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  • Alternate trade option

    Say for arguments sake the rams like G.McCoy ahead of Suh there isnt apparantly alot between them as both are nfl ready dt's (for the record i think suh is better and yes I have seen his stats and understand that argumeny)

    The rams convince Tampa that they want suh and get trade down with tampa to 3rd and pick up a 2nd and 4th round for arguments sake.

    The rams also convince washington that we want bradford, (as we sit ahead of washington they have to trade up to 2nd to get him) meaning they trade with detroit to get in and steal him from us as it were.

    However we sit pretty at 3rd having traded down and land G.McCoy and have an extra draft picks in the later rounds. I READ this elsewhere and paraphrasing it, to see what people would think. Also this move works if we want clausen as well.

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    Re: Alternate trade option

    the gm's of every team probably go over these scenarios every day. also if we don't want bradford and washington doesn't trade up then that leaves Suh and McCoy off the board with the Rams in a big hole.

    I guess I'm just not a big fan of trading down if McCoy isn't guaranteed to be at the #3 spot plus I like Suh a lot more


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      Re: Alternate trade option

      This would require two trades in the top five, none of which I can recollect happening at any time recently.

      Also it would require us to pull the reverse the double reverse manuever, or something like that, a highly difficult and dangerous psychological trick, which would require us fooling teams and them not fooling us in the process.

      What this means is that this is 99% unlikely, and that there is way too much down time from the end of the season (or for us mid-season because we were forced to start thinking ahead before the end of the season) and the draft for us to ponder such things.


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        Re: Alternate trade option

        I just don't know if that makes sense for detroit; their biggest need is by FAR a DT....Now if Millen was still around I'd say an agrument could be made... but I think its unlikely Detroit trades out of that 2 spot.


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          Re: Alternate trade option

          i dont know how that second trade helps us at all

          why the hell would i care if the red skins get bradford if our whole intentions are to get Gerald McCoy?

          Its not like they are in our division

          But id rather go Suh over McCoy. But im a franchise QB sam Bradford right now.


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            Re: Alternate trade option

            If we wanted GMcCoy and Detroit were at 2 hed be gone


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              Re: Alternate trade option

              To me, the only DT I would consider using our 1st round pick on if we're still in the top 5 is on Suh. I really do not want McCoy if Suh is gone. I would much prefer Bradford, and even Clausen.


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                Re: Alternate trade option

                Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
                To me, the only DT I would consider using our 1st round pick on if we're still in the top 5 is on Suh. I really do not want McCoy if Suh is gone. I would much prefer Bradford, and even Clausen.
                Were on the same page....


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                  Re: Alternate trade option

                  Originally posted by sntlouisrams View Post
                  If we wanted GMcCoy and Detroit were at 2 hed be gone
                  My bad

                  Detroit may may trade to #4 to get russes Okung

                  But alot has to happen for this


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                    Rams Could Trade Down Not Once, But Twice
                    by Guest
                    by Brian Stull
                    While the smokescreen of who Billy Devaney is and isn't talking with continues to thicken, here's a plan to consider as the Rams weigh their options with the number one pick...
                    Trading down not just once, but twice.
                    It's more realistic than you might think and the Rams could still stay in the top four.
                    Most people have assumed that Detroit is going to use the second overall pick to choose Russell Okung (T) out of Oklahoma State to shore up their offensive line and offer some protection for Mathew Stafford.
                    Not a bad train of thought--but are the Lions good enough to pass on a Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy to bolster their defense??
                    If you're Tampa, you can't take that chance. If you want to guarantee that you receive one of the two top defensive tackles you have to trade up--and if you're going to trade, why not go to the top and ensure you have first choice.
                    So, the Rams and Bucs work out a deal to swap 1st and 3rd overall picks with whatever other pick/player combo balances it out.
                    You now have Washington at number four--rumored to be interested in Sam Bradford. Detroit and Tampa both have their young QBs of the future, so there is no concern there. However, even if the Rams sign a veteran free agent, can the Redskins be sure the Rams won't select Bradford at #3??
                    No. So again, Washington needs to work a trade and the Rams can acquire additional picks/players while staying near the top of the draft.
                    Now, you may say that's fine--but if Suh, McCoy, and Bradford are all off the board who's left for the Rams at #4 in this scenario??
                    Lots of options here--talks are ongoing, but a long-term deal with Oshiomogho Atogwe has yet to be reached and Eric Berry is not just a top-rated safety, but a top player overall in the draft. CJ Spiller would be a heck of combo teaming with Steven Jackson.
                    Dez Bryant and all of the wide receivers would be available. Jimmy Clausen, who does have some support at Rams Park, would be on the table.
                    It comes back to answering this question--would the Rams be better with one player forecast to be a can't miss game-changer or by acquiring a handful of very good players that can address the many needs on the team.
                    Looking forward to the scenarios that develop this week at the Combine, will keep you posted on what is--and isn't being talked about.

                    Personally if this were possible I'd trade twice but after alll odds are against this...
                    -02-24-2010, 12:16 PM
                  • sjacksonrules
                    ive been thinking
                    by sjacksonrules
                    I've been thinkin about this what if despags are just acting like they are interested in bradford just to get someone to trade up like say the redskins. Which I think the lions would draft a offensive lineman to protect their investment in qb. So that would leave us with suh or mccoy whoever the bucs didn't get. Just sounds like something they would do seeing as they are saying they would move down in the draft.
                    -03-22-2010, 10:12 PM
                  • Draftniksince1985
                    3-way trade for Suh fans
                    by Draftniksince1985
                    Rams Get
                    #2 overall (Suh), #37 overall (from WAS)

                    Lions Get
                    #4 overall (Okung), #99 & #170 (Rams 4th+6th), WAS*2011 2nd Round Pick

                    Redskins Get
                    #1 overall (Bradford)

                    Rams get best player in the draft, pay less and add an high second round pick.

                    Lions are rumored to be looking to trade down to save money and are likely concidering picking an OT to protect Stafford even at #2. Their reward for moving down comes mostly next year with what should be an early second round pick. Don't forget that the #2 pick has little trade value if the rams select Bradford at #1.

                    WAS, who has historically been willing to spend the money for what they want, get their franchise QB without paying too steeply for trading up.
                    -03-27-2010, 01:46 PM
                  • tomahawk247
                    I think the Rams will draft Suh at no. 1, but wont necessarily keep him...
                    by tomahawk247
                    If the Rams truly do covet a QB, such as Sam Bradford, they may consider a trade down with a team like Tampa Bay to pick up extra picks and still get their guy in the process.

                    However, its known that teams like Washington (at #4) and Seattle (at #6) could also be in the market for a QB.
                    If one of these teams wants a particular QB, they may wish to move up the draft to grab him.

                    So if the Rams do trade down with Tampa before the first pick is made, a team like Washington could easily switch with Detroit and steal the QB the Rams are after. That would leave the Rams in quandary as they would presumably then take someone like Gerald McCoy. Who while still a good DT, wasnt one of the guys they wanted.

                    To prevent this, i believe that if the Rams do want to trade down for a QB, they will do a rights switch after the players have been drafted. The Rams will take Suh at No.1. If Tampa is then in a postion to draft Bradford, they will take him. Only then will the trade take place.

                    If the Rams cant work out a trade, they simply stay at #1 and take Suh. Either way, they either get the guy thats supposed to be the best player in the draft, or the QB that the team wants. But they wont leave themself open to missing the guy they are after.
                    -02-24-2010, 02:49 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    If the Rams trade the first pick, it will go down like this...
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    I don't know if the Rams will trade the first pick. While they may wish to, there's no guarantee that any team will offer fair trade value.

                    That said, if it does happens, there are two things I am confident about:

                    1. It won't happen before draft day; and

                    2. We'll know its coming before draft day.

                    Here's what I'm thinking. If the Rams want Ndamukong Suh, they will almost certainly sign him before draft day. That is one very big advantage of having the first pick, after all, as you can sign your choice in advance and eliminate any concern over a holdout.

                    If draft day arrives and the Rams have not signed anyone, then I think that will be a clear sign that a trade is on the table. The way I see it, the Rams are most likely to entertain a trade if they wish to select Sam Bradford as their first pick. That stated, I don't think the Rams can make the trade in advance for that purpose. Here's why:

                    Detroit, who holds the No. 2 pick, is an unlikely trade partner. In all likelihood, they will simply take Gerald McCoy, rather than giving up draft picks to get Suh.

                    Tampa, who holds the No. 3 pick, is a likely trade partner. They, in all likelihood, covet a player like Suh (who could become their next Warren Sapp, without the pot cloud over his head), and have an extra second round pick to offer as part of a trade.

                    The Rams, however, can't afford to make a pre-draft trade with the Bucs. The reason: Washington. There are reports that Washington is very interested in Bradford, and I have little doubt that Dan Snyder would trade up to No. 2 if he thinks the Rams are planning to take Bradford at No. 3.

                    So, if draft day arrives and the Rams have not made a trade or signed a player, it is likely that the reason would be that Rams have worked out a trade with Tampa that is contingent on Bradford still being on the board at No. 3 (i.e. the Redskins don't trade up in anticipation of a St. Louis/Tampa deal). If he's not, the Rams keep either keep Suh (but, of course, lose the opportunity to sign him in advance), or complete the trade and select someone else at No. 3 (G.McCoy, J.Clausen, D.Bryant, C.J.Spiller, E.Berry are all possibilities under that scenario).

                    Of course, there is another possibility. Washington could work out a trade with Detriot before the draft, and thereby force the Rams to either select Bradford at No. 1 or let him go to the Skins. Such a move, however, would be risky for the Redskins, because, assuming the Rams "fall in love" with Bradford in the next two months, they might just take him at No. 1.

                    In the end, there could be some drama on draft night....
                    -02-09-2010, 08:16 AM