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trading our #1 pick?

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  • trading our #1 pick?

    Rams general manager Billy Devaney said he was open to trading the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft when he joined Peter King and Carl Banks on NFL Sirius Radio on Tuesday morning.
    Devaney, who took the Rams’ GM job two years ago, realizes the team has a long way to go after finishing 1-15 last season. And if trading draft picks helps, then he’s willing to do it.
    “We’re still in the process of putting this thing together,” Devaney said. “We’re looking for picks. We really need to continue to restore this roster. We started that process two years ago, and we still have a ways to go yet. We’re not kidding anybody. So sure, we would be open to acquiring more picks.”
    On Monday, Devaney denied Internet reports that the team was discussing a trade to send the No. 1 pick to the Buccaneers in exchange for first- and third-round selections and QB Josh Johnson.
    Devaney said Tuesday that the team’s scouts are pretty much done with evaluations after visiting schools, and coaches are in the process of watching tapes of prospects. This week, they will find out about the medical and mental attributes of players at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

    This is showing me that we might just actually do this.
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    Re: trading our #1 pick?

    I now what Devaney said, but he's just playing the game. If he comes out and says "NO" we are not going to trade the #1 pick he shuts off all possible suitors. So by saying he's open to the idea just keeps the phone lines open to field any offers that might come about. Who knows maybe he'll get an offer he can't refuse.

    I hope we don't trade the pick. I'd like to see us use the picks that we have and bring in a free agent or 2.
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      Re: trading our #1 pick?

      Perfectly said, never thought of it that way. And yeah im totally with you. I would love to draft Suh and grab a few FA's.


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        Re: trading our #1 pick?

        I would be happy with either drafting Suh at #1 or moving down to #3 and drafting a QB, assuming we'd receive reasonable value for doing so. Staying at #1 and drafting a QB, however, would not make any sense to me.

        The key here is posturing, because TB only has a serious incentive to move up to #1 if they think we're going to take Suh. And we will only be content to move down to #3 if we're happy with taking a QB. The only scenario where a trade makes sense for both teams is if the Rams would take Suh at #1 but are only mildly more impressed with Suh than either QB.

        For that reason, I would not be surprised if TB waited until we drafted somebody at #1 and tried to pull off a trade at that point. Doing so would enable them to call our bluff if we took a QB @ #1, while still allowing them Suh if we did draft him.
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          Re: trading our #1 pick?

          im pretty sure any trade of that 1st pick would be a draft time decision too..

          when we pick Suh..boy that phone is gonna be on fire!!!


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            Re: trading our #1 pick?

            Man I love suh. I pray to God we do not pass up on him. He may not be our "qb" but he is a playmaker and a hard worker. He is at an all time low of fat % and is also doing combine drills. The man has nothing to hide and hes clearly been training real hard all his life for this opportunity. I think he deserves it!