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Inside the stats: Final look at '09 season (NCAA

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  • Inside the stats: Final look at '09 season (NCAA

    Courtesy of

    Inside the stats: Final look at '09 season

    Each week during the college football season we looked at some statistics involving individuals and/or teams that we found intriguing.

    This week we're taking a final look at some statistical record-setters from 2009:

    • Oklahoma's Sam Bradford leaves college as the NCAA's career leader in passing efficiency, at 175.62 points. Former Boise State QB Ryan Dinwiddie (2000-03) had held the record at 168.9 points. Florida's Tim Tebow, at 170.79, also bettered Dinwiddie's mark.
    • Bradford also leaves with the NCAA record for completion percentage for those between 875 and 999 attempts, at 67.64 (604-of-893). The old mark was by Maryland's Scott Milanovich (1992-95) at 66.2 percent (650-of-982). Texas' Colt McCoy came up just shy in the completion percentage category with at least 1,000 attempts. He finished at 70.33 percent (1,157-of-1,645); the record is 70.40 percent by Hawaii's Colt Brennan (1,115-of-1,584 from 2005-07).

    • Western Michigan RB Brandon West set the NCAA career mark for all-purpose yardage this season. He finished with 7,764 yards; the mark had been 7,573 by Memphis' DeAngelo Williams (2002-05). Clemson RB C.J. Spiller also passed the old mark. Spilller finished with 7,588 yards.

    • Spiller set the NCAA career mark for touchdowns on kickoff returns, with seven. The old mark had been six by Tulsa's Ashlan Davis (2004-05) and USC's Anthony Davis (1972-74). Spiller also tied the NCAA career mark for combined touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns, with eight. Colorado's Cliff Branch (1970-71), Nebraska's Johnny Rodgers (1970-72), Kentucky's Derek Abney (2000-03) and Hawaii's Chad Owens (2001-04) also had eight.
    • West set the NCAA career mark for kickoff-return yardage with 3,118; the record had been 2,945 by SMU's Jessie Henderson (2005-08).

    • Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour leaves with the NCAA career record for touchdown responsibility with 150. The record had been 146 and had been owned by Hawaii QB Colt Brennan (2005-07) and Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell (2005-08). LeFevour threw 102 TD passes, ran for 47 touchdowns and caught one touchdown pass.

    • Bowling Green WR Freddie Barnesset an NCAA single-season receptions record with 155; the record had been 142 by Houston's Manny Hazard in 1989.

    • Two quarterbacks joined the exclusive 2,000/1,000 club -- those who passed for 2,000 yards and rushed for 1,000 in the same season. Three quarterbacks actually reached those plateaus this season -- UAB's Joe Webb, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick and Middle Tennessee's Dwight Dasher -- but it's the second time Kaepernick has done it. Just seven quarterbacks in NCAA history have reached those marks.

    • Houston WRs James Cleveland, Tyron Carrier and Patrick Edwards each went over the 1,000-yard mark, making the Cougars just the fourth team in NCAA history to have three 1,000-yard receivers in the same season. Texas Tech (2003), Hawaii (2007) and Tulsa (2007) also have done it. Houston and Toledo (Eric Page and Stephen Williams) became the 34th and 35th teams in NCAA history with two 1,000-yard receivers.
    • Tebow and LeFevour are the 12th and 13th quarterbacks in NCAA history to finish with 4,000 passing yards and 2,000 rushing yards.

    • And here are some quick statistical comparisons to the past four seasons:

      There were no 2,000-yard rushers this season; there was one in 2008, three in '07 and none in '06 and '05.

      There were 53 1,000-yard rushers this season. There were 54 in 2008, 56 in '07, 36 in '06 and 46 in '05.

      There was one 5,000-yard passer this season, Houston's Case Keenum. He is just the 10th passer in NCAA history to reach that plateau; there had been two each in '08 and '07 and one in '06 after none reached the mark in '05.

      There were three 4,000-yard passers this season. There were six in '08 and '07, three in '06 and two in '05.

      There were 25 3,000-yard passers this season; that equals the number from 2008. There were 36 in 2007 -- which is an all-time, single-season high -- 17 in 2006 and 18 in 2005.

      There were three 1,500-yard receivers this season; that's more than in any of the past four seasons (one in 2008, two in '07, zero in '06 and one in '05).

      There were 29 1,000-yard receivers this season; there were 33 in '08, 38 in '07, 21 in '06 and 28 in '05.

    In another league
    Here's a breakdown by league of the number of players who reached certain statistical plateaus:
    League 1,000-yd rushers 3,000-yd passers 1,000-yd receivers
    ACC 5 4 2
    Big 12 4 6 4
    Big East 5 0 3
    Big Ten 2 3 1
    C-USA 9 2 6
    Independent 1 1 1
    MAC 3 3 4
    Mt. West 2 2 1
    Pac-10 5 1 2
    SEC 5 1 1
    Sun Belt 4 1 1
    WAC 8 1 3

    Mike Huguenin is the college sports editor for He can be reached at [email protected].


    What stood out to me here was the quarterbacks. Both Bradford and McCoy have completion percentages that rank among the best in NCAA history with Bradford holding the efficiency (i.e. QB rating) title as well. LeFevour's marks are also impressive, although slightly diminished by lesser competition.

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  • RealRam
    And then ther were 53
    by RealRam


    :ramlogo: RAMS CURRENT ROSTER, Aug. 08, appears below w/85 team members.

    > In BLUE ("DeepSkyBlue") are the players I'd like to see in the 53 man team.

    > RED are the ones I think won't be there.

    > WHITE might challenge the BLUE


    (1) 94 Adeyanju, Victor RDE 6-4 270 2/11/83 R Indiana
    (2) 57 Alston, Jon WLB 6-0 221 6/4/83 R Stanford
    20 Anderson, Dwight LCB 5-10 185 7/5/81 3 South Dakota
    21 Atogwe, Oshiomogho FS 5-11 210 6/23/81 2 Stanford
    33 Bagwell, Antoine RB 5-11 190 9/13/84 R California Penn
    (3) 70 Barron, Alex RT 6-7 315 9/28/82 2 Florida State
    (4) 32 Bartell, Ron RCB 6-1 200 2/22/82 2 Howard
    (5) 55 Brooks, Jamal WLB 6-2 238 11/9/76 5 Hampton
    (6) 34 Brown, Fakhir RCB 5-11 192 9/21/77 7 Grambling
    (7) 80 Bruce, Isaac WR2 6-0 188 11/10/72 13 Memphis
    (8) 10 Bulger, Marc QB 6-3 212 4/5/77 6 West Virginia
    (9) 23 Butler, Jerametrius LCB 5-10 185 11/28/78 6 Kansas State
    86 Byrd, Dominique TE 6-2 254 2/7/84 R Southern California
    90 Calahan, Jeremy NT 6-2 300 7/7/83 2 Rice
    27 Carpenter, Dwaine FS 6-1 208 11/4/76 4 North Carolina A&T
    16 Carter, Jeremy WR 5-11 194 11/20/79 1 Western Carolina
    (10) 42 Carter, Jerome SS 5-11 219 10/25/82 2 Florida State
    (11) 25 Chavous, Corey SS 6-1 208 1/5/76 9 Vanderbilt
    (12) 54 Chillar, Brandon SLB 6-3 242 10/21/82 3 UCLA
    (13) 52 Coakley, Dexter WLB 5-10 230 10/20/72 10 Appalachian State
    48 Collins, Jerome TE 6-4 270 8/18/82 2 Notre Dame
    (14) 83 Curtis, Kevin WR2 5-11 186 7/17/78 4 Utah State
    43 Eiland, Deandre SS 6-0 207 6/4/82 1 South Carolina
    (15) 30 Fisher, Tony RB 6-1 223 10/12/79 5 Notre Dame
    (16) 22 Fisher, Travis RCB 5-10 189 9/12/79 5 Central Florida
    96 Fisk, Jason DT 6-3 300 9/4/72 12 Stanford
    11 Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB 6-2 221 11/24/82 2 Harvard
    (17) 12 Frerotte, Gus QB 6-3 233 7/31/71 13 Tulsa
    (18) 97 Glover, La'Roi DT 6-2 290 7/4/74 11 San Diego State
    (19) 53 Goolsby, Mike MLB 6-3 244 9/10/82 2 Notre Dame
    (20) 93 Green, Brandon RDE 6-3 264 9/5/80 4 Rice
    24 Groce, DeJuan LCB 5-10 191 2/17/80 4 Nebraska
    4 Groom, Andy P 6-0 199 9/10/79 1 Ohio State
    72 Haayer, Adam RT 6-6 311 2/22/77 5 Minnesota
    15 Hagans, Marques WR2 5-10 205 12/29/82 R Virginia
    2 Hamilton, Remy K 6-0 190 8/30/74 1...
    -08-08-2006, 03:44 PM
  • RamFan_Til_I_Die
    Rams History & Fun Facts.
    by RamFan_Til_I_Die
    I thought I'd use the bye week to give some insight into the Rams organization and history. Some may know this all already, some may not. Regardless, it's neat to look back at the history of the Rams and see what a truly great football organization we have in the St Louis Rams.

    FUN FACTS from:

    The Rams Name: The franchise was originated in Cleveland in 1936 as a member of the American Football League. In 1937 the team joined the NFL. Principal owner Homer Marshman and his general manager, Damon Buzz Wetzel picked the Rams name because Wetzel had said his favorite football team had always been the Fordham Rams and Marshman liked the sound of the name. The original uniform colors were red and black, also the colors of Fordham U.

    The Rams Horn: Halfback Fred Gehrke, an art major in college, made a pen-and-ink sketch of a ram's horn in 1947 and showed the rendering to Bob Snyder, the team's head coach. Gehrke suggested the design would make an eye-catching addition to the team's helmets. Snyder could not visualize the artwork, so Gehrke painted the design on the leather headgear. The following season, the Rams became the first pro team with a helmet insignia. Today, the Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a helmet logo.

    Gehrke's effort required considerable maintenance. The paint would chip off the helmets from the numerous player collisions during games. Gehrke would take many helmets home after games and retouch the horn. The problem was lessened in 1949, when the Rams went to a plastic helmet, and disappeared in 1972, when decals with strong adhesive backing were used on the helmets.

    :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l :l

    - Courtesy of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame-

    Rams Facts, Firsts, & Records:

    Original Franchise Location: The team was originally located in Cleveland, Ohio (1937-45).

    First Draft Choice: Johnny Drake, B, Purdue, 1937.

    First Regular-Season Game: A 28-0 loss to the Detroit Lions, 9/10/37.

    First Regular-Season Win: A 21-3 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, 9/17/37.

    Original Team Colors: Red and black

    First Winning Season: 1945 (9-1).

    First Playoff Appearance: A 15-14 victory over the Washington Redskins in the 1945 NFL Championship game, 12/16/45.

    First Super Bowl Appearance: A 31-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XIV, 1/20/80.

    First Player Elected to the Hall of Fame: QB Bob Waterfield, 1965.

    First All-League Selection: Johnny Drake, 1940.

    First to Rush 200 Yards in a Game: Dan Towler, 205 yards vs. the Baltimore Colts, 11/22/53.

    First to Gain 300 Yards Receiving in a Game: Jim Benton's 303 yards receiving vs. the Detroit Lions on
    -10-21-2006, 05:06 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    The Flow Chart of Doom
    by AvengerRam_old
    It starts at the top...

    She's ill now, so obviously she
    can't do anything to impact the
    team's success. But even when
    she was well, does anybody think
    she added anything? Perhaps she
    had a passion for the attention that
    winning brings, but not for the
    passion required to bring a winner.
    Manned by individuals who know the
    cost of everything, but the value of
    nothing. Their talents are in business,
    not football. Add a substantial helping
    of ego, which has prevented them from
    bringing in a true GM, and talent evaluation
    has become a "blind squirrel" scenario. And
    who's going to change this? Certainly not
    the current owner.
    You get what you pay for. Pay for top notch
    coaches, that's what you get. Hire from the
    bargain rack, and sometimes you get lucky and
    find a gem, but more often, you get what we have
    now... a mess. The coaching staff is there to get
    the most out of whatever talent is available. That
    is not happening. And who's going to change this?
    Certainly not the "bottom line first" front office.
    Talent levels in the NFL these days are fairly
    close, even between the top and the bottom teams.
    As a result, no team is ever too far away from rising
    to the level of a playoff team. The Rams have been,
    it seems close to that level for years. But who will get them
    there? Certainly not the coaching staff, which lacks the
    ability to maximize the talent we have. Certainly not
    the front office, which knows money but not talent.
    Certainly not the owner, who adds nothing to this team.

    It all starts at the top for the Rams. Scott Linehan is a symptom of an overall problem that won't be corrected until the FLOW CHART OF DOOM is cut from the top. Get a new owner, hire a true football GM, bring in a new coaching staff, enhance the talent...

    That, my friends, is the only formula that will bring sustained success.
    -01-17-2008, 03:03 PM
  • Tampa_Ram
    Demps to pursue Olympic and Track career.
    by Tampa_Ram
    Demps Running Track for Gators and Plans to Pursue Olympics and Pro Career Instead of NFL

    By SCOTT CARTER Senior Writer

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. University of Florida two-sport standout Jeff Demps is putting away any NFL aspirations to focus on his track career and a potential spot in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
    Demps has decided to run for the Gators this spring and then will seek a professional track career rather than one in football. Demps informed Gators head coach Mike Holloway of his plan in recent days after making a final decision after the football season ended.
    Once I got done with the Gator Bowl, I kind of already had my mind made up, it was just when was I going to tell everyone, Demps said Thursday morning. I enjoy track and its something I love to do. When Im out here, Im enjoying myself and having fun with the guys. I wanted to come back and run. Its somewhat of an individual sport, but its also a team sport. You win championships as a team.
    Demps ended his Florida football career on Jan. 2 in Floridas 24-17 win over Ohio State. He began training with the UF track team this week and is shooting for a return to competition possibly as early as Feb. 3-4 at the Virginia Tech Elite Meet. The Gators open the indoor season on Saturday at the Alabama Invite in Birmingham.
    Regardless of when Demps makes his debut, Holloway is glad to have the four-time national champion sprinter back with the program. Demps is the two-time defending NCAA Indoor 60-meter champion and flashed his Olympic potential when he set a 100-meter junior world record with a time of 10.01 seconds at the 2008 Olympic Trials, challenging Olympian Tyson Gay stride for stride in the heat.
    The Gators open the season ranked No. 1 in the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Poll released earlier this week.
    The biggest thing for me and Jeff and I have talked about this a lot since last summer I just wanted Jeff to be happy, Holloway said. Jeff has never really been a full-time track guy. He has always been a guy that played football and ran track. For him to have accomplished the things he has accomplished is phenomenal.
    Im ecstatic. Obviously its big for our program. Jeff brings a different kind of energy to the track. When the other guys see him out there working as hard as he does, it gets them to step their game up a bit. We are a big family out here and hes a member of the family.
    Demps said he spoke recently with his parents and guardian about his desire to continue his track career. While some saw his decision to return for his senior season in football as a sign he was giving up track, Demps said that was never the case.
    Instead, it was important to him to be a part of the team and he said he felt an obligation to the program since...
    -01-14-2012, 02:43 AM
  • AvengerRam_old
    *Final* AR Complete Round 1 Mock
    by AvengerRam_old
    This is my story, and I'm sticking to it!

    1. Houston Texans: Reggie Bush, RB, USC
    Don't be fooled by reports of negotiations with Mario Williams. He's just a pawn to get Bush's price down a bit. Bush is the "can't not take this guy" prospect in this draft.

    2. New Orleans: Mario Williams, DE, NC State

    Saints will get a guy who will be an impact rookie, and will a Pro Bowl selection within a few years. OTs in the NFC South will hate this pick.

    3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young, QB, Texas
    For months, everyone has tried to find a reason to downgrade Young. The bottom line is, he's an exceptional performer on the football field, which is all that really should matter.

    4. New York Jets: Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
    D'Brickashaw Ferguson would be the safer and, perhaps, the more logical choice, but the Jets are still a Broadway team, and Davis will make a lot more highlight film plays.

    5. Green Bay Packers: A.J. Hawk, OLB, OhioState
    With Williams gone, they will select the top remaining defensive player in the draft. Will be an instant impact player for the Packers.

    6. San Francisco Niners: Michael Huff, DB, Texas
    Niners will be a bit thrown by the selection of Davis at number 4, as he was likely their target. Huff will be touted as the next Ronnie Lott, though he's a different type of player.

    7. Oakland Raiders: Matt Leinart, QB, USC
    Leinart would have been the first pick in 2005, but he'll drop to number 7 in this draft. No problem – with his Hollywood image, he'll make up the money in endorsement contracts.

    8. Buffalo Bills: D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia
    Bills are surprised by Ferguson's fall, and will eagerly snatch him up. He'll start as a rookie, obviously.

    9. Detroit Lions: Antonio Cromartie, DB, FSU
    There always seem to be surprises coming out of Detroit, and this year is no exception. Cromartie's stock has been shooting up in recent weeks following his workout.

    10. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
    Many teams (not the Rams, though) will try to trade up for Cutler but, in the end, he'll head to the Southwest to be Kurt Warner's short-term understudy.

    11. St. Louis Rams: Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon
    Pickett, Lewis, Kennedy… will four times be the charm? Ram fans hope so, and Ngata is certainly a good prospect. Maybe the best prospect of the bunch.

    12. Cleveland Browns: Brodrick Bunkley, DT, FSU
    Fast rising Bunkley will be a welcome addition in Cleveland. They would have been happy with Ngata too.

    13. Baltimore Ravens: Winston Justice, OT, USC
    Will be a good RT initially, and will be the heir apparent to Jonathan Ogden, who is now 32. A good value pick.

    14. Philadelphia Eagles: Chad Jackson, WR, Florida
    While Eagles didn't miss TO's BS, they missed his...
    -04-27-2006, 09:19 AM