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Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

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  • Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

    First time here in ClanRam.

    There's my mock for Rams next season

    Round 1 (1) - Ndamukong Suh, DT. Nebraska
    Round 2 (33) - Golden Tate, WR. Notre Dame
    Round 3 (65) - Colt McCoy, QB. Texas
    Round 4 (97) - Ryan Mathews, RB. Fresno State
    Round 5 (129) - Jared Veldheer, OT. Hillsdale
    Round 5 (152) from PHI Brandon Carter, G. Texas Tech
    Round 6 (161) - Sam Maxwell, OLB. Kentucky
    Round 7 (193) Jimmy Graham, TE. Miami Slide
    Round 7 (211) from ATL - Koa Misi, DE. Utah

    What you think ? Is it possible ?
    I think Rams would look really good with those rookies next year.

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    Re: Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

    I think i would lean more toward Lefevour then McCoy at this point if we take a QB in the draft. I also think Brandon Carter is an imitation of Incognito so i would rather pass on him. I do like Golden tate, but not sure he will be there in the second, or if we really need another WR.


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      Re: Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

      Do I like it? Of course. Is it possible? I'm not really sure because I doubt Colt will fall that far. I personally thought getting him in the 2nd would be awesome but round 3 might be pushing it unfortunately. Otherwise, a great job! And, welcome to the Clan!
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

        If we go with Suh in the draft I like this.

        I'm doubtful that Tate will fall to 2, Colt will fall to 3 and that Graham will last that long but...

        If they did I would be pretty happy with this mock.

        It appears we both agree that the offense needs the most spark this off season.

        Welcome aboard.


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          Re: Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

          I would really like Dan LeFevour, Tony Pike, or Sean Canfield in the third round as QB's , other than that looks pretty good, and i wish these players fell that far


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            Re: Germann's mock (Rams offseason)

            I prefer Canfield, LeFevour, and even Bill Stull to Colt McCoy.

            I like the Veldheer, Matthews and Carter pick.

            Jimmy Graham is underrated.

            Golden Tate would give us a good playmaker, but he is questionable for being a true #1 WR.

            Overall, good mock.


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            • sosa39rams
              SOSA's MOCK DRAFT v1.0!!!!
              by sosa39rams

              Cliff Ryan- Developed very well and will be a key to rams run stop D.
              Leonard Little- Great mentor, and nice to have around as back up(unless to much money demanded).
              O.J Atogwe- Total ballhawk and anchors our secondary (MUST GET!)
              Craig Dahl- Showed alot of great LOS playing, good reliable back up and stops the run well.
              Gary Gibson- Showed great flashes; before injury

              Free Agency:

              Ray Edwards(Vikings): Great DE and would be a key pick up. Would help alot with pass rush and good run stop.
              Jerious Norwood(Falcons): Great compliment and change of pace for Steven.
              Tony Scheffler(Broncos): Very good recieving and blocking tight end. Good redzone threat.


              Round 1: Ndamukong Suh DE: Should be no hesitation, great run stopper and amazing pass rusher. Will compliment the entire Defense.

              Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon OLB: Very intelligent and quick linebacker. Would be immediate starter and would fit well into our scheme.

              Round 3: Tony Pike or Dan LeFevour (who ever is available) QB: Both very similar in play. Good release, great accuracy and arm strength and can use their legs to make plays.

              Round 4: Sam Young OT: Great footwork and considered a steal this late.

              Round 5: Depth at WR
              Round 6: Depth at DE
              Round 7: Depth at CB

              What do you guys think?
              -01-20-2010, 08:37 PM
            • Bald_81
              Bald_81's Rams Mock V1.0
              by Bald_81
              Round 1

              Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

              Round 2

              Sam Baker, OT, USC

              Round 3

              Adarius Bowman

              Round 4

              Tyrell Johnson, S, Arkansas State

              Round 5

              Gary Guyton, OLB, Georgia Tech

              Round 6A

              Jonathan Zenon, CB, LSU

              Round 6B

              Sam Keller, QB, Nebraska

              Round 7

              Pedro Sosa, OG, Rutgers

              -02-28-2008, 07:11 PM
            • RamsFan16
              4.12.06 New Rams mock
              by RamsFan16
              Here it is. Its coming.

              Round 1: Chad Greenway LB, University of Iowa

              Round 2: Marcedes Lewis TE, U.C.L.A.

              Round 3: Darnell Bing S, USC

              Round 4: Le Kevin Smith DT, Nebraska

              Round 5: Chris Chester C, Oklahoma

              Round 6: Jeremy Bloom KR/PR/WR, Colorado

              Round 7: Drew Olson QB, U.C.L.A.

              Round 7: Lawrence Pinson LB, Oklahoma State

              Round 7: Chris Barclay RB, Wake Forest

              Comments please....
              -04-12-2006, 04:51 PM
            • Nick
              FoxSports 4/25 Three Round Mock
              by Nick

              Full mock can be seen there, but our picks are...

              Round 1: Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa
              Round 2: Daniel Bullocks, S, Nebraska
              Round 3: David Thomas, TE, Texas

              Looks good to me.
              -04-26-2006, 11:53 AM
            • sntlouisrams
              3 Round Mock
              by sntlouisrams
              I'm not fully informed on all college players (live within UK so kinda hard to keep up on that, but i try)

              ROUND 1 DT N.Suh

              The reason for this pick is fairly straight forward, strong dt that will demand double teams. Proven solid DT will help whole defence get better and overall a sure fire first pick.

              ROUND 2 QB: C.McCoy

              Reason for picking McCoy I think although people will say he has played in a micky mouse offence etc and slate him for this. He is a solid leader good completion rate and behind a good qb coach I personally feel we could find a real gem in getting him here.

              ROUND 3 WR/KR/RB D.McCluster

              Reasoning for this pick fairly straight forward. McCluster is a pure out and out playmaker, in whatever position we choose to use him in. Chris Johnson is not the biggest RB in the league he seemed to do pretty well for himself. McCluster would give us options however we give him the ball.

              COMMENTS please ...
              -02-19-2010, 05:13 AM