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  • 5th round pick

    I thought I'd change things up seeing as everyone is focused on the first 3 rounds of picks. anyway, who would you like to nab in round number 5?

    I vote Walter Thurmond III, CB, Oregon.

    He was one of the best corners in the country going into the season before a season-ending injury and had 12 picks in his career in Eugene. He's 6'1", fast, and has a couple of return touchdowns, too. I think he will be a steal for whoever gets him in the draft so I hope its the Rams.

    Who would you like in round 5?

    History of 5th round picks:

    2009- Brooks Foster
    2008- Roy Schuening
    2007- Clifton Ryan, Dustin Fry
    2006- Marques Hagans
    2005- Jerome Collins
    2004- Jason Shivers
    2003- Dan Curley, Shane Walton, Kevin Garrett
    2002- Courtland Bullard
    2001- Jerametrius Butler
    2000- Brian Young
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    Re: 5th round pick

    Sam Maxwell OLB from Kentucky and John Jerry OL from Mississippi.
    I don't know that Thurmond will be around then, but I would love it if he were.


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      Re: 5th round pick

      I feel with the late rounds you have to take big risks to get big rewards.

      Hopefully, in the 5th or 6th round we can take Ryan Perriloux.

      He was All-America out of High School with better arm strenght than anyone in this draft.

      He played at LSU and had some problems but humbled himslef and rebuilt his career. He is the type of chance that could really pay off.

      During a 5 game stretch this year he had these stats:

      Perrilloux has the best passer rating of all eligible quarterbacks in D1-AA (FCS) and D1-A with a 199.22 rating, having thrown for 961 yards, 12 Touchdowns and 1 interception thus far. He has also rushed for 125 yards and three more scores on 40 attempts.

      Take a look at our 5,6,7 round picks over last 5 seasons and you will see why Perrillox is worth a chance in the late rounds.

      I am most interested at his combine results. If he puts up a decent showing I see him climbing back into NFL teams radar.

      Size, Athletic, Accurate, Arm Strenght, and Speed. He reminded me alot of Steve McNair (phyiscally) maybe the right team could get the most out of his untapped abliity.



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        Re: 5th round pick

        If I say Danario Alexander, will it give richtree a migraine?

        More seriously, I like UConn's Lindsey Witten, Fordham's John Skelton, and LSU's Perry Riley as mid to late round prospects. That being said, a lot can change between now and draft day when it comes to who might be available there. You could make a case for any number of prospects, really.


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          Re: 5th round pick

          Ben Tate or Lagarrete Blount


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            Re: 5th round pick

            so taking a chance on a late round FCS qb is the way to go? I guess that happened last year with Null and come to think of it, it seems like all the starting qbs in recent years have been late round picks from Warner to Bulger to Fitzpatrick, Null, Ferotte, Jamie Martin and Trent Green.

            anywho if we dont take a qb or Thurmond, I would like a CB to be drafted in the 5th


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              Re: 5th round pick

              If Rams are still going to be running the WCO There has to be a receiving threat at TE.

              How about Dennis Pitta BYU or Jimmy Graham Miami.


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                Re: 5th round pick

                Marquis Johnson, Alabama's CB. He's the guy with most attractive pass break ups in college football and there were 17 of them last season. I don't know why he is so underestimated? Like the last one, in Championship game, these plays came when they counted.


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                • AvengerRam_old
                  Best and Worst Martz Draft Choices
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  Here is my Top 5 and Bottom 5 Mike Martz draft choices since he became head coach in 2000, taking into account each player's productivity, apparent potential and the stage of the draft in which each player was selected.

                  Top 5 Martz Draft Choices

                  1. Pisa Tinoisamoa (2nd Round, 2003)
                  Pisa has provided first round value as a second round pick. He has been a starter since day one, and among the Rams' leading tacklers and defensive playmakers since he was drafted. Will be the subject of an experiment next year moving him to SS.

                  2. Steven Jackson (1st Round, 2004)
                  As a rookie, Jackson showed the ability to take over for future Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk as the starting tailback. In addition to averaging 5 yards per carry, he also was an effective blocker on pass plays, an essential role for a Ram running back. Some (not me, necessarily) are concerned about his durability, but he'll get his chance to prove them wrong as the starter in 2005.

                  3. Jeremetrius Butler (5th Round, 2001)
                  Though Butler is hardly a star, he has demonstrated the ability to be an effective starter at one of the toughest positions in football. Excellent value for a fifth round draft choice.

                  4. Travis Fisher (2nd Round, 2002)
                  Fisher was a small college find. Some consided him a reach in the second round, but it is rare to find his combination of speed and toughness at the CB spot. He has proved to be a good value pick.

                  5. Kevin Curtis (3rd Round, 2003)
                  After injuries caused him to get off to a slow start, Curtis began breaking out with his performance at the end of last season and in the playoffs. He could be a starter on many teams, and that's high praise for a third round pick who has been stuck behind two Pro Bowl players.

                  Honorable Mention:
                  Tony Hargrove (3rd Round, 2004) - in two or three years, he could be at the top of this list.
                  Chris Massey (7th Round, 2002) - a fixture at the important long-snapper spot.
                  Brian Young (5th Round, 2000) - had several productive years with Rams as late round choice.

                  Bottom 5 Martz Draft Choices

                  1. Jacoby Shepard (2nd Round, 2000)
                  Second round pick was considered a reach on draft day, and never played a productive down for the Rams. The worst of the worst.

                  2. Milton Wynn (4th Round, 2001)
                  Fourth round picks don't always contribute, but Wynn didn't even make the team. Rams ignored warning signs with Wynn and wasted a pick on a player who shouldn't have been drafted in any round.

                  3. Eric Crouch (3rd Round, 2002)
                  You might ask why I consider Wynn worse than Crouch? Well, at least with Crouch, there was some basis to think that he was an elite athlete who could contribute to the team. He did win the Heisman Trophy, after all, and there have been QBs who have made it as WRs (look at Antuan Randal-El, for example)....
                  -02-21-2005, 11:25 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  RB Options, by Round
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  The Rams need to upgrade the No. 2 back position behind Steven Jackson. Unfortunately, this is not the deepest crop at the position.

                  Here are the RBs I'd consider taking, by round.

                  Round 1

                  Mark Ingram, Alabama
                  Ingram is the only RB I give a clear first round grade. I would not take him with the 14th pick, but he could be an option if the Rams trade down in the round.

                  Round 2

                  Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech
                  Williams could go in the first round, but I have him rated as a second round pick. If he were to last until the Rams second round pick, I'd strongly consider him.

                  Round 3

                  DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
                  Murray may never be workhorse back, but he was the best receiving RB in college football (71 receptions) last year. That could be a very good asset in Josh McDaniels' offense.

                  Jordan Todman, UConn
                  I am a big fan of Todman and think he could be a bit of a sleeper in the draft. He's not the biggest back, but he carried a heavy load at UConn. He also has the speed to be a game-breaker.

                  Jaquizz Rodgers, Oregon State
                  Rodgers has a high-profile, and might not last this long. If he does, he'd be a nice fit for the Rams and a good value in Round 3.

                  Round 4

                  Dione Lewis, Pittsburgh
                  Lewis is not a big back, but he's demonstated the ability to carry a big load (nearly 600 touches in the last two years). I think he could out-play his draft position.

                  Derrick Locke, Kentucky
                  I like Lock's speed and receiving ability. He would not be a future replacement for Jackson in all likelihood, but could be a great complimentary back.

                  Rounds 5-7

                  John Clay, Wisconsin
                  Clay would not be a change-of-pace back. Rather, he is a back who will remind many of Brandon Jacobs. It will be interesting to see his 40 time, as that will likely determine where he is taken.

                  Donald Buckram, UTEP
                  Buckram had nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage in his Junior year before being slowed by injuries in his Senior year. Another potential sleeper pick.
                  -02-08-2011, 10:13 AM
                • C-Mob 71
                  Taylor Mays- Round 2
                  by C-Mob 71
                  Here's a simple second round scenario:

                  We tender OJ, and prepare to lock him up long term at FS.

                  Taylor Mays falls to the second round.

                  Do you draft him to play SS?

                  Personally this would be a dream come true. Three years ago during the season I wanted to draft James Laurainaitis in the first round, he went back to school, and I think you guys know what happened next.

                  Two years ago I was thinking Taylor Mays would be a great first round pick for the upcoming draft. He went back to school.

                  Do we grab another great defender in the second round?
                  -02-25-2010, 03:52 PM
                • Rambos
                  Seven Round Mock
                  by Rambos
                  I used walterFootball to set the round that the player might be available. I havenít changed my position as to which player Iíd take at the top of the second but hey if we could get one in the second and one in the third Iíd take them both. Hansen in the fourth would be interesting from Cal he and Goff did not have a chance to play much together but he was very productive in his last year. In 2015 Goff and Hansen connected on 19 passes for 241 yards and a touchdown in Hansenís first season.

                  Round 2) JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
                  Height: 6-2. Weight: 215. Arm: 32.88. Hand: 10.5.
                  40 Time: 4.54.
                  Projected Round (2017): 2-3.

                  Round 3) Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
                  Height: 6-3. Weight: 235. Arm: 32.33. Hand: 10.
                  40 Time: 4.42.
                  Projected Round (2017): 2-3.

                  Round 4) Chad Hansen, WR, California
                  Height: 6-2. Weight: 202. Arm: 32.13. Hand: 10.13.
                  40 Time: 4.53.
                  Projected Round (2017): 2-4.

                  Round 4) Kendell Beckwith*, ILB, LSU
                  Height: 6-2. Weight: 252. Arm: 33.
                  Projected 40 Time: 4.75.
                  Projected Round (2017): 3-5.

                  Round 5) Jon Toth, C, Kentucky
                  Height: 6-4. Weight: 308. Arm: 33.13. Hand: 10.
                  40 Time: 5.51.
                  Projected Round (2017): 3-5.

                  Round 6) Orion Stewart, S, Baylor
                  Height: 6-2. Weight: 205.
                  Projected 40 Time: 4.60.
                  Projected Round (2017): 4-6.

                  Round 6) Dwayne Thomas, CB, LSU
                  Height: 6-0. Weight: 186.
                  Projected 40 Time: 4.54.
                  Projected Round (2017): 4-6.

                  Round 7) Kareem Are, G, Florida State
                  Height: 6-6. Weight: 334.
                  Projected 40 Time: 5.19.
                  Projected Round (2017): 5-7....
                  -04-18-2017, 09:20 AM
                • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                  Legarrette Blount-Late Round Flyer?
                  by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                  Mr Blount, Oregon's big bruising back was a second round talent with the ability to crack the first had it not been for that infamous Boise State accident that saw him knocking the grin off some trash talking lineman.

                  With Blount's supposed character issues and in light of the incident, some guys have him falling all the way to the seventh round....and *gasp* perhaps even undrafted!

                  So...the question is, do you take him with one of your sixth or seventh round picks?

                  I say hell mother******* yes. how many seventh round picks are guys that probably should have went undrafted and don't contribute in a big way, if at all.

                  With a talent like that I would take a chance on his character issues. His coaches have said Blount has been trying to repair his image and has been doing the right things to do so.

                  I can think of worse things to do with a seventh round pick then letting a big back with a nasty attitude pound opposing defenses while Jackson rest his legs for another onslaught....

                  Let's hope the whiners trash talk while HE's on the field....

                  GET HERE NAO APRIL DAMN YOU!
                  -02-24-2010, 07:09 PM