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  • MOCK'bunctious

    Here is my Mock.

    I look forward to being ripped apart but please read the two philosophies that helped fuel my decisions first.

    1) "Defense wind Championships" is a little outdated. It should be "Defense helps to win Championships." Yes it is awesome to see Minnesota hold a really good Dallas team to 3 points but throughout the season five of the Viking's victories came against teams that put up 20 or more points. If their offense wasn't able to put the numbers on the scoreboard they could have been 7 and 9. In fact the 3 times this year the Vikings couldn't score 20 they lost all 3 games.

    2) Developmental quarterbacks take seasons, not a season, to develop... if they ever do. Brees did not breakout until his 4th season with the Chargers. Scaub only started 2 games in his first 3 years and didn't break out until his 5th season. For every success story though there are dozens upon dozens of journeymen backups.


    There have been so many filler players added because of injuries I honestly don't know how many the Rams are just going to drop. Here is a list of the players I would definitely want back

    Atogwe - Capable of being elite

    Little - He is still playing at a good level. I would keep him and work in the young blood.

    - Several times this year it looked like Dahl was inches away from making the big play. Hopefully he can improve enough to finally make them next year.

    Fells - Showed enough flash to earn a spot.

    Ryan - Has improved every year and I don't know why this next year would be different.

    Adeyanju - Solid.

    Setterstrom - Solid.

    Free Agents

    I would love to do a ton in FA but history shows 1 to 3 additions is about all any team targets.

    DT Barry Cofield
    - He is obviously no Suh but did manage to help Spags win the Super Bowl.

    TE Tony Scheffler
    - I honestly would rather have Daniels or Watson at this point but Tony is probably a more realistic sign for us. Love his upside just hate using free agency for projects.

    RT Willie Colon
    - If you can protect Big Ben you can protect anyone. I know he is not strong as a run blocker but with Sjax... good is good enough.


    I do have us trading with Tampa but for what I believe is a more realistic price than what is being talked about. With a chance to still get an elite player in the number 3 spot they just aren't going to be willing to give up too much and since we will still get the player I'm targeting at the 3 spot we don't need a lot in return. At the end of the day an extra pick and saving a little money will benefit us.

    Tampa Bay get #1

    Rams get #3 and #67

    Round 1 - Pick 3 - Sam Bradford/QB/Oklahoma

    It is very close between Bradford and Clausen for me. I would honestly be ok either way. I think Clausen is more pro ready right now but I give the edge to Bradford because I think he has bigger potential.

    Round 2 - Pick #33 Sean Weatherspoon/OLB/Missouri

    If the draft was held today I don't think he would fall to us but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some second round talent is impressive enough at the Combine to move up and allow him to slip a couple of spots to us.

    Round 3 - Pick #65 Dominic Franks/CB/Oklahoma

    Round 3 - Pick #67 Mike Johnson/OG/Alabama

    Round 4 - Pick #97 Ben Tate/RB/Auburn

    Round 5 - Pick #129 Jared Veldheer/OT/Hillsdale

    Round 5 - Pick #152 Brandon Sharpe/DE-OLB/Texas Tech

    Round 6 - Pick #161 Boo Robinson/DT/Wake Forest

    Round 7 - Pick #193 Jerry Geathers/OLB/Central Florida

    Round 7 - Pick #211 Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith/SS/UTEP

    The last thing is we keep Bulger to give Bradford some time to develop. Bulger is just as capable of finding a second wind just like Warner. Besides there is no one in Free Agency that impresses me.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: MOCK'bunctious

    Actually, this isn't a bad mock. I especially like the Weatherspoon, Johnson, Veldheer, Sharpe, and Robinson pick.

    One thing I would rather see though is try to get another target for Bradford or whoever we get for our QB.


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      Re: MOCK'bunctious

      If Tampa wants to trade with us, I'd say this is an idealistic draft.
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: MOCK'bunctious

        I like it, I'd hope that we asked for more in return than just a 3rd round pick for them to take Suh though. Saving money when we have slashed as much cap space as we have is a bit rediculous.


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          Re: MOCK'bunctious

          unlike other trades to Tampa this 1 is more realistic to tampa

          As for us. We are onlt gaining a 3rd rounder and giving up a one in a decade type player? I dont thimk so

          i would like 2 see another offensive playmaker buts itz still solid


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            Re: MOCK'bunctious

            Originally posted by Warner4prez
            I like it, I'd hope that we asked for more in return than just a 3rd round pick for them to take Suh though. Saving money when we have slashed as much cap space as we have is a bit rediculous.

            Suh of course is worth more than a 3rd and the savings isn't a big factor but if we decide to draft a quarterback instead... every extra pick and money benefit us down the road.


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              Re: MOCK'bunctious

              Shameless bump to keep my mock on the first page. ;)


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              • AvengerRam_old
                Pick a QB/DT Combo
                by AvengerRam_old
                Each of the following is at least plausible (though some are more probable, and some more expensive, than others).

                Which option do you like the best?

                Note: I know that taking Bradford does not guarantee that the Rams take a DT in Round 2. My question is premised on the notion that the Rams view these as either the top 2 needs or the BPA options.

                Also, for the sake of the poll, assume that Albert Haynesworth or Jason Campbell could be obtained for (and would require us to give up) the Rams' second round pick (I recognize that either, particularly Campbell, might be available for less).
                Ndamukong Suh/Colt McCoy
                Sam Bradford/Albert Haynesworth
                Gerald McCoy/Colt McCoy
                Ndamukong Suh/Dan LeFevour
                Gerald McCoy/Dan LeFevour
                Sam Bradford/Brian Price
                Sam Bradford/Terrence Cody
                Sam Bradford/Jared Odrick
                Sam Bradford/Lamarr Houston
                Sam Bradford/Tyson Alualu
                Ndamukong Suh/Jason Campbell
                Gerald McCoy/Jason Campbell
                -04-06-2010, 08:22 AM
              • 39thebeast
                Beastly draft 3.0
                by 39thebeast
                Free Agency
                Chad Greenway, OLB, Vikings- Member of my FA big 3. He is one of the best 4-3 OLBs in the league he is very instinctive and excels at stopping the run. He has improved leaps and bounds in terms of coverage and blitzing making himself a great 3 down LB.

                Justin Blalock, OG, Falcons- 3 of the Falcons 5 starting linemen are UFAs and I think Blalock will be the odd man out. Devaney drafted Blalock out of Texas in the second round so there is some familiarity there. He is a big mauler the rams line needs at 6'4 330. Goldberg moves to the bench as the 6th lineman. Another guy to consider is Arizonas Deuce Lutui.

                Josh Wilson, CB, Ravens- Fills a huge hole at Nickel back until Jerome Murphy is ready for that role solidifying the Rams secondary. Fabian Washington and Chris Car Baltimores other FA CBs will also garner some consideration.

                1. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama- Even with Justin Blackmon going to school I think he will still be here unless he runs a 4.2, The only other team I see picking him before us is the Skins, but I think they will go QB. I know alot of people aren't sold on Jones, but he is the most physically gifted WR in the draft, but also has top notch intangibles and is tough as nails. His hands improved this year even though he was playing with a broken hand most of the year. His route running improved and he got more separation. He is big play threat however you want to use him and that is what the Rams need. Other players I would consider Aldon Smith and Akeem Ayers

                2. Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, Temple- This DT class is stacked. Wilkerson has Fred Robbins size at 6'5 305 and production to go with it 70 tackles 11.5 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks his junior season. Robbins can shift to the nose with Gibson and Scott coming off the bench. Marvin Austin will also be considered.

                3. Demarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma- Best receiving back in the draft, has great speed, good size, and can pass protect. The perfect compliment to S-Jax and would be a good successor.

                4. Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU- Sheppard has played all LB positions at LSU has good size, can blitz, cover and has good range. Would instantly be in the mix at WLB for the Rams.

                5. Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona- James hall is coming off a great season. George Selvie played well for a 7th round rookie. Spags loves his pass rushers and he will continue to develop young ones. I think Selvie will fill Ah-You's role because he is a UFA and Elmore will take Selvies old snaps. Elmore good size 6-5 260 had double digit sacks for Arizona.

                7. Weslye Saunders, TE, South Carolina- He's got some character issues, but he is one of the more talented and well rounded TEs in the draft and in the 7th round not allot of risk. 4 pillars yes, but the Rams have built a strong nucleus with high character rising stars and also have strong veteran presences. He would
                -01-14-2011, 05:28 PM
              • AvengerRam_old
                The Thing That Worries Me Most About The Second Tier QBs
                by AvengerRam_old
                First, let me define my terms. Right now, I have the QB "tiers" as follows:

                Tier 1 (First Round Prospects)
                Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
                Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

                Tier 2 (Second/Third Round Prospects)
                Colt McCoy, Texas
                Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

                Tier 3 (Fourth/Fifth Round Prospects)
                Tony Pike, Cincinnati
                Levi Brown, Troy
                Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

                Tier 4 (Sixth Round or later)
                Everyone Else

                Note: Before we get off on a tangent, let me say that I am aware that there are many who have Tony Pike in Tier 2 and Tim Tebow in Tier 2 or 3. Let's just agree to disagree on those.

                Now... here's my worry...

                Where do you value the Tier 2 QBs?

                At this point, I feel as though Colt McCoy and Dan LeFevour would both be reaches at pick number 33. However, I also think there is a very good chance that both will be gone by pick number 65.

                In a perfect world, the Rams woudl trade from pick 33 to a pick in the middle of the second round, get McCoy or LeFevour, and obtain an extra pick in the process. But what if such a trade is not available?

                My fear is that the Rams pass on the Tier 1 QBs in Round 1, pass on the Tier 2 QBs at pick No. 33, and then find themselves at the top of Round 3 with the choice of going with a Tier 3 QB or "Door Number 2" (Bulger, Boller, Null, ???).

                If the Rams share this concern, it could push them towards taking Bradford first. However, that would the wrong reason to take Bradford. If they think he's worth the first pick, then they should take him. Taking him because of need is very risky.

                Its issues like this that make me glad I'm not the GM.
                -03-03-2010, 10:15 AM
              • CrystalRam
                Percentage of first round pick?
                by CrystalRam
                Can someone please tell me how often we've seen an overall first round quarterback pick become a franchise player with a successful career. I'm too young and haven't followed the game that long.:|
                -04-06-2010, 09:44 AM
              • Nick
                Nick's Post-Combine 1st Round & Rams Mock
                by Nick
                I went in a very different direction with this one for the Rams, starting with the first overall pick.

                I think, as Av put it in a recent thread, the Rams want to like Bradford and, if he looks healthy and can make all the throws at his pro day, they will probably pull the trigger, even if he isn't the very highest rated player on their board.

                I still remain very concerned about his ability to hold up at the next level and, because of that, would still prefer Suh as the pick. However, Bradford does have a strong set of skills as a passer, and if the Rams aren't as concerned as I am about his durability, then I suspect they'll take their franchise QB. If they do, I'd like nothing more than for him to succeed, so I hope he proves me wrong and is able to stay healthy.

                After Bradford, I went heavy on the offense. That wasn't a predetermined plan but a round-by-round choice. I thought Best was a better option than the available DL, and Graham kind of fell into the same category in the third round. For those who would rather see a defensive pick after taking Bradford in the first round, I provided an alternate pick projection after each pick, just to give another possibility.

                As always, constructive criticism and responses are welcome! Enjoy!

                ROUND ONE

                1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
                -Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh remains my preferred pick, but Sam Bradford is building momentum. And I’m not talking about Adam Schefter’s ridiculous pre-combine guarantee. Rams GM Billy Devaney suggested that, if the grades were close, they’ll take the QB. Assuming Sam has an impressive pro day later this month, the grades are going to be close enough. If he falters a bit at his pro day, the door will remain open for a defensive tackle. I simply hope Bradford can prove me wrong about his durability concerns if he is the Rams' pick.

                2. Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
                -Similar to how things fell in the 2007 NFL Draft, the team before the Lions elected to go with a quarterback, meaning Detroit can take the draft’s best prospect at the two-spot. Head coach Jim Schwartz, who previously coached in Tennessee, will have Albert Haynesworth-type flashbacks at the idea of adding an elite talent like Suh to his defensive line.

                3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
                -The Rams’ selection of Sam Bradford with the first pick will be a winning situation for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as it allows Oklahoma Sooner DT Gerald McCoy to slip to them at the third overall pick. The Bucs have been looking for an upgrade at defensive tackle ever since they had to part ways with Warren Sapp; some feel McCoy’s first step and ability to penetrate is similar to Sapp’s.

                4. Washington Redskins: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State...
                -03-03-2010, 10:42 AM