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  • Sakl18's Mock Offseason

    Here is my mock offseason. Let me know what you think, and don't be afraid to tear me apart.

    • Anyone who isn't in the release column
    • Leonard Little - If he is willing to stay for cheap, then we re-sign him. If not, see ya.
    • Marc Bulger - His days as a Ram are over, it's time to move on.
    • Randy McMichael - No longer the tight end he once was.
    • Alex Barron - His drive killing penalty spree comes to an end.
    • Kyle Boller - Showed us just why he's no longer a Raven.
    Free Agent Signings
    • Jason Campbell, QB - Take a chance on him. If all else fails, he's a stop-gap QB.
    • Tony Scheffler, TE - A good blocking and receiving TE.
    • David Baas, OG - A powerful run blocker who can open up holes at the RG position.
    • Leon Washington, RB - A good relief and change of pace back for Steven Jackson.
    • Ray Edwards, LE - Played very well in Minnesota, albeit with Allen and the Williams'.
    Draft Picks
    • 1) Ndamukong Suh*, DT - Self explanatory.
    • 2) Sean Weatherspoon, WLB - A fast, sure tackling linebacker who would provide a major upgrade over Paris Lenon.
    • 3) Jared Veldheer, OT - A monstrous tackle with surprising agility who projects as a solid RT.
    • 4) Dan LeFevour, QB - Has a good arm and great mobility.
    2010 Depth Chart

    QB - Jason Campbell, Keith Null, Dan LeFevour
    RB - Steven Jackson, Leon Washington, Kenneth Darby, Chris Ogbonnaya
    FB - Mike Karney
    WR - Laurent Robinson, Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, Keenan Burton
    TE - Tony Scheffler, Daniel Fells, Billy Bajema
    LT - Jason Smith, Adam Goldburg, Eric Young
    LG - Jacob Bell, Mark Setterstrom, Roger Allen III
    C - Jason Brown, Mark Setterstrom, Drew Miller
    RG - David Baas, John Greco, Mark Setterstrom
    RT - Adam Goldburg, Jared Veldheer, Phil Trautwein
    LE - Ray Edwards, Victor Adeyanju, James Wyche
    DT - Ndamukong Suh, Cliffton Ryan, Adam Carriker, LaJaun Ramsey, Darrell Scott
    RE - Chris Long, James Hall, Sean Conover
    SLB - David Vobora, Larry Grant, Chris Chamberlain
    MLB - James Laurinaitis, Chris Chamberlain, Dominic Douglas
    WLB - Sean Weatherspoon, Paris Lenon, Chris Chamberlain
    CB - Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher, Quincey Butler, Justin King, Jonathan Wade
    FS - OJ Atogwe, Craig Dahl
    SS - James Butler, Clinton Hart
    K - Josh Brown
    P - Donnie Jones
    KR/PR - Leon Washington, Danny Amendola

    *Some of you may have seen me arguing for taking Clausen first overall, however, that is only if we don't sign a QB in free agency.
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    Re: Sakl18's Mock Offseason

    overall, i would be happy with this offseason. i am wondering how much money campbell would be and if he would be a big upgrade to bulger, but i do like lefevour as the qb of the future


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      Re: Sakl18's Mock Offseason

      I like bringing Bulger back if we get Dan LeFevour.. he needs to learn from someone thats had success, and Leon Washington?.... He will be demanding massive money.. but i realllyyyyy love this draft.. really similar to myn ! great job !


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        Re: Sakl18's Mock Offseason

        Overall, fairly solid! My biggest question is about the free agent signings. In an uncapped year, every single player you had the Rams signing would be restricted free agents. So do you give up picks for any of them, assuming they get tendered?

        As for the draft, it's pretty good. Love Suh in the first, Weatherspoon is solid but I think there will be better valued second round options. Veldheer in the third is intriguing. I suspect there may be better valued tackles available, but he could be in the mix in the third round range when it's all said and done. Sort of like this year's Sebastian Vollmer or something. LeFevour in the fourth is fine as well.


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          Re: Sakl18's Mock Offseason

          I like your draft. It's actually very good. As far as your free agent signings. In no way shape or form do I want Campbell. This guy is awefull. Rather stay with Bulger for a stop gap guy....


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          • sakl18
            Sakl18's Mock Offseason 2.0
            by sakl18
            Release/Let Walk
            • Alex Barron, LT - His spree of drive killing penalties comes to an end.
            • Kyle Boller, QB - Showed us just why he's no longer a Raven.
            • Randy McMichael, TE - Hasn't played at the level he did in Miami.
            • Leonard Little, LE - If he's willing to stay for a small contract he gets re-signed, otherwise he goes.
            • Marc Bulger, QB - His days as a Ram are over, as both parties need a fresh start.
            • Samkon Gado, RB - Really struggled this season and an upgrade is needed.
            • Kenneth Darby, RB - Another backup RB who was innefective.

            • Anyone who isn't being let loose.

            Free Agents
            • Jason Campbell, QB, Washington - He still has potential and needs a fresh start. If all else fails, he's a stop gap QB.
            • Ray Edwards, LE, Minnesota - A solid DE who would immediately help with our pass rush woes.
            • Jerious Norwood, RB, Atlanta - A speed back who would be a great change of pace for Jackson, and would also lessen his work load.

            • 1) Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska - Need I say more?
            • 2) Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri - A fast sideline to sideline 'backer who wold start immediately. Also has great leadership skills.
            • 3) Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan - Has a good arm and great mobility. Will take a few years to transition game to the NFL level, but has great potential.
            • 4) Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A massive tackle with surprising agility for his size. Would start immediately at RT.
            • 5A) Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami - Converted basketball player who has great height and quickness. Has phenominal upside.
            • 5B) Joique Bell, RB, Wayne State - A back who's both shifty and physical, and can catch passes out of the backfield.
            • 6) Devin Ross, CB, Arizona - Has good potential for a late round pick and will provide depth.
            • 7A) O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projeccted 2nd or 3r round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a late round gem.
            • 7B) Cord Howard, OG, Georgia Tech - Will provide depth at the guard position.

            2010 Depth Chart

            QB - Jason Campbell, Keith Null, Dan LeFevour
            RB - Steven Jackson, Jerious Norwood, Joique Bell, Chris Ogbonnaya
            FB - Mike Karney
            WR - Laurent Robinson, Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, Keenan Burton
            TE - Daniel Fells, Billy Bajema, Jimmy Graham
            LT - Jason Smith, Adam Goldberg, Eric Young
            LG - Jacob Bell, Mark Setterstrom, Roger Allen III
            C - Jason Brown, Mark Setterstrom, Drew Miller
            RG -Adam Goldberg, John Greco, Mark Setterstrom
            RT - Jared Veldheer, Adam Goldburg, Phil Trautwein

            LE - Ray Edwards, Victor Adeyanju, James Wyche
            UT - Cliffton Ryan, Adam Carriker, Darrell Scott
            NT - Ndamukong Suh, Cliffton Ryan, LaJaun Ramsey
            RE - Chris Long, James Hall, Sean Conover
            SLB - David Vobora, Larry Grant, Chris Chamberlain
            MLB -...
            -01-28-2010, 03:25 PM
          • rams_man13
            My Mock Offseason
            by rams_man13
            Let me know what you think, if this is possible, etc.


            - James Hall, DE (cheap, good rotational guy)
            - Gary Gibson, DT (good depth, cheap)
            - Clifton Ryan, DT (good DT, developing)
            - OJ Atogwe, FS (ballhawk in the secondary, one of our better D players)
            - Mark Setterstrom, OG (Decent backup on the OL)
            - Daniel Fells, TE (showed some flashes, looks like a good back-up)

            - Alex Barron, LT (bust, will want LT money, hurts the team with drive killing mental mistakes)
            - Leonard Little, DE (older, will want starting DE money, time to move on)
            - Randy McMichael, TE (not a good TE anymore)
            - Marc Bulger, QB (he's old, expensive and can't be relied on anymore)

            Free Agents:
            - Leon Washington, RB (good change of pace back, explosive, good in the return game, will come cheeper because of injury)
            - Tony Scheffler, TE (balanced TE who has excellent hands and decent blocking skills, feud with McDaniels will make him available from the Broncos)
            - Chad Pennington, QB (he's a one year stop gap to groom whatever QB we draft in the later rounds this year, he'll be cheap coming off surgery and should still have enough of a noodle arm to work in our west coast offense)
            - David Baas, OG (Big, run blocking RG to replace Richie)
            - Adam Terry, OT (Mammoth OT who will provide good depth/spot starting)
            - Thomas Howard, OLB (Great cover LB, will be dropped by the Raiders as a scapegoat for their struggles in stopping the run)
            - Derrick Johnson, MLB (I'm suggesting we move him to OLB where he dominated in college, I believe he's being misused right now)
            - Richard Marshall, CB (physical corner who supports the run, a traditional Spags guy)


            1.01- Ndamukong Suh, DT (Beast, BPA, Position of Need)
            2.01- Demaryius Thomas, WR (Ideal size, good speed and hands, WAS the Georgia Tech passing game)
            3.01- Greg Hardy, DE (Good size and speed, a solid pass rusher to work opposite Chris Long)
            4.01- Ciron Black, OT (Drops because he's not projected as a LT despite playing it all through college, dominant run blocker and instant RT starter)
            5.01- Dan LeFevour, QB (He's got a good chance to succeed at a cheap price, throw him in there and see if he can make something happen, if not, Jake Locker next year)

            2010 St. Louis Rams Depth Chart:

            QB- Chad Pennington, Dan LeFevour, Keith Null
            RB- Steven Jackson, Leon Washington, Chris Ogbonnaya
            FB- Mike Karney
            WR- Laurent Robinson, Donnie Avery, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola
            TE- Tony Scheffler, Daniel Fells, Billy Bajema
            LT- Jason Smith, Adam Terry, Adam Goldburg
            LB- Jacob Bell, Mark Setterstrom, Roger Allen III
            C- Jason Brown, Mark Setterstrom
            RG- David Baas, John Greco, Mark Setterstrom
            RT- Ciron Black,...
            -01-21-2010, 09:21 AM
          • sakl18
            Sakl18's Post-Combine Mock Offseason
            by sakl18
            Cut/Let Walk
            • Kyle Boller - He should us just why he's no longer a Raven.
            • Randy McMichael - Never duplicated his production in Miami. A replacement is needed.
            • Leonard Little - Even if he doesn't retire, we need to move on. His days of a servicable DE are over.
            • Samkon Gado - Did nothing all year.
            • Jonathan Wade - Was surpassed by nearly everyone on the depth chart. There's no point in keeping him around, as better depth can be addressed via the draft.
            • Marc Bulger for Jason Campbell - Campbell can be a productive stop-gap player. Both Bulger and Campbell need new starts, and Campbell still has the potential to be a decent starter.
            • Alex Barron for Greg Olsen - Olsen brings the abilities of a playmaking TE taht the Rams desperately need.
            • Rams trade 1.01 and 4.01 to Bucs for 1.03, 2.02, and 3.03.
            Free Agency
            • Dunta Robinson, CB, Houston - A physical corner who has a high talent level. His injury history is a concern, but he fits Spags scheme and can be the shutdown corner we have been looking for.
            • 1.03 - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma - If the Rams believe that Clausen is the better QB, then he is the pick. Bradford fills the Rams biggest hole at QB, and will challenge Campbell for the start from day 1.
            • 2.01 - Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan - An excellent pass rusher with a great motor. Also has tremendous upside.
            • 2.03 - Jahvid Best, RB, California - An explosive runner who would be the perfect complement for SJax, keeping him healthy and extending his career by several seasons. Also brings a much needed home run threat to the offense.
            • 3.01 - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A monster of a tackle with surprising agility. Has the ability to start immediately at right tackle and be a dominant force on the right end for years to come.
            • 3.03 - Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State - An athletic freak with a great work ethic and tremendous upside. Would start opposite David Vobora.
            • 5.01 - Harry Coleman, SS, LSU - An athletic safety with good size and speed. Plays a phyical game and is effective in coverage.
            • 5.24 - Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri - A massive receiver with good speed. Will need some time to learn NFL routes, and has an extensive injury history, but is a great redzone target with upside.
            • 6.01 - David Ross, CB, Arizona - Has a surprising amount of potential for a late round pick. Will provide depth at CB.
            • 7.01 - Matt McCracken, G, Richmond - Provides depth at the guard position and could be a late round steal.
            • 7.19 - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher.
            Depth Chart

            QB - Jason Campbell, Sam Bradford, Keith Null
            RB - Steven Jackson, Jahvid Best, Kenneth Darby, Chris Ogbonnaya
            FB - Mike Karney
            WR - Laurent Robinson, Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander,...
            -03-03-2010, 12:17 PM
          • Bald_81
            Bald_81's Mock Offseason V1
            by Bald_81

            FS OJ Atogwe
            NT Clifton Ryan
            OL Mark Setterstrom
            LS Chris Massey
            DE Leonard Little*
            DE C.J. Ah You


            OT Alex Barron
            TE Randy McMichael
            QB Marc Bulger


            QB Kyle Boller
            DT Gary Gibson
            WR Ruvell Martin
            SS Clinton Hart
            RB Samkon Gado
            RB Kenneth Darby
            DE James Hall
            LB Paris Lenon
            DE Victor Adeyanju

            Free Agency

            QB Chad Pennington
            - Notes: A veteran QB who will be available due to Chad Henne's success in South Beach. Chad will be a great bridge QB for the Rams and could provide a similar spark/impact on offense as he did for Miami in '08.

            RB Leon Washington
            - Notes: With the emergence of rookie Shonn Greene, there is a crowded backfield with only so many carries to go around. Leon would be a great change of pace back for Steven who possesses a similar talent in the receiving game making him more dangerous.

            OT Tyson Clabo
            - Notes: With the departure of Alex Barron and Jason Smith shifting over to the left side, there is a need for a RT. Tyson Clabo has done a great job keeping Matt Ryan off his back in Atlanta and would help solidify our line.

            DE Ray Edwards
            - Notes: Although he plays with what might be the best supporting cast in the NFL (Jared Allen, Pat & Kevin Williams), Ray Edwards is a young player who has gotten better with each passing season. He would help add to the young nucleus that Devaney is trying to build on as well as give Spags a new toy to play with.

            LB Omar Gaither
            - Notes: He was with Spags for one season in Philadelphia, but he possesses the versatility to play different linebacker positions. Besides Laurinaitis, our LB core has a lot of issues and Gaither will be a solid addition.

            LB Danny Clark
            - Notes: A jack-of-all-trades who can play all three linebacker spots, he essentially replaces Paris Lenon as the veteran of this group but more importantly provides depth at each position.

            CB Richard Marshall
            - Notes: A tough, physical corner who fits the mold of what Spags wants. Marshall is very young and entering the prime of his career which is exactly what the Rams want and he also fills a position of need.

            NFL Draft

            Round 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
            - Notes: Taking a QB first overall would be a slam dunk here if there was a franchise type available, alas, the Rams don't exactly have the best luck. However, they are blessed to find one of the best defensive prospects of the decade. Suh not only addresses an area of need, but he makes the rest of the defense better and could help catapult Chris Long into double-digit sacks in 2010.

            Round 2: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma.
            - Notes: Playmakers, playmakers, playmakers. Is that what you want Billy? Look no further than...
            -01-10-2010, 03:04 AM
          • Nick
            Nick's Early January Rams Mock Offseason
            by Nick
            Before Christmas, I completed my first first-round mock of this draft season. I speculated that I might be able to do a Rams-only mock that corresponds, but just haven't had the time recently to sit down and do it...

            ...UNTIL NOW!!!!! :ram:

            -FS OJ Atogwe: He’ll be a restricted free agent in an uncapped year, so tender him a high offer and keep him around while trying to work out a long-term deal.

            -NT Clifton Ryan: Ryan will likely be either a restricted or exclusive rights free agent without a cap, so the Rams should be able to retain him fairly easily. He’s emerged as a solid starter on the line.

            -DT Gary Gibson: Gibson showed some flashes before he was injured, and it certainly couldn’t hurt to resign him to a minimum deal to see if he can win a job in camp.

            -OL Mark Setterstrom: Mark is considered to be one of our better young lineman, but just can’t manage to stay healthy. Still, he provides some nice depth and should be retained as a RFA.

            -LS Chris Massey: An effective long snapper, there’s really no reason not to bring Massey back, nor any reason to think it can’t be done for cheap.

            -DE Leonard Little: Little may not even want to play in 2010, but if he can be brought back for relatively cheap as a situational pass rusher, the Rams would benefit.

            -OT Alex Barron: Barron looks to be a restricted free agent in an uncapped year, but I think the Rams send a better message by letting him hit the market.

            -TE Randy McMichael: A cause for optimism when Scott Linehan lured McMichael away from Miami, the tight end hasn’t really done much and was a big disappointment in 2009.

            -QB Kyle Boller: The experiment did not work out. Boller doesn’t really have much in the tank right now, certainly not enough to be relied upon as an efficient back-up passer.

            -CB Jonathan Wade: A former third round pick, Wade hasn’t made much of an impact for the Rams and barely played after the bye despite being a starter in September.

            -LB Derrick Johnson (Chiefs): Johnson is upset about his back-up role in Kansas City, and rightfully so. Though he’s a restricted free agent, he may be allowed to walk if Todd Haley doesn’t value him. He could very well become a starter at OLB for the Rams.

            -RB Jerious Norwood (Falcons): Norwood will be a popular item on many offseason wishlists for many teams as he’s a very nice change of pace ‘back. The Falcons may be willing to part with Norwood even though he’s a restricted free agent because of the emergence of Jason Snelling.

            -DE Mark Anderson (Bears): Anderson is another restricted free agent, but Chicago traded for Gaines Adams and drafted Jarron Gilbert in the third...
            -01-07-2010, 11:42 AM