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  • Highly mobile QBs

    It would seem our Gm has an eye of these types, if there is any truth to the rumors we have interest in both Vick and/or Johnson.

    I ask you guys, what QBs in the draft play this style using high mobility to make plays along with there arm,and in what rounds do you think they will go.

    Carriker this is the year!

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    Re: Highly mobile QBs

    A lot of them actually have good mobility. Starting on this list, you're probably seeing guys start from the 3rd (imo) all the way through --> undrafted. Mostly middle round guys. If someone like McCoy, Tebow, LeFevour gets picked up before the 3rd, well imo, that's too early.

    First there is Colt McCoy. Leading rusher on the Longhorns last year, 2nd leading rusher this year. Not so much by design as it was by default. Their spread offense and lack of a running attack really caused this to happen, along with some other things. He has some wheels though.

    An even better runner imo is Dan LeFevour. He seems to want to bring it down and take off with it a little more often than McCoy did on the college level. That might need some work. He can definitely move his feet though and can make people miss in the open field. Has some quicks too.

    Jarrett Brown is another guy who can move if needed to. He is actually pretty elusive in the pocket as well and has a big arm. He took over where Pat White left off last year at WVU but he's a much different talent all the same. Especially when it comes to body type. He's one of the bigger guys on this list.

    Can't make a post about mobile QB's without Tim Tebow. His story shouldn't be new though. Much different mobile runner than the rest listed however. Not going to make guys miss in the open field. Probably won't be very effective at all in anything at the next level that's not short yardage.

    John Skelton is huge but surprisingly mobile in the pocket. He was able to move around and buy some time at Fordham to get plays to develop. He wasn't shy about taking the ball down and picking up some yardage with his feet either. Much like Tebow though I expect this to get minimized at the next level.

    Darryl Clark. Not the same kind of runner as a lot of other guys on this list. However he has displayed the ability to be pretty mobile. He has good feet. He's light on them and not afraid to take it to the end zone if nothing else has opened up.
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      Re: Highly mobile QBs

      What proof do we have the GM covets mobility in a QB? Other than internet rumors of course. This reminds me of last summer when people kept saying Spags was going to run the west coast offense even though he kept saying he was going to be a run pounding offense. Since it was on the internet he was going to run the WC offense, it obviously must be true.


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        Re: Highly mobile QBs

        Thanks Ramzee, good info.


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        • npow81
          Where there's a will...there's a....
          by npow81
          Tim Tebow???? Really wait what am I doing

          OK. First off I cannot believe I am saying this. Trust me, I am the absolute last person that I thought would be saying (believe me the LAST).

          I have previously scoffed at any indication that we or anyone else should take Tim Tebow anywhere before the fourth round, basically considering the notion of it proposterous given the bevy of transitional problems that Tebow presents.

          However, I watched some of his interviews at the Senior Bowl, and one thing is so clear it can not be denied, Tebow makes you believe that if there is any possible, conceivable way that he can be a successful NFL qb, that he will do it.

          While this is admirable, it alone, by no means makes you an NFL qb.

          Interviews notwithstanding after the Senior Bowl, I left basically in the same position I was before, and his performance did nothing to disprove my long-standing belief that he was NOT an NFL qb. It just did not seem possible to me that he could discard all his bad habits and limitations in order to be a successful NFL qb.

          However, the recent news that he is diligently trying to transition, and willing to do whatever it takes to change and make those transitions, makes me believe that maybe this whole Tebow as an NFL qb thing might be possible.

          This willingness to change, and unbelievable work ethic is truly unique and separates Tebow from almost everyone before that has been unsuccessful due to transitional problems in that he is willing, and ready to do whatever possible to ensure success, and does not cling to the fact that he was a Heisman winner or that doing what he had been doing his life and been successful thus far.

          Being a man of the law, I'll use a legal reference

          For Clausen and Bradford, most PRESUME they will be successful, and that presumption is attempted to be overcome be positions of doubt. In the end, attempting to overcome the presumption is usually not successful.

          For Tebow, most PRESUME, that he will but unsuccessful, and that presumption is attempted to be overcome by positions, to show he will be successful. In the end, again it is difficult to overcome this position.

          So I guess my point is maybe we shouldn't presume Tebow will be unsuccessful and take and intermediate position that Tebow's transition to the NFL MIGHT be possible, so I return to my previous position, that if it is possible, Tebow might, just might, be able to make it happen.

          In the end, I say we proceed in the following manner

          If Tebow's mechanics, etc. show significant improvement before the draft (and we should bring him in for private workouts as much as possible) we strongly consider taking him at the top of the second.

          If Tebow shows moderate improvement, we strongly consider taking him in the third.

          If only minor improvement, we consider taking...
          -02-23-2010, 02:35 AM
        • denverram
          Big 12 QB's
          by denverram
          We have 3 of the best College QB's in the nation in the Big 12, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniells. Will any of these QB's make a good pro? I think the Rams are in a fine position to take one of these guys, sit him behind Bulger for a year or two and then let him play. Bulger is coming to the end and all though I like him, I think we can get better at that position and I would rather get someone and develope him then draft whoever is available at the time.

          I know we have OL issues but I think we need to look at 2 of these because thay are fantastic! Daniells and McCoy are both mobile enough to move(Bradford not so much) and escape which is key in today's NFL. We then look at O Line in the 2nd and 3rd round.

          I know McCoy is just a junior but I think he will probably come out.

          What says the clan?

          -10-07-2008, 02:45 PM
        • eric2810
          Where's the Love for Colt?
          by eric2810
          24/40, for 340 yards passing yards, 60% Completion, 4 TD's
          18 att for 175 yards rushing. 1 TD

          Those were Colt McCoy's stat's for his Thanksgiving Day performance. He's been playing consistent this season, racking up 3,328 yards passing with 27 TD's thrown. Mentally, I believe Colt could be the best Pro ready Quarterback. Even despite playing in a spread offense. The guy is accurate, mobile, and finds ways to win. Sure he may not be considered at Top 5 prospect, but if we can draft him somehow, I can see him being more productive for us than guys like Locker, Bradford, or Clausen. I'd rather see us draft BPA with a our first round pick, and either move up or wait for McCoy at the top of the 2nd. A scenario as such would give us two early solid picks to build upon for the future.
          -11-27-2009, 03:29 AM
        • Goldenfleece
          QB Quick Takes
          by Goldenfleece
          A Pre-Combine consideration of some of the draft’s top quarterbacks:

          Sam Bradford
          Observations: The one benefit to Bradford’s lost season was highlighting the impact he had on the Sooners’ success. With Bradford in the lineup, OU was a national title contender in ‘08. Without him, they struggled to 8-5 in ‘09. Like Tebow and McCoy, he was a key component of one of college football’s best teams. Unlike Tebow and McCoy, Bradford was a pocket passer who succeeded using the same skills he will be asked to draw upon in the pros. He goes through his progressions, makes quick decisions, uses good judgment, and has completed a high percentage of his throws.
          Risk Factors: By far, the biggest question is how his shoulder checks out. Bradford played in a spread offense but stayed in the pocket more than most spread quarterbacks. Nonetheless, there will be some questions about transitioning to a system where he will be dropping back on the majority of plays.
          Gut Reaction: Bradford's got game. If his shoulder checks out, he is the only quarterback I'd seriously consider drafting in the top five at the moment.

          Jimmy Clausen
          Observations: If some quarterbacks are raw prospects and others polished, Clausen is that shiny spot on a bronze statue that has been rubbed about a million times for good luck. Jimmy’s older brothers were Division I quarterbacks, his parents paid for him to learn from a professional quarterbacks coach in junior high, he went to a prep school with a high profile football program, and capped it off by learning a pro system at Notre Dame from none other than Charlie Weis. It is doubtful that any other quarterback in this class compares in terms of preparation for the NFL. The flip side is that he might also be the closest to his ceiling. Despite what might sound like a slightly pampered upbringing, Clausen has played through injury and sickness and earned his place on the team. He has a quick release and throws with velocity and accuracy.
          Risk Factors: One area of concern is that despite Clausen’s gaudy personal statistics, the Irish never made it into a BCS bowl under his leadership. His college career ended with his head coach being fired after 4 straight losses to the likes of Navy, Pitt, U Conn, and Stanford. This was the team’s second loss to Navy in Clausen’s three years starting, snapping a 43-game streak of Notre Dame wins in the match-up. Given that all of ND’s losses were close last season (7 points or less), it is a bit disappointing that he did not pull off a few more comeback wins. He did not have the greatest defense or running game to help out, but he has benefited from playing with receivers like Golden Tate and Michael Floyd. Some also say he doesn’t have the greatest deep ball. I would also have slight concerns about how he would fit in with his teammates based simply on my own experience with Notre Dame alumni who often seem to forget that not everyone has enjoyed
          -02-18-2010, 04:43 PM
        • RockinRam
          I have predicted it
          by RockinRam
          My mother's friend's son's girlfriend's uncle's nephew's babysitter's boyfriend's dad's boss's butler's cousin's father's niece's sister's mom's husband's friend's is Billy Devaney!

          And, he has just sent me these secret blueprints.

          I will now share them to you.

          To: Steve Spagnuolo
          From: Billy Devaney

          Yo Steve my man! How it been yo? How is the old lady? Well, I am now convinced on who we should draft on April 22nd yo! Check this out! It's off da hook.

          Round 1: Tim Tebow (QB)

          Analysis: Man Stevey! This here Tim Tivo is great quarterback. Tug McShay said so himself! T-bone's accuracyate, strength of arm, and the intrelligence of the QB mind is phenome...feno...great!

          Tom Tebo not afraid to bleed all over new jersey, and I like that in quarterbacks, especially franchise quarterbacks who want to be franchise quarterbacks for der franchise to succeed in the NFL franchise. His quarterbacking is so good, he make Gill Brandy say he look like Troy Aiknam! Timothy is should be our pick for first day of 2012 draft because he deserve to get pick because he bleed alot for himself, the Florida Crocodiles, and for the girlfriend.

          Round 2: Colt McCoy (QB)

          Analysis: I always say draft QB every year. Well thees year I say draft mutltip....meulti...many QBs! This class of QB is deeper than Tiger Wud's affair list! I made a funny! Colt Brenan is mazing QB. He QB so good, he make the Tivo guy look almost not good. But Tivo bleed more than Gerald McCoy so Tivo is better QB. Mccolt Coy is very big QB but people say he not big. Colt is big in heart, but small in bottom and everything eelse. Maybe Col need to tip toe to see over big fatty linemen and RB but so what? Joe Dirt The Montanian did too! McCoy should take some of that HG....EGSI....human growing hormones!

          Plus! The Colt and the Timm should make dual threat QB stystem with 2 QBs on field at same time! Defenses of the other team will be spinning with not knowing anything that will happen!

          Round 3: LaGarette Blount (RB)

          Analysis: So what if Blunt hit a fellow footballer? Players of the football sport are very emotiona....motine...have feelings too! He just wanteded to prove he big strong RB who plow over peple like the Bradnon Jacoby of the New Jork Eagles. That Jacob guy pretty good because he run over the linebackers and the QB and kicker! He run over everybody! Not like that Darbey bub that got backarm clothed lined by the refrerefee. The RB postion need tough runner, and passer, and Lagary provide both of the skills to play the passer and runner because he arm strength is good because he lay the the the the guy out. Stephen da Jackhammerson should love the Blunt because they make lightning fast duet on the field! Lagarrado also beat up some golfer, but the guy now playing at The Masters.

          Round 4:...
          -04-21-2010, 04:59 PM