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  • Mock Draft- Off-Season

    First, here's my predicted free agent signings..

    - Chase Blackburn

    - He's a steady tackler, not much of a pass rusher, but he's consistent all around otherwise. On top of things, he's got a good work ethic, and is familiar with a Spagnulo run defense. At 26, he's still got some upside yet.

    - Leigh Bodden

    - Bodden was New England's best DB in 2009, picking off 5 passes, while racking up 55 tackles and more importantly helping New England improve their pass defense, and was crucial in helping the Pats cut their allowed passing touchdown numbers.

    - Charlie Whitehurst

    Has a good arm with accuracy, good size for the position and has spent his first three seasons in the NFL learning behind one of the NFL's best young QB (Phillip Rivers) and a very good QB developer as Head Coach (Norv Turner).

    Rivers has actually gone on record and said that Whitehurst is overdue for a starting QB opportunity, and stated when he gets the chance, some team will be glad they gave him that shot.

    I view Whitehurst as a low risk, high reward pickup. He likely won't cost much, and if he develops, the Rams have their QB situation solved. If not, it was a low risk signing and they can focus their attentions to adding a QB in the first in next year's draft.


    O.J. Atogwe
    Alex Barron
    Leonard Little

    Lastly.. Bring back Bulger as a backup.

    And.. The draft.

    Round 1
    - Ndamukong Suh

    Suh is just what the doctor ordered for this defense. I think they've already got some pieces in place for future success, Suh will be the addition that could make them that much stronger. Suh, Long and Laurinitis is a very solid core, and one that could be dangerous for years to come.

    Traditionally, teams don't spend #1 overall picks, and the money associated with it on Defensive Tackles.. Then again, Suh isn't your traditional DT.

    Round 2
    - Brandon LaFell

    I think WR is the biggest weakness on the Rams offense. While I like Donnie Avery, they need more.

    I think LaFell could quietly, when it's all said and done, become the best of this class. He has good route running skills and leaping ability; good size; good field vision and body control; has a competitive streak a mile long; is very productive and gets good YPC numbers because of his ability to break tackles and take hits. He's not going to ever win a foot race. He isn't slow by any means, but his timed sped won't ever wow you, however his other intangibles more than make up for the "lack of speed".

    He reminds me a large amount of Dwayne Bowe (and not just because both went to LSU). Bowe has quietly had a very good start to his career in Kansas City, and I see LaFell being just as good.

    Round 3
    - Jerry Hughes
    Texas Christian

    Hughes is a disruptive force who has a non-stop motor, and is capable of getting to the Quarterback each defensive snap.

    He has good athletic skills, a quick burst, good range and has terrific range.

    Hughes was a two time Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Year and has had consecutive seasons with double digit sack totals. While his numbers slightly dropped in 2009, this was mainly in part due to double coverage, which allowed his teammates to get more looks. He was a crucial part in TCU's run to the unbeaten regular season.

    Hughes reminds me a bit of a raw DeMarcus Ware.. It may take a year or two, where he'd be a work in progress, but he has the work ethic to quickly catch on and be another formidible force on the defensive side of the football.

    Round 4
    -John Jerry

    Jerry comes from a pretty good family pedigree. His brother, Peria, was the Falcons' 1st rounder in 2009. His cousins are Dwayne Rudd and Jamarca Sanford.

    Jerry has some versitilty, as he's played both guard and right tackle in college, however he's more suited for the guard position on the next level. Picking him to play guard would be a huge (pun intended) upgrade, as he'd be a physically overpowering mauler at RG and would add another wrinkle to the offensive line.

    Round 5
    - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    While his name is one that may cause some to do serious research, Ansah is a bonafide sleeper and has all the tools of being a future shutdown CB on the NFL level.

    He reads his receiver carefully, and has good instincts. He's got a good read on the QB and flexibility/transition. He's also got prototypical size to make the jump into the next level.

    On the DIII level, teams generally did not throw in his direction. To me, as a CB this is the highest form of praise. He also does not give up much YPC after a completion is made.

    He may never be a guy who racks up big interception numbers, but at his best, if he can adapt to the massive step forward in competition, he will be one of those Corners who is rarely thrown upon, which to me is the true definition of a shutdown CB.

    He reminds me a bit of a Charles Tillman/Nmadi Asomaugh. The biggest challenge will be how he fares against the major step forward in competition, but if he shows ability to hold his own, this could be a diamond in the rough.

    Round 5 #2 (From Philly)
    - Dennis Pitta
    Brigham Young

    Pitta has been a very productive pass catching Tight End at BYU. He's put up over 2,700 yards and 19 TD in three seasons as a starter for the Cougars.

    His blocking is suspect, but his hands and productivity are both to be noticed. He'd be another receiving threat for the passing game and could be a productive one at that.

    I'll do some more research and post Round 6 and 7 later.


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    Re: Mock Draft- Off-Season

    I like all the Fa picks, I am not opposed to giving Whitehurst a chance even though i have never seen him play. He can't be worse then Boller.

    On to the draft, I like it for the most part. I am however wholeheartedly against pick another WR in the draft. We have a few young talented Wr's that are developing on our team(Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Burton) the last thing we need to add is inexperience. I would much rather take a CB or OLB in the second.

    Edit: Spelling


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      Re: Mock Draft- Off-Season


      Really solid post. I'm a big fan of everything you've done here, with one exception addressed below. Great pickup on Whitehurst, I've had my eye on him too, and you've done a good job addressing needs on defense with players who won't command a great deal of cash. Certainly they're toward the higher-end of the players who are projected to be available in FA, well done with these.

      The bottom line, in my opinion, is that we're only really going to be able to afford two or three starting quality free agents free agents if we're going to keep money in the bank for draft picks and for next season, assuming a CBA is reached. I'd be really pleased if the free agent pool were to fall in this way.

      Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
      On to the draft, I like it for the most part. I am however wholeheartedly against pick another WR in the draft. We have a few young talented Wr's that are developing on our team(Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Burton) the last thing we need to add is inexperience. I would much rather take a CB or OLB in the second.

      Edit: Spelling
      I'm with you on this one to a point. Clearly, if the best available talent available when we pick is at wide receiver, or if by some stretch of the imagination a Dez Bryant is to fall into trade-up range, then the Rams should by all means pull the trigger. Team mocks are difficult because you don't get to see who falls 'around' the Rams draft picks and who is consequentially still available. I'm looking for a DE or an OT here (it seems like I've been saying this about the first two rounds of every draft since about 2006) to solidify the trenches. Games are won and lost up front. Personally, I don't see Barron being retained as a RT, I think he'll command a little too much money. With that said, solid choice in round three, Hughes looks like a real boom/bust project, but worth the gamble IMO.


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        Re: Mock Draft- Off-Season

        This looks good. I dont really like your second pick spent on a receiver. I agree totally on Charlie Whitehurst, great acquisition. High reward low risk.


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          Re: Mock Draft- Off-Season

          u wana know something its good. Really good.

          I like the Free Agent signings Bodden might be a little to old thou

          Dont know much about Whitehurst u have forced me to look into him.

          I dont like keeping Little and Barron thou. We are re-building and Little deserves to be on another team. Barron has no discipline and this team is building around discipline.

          I disagree with those that say we have enough young WRs. Lafell fits our system and Spags 4 pillars and Billy Ds "getting bigger more physical." If we plan on having a good QB we need to find a pure possession receiver that our QB can trust on third down. We dont have a sure handed receiver. Laurant Robinson maybe. He needs to prove he can stay healthy. He wasnt healthy in Atlanta or St. Louis.

          Hughes is fine.

          John Jerry is not a 4-pillar player

          DOnt know much about that CB

          Pitta is good.


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          • Ramblin` Ram
            FootballsFuture Mock 1st round draft.
            by Ramblin` Ram
            2010 NFL Mock Draft
            By: Robert Davis | Updated: 10/20

            1.St. Louis - Jake Locker, QB, Washington
            Locker has had a meteoric rise up the draft boards this year, and he should continue to rise with more experience in a pro style attack. He has the best blend of natural talent of any of the QBís this year, along with the toughness and leadership skills. This may be a bit high as of October, but expect Locker to continue to rise and really impress in the post season should he declare.

            2.Tampa Bay - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
            McCoy is a playmaker on the interior line and players like that will always be in high demand. He could draw a lot of attention at the top overall spot, but the Bucs would love to bring in a player that can impact a game from the DT spot like Warren Sapp once did in Tampa.

            3.Kansas City - Eric Berry, DB, Tennessee
            Berry is arguably the best player in this draft, and a player with his versatility would fit in well with any team. He could play any spot in the secondary and be a pro bowl caliber performer. The Chiefs could use some playmaking ability on the offensive side of the ball or a pass rusher on defense, but Berry is too good to pass up at this spot.

            4.Oakland - Everson Griffen, DE/OLB, USC
            Al Davis has shown to take a liking to players from USC and players who have extraordinary speed for their position. Enter Everson Griffen. His speed for a 270+ lber is amazing. He tops the 270lb mark, but has tremendous speed and athleticism and should have no problem standing up and playing in space. Donít rule out another Trojan, Taylor Mays, for the same reasons even if they drafted a safety in the second round last year and Michael Huff appears to be coming on.

            5.Cleveland - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
            Just over a year ago, Cleveland had two highly regarded QBís. Now, theyíre looking for a long term answer as both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn have not been able to take hold of the starting position. There are a lot of needs throughout the roster, but you wonít get anywhere without a QB. Bradford has had shoulder problems, but itís not considered a long term issue.

            6.Tennessee - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
            Suh may not be quite as physically imposing as Albert Haynesworth but he is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line. Suh is very active and can clog running lanes and get into the backfield and disrupt the action.

            7.Detroit - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.
            There is hope in Detroit. A solid draft last year has at least given the Lions hope for the future. Giving last years top overall pick Matthew Stafford blindside protection is a big concern, as Jeff Backus is up there in age and average at best anyway.

            8.Buffalo - Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
            The Bills did a decent job upgrading the talent on the interior offensive line in the...
            -10-22-2009, 08:19 AM
          • Dominating D
            Dominating D 7 round Rams mock draft
            by Dominating D
            Players review from draft unless otherwise noted

            Round 1 Ndamukong Suh DT NEBRASKA

            Ndamukong Suh has become the best player in all of college football. The man can do things that no other can. At times, he looks like Superman swatting flies. Donít pencil him in as the #1 overall pick; put it in permanent marker and laminate it. If the NFL team that has the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft passes up on Suh, it's just because they think their future franchise quarterback is looking them in the face.

            The man is simply incredible. Not a mammoth man like a Terrance Cody, Suh packs a lot of power and natural strength into his 6í 4Ē 305 pound frame and, frankly, college lineman are just no match for the force that is Ndamukong Suh. Possessing a fantastic burst and quickness of the snap, Suh is in your backfield before youíve gotten up in the morning. He regularly beats lineman to the corner on traps and pulls, nullifying the play before itís really even started.

            And just to mix things up, he simply moves you where he wants to go and tosses you aside with sheer beastly strength. His bull rush is better than that of many NFL linemen.
            He is now a finalist for the Lombardi, Outland, Nagurski and Bednarik awards.

            ∑ Recorded season-high nine tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 TFL and 2 PBU in Big 12 North clinching win over Kansas State last Saturday
            ∑ Earned Lott Trophy Impact Player of the Week for the third time this seasonófirst time in history of award a player has won the award three times in one season
            ∑ Leads team with 65 total tackles, 15 TFL, 10 PBU and 20 QB hurries, while adding 6.5 sacks
            ∑ In position to become first defensive lineman in school history to lead Nebraska in tackles in consecutive seasons
            ∑ Only defensive lineman in the country to rank in the top 100 in pass breakups (Suh is 31st)
            ∑ Behind Suh, Nebraska ranks third nationally in scoring defense and pass efficiency defense and eighth in total defense
            ∑ Nebraska defense leads country in passing TDs allowed (4) and opponent red-zone trips (18)

            An elite athlete, Suh has multiple pass rush moves and can spin either way to get free. His hand punch is like a sledgehammer on concrete, keeping blockers away from his body and allowing him to easily disengage to make tackles. His 5.5 TFL and 3 sacks donít tell the whole story but Suh opens things up for the rest of the Husker defense, regularly drawing double-teams and pushing the action towards fellow defenders. He is a presence that needs to be accounted for on every snap.

            He is generally quite instinctive and reads plays quickly. He makes linebacker type plays in the box, on the edges and at the sidelines and will hustle down the line and chase the ball all over. Even when fooled, he has the quickness to get back into the action. His athletic ability also lends him to shifting over at times to the edge and...
            -01-09-2010, 11:10 AM
          • Warner4prez
            Rebuilding a dynasty: The Prez's Mock
            by Warner4prez
            Key Resignings: I'm not sure the number of guys that will be eligible for FA but to reiterate what most everyone else has said, I'll give you some of the key returners.
            1.) OJ Atogwe: Gotta have playmakers in the D-backfield and he's our number 1 guy back there. Almost regardless of the price, pay the man.

            2.) Cliff Ryan: A rising star as far as DT are concerned and a player that will be a cornerstone in our return to building the fearsome foursome.

            3.) Gary Gibson: Showed promise as a rotational player in the absence of Adam Carriker early in the season should be cheap to keep and depth on the D-line is a key to Spagnulo's approach.

            4.) Craig Dahl: Played well enough to keep a back up job while James Butler was injured, makes a solid special teamer and did well as a situational blitzer.

            5.) Mark Setterstrom: O-line will likely be an emphasis in FA and pre-season so keeping Setterstrom makes sense as he can start and perform at an NFL level already.

            (I'm sure there are more that we'll keep, these are just the key mentionables)

            Free Agency: The uncapped year could be a detriment to acquiring young FA's this team will need, but these are a few players that I'm hopefull the Rams will pull in.

            Chris Gocong (OLB): The Rams will be on the prowl for a legitimate playmaker to help shore up long runs. Gocong comes from that Philly D that already shares the genes as Spagnulos' system, and is a pretty solid pass covering LB as well.

            Aaron Kampman (DE/OLB): Had a rough season that ended in injury after the Pack switched to their 3-4 format, but could be on the way out. Packers have plenty of LB depth already with Chillar, Matthews, Hawk et. all.

            Jerious Norwood (HB): Speedster to come in and spell our prized back SJ39. Hope to see him make it over because I'm sure the Rams would rather spend picks elsewhere.

            Tony Scheffler (TE): McDaniels is casting off as many of his malcontents as he can, so hopefully the asking price won't be too steep to grab up a solid pass catching (not dropping) TE.

            The Draft: Much has already been made about this years draft and it's only January. Plenty will happen in the coming weeks and months, but this is just an initial look at what could shake down.

            Pick 1 (3rd): With the 3rd overall pick The Rams select QB Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame. I truly believe that Suh will be a great player, but I also believe that The Bucs will give almost anything to get to him, including both of their 2nd round picks. With 5 picks in the top 3 rounds, we could fast track some rebuilding and still make a few solid moves.

            Pick 2 (33rd): Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri. The Rams steal a great player at the top of the 2nd from their hometown school and a guy who will start straight away. With a possible LB corps of J-Lau and Gocong, we've got a fierce gang.

            Pick 3 (35th):
            -01-17-2010, 07:23 PM
          • Nick
            Kiper Mock Draft 1.0: Rams go quarterback in first round
            by Nick
            Mel Kiper's 2016 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
            Jan 14, 2016
            Mel Kiper Jr.

            Welcome to another draft season. I've been ranking this class officially on the site since May, but I know many of you don't consider draft season officially underway until mock drafts start popping up.

            A few reminders at this (very) early stage in the game. For one, NFL personnel folks are still really early in their evaluations. Nobody has a draft board yet, and we still have postseason all-star games, combine testing, medicals and individual workouts to get through. Drafting for need isn't a great idea in most cases -- GMs really do mean it most of the time when they say, "We took the best player available" -- and I'm especially leery of making need the big issue here. Every team has at least a dozen roster moves to make (and for some, twice that), and there's also free agency. "Need" isn't a clear term yet. Lastly, there could still be an underclassmen or two who decides to jump into the draft. That said, off we go.

            A player with an asterisk next to his name has a year of eligibility remaining. Two asterisks implies two years.

            1. Tennessee Titans

            *Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio St.

            Getting the best defensive lineman in any draft really transcends need. Every team wants great D-linemen, and Bosa has the upside of a star. He's a dominant pass-rusher who piled up 51.0 tackles for loss over three seasons despite running into a steady supply of double-teams, and he's also outstanding against the run. You can move him around on the line at will. The son of a former first-round pick, he comes in ready to contribute.

            2. Cleveland Browns

            *Jared Goff, QB, Cal

            It goes without saying the Browns need to take a hard look at quarterbacks, and Hue Jackson should have the chance to start fresh with someone other than Johnny Manziel. Goff has tremendous talent and upside. He has shown off an NFL arm since he arrived at Cal and has a great mind for the game. He has also shown how resilient he can be, growing with and leading that team at Cal, which would be a great trait in Cleveland.

            3. San Diego Chargers

            *Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

            Ken Whisenhunt is back at offensive coordinator for the Chargers, and the immediate need for this team is going to be figuring out a way to keep Philip Rivers upright. Injuries have decimated the Chargers' offensive line, and adding Tunsil means they get an immediate starter. This kid is a flat-out gifted left tackle prospect, the kind of player who could go No. 1 overall to Tennessee. Get him here and you'll be pleased.

            4. Dallas Cowboys

            DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

            It's rare to find a team picking...
            -01-17-2016, 01:30 PM
          • RamsFan16
            RamsFan16's midseason Mock offseason
            by RamsFan16
            I figured it's midseason, making it the right time for a midseason mock, right? Let's begin!


            - DT Clifton Ryan:
            The dude is starting to become a very good player, for those who watch all the games, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The last 3 weeks he's really clicked. He's in the backfield making plays, and he's plugging up gaps and getting penetration on running plays. He's even showed a few times the ability to rush the passer, with another solid Defensive Lineman, his skills would be nationally known. He's still young and hasn't entered his prime, he's just beginning to touch is potential. He's a cornerstone to our future.

            - CB Jonathan Wade:
            He's a solid Nickelback for us, he's been doing solid this season, nothing spectacular but he's got the size and speed to hang with the faster slot receivers. He again hasn't hit his potential yet and is entering his prime, which should set up for a nice turue with us.

            - S Craig Dahl:
            Craig has been very good for us since joining the Rams. He's arguably been our best performer at safety. Last week really showed us what he can do when early in the game against the Colts, Dahl blew up a toss play in the backfield for a loss of yards, making a great open field tackle. He hasn't been a liability in coverage either, he's not going to be expensive which is a big positive.

            - LB Larry Grant
            He's been solid, he's young and has been decent for us, he'll come cheap and could potentially start at SLB for us.

            - T Alex Barron
            As badly as some of us want him to leave, he hasn't been bad this year, and he hasn't been great. He's not going to demand a lot of money and can provide good depth and potential starting ability again next year. He needs a strong finish to get a decent contract. He's young as well.

            - Richie Incognito
            He's a decent player, and knows the system. He's showed flashes of Pro Bowl talent but has been inconsistent. He's young and could provide starter/depth ability.

            A hard decision, but let OJ Atogwe test the market, he's been a turnover machine the past 2 seasons, but this season he isn't getting them. When he gets turnovers he's good, but when he doesn't, he's bad. He continues to be out of position, take poor angles and miss a lot of tackles while trying to punch the ball out. Someone will probably overpay for him, and I don't want it to be us. He's going to be 30 next year as well.

            RB Kenneth Darby
            TE Randy McMichael
            OG Jacob Bell
            WR Tim Carter
            WR Ruvell Martin
            S David Roach

            Free Agency
            DE Aaron Kampman
            - Most likely wont' be resigning in Green Bay, he's a very good DE in the 4-3 scheme. He can provide some nice help in the Pass Rushing game for us, he's currently in the 3-4 scheme which is not him. A move back...
            -10-27-2009, 11:30 PM