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Spags on ESPN radio with Mike

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  • Spags on ESPN radio with Mike

    Not Mike and Mike but I think his last name is Guthrie?

    They asked him questions about the playoff teams and his run with the Giants. Spags sounded very good his response were on point. What I found interesting was when asked about last year first round pick he stated that Jason was coming around and the coaching staff was happy with his progress to date.

    Most important in the interview Spags stated he learned from Andy Ried that you build teams from the line up. He knows it's not pretty and usually not the consensus but it's how you win consistantly in the NFL.

    Spags also stated that the Rams had success against the Saints because the D line continued to work hard and for that game showed progress.

    The intreview is worth listening to if you can download it.

    Go Rams......