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  • The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

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    Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

    Some weights being reported on Twitter...

    USC safety Taylor Mays: 6'3" 230 (per Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil)
    Idaho lineman Mike Iupati: 6'5" 325 (per Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil)
    Alabama DL Terrence Cody: 370 pounds (per NFL DC Scott Wright)


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      Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

      Originally posted by Nick
      Alabama DL Terrence Cody: 370 pounds (per NFL DC Scott Wright)
      This will be an interesting stat to watch through the coming months. His weight seems to always be a problem, combined with the fact that he sat out a lot of plays.

      I could see him slipping a bit to the end of the first round, but nose tackles seem to be all the rage in the NFL now, so I don't think he slips very far.


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        Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

        Making an exception to the no links policy, because Scott Wright has done a phenominal job accumulating all of the weigh in information on his site! Check it out:

        Draft Countdown - 2010 Senior Bowl


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          Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

          Per Rotoworld:

          According to NFL Network's Lindsay Soto, Florida QB Tim Tebow botched several snaps on his first day of Senior Bowl practice.

          Unfortunately, along with being one of the generation's most decorated college football players comes the microscope at the next level. Tebow played primarily out of the shotgun formation at Florida, and clearly isn't used to taking snaps from under center. Soto added that Tebow's tendency to lower the football below his hips before delivering it also isn't going away. Other reports have Tebow struggling badly with accuracy.


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            Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

            Greetings from Mobile
            Posted >Mon, January 25, 2010 05:45
            by Nick Wagoner

            MOBILE, Ala. -

            - As has become custom, I just arrived in Mobile for this week's Senior Bowl activities. After barely catching my connecting flight to hop off one puddle jumper to another, I made it in time to get to the hotel, get my credentials and head out to practice.

            - Today, the teams were in shells and practiced this afternoon at separate locations. The North team was at the usual spot, Ladd-Peebles Stadium while the South was at Fairhope Stadium. Simply because my flight put me in about the time the practices were scheduled to start, I opted for Ladd-Peebles which is about 25 minutes closer. Thus, I was not there for day one of Tebow-Mania. But have no fear, I'll be all over it in the coming days and likely catch up with him at tonight's media function.

            - On to what I did get to see on the field and a couple of notes from a few interviews I was able to conduct after the practice.

            - The North squad is composed mostly of players from the Big 10, the ACC, the Big 12 and a few other places. The South is heavy on SEC players with a few from the ACC and some PAC 10 guys.

            - Headlining the show for the North are three solid quarterbacks generally considered to be second or third round type of signal callers. That's Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour, Cincinnati's Tony Pike and Oregon State's Sean Canfield.

            - I watched that trio closely during seven on sevens and team drills. Weird to see Scott Linehan handling the coaching duties for the offense. The Lions are working with the North team.

            - Of the three, at least for today, LeFevour was clearly the best. He had the most zip, the most accurate and basically the smoothest of the three. By no means will I make any blanket statements about these guys based on what happens in a single practice but at least for one workout, LeFevour was clearly the best of the bunch.

            - You can see that Pike has skills but he also comes from an offense that is going to force him to make a major adjustment in mechanics and technique at the next level. Spoke to him after the practice and he seems like a smart, humble kid with plenty of intangibles you like. He acknowledged that the biggest thing for him between now and April is proving his ability to play in a pro style offense.

            - Canfield struggled to drive the ball downfield. He was better in team than seven on seven but he had trouble with out patterns and deep balls. Good footwork and delivery, though.

            - Wisconsin defensive end O'Brien Schofield was thought to be a potential second or third round pick coming here this week but he suffered what appeared to be a serious left knee injury during the workout. Best of luck to him, hopefully it's not too bad.

            - Schofield suffered the injury in one on one pass rush drills against Massachusetts tackle Vladimir Ducasse. Ducasse is a mountain of a man from a small school with big time ability. He really has nice footwork and seems like he has a lot of potential.

            - Spoke with Ducasse and he says he started playing football as a junior in high school after his family moved from Haiti when he was 14. Scary thing is, he's a very talented player already but he's just scratching the surface on what kind of player he could be.

            - For the record, Ducasse has heard from family members back in Haiti and reports that everyone is OK.

            - Impressed with Michigan DE Brandon Graham, who might turn out to be better suited for a 3-4. He's quick and athletic and his motor never stops running.

            - There might not be a more physically imposing specimen than Penn State defensive tackle Jared Odrick. He was a handful in the one on one drills as well.

            - In case anyone was wondering, Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is here. Weatherspoon made his presence felt by his constant hyperactivity and jaw jacking. He says it's all in good fun but he got a laugh out of it when he talked noise to Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount. Blount, you may recall, was the player suspended for punching a Boise State player early last year.

            - On one play, Blount dropped a swing pass and jogged after it. Weatherspoon playfully shouted at him to hustle to get the ball. Afterward, Weatherspoon said he and Blount have been talking and it was all in good fun.

            - On a more serious note, Weatherspoon got a ton of repetitions on Monday after he weighed in at 10 pounds less than his playing weight last year. He checked in at 241 pounds after playing at 251 in 2009. Weatherspoon says he has a lot to prove this week because he "didn't make enough plays" as a senior and it hurt his draft stock. That's a big reason why he dropped the weight. He's playing all three linebacker spots this week.

            - Buzz about Alabama DT Terrence Cody, who apparently weighed in at 370 pounds. Yeah, that makes Andre Smith circa last year sound like Calista Flockhart.

            - Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard looked sharp on some routes and made some nice catches. He has potential as a returner too.

            - Some late additions to the roster of local interest include Illinois TE Michael Hoomanawanui and G Jon Asamoah.

            - One scout told me that the class at center this year is woefully thin but there's talent at guard. Asamoah is one of the more highly touted interior linemen along with Idaho's Mike Iupati.

            - Be back with more, including practice reports after each practice tomorrow, feature stories and a live chat tomorrow afternoon. Off to media event.


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              Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

              Some surprises at the Senior Bowl weigh-in
              Posted on: January 25, 2010 2:59 pm
              Rob Rang

              College football teams are notorious for exaggerating the heights/weights and speeds of their athletes. The official weigh-in and measurements at all-star games and the Scouting Combine provide a truer picture of each player's actual size.

              Some players come in smaller or lighter than expected and could see a slip down draft boards as a result. Others pleasantly surprised by measuring in taller or clearly spending some time in the gym or weight room since the end of the season.

              A few players who disappointed during the weigh-ins were:

              With all of the buzz around Tim Tebow, fellow South quarterbacks Tony Pike (Cincinnati) and Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State) did themselves no favors by each measuring in smaller than expected. Pike, at nearly 6-6, weighed on 212 pounds. His skinny build won't do much to convince scouts that he'll be more durable in the NFL than he's proven while with the Bearcats. Similarly, Robinson, who was listed by Oklahoma State at 6-3, 218 pounds, instead came in just over 6'2 and 210 pounds...

              Pike's teammate, Mardy Gilyard , also came in very light. While certainly elusive, scouts wonder if he'll be able to get off press coverage in the slot at only 179 pounds.

              Tight end/Fullback 'tweeners Dorin Dickerson and Garrett Graham also came in smaller than expected. Dickerson, originally listed at 6-2, 230 pounds, was instead 6-1, 222 and Graham (6-3, 250), only weight 234 pounds.

              A few players who helped themselves during the weigh-ins were:

              Florida State outside linebacker Dekoda Watson , boasting arguably the most impressive physique of either roster, surprised by measuring in at 6-2, 232 pounds. He had been listed by the Seminoles at 226 pounds and some scouts had estimated that he'd actually weigh in under 220.

              NFL teams looking for bullish backs will be certain to keep an eye on Mississippi State's Anthony Dixon and Oregon LaGarrette Blount , each of whom measured in at an eye-popping 245 pounds. Their weight certainly wasn't due to extra slices of pizza following their seasons. Trim waistlines and thick lower bodies should aid in their transition to the NFL.

              Utah pass rusher Koa Misi , who played defensive end for the Utes, seems to be taking his likely conversion to outside linebacker seriously. Expected to weigh in at 6-2, 263, but instead came in nearly an inch taller and at a relatively svelt 243 pounds.

              Guards Jon Asamoa (Illinois) and John Jerry (Mississippi) each weighed in lighter than expected. Asamoa had been listed by Illinois at 6-5, 315 pounds, but actually came in at 6-4 and 300 pounds. Jerry was listed by Ole Miss at 6-6, 335, but had reportedly seen his weight balloon to over 350, at times, came in at 6-5 (and a 1/2) and and 332 pounds. We'll see if the drop in weight makes him even more athletic, without sacrificing his power.

              Notes --

              The smallest player measured was Ole Miss all-purpose star Dexter McCluster, who measured in at a shade over 5'08 and at 165 pounds. Not surprisingly, Alabama nose guard Terrance Cody was the heaviest player, tipping the scales at 370 pounds. Cody's sloppy build will move him down some teams' boards. Notre Dame offensive tackle Sam Young, the last man measured, was the tallest player. He came in at 6'07 (and 3/4) and 305 pounds.


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                Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                Still like John Jerry in later rounds. It'd be nice to see Weatherspoon doing some jaw-jacking in a Rams uni. I know a lot of people on this board are opposed to such things, but it's good to have a guy that gets in the heads' of opposing teams.


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                  Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                  Tebow struggles while CB Cox shines
                  By Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl
                  Scouts Inc.
                  Monday, January 25, 2010

                  MOBILE, Ala. -- Senior Bowl week kicked off on Monday with the weigh-in and measurements for all players and practices in shorts and shoulder pads. Some players impressed and others disappointed in both areas. Here's a look at those from both teams who had the best and worst days:

                  South Team: Good Days

                  UAB WR Joe Webb -- Webb started his career at UAB as a wide receiver before moving to quarterback, and now he is switching back. He dropped a couple of catchable deep balls on Day 1 but impressed us with his ability to create separation. He is a very good athlete and was a surprisingly good route-runner for a player who spent little time as a receiver in college. He snatched anything thrown at him underneath, showed good burst out of his breaks and got upfield quickly after the catch. We're interested to see whether he can carry over the momentum he gained.

                  Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox -- We liked Cox's overall man coverage skills. He displayed good footwork and the ability to flip his hips and run, and his instincts allow him to anticipate routes and stick with receivers out of breaks. A clear example came during seven-on-seven drills when Cox read a speed-out route by Citadel WR Andre Roberts, breaking simultaneously with Roberts then showing the closing burst to step in front and catch the ball in stride before getting upfield.

                  South Team: Bad Days

                  Florida QB Tim Tebow -- We were anxious to see Tebow work under center and he ended up looking very awkward. He fumbled snaps, took false steps in his drops and had trouble setting his feet at the top of his drops. Tebow was out of rhythm as a result and hurried his throws, which in turn affected his accuracy. He simply couldn't put it all together on Day 1. Tebow is essentially relearning how to do everything and struggled today, though he did remain positive and continued to embrace a leadership role.

                  LSU OT Ciron Black -- Black appeared heavy-footed and was slow coming out of his stance. He struggled with lateral movement, had trouble with reach blocks when trying to hook the edge and was not fluid in space when trying to get to the second level. His lack of athletic ability was exposed during one-on-one drills when Auburn OLB Antonio Coleman used an outside-in double move and Black was unable to reset his feet and recover in time to prevent Coleman from turning the corner. Black looked top-heavy at the weigh-in and the questions about his overall athleticism have only been magnified.

                  North Team: Good Days

                  Utah ROT Zane Beadles -- While we still have concerns about Beadles' ability to handle speed off the edge, he did get off to a good start here in Mobile. Beadles showed good hip explosion and a violent punch during individual drills, and impressive leg drive when he moved Louisiana Tech DT D'Anthony Smith off the ball during the team period. Most impressive, though, was his ability to keep his feet beneath him and stay balanced both as a run blocker and a pass blocker. Beadles is strong at the point of attack in the running game and at the top of his pass sets. He might be forced to move to guard because of a lack of ideal athletic ability, but Beadles looked good here on Day 1.

                  Ohio WR Taylor Price -- We liked what we saw from the 6-0 1/8, 198-pound Price during the weigh-in, where he displayed a strong, thick build. He carried that momentum over to the practice field, where he stood out as the most explosive and consistent wideout on the North roster. Price is a legitimate vertical threat, and unlike teammate Jacoby Ford, he has good size and hands to go with his speed. Price ran by Ohio State S Kurt Coleman when lined up in the slot and made a nice adjustment along the sideline to catch a ball thrown outside his frame. It's only one day, but Price looked like the complete package today and if he shines against top competition in this forum he could solidify or boost his midround grade.

                  North Team: Bad Days

                  Wisconsin TE Garrett Graham -- A tough day for Graham began at the weigh-in, where the 6-3 tight end tipped the scales at a very lean 234 pounds. He is not big enough to hold his own as an inline blocker and will likely have to move to fullback to succeed in the NFL. Graham could be effective in that role as a zone blocker who gets around the edge, but he will never be a good isolation lead blocker and would have to make significant contributions in the passing game. Problem is, Graham trapped a lot of balls against his frame on Day 1 and there are concerns about his hands going forward. He also seems to lack the burst to work the seam as either a tight end or fullback.

                  Clemson WR Jacoby Ford -- Speed is not the issue for Ford. He is a track star and the fastest wide receiver on either roster. However, he has to gear down so much to get into and out of breaks that he lacks the suddenness to separate from defenders, which is something small speedsters like Ford have to be able to do. Hands were also an issue for him on Day 1. We saw two drops and several bobbles by Ford, and with his speed we want to see him pluck the ball on the run and get up the field. A team will no doubt draft Ford and hope he can make plays from the slot, but there are certainly concerns about his game.

                  Todd McShay is the director of college football scouting for Scouts Inc. He has been evaluating prospects for the NFL draft since 1998. Scouts Inc.'s Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl also contributed to this report.


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                    Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                    Senior Bowl practice updates
                    By Scouts Inc.
                    Originally Published: January 25, 2010

                    MOBILE, Ala. -- Scouts Inc. made it to Mobile on the ESPN's DirecTV mobile studio bus after the driver, Charlie, ran through 169 gallons and $416 to get us here in seven-and-a-half hours.

                    We're here along with NFL scouts and coaches to take in practices, which are generating more buzz than we've seen in a long time. This year's group of seniors is very strong, especially along the defensive line, and QB Tim Tebow is the best thing to happen to the Senior Bowl in a long time.

                    The players are beginning drills in shorts and shoulder pads and we're getting our first look at what some of the top prospects in the nation can do. The North and South teams are practicing at the same time but our scouts are at both practices and we'll be here throughout with updates on what we're seeing.

                    • Practices have wrapped up for the day. There is plenty to digest as we begin formulating our scouting reports and we're looking forward to seeing the intensity ratchet up over the next two days as both teams practice in full pads.

                    • South team -- Tebow and West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown are having similar problems with their footwork. Tebow looks heavy-footed right now and at times is seemingly in slow motion. He is thinking too much and not reacting, and he sailed a pass in the flat.

                    Brown is having trouble hitting his back foot and transitioning his weight at the top of his drops. He slipped on a five-step drop and later was late on an out route that Oklahoma CB Perrish Cox read well and picked off.

                    • South team -- USC S Taylor Mays had a highlight-reel hit on Citadel WR Andre Roberts on a seam route and dislodged the ball, but on the very next play Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson overthrew Alabama TE Colin Peek and Mays could have had an easy interception but was looking for the big hit instead and completely missed the ball.

                    • South team -- Florida State S Myron Rolle looks rusty and the year he took off to study on a Rhodes Scholarship is showing. Rolle is all there mentally, diagnosing and recognizing plays well, but his body needs to catch up with his mind. He is smart and knows where he needs to be but must improve the physical aspect of his game over the course of the week.

                    • North team -- Missouri OLB Sean Weatherspoon is not closing quickly enough in coverage. He also took a false step during the team run period that led to a big run by Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount.

                    • South team -- Tebow is continuing to struggle under center. His timing and rhythm are off, even for a quarterback working with new receivers. He also seems to be having problems reading the defense, which combined with his elongated release makes him late on some throws. However, he is not hanging his head and is remaining positive and embracing the leadership role.

                    • South team -- LSU OT Ciron Black looks heavy-footed in one-on-one drills. Auburn OLB Antonio Coleman gave a hard move to the outside and then knifed back inside and Black did not have the lateral movement to stay with him.

                    • South team -- Among the defensive linemen, DTs Dan Williams and Terrence Cody are stuffing the run as expected but need to show refinement as pass rushers. Cody's one move is the bull rush while we'd like to see Williams use his hands better to disengage and finish his rush.

                    • North team -- Ohio WR Taylor Price has been the star of practice so far today. He's a legitimate vertical threat who is catching everything thrown in his direction.

                    • North team -- Clemson WR Jacoby Ford has speed but marginal hands. He has had one drop already and several bobbles.

                    • North team -- Cincinnati's Tony Pike has shown the best arm among the North quarterbacks so far but has been a bit erratic, losing the strike zone at times.

                    • North team -- Wisconsin DE/OLB O'Brien Schofield just limped off the field after going against UMass OL Vladimir Ducasse. We'll have to see if that affects him the remainder of the day and perhaps the rest of the week.

                    • South team -- Citadel WR Andre Roberts is a polished route-runner with natural hands who can catch the ball away from his frame. He just snagged a high fastball from West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown on a slant route.

                    • South team -- Tebow is getting off to a rocky start. He's fumbled three snaps, including two in a row, his footwork is choppy and he's taking false steps at times, and he's throwing behind and short-hopping some receivers. He just does not yet look comfortable under center.

                    • South team -- Former UAB QB Joe Webb is transitioning to receiver and just put a nice double-move on a defensive back. He has had two drops, though, and his position change is up-and-down to this point.

                    • South team -- West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown has started quickly. The ball is flying out of his hand and he's putting his physical tools on display. He looks the best of the three south quarterbacks at this point.

                    • North team -- Oregon TE Ed Dickson just dropped a pass, but you have to like his aggressiveness attacking the ball with his hands. He also used a swim move at one point to prevent Ohio State S Kurt Coleman from disrupting his route.

                    • North team -- Wisconsin TE Garrett Graham is letting the ball get into his frame and trapping it during drills. He needs to snatch the ball out of the air with his hands the way Oregon TE Ed Dickson has done on several reps.

                    • South team -- The South practice is absolutely packed with Florida fans in Tebow jerseys, and the field is surrounded by media types looking to get a peek at the beginning of Tebow's NFL job interview. This might be more of a circus around practice than we've ever seen here in Mobile.

                    • North team -- Not surprisingly, Wisconsin DE O'Brien Schofield is the quickest defensive lineman during bag drills. He is vastly undersized and will have to move to outside linebacker, which he showed he could do during Shrine Game practices.

                    • The weather couldn't be much nicer here in Mobile. The sun is shining and there is not a cloud to be seen. There's a slight breeze but with temps in the high 50s it's a good day for football.


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                      Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                      UPDATE: Wisconsin's Schofield tore ACL in left knee
                      By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel
                      Jan. 25, 2010

                      Mobile, Ala. - University of Wisconsin defensive end O'Brien Schofield tore his left ACL during the first practice session of Senior Bowl week.

                      The extent of the injury was reported by Journal Sentinel Badgers beat writer Jeff Potrykus. Jeff has more here.

                      Schofield crumpled to the Ladd-Peebles Stadium turf screaming in pain. He could not put any pressure on the leg as he was helped off the field.

                      The injury was captured by NFL Network.

                      Schofield impressed scouts last week at the East-West Shrine Game, and he was named the defensive most valuable player. Schofield (6-foot-2, 238 pounds) was one of the risers early on in the draft process.

                      "That kid earned his way here this week," Green Bay Packers director of college scouting John Dorsey said of Schofield, about 30 minutes before the injury. "He really did a nice job last week and opened eyes. A good player."

                      Schofield was projected to go somewhere between the second and third rounds in the NFL Draft. If he needs knee surgery, it could drop Schofield out of the draft completely.

                      He played linebacker at the East-West game, but was working with the ends at the Senior Bowl. That versatility is of value to many teams.

                      Schofield was participating in one-on-one drills against UMass tackle Vladimir Ducasse when the injury happened. On the previous play, Schofield blew past Ducasse before he got out of his stance.

                      "What happened to him, I'm a little down about that right now," Ducasse said after practice.

                      Long-time observers of the Senior Bowl can't recall the last time a prospect was injured during the week of practice to the point where it affected the player's draft position.


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                        Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                        Some Monday practice highlights from NFL Network...

                        YouTube - Some Senior Bowl practice highlights

                        You can see Schofield's injury @ the 5:30 mark.


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                          Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                          From what i heard, Terrence Cody weighed 355 on January 5th, so he has apparently piled on 15lbs since then!

                          O'Brien Schofield, the defensive end from Wisconsin, has a torn ACL. This will obviously hurt his draft stock, but its still thought that a team will take him due to his potential and stash him on IR for a season (if its required)

                          Im not sure how Weatherspoons talking will sit with the team. But if it is just fun and games, and its just him enjoying himself, then i dont see the problem. But the fact he has dropped weight, and recognised that he needs to perform better and make more big plays, is a good sign of his attitude. He know he needs to do better and he making changes to try and be a better player. The ability to listen to criticism and adapt is vital at the next level. However, everyone must remember that Aaron Curry was a talker this season, and he got showed up because his play couldnt match his mouth.

                          Idaho G Mike Iupati is reportedly impressing scouts with his size. Not only his weight either, as his 35 inch arms were the longest at the Senior Bowl

                          LSU RB Charles Scott, a power back who averaged over 5 yards a carry in his college career, is unable to participate in the Senior Bowl has he has not yet recovered enough from a broken collarbone to pass a physical. He broke it in November so was expected to be healed by now, which is not a good sign.

                          USC S Taylor Mays levelled Citadel WR Andre Roberts (a 5'11/192lbs return specialist) on the first day of practice. This annoyed the coaches and scouts in attendence who want to see DBs make plays on the ball in football drills, and its especially bad for Mays who only had five interceptions in his college career


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                            Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                            Bummed about Schofield, who I think has a lot of potential. Given that the Rams have two seventh round picks, I wouldn't be opposed to taking a shot on him there and stashing him for the future.


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                              Re: The Official 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

                              Originally posted by Scouts, Inc.
                              Tebow is continuing to struggle under center. His timing and rhythm are off, even for a quarterback working with new receivers. He also seems to be having problems reading the defense, which combined with his elongated release makes him late on some throws. However, he is not hanging his head and is remaining positive and embracing the leadership role.
                              Scouts Inc. has summarized what worries me about Tebow. While you can't help but love the kid and root for him (not hanging his head, remaining positive, embracing leadership role), his mechanics are just light years behind where he needs to be (timing, rhythm, reading, release).

                              I hope the kids a success. I'm just not willing to wager a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick on it.
                              The more things change, the more they stay the same.