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Chargers look to trade Cromartie

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  • Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    The Chargers are entertaining the possibility of trading CB Antonio Cromartie this offseason, according to a league source.

    Cromartie, a first-round draft pick by the Chargers in 2006, posted an NFL-high 10 interceptions in 2007, but he has just five since.

    On Wednesday, Cromartie lost a grievance filed by his former agent, Jason Fletcher, in New York, according to a league source. NFL arbitrator Roger Kaplan was appointed to handle the grievance, and he awarded Fletcher at least $32,000 in back fees.

    Cromartie is now represented by Gary Wichard.
    What do you think the chargers will get for him?

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    Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    nothing from us he doesn't know the meaning of physical and thats how Spags likes his corners


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      Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

      It's going to be tough to get a whole heck of a lot, since this is probably one of the most recent things on everyone's mind when thinking about Cromartie...

      YouTube - Antonio Cromartie WTF are you doing?

      People criticize the Rams for taking Tye Hill instead of this guy, but aside from one great season, he's not done that much in the league either at this point. Perhaps 2006 wasn't a good year to try getting a cornerback...


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        Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

        I think he is a solid cover corner. Maybe not much of a tackler but he is paid for INT's and coverage not tackles. Either way we wouldn't have much to give up for him. As they want a RB from what I hear. We have enough trouble looking for a 2nd RB.


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        • RamsSB99
          Cornerback Cromartie on the trading block?
          by RamsSB99
          By Kevin Acee

          Posted 2:24 p.m. Monday March 2, 2009

          The Chargers will put cornerback Antonio Cromartie on the trading block if they acquire Drayton Florence, according to league sources.
          That would complete a remarkable circle for the two players. Cromartie replaced Florence as a starter in 2007.
          After Cromartie made a team-record 10 interceptions in '07, Florence was allowed to leave via free agency. He signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But he was released last month and notified the Chargers through his agent he would like to return. The sides are talking now.
          Cromartie suffered a serious slide in production in 2008. He suffered a hip injury in the season opener and had just two interceptions. If he is not traded, 2009 is considered a make-or-break year for him with the Chargers.
          Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith would neither confirm nor deny his plans regarding the two cornerbacks.
          -03-02-2009, 06:01 PM
        • r8rh8rmike
          Tomlinson: Philip Rivers Has Lost Faith In Chargers
          by r8rh8rmike
          Tomlinson: Philip Rivers has lost faith in Chargers

          By Gregg Rosenthal
          Around The NFL Editor
          Published: April 20, 2015 at 08:02 p.m.

          Philip Rivers is at the center of the most fascinating storyline of the offseason. But the Chargers quarterback isn't leaving San Diego yet, and its business as usual around the Chargers for now.

          Rivers was at the start of the offseason training program Monday, NFL Media's Alex Flanagan reported. New Chargers receiver Steve Johnson, for one, said he was looking forward to catching Rivers' passes on Tuesday. But will Johnson still be catching his passes in Week 1?

          One of Rivers' most notable former teammates, NFL Media's LaDainian Tomlinson, doesn't think so.

          "You never want to trade your franchise quarterback. You know that's never the case. However, in this situation, they might have no choice but to do so," Tomlinson said Monday on NFL Network's NFL Total Access. "Because I don't know if Philip (Rivers) wants to be there anymore. I think he has lost confidence in the organization. He's seen a lot of changes going on and the L.A. thing is valid. Him not wanting to go to L.A. is very valid."

          Tomlinson points towards a larger divide between the quarterback and the organization than just a potential move up Interstate 5.

          "The parts around him keep on moving. The receiver corps keeps on changing. Eddie Royal is now gone," Tomlinson noted. "We talked about this before with Vincent Jackson leaving years ago. There are so many parts that are leaving. When Philip is looking around in that locker room and he doesn't see anyone that he's familiar with other than Antonio Gates.

          "Now to that point, Antonio Gates next year is a free agent, Eric Weddle is gonna be up. Next year the Chargers have a lot of decisions to make with a lot of key guys. So Philip could be looking at the situation and thinking 'we're not close to winning a championship anytime soon.' "

          That can't be easy for Chargers fans to read. Kevin Acee of the U-T San Diego also wrote last week that it's time to trade Rivers, indicating that Rivers could retire before he played in Los Angeles. Tomlinson's words echo the notion that Rivers wants out.

          Rivers declined to speak to the media on Monday, but the message coming from San Diego is unmistakable.
          -04-20-2015, 07:17 PM
        • Rambos
          Chargers looking to trade first round pick 27th
          by Rambos
          Chargers want to save money and add more picks, heard this on NFLN. Any interest? What would it cost to move up and get that spot? Would a 3rd and 4th do it?
          -03-12-2008, 09:17 AM
        • RamDez
          Rams Trade for Austin Ekeler ..................... (click bait)
          by RamDez
          Rams Trade for Austin Ekeler Proposed by Media; What Do Chargers Get?

          Austin Ekeler is an unhappy star running back with the Chargers. Is there a trade idea that merits him being called a "potential fit'' for the Los Angeles Rams?
          • MIKE FISHER
          • MAY 16, 2023 2:00 PM EDT
          Throughout this offseason, Austin Ekeler has expressed disappointment at where his contract leaves him ... causing him to want to leave Los Angeles.

          Or, at least, to leave the Chargers, who seem content to sit on his existing four-year, $24.5 million deal that takes him through 2024.

          And the Chargers have even granted him permission to seek out a deal, which now has a media trade proposal that would bring him "across the hall'' to the Los Angeles Rams.
          Chargers general manager Tom Telesco recently said via The Rich Eisen Show that “Nothing’s changed. His situation is unique. I completely understand that which is why we kind of allowed them to kind of look and see if there was something out there available. We had no intent, no interest of trading him, but, fully knowing his situation, said go ahead and do it.”

          And why didn't that exploration go anywhere? Speculation has it that the Chargers might want a first-round pick in exchange for a deal - or that at least that's what they wanted before the most recent NFL Draft.
          But now? What is in it for the Chargers - who consider themselves contenders - to lose a star player in Ekeler, who is playing on a cheap deal (about $6 million this year) while having to wait a year for the replacement payoff (in the 2024 NFL Draft)?

          Meanwhile, while the Rams could certainly use the talent ... why do they need to "shoot their shot'' at adding a player to a team that essentially admits it in a rebuilding year ... with Ekeler coming into this locker room still unhappy about his contract?
          The Rams could of course reward him with a handsome new deal, except that goes against everything that GM Les Snead has revealed about the team's plans to re-fortify themselves in a cap-friendly way.

          The Rams have Cam Akers and they drafted Zach Evans out of Ole Miss for a reason. Maybe when we get to the October trade deadline and, in what would be a surprise, the Chargers are a non-contender while the Rams are vying for a playoff berth, this "proposal'' merits another look. But right now? It's a "potential fit'' for neither team.
          -05-18-2023, 12:37 AM
        • Rip32
          Chargers Shopping Edwards And Others
          by Rip32
          The Chargers are reportedly shopping LB Donnie Edwards.

          It takes a lot to make Chargers fans mad, but this on top of Drew Brees would do it. Safety Hank Milligan and safety Sammy Davis are also reportedly on the trade market, which means they are all at risk to get cut after June 1st.

          I would love Edwards or Sammy Davis,It will be interesting to see if the Rams seriously look at anyone who gets cut on June 1st
          -04-12-2006, 01:28 PM