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  • Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

    Tampa Bay trades their 1st (#3), 2nd (#42) and 2011 5th round pick to St. Louis for their 1st (#1).

    1. Tampa Bay (via trade) --- Ndamukong Suh (DT) --- Nebraska
    Suh will continue to get hyped up, and the Bucs will buy into it. In the end, they’ll feel like Suh is the man they need so they go ahead and make the trade. With this selection, they begin remaking their famous Tampa-2 defense, which needs a strong DT.
    2. Detroit --- Gerald McCoy (DT) --- Oklahoma
    The Lions dreams of drafting Suh come crashing down once the Bucs-Rams trade is announced. Instead they have to “settle” for McCoy, who is a perfect fit for their system and a solid DT in his own right.
    3. St. Louis (via trade) --- Jimmy Clausen (QB) --- Notre Dame
    This pick will not be popular among Ram’s fans, but in the end this will be the man Spag’s ends up picking. I believe after the interviews and private workouts that Spag’s will see a franchise QB in Clausen. Now that the QB situation is resolved, it’s time to give him some weapons…
    4. Washington --- Anthony Davis (LT) --- Rutgers
    Anthony Davis? Don’t you mean Russell Okung?! Nope you read it right, I think that after a massive showing at the combine that Davis will slip past Okung to the #1 LT spot on some teams draft boards.

    Buffalo trades their 1st (#9) and 3rd (#72) to Kansas City for their 1st (#5).

    5. Buffalo (via trade) --- Sam Bradford (QB) --- Oklahoma
    With Seattle potentially looking to pick up a QB of the future, the Bills pull the trigger and trade up to snatch Bradford. They now have their franchise signal-caller.
    6. Seattle --- Russell Okung (LT) --- Oklahoma St.
    With both QB’s off the board the Seahawks could go several different ways here. In the end, I think they’ll decide to upgrade their offensive line so that their future QB will be able to stay upright. With this pick they get a solid franchise LT.
    7. Cleveland --- Eric Berry (S) --- Tennessee
    The Browns desperately need some help in their secondary. They could use a shut-down corner, but it’s too hard to pass up on Berry, so instead they get a playmaking safety in the clone of Ed Reed.
    8. Oakland --- Bruce Campbell (LT) --- Maryland
    This would be the logical pick because their O-Line needs some major help. However, as we all know…we don’t know who Davis will end up picking here.
    9. Kansas City (via trade) --- Rolando McClain (LB) --- Alabama
    The Chief’s trade back and still manage to land McClain who is a playmaker, and a leader on defense.
    10. Jacksonville --- Derrick Morgan (DE) --- Georgia Tech
    Very easy pick for the Jaguars, they desperately need some help getting to the opposing QB.

    Tennessee trades their 1st (#16) and 3rd (#78) to Denver for their 1st (#11).

    11. Tennessee (via trade) --- Joe Haden (CB) --- Florida
    With Haden still on the board Tennessee and Atlanta will try and trade up. In the end, Tennessee will win…but only because trading with Atlanta will move Denver too far back.
    12. Miami --- Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB) --- Texas
    A lot of people think this pick will be Bryant, however, Parcells doesn’t like to draft WR’s in the 1st round. Instead, he likes to spend his picks on pass-rushing LB’s.
    13. San Francisco --- Earl Thomas (S) --- Texas
    Gives an immediate upgrade to the ***** secondary; he’s a ball-hawking safety.
    14. Seattle --- Brian Price (DT) --- UCLA
    Seattle could go any number of ways, but I think they’ll pick up a solid DT to help them out on defense. They have a great LB corps, and hopefully Price will help free them up a bit.
    15. New York Giants --- Dan Williams (DT) --- Tennessee
    This pick gives them a run-stuffing DT, his size will allow him to take up a lot of room.
    16. Denver (via trade) --- Mike Iupati (OG) --- Idaho
    Had Denver traded with Atlanta, then Pittsburgh would have been able to snag Iupati. With this pick they get an extremely strong guard who can open up some holes for the running game.
    17. San Francisco --- Trent Williams (RT) --- Oklahoma
    Williams is one of the better offensive tackles in the draft and should allow Smith to have some more time in the pocket.
    18. Pittsburgh --- Bryan Bulaga (LT) --- Iowa
    The Steelers need an upgrade on the offensive line…Bulaga will allow Big Ben to have more time in the pocket.
    19. Atlanta --- Brandon Graham (DE/OLB) --- Michigan
    The Falcons need help on the D-Line and in the Linebacking corps. Graham has the potential to fill in at either of those two spots, and because of his Senior Bowl outing he should be flying up the draft boards.
    Baltimore trades their 1st (#25) and 2011 3rd to Houston for their 1st (#20).

    20. Baltimore (via trade) --- Dez Bryant (WR) --- Oklahoma St.
    Baltimore could really use a good target for Flacco to throw to, and somehow Bryant is still on the board. Feeling the pressure from the Bengals, they trade up to grab Bryant before the Bengals have a chance to.
    21. Cincinnati --- Jermaine Gresham (TE) --- Oklahoma
    With Bryant just barely failing to drop to them, they go ahead and take the next best receiving option in the draft. Gresham gives Palmer a new kind of target, and fills a need.
    22. New England --- Jerry Hughes (DE/OLB) --- TCU
    Hughes is a great 3-4 OLB, and will help the Pats pass-rushing attack.
    23. Green Bay --- Charles Brown (LT) --- Southern California
    Their O-Line was getting torn apart for most of the season and with this pick they give Rodgers a solid LT that he can rely on.
    24. Philadelphia --- Everson Griffen (DE) --- Georgia Tech
    Philly could go several different ways, but I think they’ll end up focusing on the defense. With this pick, Griffen will help increase their pass-rush.
    25. Houston --- Kyle Wilson (CB) --- Boise State
    They could have chosen Wilson at #20, but he’s a better value here. He’ll bring a much needed upgrade to the Texan’s secondary.
    26. Arizona --- Sean Weatherspoon (OLB) --- Missouri
    The Cards manage to land one of the best LB’s in the draft, and a true leader at that.
    27. Dallas --- Chad Jones (S) --- LSU
    I can see his stock rising quite a bit after the combine, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cowboys go after him…if Iupati is off the board.
    28. San Diego --- C.J. Spiller (RB) --- Clemson
    Spiller’s free-fall finally ends here. With LT getting old, the Chargers bring in a fresh set of legs.
    29. New York Jets --- Golden Tate (WR) --- Notre Dame
    Tate is a speedy wide receiver who should give Sanchez a good target to throw to.
    30. Minnesota --- Jared Odrick (DT) --- Penn State
    With one of the Williams potentially retiring, they could use a replacement at this position. Even if William doesn’t retire, it’s nice to get a little youth back at the position.
    31. Indianapolis --- Patrick Robinson (CB) --- Florida State
    Could see them going OT here (such as Ducasse), but I think they’ll end up going with a defensive back.
    32. New Orleans --- Navorro Bowman (OLB) --- Penn State
    They were hoping that Weatherspoon was going to fall to them, but instead they manage to land a solid LB in Bowman.


    33. St. Louis --- Damian Williams (WR) --- USC
    Now that the Rams have their franchise QB, he needs a #1 to throw to. Williams is one of the better all-around receivers in this draft, and he has great route-running skills. He could potentially one day be the Reggie Wayne of the Rams.
    34. Detroit --- Donovan Warren (CB) --- Michigan
    35. Tampa Bay --- Nate Allen (S) --- South Florida
    36. Kansas City --- Maurkice Pouncey (OG/C) --- Florida
    37. Washington --- Vladimir Ducasse (OG/T) --- Massachusetts
    38. Cleveland --- Brandon Spikes (ILB) --- Florida
    39. Oakland --- Brandon Ghee (CB) --- Wake Forest
    40. Seattle --- Tony Pike (QB) --- Cincinnati
    41. Buffalo --- Brandon LaFell (WR) --- LSU
    42. St. Louis (via trade) --- Rob Gronkowski (TE) --- Arizonia
    The Rams continue to give Clausen weapons on offense with this pick. Gronkowski is a great blocker who can buy time for Clausen or open up holes for Jackson. He also has great hands and will be a huge red-zone threat.
    43. Miami --- Terrance Cody (NT) --- Alabama
    44. New England --- Arrelious Benn (WR) --- Illinois
    45. Denver --- Carlos Dunlap (DE) --- Florida
    46. New York Giants --- Taylor Mays (S) --- USC
    47. Carolina --- Jason Pierre-Paul (DE) --- South Florida
    48. New England --- Jon Asamoah (OG) --- Illinois
    49. San Francisco --- Syd’Quan Thompson (CB) --- California
    50. Kansas City --- Jason Fox (OT) --- Miami (FL)
    51. Houston --- Jahvid Best (RB) --- California
    52. Pittsburgh --- Morgan Burnett (S) --- Georgia Tech
    53. New England --- Corey Wootton (DE) --- Northwestern
    54. Cincinnati --- Mardy Gilyard (WR) --- Cincinnati
    55. Philadelphia --- Eric Norwood (OLB) --- South Carolina
    56. Green Bay --- Devin McCourty (CB) --- Rutgers
    57. Baltimore --- Greg Hardy (DE) --- Ole Miss
    58. Arizona --- Daryl Washington (ILB) --- TCU
    59. Dallas --- Kyle Calloway (OT) --- Iowa
    60. San Diego --- Lamarr Houston (DT) --- Texas
    61. New York Jets --- Dominique Franks (CB) --- Oklahoma
    62. Minnesota --- Colt McCoy (QB) --- Texas
    63. Indianapolis --- Selvish Capers (LT) --- West Virginia
    64. New Orleans --- Ricky Sapp (DE) --- Clemson


    65. St. Louis --- Geno Atkins (DT) --- Georgia
    This might be a little high for Atkins, but I believe after his great showing at the Senior Bowl that he’ll be moving up some teams draft boards. Atkins has great penetration skills.

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    Re: Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

    there is no way williams goes ahead all those other 2nd round recievers u have...

    he is short, skinny, and not as good as the rest....I wouldn't even want him in round 3


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      Re: Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

      Out of the other receivers I have going in the 2nd, I could see us picking up Benn...

      LaFell is good, but I don't think he's a #1 wideout...and if we draft a WR I think he needs to be a #1 receiver.


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        Re: Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

        Alexander is leaps and bound better than Williams and is a number 1 reciever


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          Re: Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

          If we take a trade and go QB in the first, then I'd hope we'd take a top DE or LB with our next pick I'd grab Dunlap or Pierre-Paul in a heart-beat at the top of two. Then why not grab D. Thomas at WR with our other second, or even at the top of 3 if you have him falling that far. I think he's a pretty daunting receiver to cover and could make for an incredible target with some work in camp. Still love Arthur Jones though!


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            Re: Complete 2 round draft v 1.0

            Alexander is a projected 3rd/4th round draft pick, he would be a huge reach in the 2nd. He's also been plagued by injuries, although I will admit he is very good. As for Pierre-Paul, I'm not too hot on him...he had one good season and is being hyped up a lot. I think he has a lot of bust potential.

            Dunlap is a possiblity, Thomas is still very raw but he is an option.

            So in the 2nd so far we have:
            - Carlos Dunlap DE
            - Arrelious Benn WR
            - Demaryius Thomas WR

            as options.
            Last edited by sdobbers; -02-16-2010, 09:25 PM.


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            • RamsFanLSUMan
              RamsFanLSUMan's 2007 Mock Draft
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              2007 NFL Mock Draft
              1. OAKLAND RAIDERS - JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
              2. DETROIT LIONS - Gaines Adams DE Clemson
              3. CLEVELAND BROWNS - Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
              4. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
              5. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
              6. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - LaRon Landry S LSU
              7. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
              8. ATLANTA FALCONS - Levi Brown OT Penn State
              9. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
              10. HOUSTON TEXANS - Alan Branch DT Michigan
              11. SAN FRANCISCO ***** - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
              12. BUFFALO BILLS - Marshawn Lynch RB California
              13. ST. LOUIS RAMS - Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
              14. CAROLINA PANTHERS - Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
              15. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Leon Hall CB Michigan
              16. GREEN BAY PACKERS - Michael Bush RB Louisville
              17. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Reggie Nelson S Florida
              18. CINCINNATI BENGALS - Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
              19. TENNESSEE TITANS - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
              20. NEW YORK GIANTS - Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
              21. DENVER BRONCOS - Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
              22. DALLAS COWBOYS - Tedd Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
              23. KANSAS CITY CHEIFS - Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
              24. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
              25. NEW YORK JETS - Chris Houston CB Arkansas
              26. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Paul Posluszny OLB Penn State
              27. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Daymeion Hughes CB California
              28. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Greg Olsen TE Miami
              29. BALTIMORE RAVENS - Anthony Spencer DE/OLB Purdue
              30. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Brandon Meriweather S Miami
              31. CHICAGO BEARS - Zach Miller TE Arizona State
              32. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Sidney Rice WR South Carolina

              ROUND 2
              33. OAKLAND RAIDERS - Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
              34. DETROIT LIONS - Drew Stanton QB Michigan State
              35. TAMPA BAY BUCCANNEERS - Jarvis Moss DE Florida
              36. CLEVELAND BROWNS - Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
              37. CHICAGO BEARS - Trent Edwards QB Stanford
              38. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Josh Wilson CB Maryland
              39. ATLANTA FALCONS - Michael Griffin S Texas
              40. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Ryan Kalil C USC
              41. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Craig “Buster” Davis WR LSU
              42. SAN FRANCISCO ***** - LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
              43. BUFFALO BILLS - Brandon Silar LB Florida
              44. ATLANTA FALCONS - Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii
              45. CAROLINA PANTHERS - Tenard Jackson DB Syracuse
              46. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Marcus Thomas DT Florida
              47. GREEN BAY PACKERS - Marcus McCauley CB Fresno State
              48. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Anthony Gonzales WR Ohio State
              49. CINCINNATI BENGALS - Tank Tyler DT North Carolina State
              50. TENNESSEE TITANS - Antonio Pittman RB Ohio State
              51. NEW YORK GIANTS - Kenny Irons RB Auburn
              52. ST. LOUIS RAMS - Jonathan Wade CB Tennessee
              53. DALLAS COWBOYS - Josh Beekman OT Boston Colle
              -04-27-2007, 12:47 PM
            • Bosna-Ram
              Why did the Rams hit rock bottom in 2009?
              by Bosna-Ram
              List of guys we drafted since 2001:

              Round 1 (12th Overall): Damione Lewis, DT, Miami (FL)
              1 (20): Adam Archuleta, SS, Arizona State
              1 (29): Ryan Pickett, DT, Ohio State
              2 (42): Tommy Polley, OLB, Florida State
              3 (83): Brian Allen, OLB, Florida State
              4 (116): Milton Wynn, WR, Washington State
              4 (129): Brandon Manumaleuna, FB, Arizona
              5 (145): Jerametrius Butler, CB, Kansas State
              6 (197): Francis St. Paul, WR, Northern Arizona
              SelectionsRound 1 (31st Overall): Robert Thomas, LB, UCLA
              2 (64): Travis Fisher, CB, Central Florida
              3 (84): Lamar Gordon, FB, North Dakota State
              3 (95): Eric Crouch, WR, Nebraska
              4 (130): Travis Scott, G, Arizona State
              5 (167): Courtland Bullard, LB, Ohio State
              6 (205): Steve Bellisari, QB, Ohio State
              7 (243): Chris Massey, FB, Marshall
              Round 1 (12th Overall): Jimmy Kennedy, DT, Ohio State
              2 (43): Pisa Tinoisamoa,LB, Hawaii
              3 (74): Kevin Curtis, WR, Ohio State
              4 (106): Shaun McDonald, WR, Arizona State
              4 (107): DeJaun Groce, CB, Nebraska
              5 (148): Dan Curley, TE, Eastern Washington
              5 (170): Shane Walton, S, Notre Dame
              5 (172): Kevin Garrett, CB, Southern Methodist
              6 (184): Scott Tercero, G, Cal
              7 (251): Scott Shanle, LB, Nebraska
              7 (254): Richard Angulo, TE, Western New Mexico
              Round 1 (24th Overall): Steven Jackson, RB, Oregon State
              3 (91): Anthony Hargrove, DE, Georgia Tech
              4 (130): Brandon Chillar, LB, UCLA
              5 (158): Jason Shivers, S, Arizona State
              6 (201): Jeff Smoker, QB, Michigan State
              7 (237): Erik Jensen, TE, Iowa
              7 (238): Larry Turner, G, Eastern Kentucky
              Round 1 (19th Overall): Alex Barron, T, Florida State
              2 (50): Ron Bartell, CB, Howard
              3 (65): OJ Atogwe, S, Stanford
              3 (81): Richie Incognito, C, Nebraska
              4 (117): Jerome Carter, S, Florida State
              4 (134): Claude Terrell, G, New Mexico
              5 (144): Jerome Collins, TE, Notre Dam
              6 (192): Dante Ridgeway, WR, Ball State
              6 (210): Reggie Hodges, P, Ball State
              7 (250): Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Harvard
              7 (251): Madison Hedgecock, FB, North Carolina
              Round 1 (16th Overall): Tye Hill, CB, Clemson
              2 (46): Joe Klopfenstein, TE, Colorado
              3 (68): Claude Wroten, DT, LSU
              3 (77): Jon Alston, LB, Stanford
              3 (93): Dominique Byrd, TE, USC
              4 (113): Victor Adeyanju, DE, Indiana
              5 (144): Marques Hagans, WR, Virginia
              7 (221): Tim McGarigle, LB, Northwestern
              7 (242): Mark Setterstrom, G, Minnesota
              7 (243): Tony Palmer, G, Missouri
              Round 1 (13th Overall): Adam Carriker, DT, Nebraska
              2 (52): Brian Leonard, RB, Rutgers
              3 (84): Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee
              5 (139):...
              -04-10-2011, 02:00 PM
            • bigredman
              What did you do for the 4th of July?
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              My wife and I decided to go on a motorcycle ride. Rode into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Spent the night in a town called Hangtown to watch fireworks and visit a new Indian casino called the Red Hawk. We had a blast. Here's some photos.





              8000 FEET AND CLIMBING





              -07-05-2009, 03:56 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Av's Preseason Picks
              by AvengerRam_old
              Here are my preseason picks (division winners in bold; wild card teams in italics):

              AFC East
              New England 11-5
              Buffalo 8-8
              N.Y. Jets 6-10
              Miami 4-12

              AFC South
              Indianapolis 11-5
              Jacksonville 10-6
              Tennessee 7-9
              Houston 7-9

              AFC North
              Pittsburgh 11-5
              Cleveland 10-6
              Baltimore 6-10
              Cincinnati 5-11

              AFC West
              San Diego 12-4
              Denver 8-8
              Oakland 7-9
              Kansas City 3-13

              NFC East
              Dallas 11-5
              Philadelphia 10-6
              N.Y. Giants 9-7
              Washington 7-9

              NFC South
              New Orleans 10-6
              Tampa Bay 9-7
              Carolina 8-8
              Atlanta 2-14

              NFC North
              Minnesota 12-4
              Green Bay 8-8
              Detroit 7-9
              Chicago 4-12

              NFC West
              Seattle 10-6
              St. Louis 9-7
              Arizona 9-7
              San Francisco 5-11

              SUPER BOWL: San Diego defeats Minnesota

              -08-21-2008, 12:37 PM