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Whos the qb of 2010?

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  • Whos the qb of 2010?

    Ive been seeing alot of Dan LeFevour, Tony Pike, Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford. What about Sean Canfield, Zac Robinson.

    There's alot of talk going around, and I would like to know who is in the possible lead, or who you would take.

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    Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

    Well we need to wait and see

    But in clanram it looks like Dan Lefevour is in the lead. Many mocks have him

    But i think you need to wait till march and OUs Pro Day if Sam Bradford is healthy there will be a Aaron Curry (BPA) vs. Jason Smith (biggest need) type battle in clanram like there was last year Suh (BPA) vs. Bradford (biggest need).

    Id say no to Tony Pike because he is very similar to Bulger he cannot throw past 15 yards with any accuracy. Like Jevan Snead; Zac Robinson had a horrible year last year. 15 TDs 12INT not good. A major reason is because he did not have Dez Bryant but if he comes to the Rams who will he have? So id say no to him too.


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      Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

      Yeah thats true. But can LeFevour really step in and do a good job?


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        Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

        Personally, I think Bradford is probably the best quarterback of this draft, but most do not want to take him over Suh. People mock LeFevour because then they can take other positions in the first two rounds. I'm less optimistic that he will be there in the third.

        I like McCoy in the second even though he is a gamble, but I haven't made up my mind about Pike.


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          Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

          I think Clausen and Bradford are the only two guys that can come into the NFL and start right away. The problem with Bradford will be how rusty he is after coming back from the injury. I like the way they both perform vs good talented teams and think they both could be good NFL qb's. Sure there are some guys like McCoy and Pike you can get later in the draft who could turn out ok but you never know the draft is a crap shoot. I still wouldnt take a qb 1st overall this year but if I did I think I would take Clausen.
          Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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            Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

            i like lefavour more than the other post-round 1 qbs personally, i'm really interested to see what the organization thinks about these guys.


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              Re: Whos the qb of 2010?

              Bradford might be the most attractive choice, but I still don't know that taking a QB #1 overall is the right play this year; especially considering both top QB's have 'question marks'.

              For myself, I think Pike is still my choice. He has an adequate arm, he's a big guy and can apparently add some bulk to his frame. Plus of the other QB's at the senior bowl, he seemed to handle the pro offense better than the others.


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              • bruce4life
                Am I the only one who is not sold on Bradford.
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                Numbers don't lie. Ya he had a solid year his junior year but he was surrounded by an all-pro NFL calubur o-line. He is a little light and doesn't take hits too well. SHoulder issues and all I feel he is not the best player for our team in the draft.

                Is Bradford that much better than Clausen if Jimmy slips or Pike or McCOy even? I do not think the talent range is that far between these players.

                Suh is the player you have to take based off our BPA need. The team needs players now not a QB that will make mistakes his first couple of years especially since we do not have the talent driven offenses that the falcons and the jets have had for Ryan and Sanchez.
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                Kyle Boller
                Sam Bradford
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