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The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

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  • The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

    I wish the rams came up with a crazy trade proposal. Possibly something like Adam Carriker, our 2nd round pick, and Leonard little for the lions first round pick. Maybe Randy McMichael. Or any type of trade that would get us that pick.

    This way we would get both Sam Bradford, and Ndamukong Suh. I know that this is verrrryyyyyy unlikely, but we can pray.. right?

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    Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

    Why do that when we can just trade Marc Bulger and one of our fifth rounders for Peyton Manning? Problem solved.


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      Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

      Yeah, I know it seems crazy and stupid, but I dont understand how a team can pass up on a player like Suh. And we have to pick a QB, we've held it off for years and were have we gotten?

      I'd almost give up any player on the rams roster for Suh, with ease.


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        Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

        And that's got to be one of the worst trades I've ever seen (from the Lions' perspective) since the Herschel Walker trade? :|

        Though for us.. IN YO FACE LIONS FANS ;)

        But it'll only happen in a fantasy land that will soon be forgotten.

        ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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          Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

          It's funny, some mocks have Bradford at #26! If that were the case, if we drafted Suh and he was still on the board, I'd be making some phone calls. Or maybe just wait and see if Clausen is there in Round 2. Crazier things have happened...
          Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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            Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

            Yeah I would say the only way we get Suh AND Bradford is if Bradford's shoulder doesn't check out and he falls to the second. At that point I think it would be worth the risk of taking him, hoping that his shoulder heals.


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              Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

              I read recently that when the Carol Rosenbloom traded the Rams for the Colts, the "no backsies" rule was never invoked, so...


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                Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

                i like the idea that the Lions will take a second rounder, an often injured Adam Carriker and one or two unrestricted free agents for their first rounder!


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                  Re: The best of both worlds? Suh+Bradford?

                  That deal wouldn't even go through in Madden


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                  • Draftniksince1985
                    3-way trade for Suh fans
                    by Draftniksince1985
                    Rams Get
                    #2 overall (Suh), #37 overall (from WAS)

                    Lions Get
                    #4 overall (Okung), #99 & #170 (Rams 4th+6th), WAS*2011 2nd Round Pick

                    Redskins Get
                    #1 overall (Bradford)

                    Rams get best player in the draft, pay less and add an high second round pick.

                    Lions are rumored to be looking to trade down to save money and are likely concidering picking an OT to protect Stafford even at #2. Their reward for moving down comes mostly next year with what should be an early second round pick. Don't forget that the #2 pick has little trade value if the rams select Bradford at #1.

                    WAS, who has historically been willing to spend the money for what they want, get their franchise QB without paying too steeply for trading up.
                    -03-27-2010, 01:46 PM
                  • sntlouisrams
                    Alternate trade option
                    by sntlouisrams
                    Say for arguments sake the rams like G.McCoy ahead of Suh there isnt apparantly alot between them as both are nfl ready dt's (for the record i think suh is better and yes I have seen his stats and understand that argumeny)

                    The rams convince Tampa that they want suh and get trade down with tampa to 3rd and pick up a 2nd and 4th round for arguments sake.

                    The rams also convince washington that we want bradford, (as we sit ahead of washington they have to trade up to 2nd to get him) meaning they trade with detroit to get in and steal him from us as it were.

                    However we sit pretty at 3rd having traded down and land G.McCoy and have an extra draft picks in the later rounds. I READ this elsewhere and paraphrasing it, to see what people would think. Also this move works if we want clausen as well.
                    -02-16-2010, 09:58 AM
                  • Sauceman
                    Lions shopping Suh (Warning: Very unrealistic scenarios ahead)
                    by Sauceman
                    NFL Draft Rumors: Lions Discussing Trading Ndamukong Suh to Draft Jadeveon Clowney - Acme Packing Company

                    According to this random site (though there are Twitter references), the Lions want to try to trade Suh and move into position to get Clowney.

                    If the Rams could deal into a position to have the following front four, I think we're leaps and bounds from the second best DL:

                    Quinn - Suh - Brockers - Long

                    The reason I don't see this happening is two-fold; first, I think he costs us too much (contract and trade). Second, I think Fisher prefers a rotation at DL, and I see Suh as more of a run-stopper that comes out in obvious passing situations for a bit more speed.

                    That being said, what would you guys be willing to part with?

                    Draft day special; Rams give #2 + Mid-draft Pick for #10 + Suh [ Leaving us with #10 and #13 ]

                    #13 + Mid-draft Pick for Suh [ Leaving the Lions with #10 + #13, which would be enough to move up to the top 3 for Clowney ]?

                    Imagine the second scenario where we end up drafting Clowney at #2 anyway. Sure, we fill luxury before need, which is a scary proposition, but the line would be:

                    Quinn - Suh - Brockers - Clowney [ Long rotates in for Suh in passing and with DE's for breathers ]

                    Overall, our best option is to build our secondary up and strengthen our interior OL, but I wanted to entertain the thought with my fellow clansmen.
                    -04-24-2014, 12:02 AM
                  • tomahawk247
                    I think the Rams will draft Suh at no. 1, but wont necessarily keep him...
                    by tomahawk247
                    If the Rams truly do covet a QB, such as Sam Bradford, they may consider a trade down with a team like Tampa Bay to pick up extra picks and still get their guy in the process.

                    However, its known that teams like Washington (at #4) and Seattle (at #6) could also be in the market for a QB.
                    If one of these teams wants a particular QB, they may wish to move up the draft to grab him.

                    So if the Rams do trade down with Tampa before the first pick is made, a team like Washington could easily switch with Detroit and steal the QB the Rams are after. That would leave the Rams in quandary as they would presumably then take someone like Gerald McCoy. Who while still a good DT, wasnt one of the guys they wanted.

                    To prevent this, i believe that if the Rams do want to trade down for a QB, they will do a rights switch after the players have been drafted. The Rams will take Suh at No.1. If Tampa is then in a postion to draft Bradford, they will take him. Only then will the trade take place.

                    If the Rams cant work out a trade, they simply stay at #1 and take Suh. Either way, they either get the guy thats supposed to be the best player in the draft, or the QB that the team wants. But they wont leave themself open to missing the guy they are after.
                    -02-24-2010, 02:49 AM
                  • peramoure
                    No Suh for you!
                    by peramoure
                    I've been doing some thinking, and I don't think I can go through another season with an average or late round quarterback as out future.

                    Suh is ***THE*** most coveted player in the draft. We control his fate, and we get what want in whatever trade there is. Everyone in the league would love to have him, but Suh as a DT cannot make the same impact as a franchise, Manning/Brady/Breesesque QB.

                    TRADE DOWN! Even if only a few spots, we still get Bradford or Clausen, we pull off a Chargers/Giants type trade and get all sorts of picks to fill ALL the holes we have.

                    PASS ON SUH! TRADE DOWN!
                    -12-23-2009, 02:18 PM