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Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

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  • Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

    So I've been hearing a lot lately that we will be a defensive team and we'll pound the ball running. I can already tell we're heading that way, at least it seem so far, but I want to ask if that's the right way to go. In the past teams won with a great defense and a solid running game, but nowadays the top teams have moved from that to great passing teams who survive on defense.

    So my question is, are we going about this the wrong way? Should we become a passing offense instead of running offense? I understand that we're becoming a running offense because of SJAX, but isn't there a way to incorporate him more into a high passing offense?

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    Re: Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

    3 out of the 4 teams that played this past weekend in the championship games have very explosive offenses. Does that answer your question?


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      Re: Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

      I think a balanced 50/50 dual running-back offense is the way to go. Sjax/SOMEONE/Ogbonnaya as a third down change of pacer thrown in the mix as well can be a formidable attack. Combine that with a good passing attack and a stellar defense and you have all the trappings of a high-powered offense. We certainly dont need a 4000 yard/ year thrower but 3000+ i think is definitely a necessity.


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        Re: Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

        The Colts and Jets defense aren't exactly the Maginot Line, and the Saints and Vikings D has its moments as well.

        Unfortunately, those aren't glamorous fantasy Madden positions, so they get overlooked.


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          Re: Defensive/Running Team vs. Passing Offense

          I do believe the Jets had the number one defense and running game this year. Would it be crazy to try and mold ourselves in their image? Minus Sanchez thankfully.


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          • laram0
            Defense vs. Offense
            by laram0
            The RAMS defense ranked 23rd overall last season and 28th in the points allowed category. For the season the RAMS scored 367 points while allowing 381 points that's a (-14) point differential. Out of the 12 teams that made the playoffs only the Seahawks (-6) and Giants (-7) had negative point differentials. There are alot of areas of concern on our Defense. DE, DT's, SLB, Safety and even cornerback has been brought up. It will probably take more than 1 year to upgrade all the areas of concern defensively.

            So let's think outside the defensive box for a minute or two.

            Our offense was ranked 4th passing and 17th rushing with an overall ranking of 6th. Considering the offense got off to a slow start last season and Marc Bulger was sacked 49 times.(Only 3 teams allowed more sacks) Also taking into consideration the COLTS won the Superbowl.

            How many areas of concern are there on the offensive side of the ball? Imagine if Marc Bulger was sacked 1/2 of the 49 times from last season.
            Could our offense be potent enough to overcome some of the defensive inefficiencies. I use the word "some" because I feel like the Rams will be able to address some of the issues on defense for 2007 but not all. Again, the offense could take us to the promise land (playoffs) thus allowing the team to plug the holes on defense intelligently without haste. The key question in my mind is how much tweaking needs to be done on the offense to makes us that potent. Should the RAMS focus on the offensive needs this off season 1st and foremost? Understanding that the defense will get the obvious attention it needs, just not all in one off season.

            Imagine making the playoffs in 2007 knowing that there are still a few defense holes to fill for 2008. How would we look for 2009,2010 etc..
            A long run of playoff appearances and possibly another SUPERBOWL or 2?
            -02-15-2007, 12:09 PM
          • VegasRam
            So...Question -
            by VegasRam
            To all those more knowledgeable than I, (which incudes just about everyone on the site, except Nick, AV and Hub - what do they know; they've only got like 50,000 posts between them), my question is this.
            I see where Schotty may be going to more of a spread offense to take advantage of SBs talents (whatever that means; his talents are showing up regardless with his new support system).

            What does the term "spread offense" actually mean? As opposed to what other kind of offense? 2 wideouts, a slot and a flanker vs. 2 tight end sets?
            Why does it work in college, but (supposedly) not in the pros?
            Is it a function of lining up under center as opposed to the shotgun?
            Are the pro defenses simply that much smarter and faster than college.
            Does it take more time to develop, time that pro QBs don't have vs college QBs?
            Does Alabama use a "pro stlye vs Oregon's spread offense?

            (Incidentally you three, feel free to give it a shot);)
            -05-17-2013, 09:20 AM
          • viper
            What pass defense are we running?
            by viper
            Has anybody been able to determine just what pass defense we are running? It seems like we are running a hybrid of different schemes or situational schemes.
            -09-24-2009, 04:19 PM
          • ramsbruce
            Arizona's Plan vs The Rams Was Simple
            by ramsbruce
            The Cards had a simple plan and executed. All they had to do was shut down the run in the beginning of the game and they knew we would go away from the run and try to pass our way to a win. I know the O-Line was horrible with opening holes, but sometimes you have to stick with the run. The score was close, we were up 17-16 at the end of the third so there was no reason to abandon the run like we did, it's not like we were down 21 points trying to catch up fast. The Cards were banking on us giving up on the run too soon and they made us 1 dimensional and very predictable, and beat our butts.
            -11-20-2005, 09:49 PM
          • Rambos
            Say what
            by Rambos
            With all the poor coaching at Rams park and the poor drafting how can this be?

            I thought we can't stop the run. We can't get out of our own way. I knew for a fact that we are starting a third string UDFA at QB. Our second overall pick is not playing right? Our OC is as bad as they come. Our defense is a mess, did we not lead in sacks by this time last year? Whats going on here, Fisher can't coach against these young creative and dynamic coaches can he?

            Football is a funny game if the ball was round we might be 2-1 but it's not....
            -09-30-2014, 11:51 AM