopefully he stays overlooked…

                      5) Dekoda Watson OLB:

                      What the Rams need at the OLB spot is a little bit of intensity. Watson is a reliable tackler who plays bigger than he is. And like Laurinaitis, he is smart enough to play coverage which seems to be a must for Spag’s defense. Watson will be passed up because of his weight, 225 lbs. But he is 6’2” and that tells me another 10-15 lbs of muscle would be nothing for a professional athlete to add. There are many good LB’s in this draft so it is likely that he will be available at the top of the fifth round.

                      6) OL depth

                      7) OL depth...
                      -01-20-2010, 06:23 PM
                    • starfoxx
                      Rams 2009 Mock Draft 1.0
                      by starfoxx
                      - Took me awhile to get this done. So excuse me and feel free to correct any thing I may have over looked.
                      - Unfortunately with the coaching search going on, it's going to hinder many sections of the franchise. No one know what's going to happen. Who to scout for, what kind of team exactly are we going to run.
                      - I did my best with the NFL comparisons. I went with the best choice that represents the kind of player the prospect would be.
                      - I'm trying to soak up all I can with the bowl games. but I'm really looking forward to all the college all-star bowl games. Especially the senior bowl.
                      - I probably won't tweak this mock draft until after the all-star bowl games.
                      - I'm keeping track of all the underclassmen declaring or not declaring. The final date declare is the 15th of this month.

                      Round 01 Pick 02
                      Rey Maualuga, USC
                      ILB 6'3" 260pds 4.62 Fourty Yard Dash
                      Synopsis: An overwhelming presence on defense is something our Rams have been lacking for many years. The 1st Team AP All-American Rey Maualuga has the tools to become that violent presence in the middle of our defense. With his size and strength, he has no problem shedding blocks, one of our biggest problems on our rams defense. He has instincts for the inside run game and his short area quickness. He is a very productive blitzer, which Haslett can take advantage of in his blitzing 4-3 schemes. Impact linebacker who can take over and dominate games. His biggest weakness, doesn't have elite speed for his position.
                      College Career Stats: 266 Tackles, 5 Picks, 2 Forced Fumbles, 9 Sacks, 2 TDs
                      NFL Comparison: Stewart Bradley, ILB 6'2" 255pds. Eagles - Inside enforcer for the Eagles. 106 tackles and 2 sacks in 2008.
                      Previous Pick: N/A
                      Alternative Pick: Michael Oher, Ole Miss - OT 6'5" 320pds. A Franchise Left Tackle that has garnered comparisons to Oralndo Pace and Walter Jones.
                      Darft Status: Graduating and Entering Draft.

                      Round 02 Pick 35
                      Eben Britton, Arizona
                      OT 6'6" 312pds. 5.05 Fourty Yard Dash
                      Synopsis: Highly regarded for his smarts in football. Outstanding work ethic. His quick feet and brute strength are among his best physical attributes. Versatile enough to play both tackle positions. Arizona's most consistent player in their offensive line. Team Leader and 2008 Outland Trophy watch list selection. His stock continues to rise as he is one of the top 10 tackles in the country.
                      College Career Stats: 1 Tackle, 37 Straight Games starting at tackle, The last 13 were at Left tackle.
                      NFL Comparison: Duane Brown, OLT 6'4" 315pds. Texans - Stellar athleticism at LT for the Texans, a former tight end in college, probably explains his athleticism.
                      Previous Pick: N/A
                      Alternative Pick: Clint Sintim, Virginia DE/OLB 6'3" 256pds. - If their is one position that definitely needs to filled on the rams is the Strong...
                      -01-05-2009, 06:57 PM