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  • Another Mock Draft

    Rd. 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska - To me, this is an easy decision. He will put much needed pressure on the qb and make the rest of the defense better.

    Rd. 2: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB Missouri - If Weatherspoon is there, I think we should grab him. He could start from day 1, and be a big upgrade.

    Rd. 3: Dan LeFevour, QB Central Michigan - He may not be as good as Bradford or Clausen, but he is an accurate and dual threat qb who had four great years at Central Michigan.

    Rd. 4: Ed Dickson, TE Oregon - If the Rams don't get a TE through FA, they should consider drafting Dickson. He is a great athlete that can catch anything his way. He does need to work on his blocking, though.

    Rd. 5: Jason Fox, OT Miami - He has the potential to be a 2nd-3rd rounder, but has injury/health questions. If he is still there, the Rams should take a chance on this experienced OT.

    Rd. 5: John Jerry, OG Ole Miss - Jerry looked solid in the Senior Bowl, and could provide depth on the O-Line and will eventually be a starter. If he is available, this should be an easy pick.

    Rd. 6: Freddie Barnes, WR Bowling Green - Barnes had an outstanding career at Bowling Green with an NCAA record 155 receptions last year. He doesn't have great speed, but has the potential to succeed.

    Rd. 7: LeGarrette Blount, RB Oregon - He has character issues, but is very impressive when he plays. He had 7 carries for 35 yards and a td in the senior bowl and almost had a second td. A good power back behind SJax.

    Rd. 7: O'Brien Schofield, DE Wisconsin - Schofield had the potential to be drafted in rds 2-3 before tearing his acl. If no other team takes him, the Rams should draft him and place him on IR for 2010.

    I know this draft is very optimistic and some of the picks may not be available, but I would like to see your comments and criticism on this mock draft.

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    Re: Another Mock Draft

    I like the first 5 rounds, after that it gets iffy for me. I really dont think we should add another rookie receiver to our list of inexperience, also I doubt that Blount is there in round 7 even with "The Punch".


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      Re: Another Mock Draft

      ya i do agree that we have enough young receivers and may not need more and blount may not be there but if he is we should get him


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        Re: Another Mock Draft

        Overall, i really like this draft. The funny thing is, every mock draft nowadays has us picking Suh, Weatherspoon, and LeFevour. I also made 2 mock's a little while ago and they both had those three picks... haha


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          Re: Another Mock Draft

          Yea this is probably your first draft and its looking like others. It's good but next time take a chance and put other names in that will spark a discussion.


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            Re: Another Mock Draft

            ya i agree everyone does have those first 3 picks that i like, so i put them up


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              Re: Another Mock Draft

              agree with your draft completely and would love every step of it. But if you ghad the option who would it be s.weatherspoon or Brandon Graham. I know we need a good Linebacker to work with James L. But seriously if little retires or is a 1 down pass rush, having a line of Long Suh Carricker and Graham that would be one of the best in the leagues and would allow graham or long to be 1 on 1 and we all saw how awesome graham was against qb and against the run on that front.
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                Re: Another Mock Draft

                if graham and weatherspoon were both there, i could not argue with drafting either of them. i would like the idea of drafting graham and getting an olb through FA or later in the draft, i think that would give us one of the better defenses in the league.


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                  Re: Another Mock Draft

                  Most reports I have seen reflect Graham being a better choice for the 3-4 as an OLB. Which would suit us fine too, but he's not a DE replacement for Little.

                  Go Rams!


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                    Re: Another Mock Draft

                    i think he could be little's replacement after watching that senior bowl we could have a top 5 defensive line in a couple years


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                    • chipperjones
                      1-4 Rd. mock draft
                      by chipperjones
                      1. Alan Branch-DT-Michigan

                      2. Tim Crowder-DE-Texas....Do ya'll think he'll fall

                      3. Jacoby Jones-WR-Layne University...I don't care what ya say, he's good.

                      4. If we don't sign Dillion-Chris Henry-RB-Arizona

                      4. If we do-John Wendling-S-Wyoming
                      -04-11-2007, 06:00 PM
                    • sakl18
                      Sakl18's Mock Draft
                      by sakl18
                      Here is my Rams mock draft as of 08/02
                      • 1.01 - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska - Enough said.
                      • 2.01 - Jahvid Best, RB, California - An explosive runner who would be the perfect complement for SJax, keeping him healthy and extending his career by several seasons. Also brings a much needed home run threat to the offense.
                      • 3.01 - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan - A developmental QB with a good arm and great mobility. Has tremendus potential and will take the helm of the offense in 2 or 3 years.
                      • 4.01 - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A monster of a tackle with surprising agility. Has the ability to start immediately at right tackle and be a dominant force on the right end for years to come.
                      • 5.01 - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami - Converted basketball player with great height and agility. Has the potential to be the next Antonio Gates.
                      • 5.24 - Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State - An athletic freak with a great work ethic and tremendous upside. Could possibly gain the starting role opposite David Vobora.
                      • 6.01 - Devin Ross CB, Arizona - Has a surprising amount of potential for a late round pick. Will provide much needed depth at CB.
                      • 7.01 - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher.
                      • 7.19 - Guard depth.

                      Let me know what you think, and don't hold back on any criticism.
                      -02-08-2010, 03:29 PM
                    • MauiRam
                      Maui's 2009 Mock ...
                      by MauiRam
                      Rd 1) Eugene Munroe/Jason Smith OT .. It will be one of them. Since we don't know for sure who Detroit will take yet, its either or.

                      Rd 2) Hakeem Nicks WR (North Carolina) Hakeem would round out our stable of talented young receivers (If Hood were to fall? .. he won't though .. will he?)

                      Rd 3) Jasper Brinkley ILB (South Carolina) Big strong "Mike" who can gain seasoning behind Draft. (Brace could be the pick here if he's still there, but I doubt it - just not enough NTs to go around this year.)

                      Rd 4) Cedric Peerman RB (Virginia) At 5'9 1/2" tall and 216 lbs, Cedric could provide a nice change of pace for SJ. Great character, selfless team leader with 4.39 speed.

                      Rd 5) Terrence Knighton NT (Temple) Terrence is a BIG boy with very long arms. Could develop into a versatile DL if Spags and Flajole can coach him up.

                      Rd 6) Ramon Foster ORG - ORT (Tennessee) Big tough kid with versatiliy. Great work ethic and leadershio ability. Will add depth to our O-line, and could develop into a solid player with a year or two of good coaching and conditioning.

                      Rd 7) Tyrone McKenzie LB (South Florida) Team captain, good size and character, could contribute on special teams in his rookie year.

                      Ok .. ok, so I probably only got one right (Munroe or Smith), but what the heck? I gave it a shot ...
                      -04-12-2009, 07:49 PM
                    • sosa39rams
                      SOSA's MOCK DRAFT v3.0!!!!
                      by sosa39rams

                      1. Ndamukong Suh DT- The most dominating Dtackle I ever seen.

                      2. Colt McCoy QB- A true winner and is capable of being a starting QB in the NFL.

                      3. Jimmy Graham TE- Amazing athlete, and a really good redzone threat.

                      4. Austen Lane DE- A good pass rusher, can be part of our rotational Dline.

                      5. Sam Young OT- Great depth, and could start at RG or RT.

                      5. Trindon Holliday KR/PR/WR- Great depth, could return kicks and punts, and can also be a slot receiver.

                      6. Cornelius Brown CB- Good depth.

                      7. Shawnbrey McNeal RB- Good depth, change of pace for SJAX.

                      7. Verran Tucker WR- Good depth, can be groomed into a starter....
                      -03-10-2010, 07:08 PM
                    • sosa39rams
                      Sosa Mock Draft v1.0
                      by sosa39rams
                      Here it is ladies and gentleman, everything you've all been waiting for, it's officially MOCK DRAFT season! Let's jump right into it!

                      1) La'el Collins, OT, LSU: My first pick is the mammoth OT/OG from LSU. He's billed as a very powerful run blocker but also a good pass protector. Lots of people are questioning if he would be better at Guard or Tackle but I believe he can play both very effectively. I'd slide him right in at RT opposite of Greg Robinson to pair probably the best run blocking OT's in the league. Collins has started plenty of games in the toughest division in college ball. He's a beast.

                      2) Paul Dawson, OLB, TCU: Dawson has a questionable character (apparently) but is a beast on the field. He's a sideline to sideline guy with great speed and play-making ability. Wraps up well and is very athletic. He has pro bowl potential and pairing him with 2 good LB's will allow him to roam free and make big plays.

                      3) T.J Yeldon, RB, Alabama: I've scouted the RB's this year, and Yeldon is in my top 5. He's built like a truck and I assume he will run pretty well tomorrow. He has the frame of a RB at 6012 and 226 lbs, and he also repped 225 22 times. He's powerful, nimble, has great vision, breaks many tackles, has good hands, and runs powerful. I believe Yeldon is a 3 down back and a future star at RB.

                      5) Nick O'Leary, TE, FSU: O'Leary doesn't look like a great athlete but he is a very solid TE. He can get in and block. He has amazing hands and is very reliable. He only has 1 gear and doesn't scare opponents athletically, but he is a solid guy who looks unspectacular and just does his job no flashiness involved. Watched Jameis Winston tape and this guy stands out.

                      7) Blake Sims, QB, Alabama: Sims is a project obviously. He's got a pretty live arm and is very good athletically. He has some touch on his passes especially when he's going deep. The moment is never too big for him. He's good at evading the rush and staying in the pocket, keeps his eyes up almost always.
                      -02-20-2015, 06:24 PM