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Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

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  • Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

    Round 1: Ndamukong Suh DT: The House of Spears, will improve the entire defense if he can live up to even half of the hype he has garnered. Excellent strength that can increase, intelligent, uses hands very well, playmaker at DT.

    Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon OLB: Side line to Sideline defender, can make things happen, can come in and start immediately and compliment JLau tremendously.

    Round 3: Dexter Mccluster RB/WR: PLAYMAKER, I'd consider trading back up into the second round to acquire this guy... is one of those guys that can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball, excellent agility and quickness, sick juking moves and change of direction skills, can be utilized at receiver, runningback, and special teams. Could be the Rams utility man. WARNING: Stock on the rise after performing excellent so far at Senior Bowl, could very likely go higher.

    Round 4: George Selvie DE: Once considered one of the best pass rushers in college football, he has taken a fall from grace after greatly under performing this past season. Great Size and burst off the edge with good speed. Likely a steal this low and could quite possibly go higher.

    Round 5 #1: Jimmy Graham TE: About as tall as it gets in the NFL. Converted basketball player with potential off the freakin' charts. Fast, Quick, Agile due to all that basketball learnin'. Good ball skills and run after the catch ability. Would be a project at Tight End but Daniel Fells can be serviceable in the meantime and If this guy can reach his potential we have Kellen Winslow/Antonio Gates Hybrid on our hands that's taller. If he's there TAKE HIM.

    Round 5 #2: Danario Alexander WR: Great Size, outstanding leaper, very productive with run after the catch ability. Plays stiff sometimes and apparently has trouble getting in and out of his cuts. Doesn't seem to ahve the acceleration wanted for the position. could be a great Red zone threat and legit receiver with some more coaching. Injury History.

    Round 6: Ciron Black RG/RT: Was highly touted before this season. Was a highly durable 4 year anchor on the line for LSU. Big (6'5 322) with good strength and a great run blocker. I'd move him inside as he has trouble with speed rushers and his strength is not at the tackle position IMO. Was seen by some to have been a first second round pick but has watched his stock plummet after under achieving and could possibly fall to us here. Would be great value at a position of need.

    Round 7 #1: Legarrette Blount RB: Physical Downhill punisher, Has good speed to break one. Draft stock plummeted due to Boise State incident and character concerns. Physical Specimen with great size. Has steal written all over him.

    Round 7 #2: BPA

    Now of course this an ideal draft with an outside chance of happening. Will update accordingly. This is all assuming the Rams stay with the picks they have now and don't gain any additional ones.

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    Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

    I like it, especially the first two. But only on the assumption that we've somehow acquired a QB of the future some other way. Otherwise, the Rams have no one.


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      Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

      Based on Senior Bowl Results your first 3 are probably in the right place with Weatherspoon the best SB linebacker and could sneak into the bottom of the 1st round. Of your later picks Graham at TE and Blount at RB probably too low (Graham being talked at around 3, and Blount could even move up to 2 but probably 3 or 4th round based on Senior Bowl practice). Selvie has very mixed views by the scouts so could be there in 4 or could be gone by 2.


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        Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

        Yes, ive based this mock draft off the assumption we're either waiting another year for a QB, or picking up one in FA. I don't want nor do i advise the Rams to pick a Quarterback in the first round if they can't trade down and pick up more picks, so this draft is assuming they go ahead and forgo selecting one and make do with either what they have (shudders*) or picks up one.


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          Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

          First 2 picks are defense? And McCluster is an enormous health risk only being, what... 165lbs? I'm not arguing he's not a good player. I just dnt want another Trung Canidate.

          I dnt think you improve our offense very much with this draft. Although Alexander would be worth a 4th or 5th rnd pick, he has health issues too!


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            Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

            Originally posted by The Optimistic Lamb View Post
            First 2 picks are defense? And McCluster is an enormous health risk only being, what... 165lbs? I'm not arguing he's not a good player. I just dnt want another Trung Canidate.
            Darren Sproles, the guy in the nfl that McCluster resembles most in the nfl, is only 185lbs. I am sure once he gets to the nfl and starts working with conditioning coaches, he can put on some weight. Not too worried about him.

            However I am curious as to why you selected McCluster AND Blount. Not sure if you want to kick McCluster outside and be a speed/situational receiver and have him return kicks. Or if you are trying to install a 3 back system like the one they have with the giants.


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              Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

              Absolutely love this mock. If the chips fell this way, this guy would be on cloud 9. Nice work. Add a QB in FA and this would be perfect.


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                Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                What do you guys think about Andre Roberts as a WR for us?


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                  Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                  Originally posted by sdobbers View Post
                  What do you guys think about Andre Roberts as a WR for us?
                  Reports out of the senior bowl is that he's looking very good.. good hands and route running. But I think if we're going to spend a 3rd or 4th round pick on a WR it's got to be a big redzone target. Roberts is only listed at 5-9.


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                    Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                    the rams are drafting a QB with their first pick...whereever that may be....theyre not gunna complelty open the flood gates of money for SUH ...theyre d-line if healthy has promise....and is serviceable could easily b fixed up in free agency...look at who was injured in the DT spots....makes no sense to waste so much the end this is gunna end up the same way it did for aaron curry....he was "AMAZING" but shouldnt be takin so high since he was an OLB.....
                    Last edited by Nick; -01-31-2010, 07:30 AM. Reason: Leave the insults out next time.


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                      Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                      I don't like taking an outside linebacker and a runningback in the first three rounds. If Selvie is that good, he probably won't be available in the fourth. If we're not going to address the quarterback position and we're not going to take a defensive end until round 4, I'd hope that we at least did something about the offensive line. I feel like this is kind of like treating acne on a cancer patient.


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                        Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                        Originally posted by Dr. Defense View Post
                        Darren Sproles, the guy in the nfl that McCluster resembles most in the nfl, is only 185lbs. I am sure once he gets to the nfl and starts working with conditioning coaches, he can put on some weight. Not too worried about him.
                        Are you kidding? McCluster is only 5-8. To add another 30-40 lbs is a huge undertaking! It'd be unnatural for him to weigh over 180.

                        I hate to judge before people have a chance to play, but taking a player who is 5-8 and 165 lbs is just too far out of the question. Many LB's will be 80-90 lbs heavier and be just as fast. All it takes is one hit from a Ray Lewis type and McCluster's career is over.

                        (BTW Trung Canidate was 5-11 and 205 lbs. Compared to McCluster, he's a bulldozer.)
                        Last edited by The Optimistic Lamb; -01-30-2010, 11:10 PM.


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                          Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                          Blount? Never. No need to target another guy who cant maintain self control when they just jettisoned one this year. If another back is needed late...look no further than RB Pat Paschall of NDSU. Solid citizen with serious skills. Better than Lamar Gordon and did it against better college opponents. This kid can carry the mail. His stock is rising after impressing scouts at the East West Shrine Game. called him "the top small school player there".
                          "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                            Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                            Suh is good

                            You already know my opinion on Weatherspoon so i leave that for the other thread

                            Do you think that Billy D will take a 5-8 under 170 pound back when his foundation for building this team is "getting bigger more physical" remember that last year when he took the job. However That Jimmy Graham is a good player and i think he would be value if we got him here in the 3rd.

                            Selvie maybe. I mean his senior season was awful. 3.5 sacks and 9.5 tckls for loss NOT GOOD!

                            At this point in the off-season Alexander is a great pick. But when april comes around i think you will see his name in the 2nd or 3rd round. He is 6-5 215 pounds. Expect a Ramses Bardan type thing. But Alexander has more elite level experience.

                            Black will fall but not sure that far

                            Blount is not a 4 pillar player

                            Again i see what you wrote "outside chance" of happening. But be a bit realistic. Some of those player's stock will rise from the Combine due to there athleticism. This is more a fantasy draft.


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                              Re: Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft

                              I like this Mock and i think withs this Mocki the defense will be fixe


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                              • Nick
                                Nick's FINAL Seven-Round Rams Mock Draft
                                by Nick
                                Seven-Round Rams Mock Draft

                                ROUND ONE
                                Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida State
                                6'2" - 306 lbs - Senior

                                Word is defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and the Rams coaching staff loves this guy - so much so that both Haslett and head coach Scott Linehan were personally present for Florida State's pro day. Bunkley is a quick yet powerful defensive lineman who has no problem disrupting the backfield, and with the loss of both Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis, the Rams certainly need an influx of talent at tackle.

                                ROUND TWO
                                Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado
                                6'5" - 255 lbs - Senior

                                The Rams have virtually nothing but camp bodies behind starter Brandon Manumaleuna, and many Rams fans feel even he isn't adequate enough to start for this top offense. That makes upgrading at tight end a top priority, and in the second round, I feel Joe Klopfenstein is the best option for the Rams - he's tall, fast, has good hands, and is a fundamental blocker.

                                ROUND THREE
                                Chris Chester, OL, Oklahoma
                                6'3" - 303 lbs - Senior

                                In my latest three round mock, I have Chester available at the Rams' pick in the third round. If he's there, the Rams would be hard pressed to pass him up. Chester doesn't have a large body of work at Oklahoma on the offensive line, but shows the kind of athletic potential to be a great interior lineman with his quickness and versatility.

                                ROUND FOUR
                                Will Blackmon, CB, Boston College
                                6'0" - 198 lbs - Senior

                                Blackmon is an intriguing early second day prospect who needs a good amount of work to improve as a defensive back, but should contribute immediately in the return game. His experience as a receiver means he'll have great hands for the interception, and he could be a special player once he learns the nuances of the position.

                                ROUND FIVE
                                Spencer Havner, LB, UCLA
                                6'3" - 242 lbs - Senior

                                Havner has been one of my favorite mid round linebacker picks, and I've projected him as high as the third round before. But further investigation reveals a wide range of grades as to where Havner could go. If he's available in the fifth round, the Rams should run to the podium and take this underrated strong side prospect.

                                ROUND SIX
                                Frostee Rucker, DE, USC
                                6'3" - 261 lbs - Senior

                                You're not going to find a better pass rushing talent in the sixth round, in my opinion. Rucker comes from a program that has faced a lot of top competition, and while he isn't dominant, he's solid in numerous facets of the game - rushing the passer, stopping the run, and even dropping into coverage.

                                ROUND SEVEN
                                Freddie Roach, LB, Alabama
                                6'1" - 258 lbs - Senior

                                Believe it or not, Roach was a potential Day One selection at middle linebacker earlier in the season, but he's...
                                -04-23-2006, 09:30 PM
                              • eric2810
                                Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft
                                by eric2810
                                Thought I'd give my two cents!

                                1st Round. 16th Selection:

                                Johnathan Cooper
                                Pair him up next to Jake Long, and that's the last time Sam the man Bradford ever has to worry about his blindside again. Warmack will most likely be gone, and despite the fact Fisher has never selected a first round Offensive lineman, I think this is the year he breaks the trend. Snead's adding talent on both sides of the line, I'll tell you what. Cooper is a great selection here.

                                1st Round. 22nd Selection:

                                Tavon Austin

                                Probably one of the most overrated ideas in football is size. Austin overcomes this with his play making ability, and becomes the WR we should of got in Desean Jackson a few years back. (Donnie Avery can play?) Austin instantly makes an impact all over the field.

                                2nd Round.

                                Matt Elam
                                Around the same last in the draft last year, the Rams took a chance on a former DB from Florida. This year, they pair Elam with JJ. and we upgrade at the Safety position. Elam has alot of room to grow, but is a natural ballhawk who always finds his way around the football. compares Elam to none other than: Quinten Mikell. I'll take Matt at a bargrain price with a higher upside.

                                3rd Round.

                                Johnathan Franklin
                                the UCLA product is quick out of the backfield and runs north and south with little hesitation whatsoever. I'm not sold Richardson can carry the load fulltime, and Isaiah Pead still needs to find his role. Franklin will enter camp and compete, making a case to start on day one. Also has good hands as a receiver out of the backfield.

                                4th Round.

                                Ricky Wagner
                                Nice Value Pick here in the 4th round. Could be used as insurance policy if Saffold wants out with a potential Jake Long signing, or could compete at any Guard or Tackle position. you can never have too many solid offensive lineman. Wagner has experience starting at LT for Wisconsin.

                                5th Round.

                                Johnny Adams
                                a Solid CB for a michigan state defense."Reconsider me!"(Nice tune) johnny adams..

                                6th Round.

                                Michael Clay
                                Probably one pick I'll be rooting for on draft day. Playing alongside Matthews and Dion Jordan throughout his career on defense, Clay didn't get much of the credit he deserved. at 5'11 and 232 pounds, he didn't even get invited to the combine. I could see him playing weakside LB free off the line next to Laurinaitis, and definitely making plays with a chip on his shoulder.

                                7th Round.

                                Marquess Wilson
                                6'3 WR with great hands, needs to bulk up at the next level and generate better separation.

                                Thanks for checking it out brothas! Feedback would be much appreciated,...
                                -03-17-2013, 11:19 PM
                              • sntlouisrams
                                3 Round Mock
                                by sntlouisrams
                                I'm not fully informed on all college players (live within UK so kinda hard to keep up on that, but i try)

                                ROUND 1 DT N.Suh

                                The reason for this pick is fairly straight forward, strong dt that will demand double teams. Proven solid DT will help whole defence get better and overall a sure fire first pick.

                                ROUND 2 QB: C.McCoy

                                Reason for picking McCoy I think although people will say he has played in a micky mouse offence etc and slate him for this. He is a solid leader good completion rate and behind a good qb coach I personally feel we could find a real gem in getting him here.

                                ROUND 3 WR/KR/RB D.McCluster

                                Reasoning for this pick fairly straight forward. McCluster is a pure out and out playmaker, in whatever position we choose to use him in. Chris Johnson is not the biggest RB in the league he seemed to do pretty well for himself. McCluster would give us options however we give him the ball.

                                COMMENTS please ...
                                -02-19-2010, 04:13 AM
                              • sakl18
                                Sakl18's Mock Draft
                                by sakl18
                                Here is my Rams mock draft as of 08/02
                                • 1.01 - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska - Enough said.
                                • 2.01 - Jahvid Best, RB, California - An explosive runner who would be the perfect complement for SJax, keeping him healthy and extending his career by several seasons. Also brings a much needed home run threat to the offense.
                                • 3.01 - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan - A developmental QB with a good arm and great mobility. Has tremendus potential and will take the helm of the offense in 2 or 3 years.
                                • 4.01 - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A monster of a tackle with surprising agility. Has the ability to start immediately at right tackle and be a dominant force on the right end for years to come.
                                • 5.01 - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami - Converted basketball player with great height and agility. Has the potential to be the next Antonio Gates.
                                • 5.24 - Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State - An athletic freak with a great work ethic and tremendous upside. Could possibly gain the starting role opposite David Vobora.
                                • 6.01 - Devin Ross CB, Arizona - Has a surprising amount of potential for a late round pick. Will provide much needed depth at CB.
                                • 7.01 - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher.
                                • 7.19 - Guard depth.

                                Let me know what you think, and don't hold back on any criticism.
                                -02-08-2010, 03:29 PM
                              • Nick
                                Nick's "12 Hours to Go" Seven-Round Rams Mock Draft
                                by Nick
                                Alright, with my final 2009 NFL mock draft finished, Iím turning my attention to a Rams seven-round mock draft. Obviously the real draft is only a few hours away, so this is kind of pointless. But what the heck, Iím too excited to sleep anyways.

                                ROUND ONE: JASON SMITH, OT, BAYLOR
                                -In my March mock, I projected Virginiaís Eugene Monroe to the Rams but acknowledged it was likely a coin flip between Monroe and Jason Smith. I began working on my final mock on April 15th, fully intending to switch things up and give Jason Smith to the Rams. I still think itís a coin flip between these two, and could go either way. But late word seems to indicate Smith is the favorite, and itís easy to see why the Rams like him. First of all, heís got the charisma factor. Heís an intelligent, high character guy who will work nonstop to improve himself. But heís also one heck of an athlete, a nasty blocker in the run game, and still has room to grow as he improves his technique. Jason Smith has the dedication and drive to get better, and has separated himself as one of the best players in this draft class.

                                ROUND TWO: JAMES LAURINAITIS, MLB, OHIO STATE
                                -It seems like just about every year for the past couple of drafts, thereís one highly touted linebacker from a big school that seems to start off as a first round prospect but slips into the second or even third round. In 2007, it was Paul Posluszny of Penn State, who slipped to the Bills in the second round. Last year, Dan Connor slipped well into the third round despite being a late first rounder on many peopleís boards. Will it happen again with James Laurinaitis? The Buckeye started this process as a Top 15-20 pick but has slowly slid down into the late-first, early-second round range. Itís tough to find a great fit for him at the bottom of the first, though Detroit could take him with either pick 20 or 33. In my last mock however, I do not have that happening. If Laurinaitis is available for the Rams when their second round pick rolls around, itíll be hard for them to pass him up.

                                ROUND THREE: JUAQUIN IGLESIAS, WR, OKLAHOMA
                                -Thereís a lot to like about a polished receiver like Iglesias. But one of the things Rams fans should really be satisfied with is how well the Sooner pass catcher fits into the West Coast offense. At nearly 6í1Ē and 210 pounds, Iglesias has good size for the receiver position. He has solid speed (4.44 @ the Combine) and though heís not incredibly explosive, Juaquin achieves his separation by running precise routes. Thatís something Rams fans should be used to and appreciate in receivers. When he gets open, Iglesias displays very good ball skills and hands when making the catch, displaying the kind of awareness and concentration to track the ball well in the air. After the catch, heís elusive enough to make a good play even better. He would be a fine compliment to Avery in the passing game, and give the Rams another legitimate...
                                -04-25-2009, 12:03 AM