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McCoy in Round Two??

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  • McCoy in Round Two??

    Scott Wright at Draft Countdown has the Rams taking Colt McCoy at the top of the second (after Suh with the first pick).

    How would you feel about that??

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    Re: McCoy in Round Two??

    I think Pike is head and shoulders above McCoy in terms of potential.

    Also, if Weatherspoon or Alexander or another big offensive weapon is there I rather have any of them of McCoy.

    McCoy played at Texas with one of the best groups of talent in the country. If that wasn't enough to get him into the top 2 rounds, he really isn't that great. Lacks arm strength and size/body type.

    Also, hard to believe his carefree / timid nature is gonna lead Sjax and the boys.


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      Re: McCoy in Round Two??

      I'm taking a wait and see approach with McCoy. I like his accuracy and mobility, but I want to see how he is evaluated in terms of arm strength. If he passes those tests, I think that would be a good pick at that spot.


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        Colt McCoy?
        by Battering_RAMS
        If we take Suh #1 what do you think the chance of us taking McCoy at #33? How would you feel about him being our future qb? I know little about him and havent seen much of his play.
        -03-04-2010, 03:21 PM
      • Rambunctious
        Colt McCoy hurt?
        by Rambunctious
        Colt was taken out the Championship game. He has his pads off and went to the x-ray room at the Rose Bowl.
        -01-07-2010, 07:08 PM
      • Dominating D
        Colt McCoy
        by Dominating D
        NFL Network reports Rams did not attend Colt pro-day workout. I can only assume that the Rams have no plans to draft a QB in the 2nd round?

        Looks like Bradford is the only QB on the Rams radar?

        Anythoughts as to why the Rams did not attend his pro-day workout?

        Go Rams
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        Rams Work Out Colt McCoy
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        From the PD:

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      • clarasDK
        Are there a chance that Colt McCoy is still there at nr 33?
        by clarasDK
        I am pretty sure that the Rams will take Bradford with the nr 1 pick this year. But in my heart I still hope for some lucky break that will give us Suh and Colt McCoy in the second round.

        I have tried to analyse the first round to see what the chances are for McCoy to slip to the pick nr 33.

        As I see it the QB order is:
        1. Bradford
        2. Clausen
        3. McCoy

        Tebow could be a wildcard that could pop up before Clausen or McCoy. But nobody really has an idea where and to whom Tebow will go.

        That means if the Rams takes Suh only two other teams can take a QB or else Colt will be gone before nr 33.

        Bradford would probably go to the Redskins(4), Seahawks(6) or Browns (7)

        Clausen would probably go to Raiders (8), Bills (9) or Jaguars (10)

        I think most teams would see it as a reach go after Colt McCoy in the top 10.

        From pick 11-20 I only think the Whiners would consider taking him (as they have two picks they could use pick nr 17 to take a chance).

        From 21 - 32 I only see the Vikings having a real QB need.

        Scenario 1:
        So for the McCoy with nr 33 scenario to happen we would have to hope that no one sees him as having top 10 value, That the Whiners don't take a chance on him, that nobody wants to pay for trading up before the Vikings and that the Vikings do not take him.

        I would say the Vikings taking him is the biggest risk here.

        Scenario 2:
        Raiders take the player with the best 40 time or some workout warrior like OT: Bruce Cambell
        Bills go BPA and take a player like Spiller
        Jaguars takes Tebow (that would at least sell some tickets) or another player that they consider to be BPA with nr 10.

        That might lead to Clausen falling to the Vikings who would take him.

        Again in this scenario nobody are allowed to trade up to take McCoy and the Whiners should also keep their hands of him.

        Scenario 3:
        Rams trade up to get him.

        The question is how fare up do we have to go?

        Trade partners coulde be:

        27. Dallas
        They do not have that many big needs in the draft so they could be interested in a trade. Maybe our second pick this year and next year (with option of it being a 1 pick next year instead if Colt McCoy plays well as a rookie)? Or something similar.
        29. Jets
        Same as Dallas

        We could probably also get a deal going with a team like Philly at nr 24 or the Patsies at nr 22 (they love to trade out of the first round). But that would probably be even more costly.

        Maybe we could sweeten a deal with the Patsies by throwing in Carriker who would be good fit as a DE for their 3-4 defence, and they have had problems keeping pressure on their opponenents QB's last year.

        The questions is "is...
        -04-11-2010, 12:59 PM