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Rich Tree Rams' Mock Offseason - Pre-Combine

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  • Rich Tree Rams' Mock Offseason - Pre-Combine

    Yeah, Yeah I fell victim and drew up a mock offseason for the Rams.

    It is so hard because we don't know the deal with the CBA yet, but here's what I did. I wanted to avoid trading draft picks.


    Round 1 - Ndamukong Suh (DT) <---Beast
    Round 2 - Tony Pike (QB) <---Huge Potential/NFL Body
    Round 3 - George Selvie (DE) <--Great Athelte/Rusher
    Round 4 - Danario Alexander (WR) <--Freak Athelticism
    Round 5 - LeGarrett Blount (RB) <--Power and attidue on offense
    Round 5 - Adrian Tracy (OLB) <-- Looks good on the outside
    Round 6 - Shawn Lauvao (OG) <-- Size and Depth
    Round 7 - Casey Nips (OT) Huge guy out of South Dakota St
    Round 7 - Ryan Perrillooux (QB) <--High Risk/High Reward

    Free Agents

    Michael Vick (QB) -- Start while Pike is grooming
    Tony Scheffler (TE) - True West Coast TE
    D.J Ware (RB) - Great change of pace back
    Ellis Hobbs (CB) - Nickel Corner if Wade can't do it
    Carlos Rogers (CB) - Out of Favor in Washington/good talent
    Clint Ingram (OLB) - Needs to be in 4-3 / Jax plays 3-4
    Antonio Pierce (OLB) - Vetern leadership

    **Julius Peppers (DE) -- I left him out to be realistic but obviously he would be perfect here.


    Victor Adeyanju
    O.J. Atogwe
    Craig Dahl
    Clifton Ryan
    Leonard Little - if no peppers
    Alex Barron - If we gotta

    Overall, I think this would be a great off-season. We have high draft picks, a new owner, and money to spend. Lets do it.

    I think I have addressed all our issues. The only area that I struggled with is Offensive Tackle. I really don't want Barron but don't know where to get a servicable Right Tackle without overspending in free agency. I could see drafting one earlier if we love a guy that slips in the draft.

    I didn't want to summarize each player until we know about CBA and post combine.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Re: Rich Tree Rams' Mock Offseason - Pre-Combine

    theres no way we would get any one of those guys you have for the free agents. the rams never go out of the way in free agency. usually they pick up some o lineman who never stay health for a full season. hell anyone they usually get in free agency usually turns into a injury case. they would never get peppers their not gonna spend the kind of money that peppers wants. but i like your whole mock draft we all know their gonna take suh at #1. i think they need help at wide reciever more then they need to draft a quarterback in the second round. we just need that big play wide out they should bring back holt and draft a big play wide out. cause donnie avery and the rest of the receivers dont have really any big play ability. but definatly like the mock draft minus tony pike gotta stick with bulger and if they did take a quarterback it would have to be superman Tim Tebow!


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      Re: Rich Tree Rams' Mock Offseason - Pre-Combine

      I disagree Tony Pike has an NFL body. He's a twig.


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        Re: Rich Tree Rams' Mock Offseason - Pre-Combine

        He is big and can see over defenses like brady.

        He obviously needs to fill out alot, but the size, Height, and pocket pressance is there.

        but he is a


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        • sosa39rams
          SOSA's MOCK DRAFT v2.0!!!!
          by sosa39rams

          O.J Atogwe- There should be no hesitation here. Pure ballhawk.
          Craig Dahl- Proved he is a reliable backup.
          Gary Gibson- Good depth.
          James Hall- Good depth and a experienced player.
          Leonard Little- Great mentor, part of our D Line rotation.
          Cliff Ryan- Showed he can be a starting DT, and developed very well.

          Free Agency:

          Ray Edwards: Improved alot over they years and is a great DE.
          Dunta Robinson: Proved to be a starting CB and an improvement in the secondary.
          Tony Scheffler: Great TE, and good redzone threat.
          Jerious Norwood: Reliable backup and change of pace for SJAX.
          Antonio Bryant: Capable of coming here being a #1 WR, and good mentor.


          Round 1: Ndamukong Suh -> Should be no hesitation to grab this guy.
          Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon -> Great OLB and immediate starter.
          Round 3: Dan LeFevour -> Really good QB.
          Round 4: Max Young -> Could come start at RT.
          Round 5: Depth at LB.
          Round 6: Depth at DE
          Round 7: Depth at Oline.

          -01-27-2010, 05:24 PM
        • sosa39rams
          SOSA's MOCK DRAFT v1.0!!!!
          by sosa39rams

          Cliff Ryan- Developed very well and will be a key to rams run stop D.
          Leonard Little- Great mentor, and nice to have around as back up(unless to much money demanded).
          O.J Atogwe- Total ballhawk and anchors our secondary (MUST GET!)
          Craig Dahl- Showed alot of great LOS playing, good reliable back up and stops the run well.
          Gary Gibson- Showed great flashes; before injury

          Free Agency:

          Ray Edwards(Vikings): Great DE and would be a key pick up. Would help alot with pass rush and good run stop.
          Jerious Norwood(Falcons): Great compliment and change of pace for Steven.
          Tony Scheffler(Broncos): Very good recieving and blocking tight end. Good redzone threat.


          Round 1: Ndamukong Suh DE: Should be no hesitation, great run stopper and amazing pass rusher. Will compliment the entire Defense.

          Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon OLB: Very intelligent and quick linebacker. Would be immediate starter and would fit well into our scheme.

          Round 3: Tony Pike or Dan LeFevour (who ever is available) QB: Both very similar in play. Good release, great accuracy and arm strength and can use their legs to make plays.

          Round 4: Sam Young OT: Great footwork and considered a steal this late.

          Round 5: Depth at WR
          Round 6: Depth at DE
          Round 7: Depth at CB

          What do you guys think?
          -01-20-2010, 07:37 PM
        • BarronWade
          Here is different perspective on the Rams mock draft!
          by BarronWade
          IMO an OT is a lock for us with the 2nd pick. Before anyone enlarges the word lock just remember i said IMO. Anyway other that the 2nd pick i put together a mock draft that is different from all the mocks ive read. I tried my best to put players that other mocks did not project for us. REMEMBER i am aiming for a different prospective. I just want to know what u guys think about this draft.

          Round 1: Eugene Monroe OT
          Round 2: Jarron Gilbert DE/DT
          i know what ur all thinking but Justin Tuck is a great DL that can play DE and DT which works well gor spags. Did i just say Justin Tuck i meant Jarron Gilbert im always getting those 2 confused.
          Round 3: Rashad Jennings RB
          We just signed Jason Brown so that tells you we are going to run up the middle we get a RB that is 6-1 230 pounds. He is the perfect #2 back. He can catch well and block. He is also durable enuff to take over if Action Jackson goes down. Did i mention Jennings is fast for a guy his size so he can fill in that Change of pace.
          Round 4: Antonio Appleby MLB
          Okay the only one I can recall that has appleby is AvengerRam. Few weeks ago i was picking this guy as our undrafted rookie but as AV put his stock is rising and because we havnet addressed a MLB yet appleby is our guy unless Tyronne McKenzie is there.
          Round 5: Brandon Tate WR
          Okay this guy is not the tall WR we are looking for he is about 6-0. But he is a good return man. He also can leap for the ball to make for the height. THis guy is also good at seperation. So since i did not address it yet here it is a WR that can play the slot.
          Round 6: Graham Harrell QB
          I just dont see why everyone is so high on Brandstater. I think Harrell just needs some coaching. But he makes real good decision and that can pay off in the WCO.
          ROund 7: Victor Toal OLB
          THis guy can add depth at OLB spot. He had 21.5 TFL last year and 12 sacks this guy can get into the backfield.
          -03-26-2009, 01:45 PM
        • sakl18
          Sakl18's Mock Draft
          by sakl18
          Here is my Rams mock draft as of 08/02
          • 1.01 - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska - Enough said.
          • 2.01 - Jahvid Best, RB, California - An explosive runner who would be the perfect complement for SJax, keeping him healthy and extending his career by several seasons. Also brings a much needed home run threat to the offense.
          • 3.01 - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan - A developmental QB with a good arm and great mobility. Has tremendus potential and will take the helm of the offense in 2 or 3 years.
          • 4.01 - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A monster of a tackle with surprising agility. Has the ability to start immediately at right tackle and be a dominant force on the right end for years to come.
          • 5.01 - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami - Converted basketball player with great height and agility. Has the potential to be the next Antonio Gates.
          • 5.24 - Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State - An athletic freak with a great work ethic and tremendous upside. Could possibly gain the starting role opposite David Vobora.
          • 6.01 - Devin Ross CB, Arizona - Has a surprising amount of potential for a late round pick. Will provide much needed depth at CB.
          • 7.01 - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher.
          • 7.19 - Guard depth.

          Let me know what you think, and don't hold back on any criticism.
          -02-08-2010, 03:29 PM
        • RAMarkable
          RAMarkable's S.O.S. Mock 1.0
          by RAMarkable
          The S.O.S stands for Save our Spags. As it is not much of a stretch at this point to say that the Rams will finish at 1-15 this year, I have used this assumption to arrive at a mock that I believe is reasonable not only for next year but also for the future going forward.

          Therefore I submit the following for your consideration:

          Round 1. Ndamakong Suh DT Nebraska Surprise!! Well, not really. This is about the closest thing to a perfect storm for the Rams as the probable best player in the draft also fills a huge need.

          Round 2. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri A new 'Spoon to replace the old departed one. Rams continue to strive to beef up their front seven with an athletic playmaker from right in their backyard.

          Round 3. Ciron Black OT LSU A senior veteran of the SEC wars and a 3 year starter. It is my assumption that Jason Smith will move to the left tackle spot (Buh-Bye Baby Alex) and this will open up a spot at the right tackle position. Most likely A. Goldberg will start the season but by week 5 or so expect Mr. Black to grab the job.

          Round 4. Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State Steven Jackson is on pace for about 350+ touches this year and that is way too much. At 235 lbs. Dixon can hopefully take some of the load off #39 and yet keep the Rams running the same kind of power-based run attack that Spags has said he wanted from the get go.

          Round 5. Sean Canfield QB Oregon State With his excellent senior year Canfield has shot up draft boards and could be a candidate for developmental QB behind Bulger next year. At this point I'd be content to let Canfiled fight it out with Boller and Null and see what happens.

          Well that's it for now. The 6th and 7th rounds will be added to a future mock as we get further along in the process.

          WHAT SAY YE?
          -12-15-2009, 10:37 AM