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  • McNabb

    People on the st louis post dispatch boards are talking about a rumor from 101.1 espn about the rams having "serious discussions" with the eagles about McNabb at the combine..

    They are saying they would love it, i would hate it. McNabb is going to be 34 by November next year, and only has a one year contract. Even if he is forced to come here...he would never re-sign with the Rams and end his career where he most likely cant win a super bowl.

    I feel like we would be giving up a pick, probably a second rounder for a one year rental. Not smart at all.

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    Re: McNabb

    There's no way this happens. It would go against everything we're trying to do with the team right now.


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      Re: McNabb

      The only bright side to this in my mind would be that it would mean we're that much closer to drafting Suh. But yeah, giving up a 2nd rounder for a 34 y.o. right now seems like a bad idea.


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        Re: McNabb

        I like the idea of trading for McNabb more than I do trading for Vick, but I wouldn't be inclined to trade the Rams' second round pick to make it happen.

        Though if I'm the Eagles, I wouldn't be inclined to accept less.


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          Re: McNabb

          They really ought to rename The Combine to "Rumor-mine". Given the close ties Spags has to Philly, I wouldn't be surprised that he spent quite a bit of time talking to those guys but I doubt the content would leak. Sounds like the TB/Josh whatshisname rumor again.

          I thought Spags' comments in an nfldotcom interview at The Rumor-mine were verrrry interesting, ie his first thought when asked about how you might bring a rookie QB along was to cite how Philly did it with McNabb; easing him in while a vet held the fort. Not sayin' Spags was hinting that Donovan would now be that vet- DM certainly has more cost/value than Doug Pedersen(sp?) did back then- but it was interesting that it was the plan he chose to expound on in detail,no? And probably the fiery source of this wispy-smoked rumor.

          I am on record as being be in favor of the idea if it materialized, esp if The Rams can trade Barron for a second pick.You can take McCoy or Suh first, and a QB in the second who may need a year or more of development before he & the OL are ready for a rookie starter. McNabb has more than a year left in him,imo, by any substantiated evaluation-there just is no evidence that he is deteriorating & showed last year that he can compensate for a weaker OL with his mobility, smarts, and knowledge of a very similar system.

          I know I'm alone on this one & won't bother to debate it any more. I doubt it will happen, anyway.

          ps if you like rumors that probably mean nothing but get fan sphincters winking, how about the combine blog bit about The Rams' not having spoken to Suh at all as of Sun eve?
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            Re: McNabb

            No thank you. I would rather have Mike Vick, at least he would improve our running game by his ability and by allowing SJAX to get more yards aswell.


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              Re: McNabb

              Originally posted by sosa39rams
              No thank you. I would rather have Mike Vick, at least he would improve our running game by his ability and by allowing SJAX to get more yards aswell.
              Really? Come on.

              I believe in giving Vick a chance at becoming a starter again but bringing in McNabb gives us an automatic solid starter at the QB position.
              Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                Re: McNabb


                I would rather keep Bulger.


                (UFA) Chad Pennington at a real cheap price to groom QB Nul and QB LeFevour.


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                  Re: McNabb

                  assuming they want a 2nd rounder for him, no way. too important a pick to give up for what's probably a one-year guy.


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                    Re: McNabb

                    Originally posted by molar_pistol
                    assuming they want a 2nd rounder for him, no way. too important a pick to give up for what's probably a one-year guy.
                    I agree, when you look at the fact that Dez Bryant may be there in the 2nd round (since he didn't do anything to wow anyone in Indy) it would be a shame to not have a shot at getting him.


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                      Re: McNabb

                      Originally posted by makersncoke
                      I agree, when you look at the fact that Dez Bryant may be there in the 2nd round (since he didn't do anything to wow anyone in Indy) it would be a shame to not have a shot at getting him.
                      Bryant didnt work out, but he is stil considered the number 1 WR in the draft. I very much doubt he makes it past pick 15, let alone all the way to number 33.


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                        Re: McNabb

                        Why would Mcnabb want come here at this point in his career, unless we throw ALOT of money at him. Wouldnt he have some say in where he goes in a trade?


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                          Re: McNabb

                          From Adam Schefter's Twitter...

                          RT @SportsJerk03 Are Rams really going after McNabb? ... They are not. They haven't had a single conversation with Rams regarding McNabb.
                          37 minutes ago via web

                          From Bernie...

                          Interesting stuff about Donovan McNabb from my colleague Bryan Burwell, who says the Rams have had “intense internal conversations with the Philadelphia Eagles about a trade” for McNabb. You can put me in the skeptical category on this one. I’d be surprised if Eagles are serious about dealing McNabb. Then again, all three of their quarterbacks (McNabb, Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick) are entering the final seasons of their contracts. Kolb isn’t going anywhere; he’s in place as Philly’s QB for the long run. So perhaps the Eagles will take a hard-line, bottom-line financial view of this and try to move McNabb’s salary. I don’t know. Again, I’d be surprised. But I find it even more difficult to believe that they’d trade McNabb to St. Louis if they do decide to move him. Given the respect and relationships that McNabb has within the organization, I think Andy Reid and the Eagles would try to place McNabb to a team that has a shot at winning now, or in the near future. Especially with a lockout looming for 2011. Now, if the Rams were willing to overpay the Eagles by giving up a premium draft pick (say, a No. 2), I could be wrong about all of this. Wouldn’t be the first time. And with that lockout on the horizon do the Rams really want to give up a great pick (or picks) for McNabb, who turns 34 in November? Like I said, interesting …

                          UPDATE: Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo tells me that there have been no talks between the Rams and Eagles on McNabb, for whatever that is worth.


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                            Re: McNabb

                            Originally posted by tomahawk247
                            Bryant didnt work out, but he is stil considered the number 1 WR in the draft. I very much doubt he makes it past pick 15, let alone all the way to number 33.
                            I agree he's is the #1 wr but the fact he wouldn't run at the combine along with missing last season and off the field issue (which I think was kind of bogus) may have his stock on the decline. Maybe it's just wishfull thinking on my part.


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                              Re: McNabb

                              If we can get Vick and draft Colt McCoy it would make more sense. In 2-3 years McCoy would be groomed to start. By going this route we can still get our #1 stud in Ndamukong Suh. Steven Jackson will get more opportunities as defenses will be focused on Vick. We can get back to .500 real quick and look solid for the future.
                              LA RAMMER

                              It's Jim not Chris


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                                What's Next For McNabb In Philly?
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Originally Published: February 11, 2010
                                What's next for McNabb in Philly?
                                By Sal Paolantonio

                                PHILADELPHIA -- Will the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb? With apologies to the Brett Favre retirement watch, this is the most compelling story of the 2010 NFL offseason.

                                Eagles coach Andy Reid has said all the right things -- almost. So has McNabb. And that's the problem. This time of year, it's not what they say that counts but what's going on behind the scenes and how you read between the lines.

                                Philadelphia is the only team in the NFL with all three quarterbacks on its roster going into the final year of their contracts. Teams are calling, wondering who's available, who's not and what the Eagles would want in any potential trade.

                                The Eagles' front office is listening. But here's the kicker: The Eagles, according to multiple league sources, have so far told teams that both McNabb and his primary backup, Kevin Kolb, are not available.

                                Now, does that mean the Eagles won't trade McNabb? Definitely not. Most league insiders believe the Eagles are just posturing right now, trying to determine the market and how to proceed. If the team says publicly or privately McNabb is on the trading block, its bargaining position would tank.

                                Among the teams that have talked to the Eagles, according to multiple sources, are the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams and Buffalo Bills. The latter two teams are believed to be interested in Michael Vick, who told Reid in his exit interview in January that he wants to be traded to a team that will give him an opportunity to start. Reid promised him nothing, team sources say.

                                Teams have showed varying degrees of interest in all three quarterbacks, but McNabb is the key. He has said he will be back and wants to be back. But is that necessarily the case? He often makes snide remarks about being underappreciated by both the fans and the media in town. That's nothing new. Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski faced the same thing. Many big-media-market quarterbacks who don't take the team to the promised land of Lombardi face that kind of relentless scrutiny and rancid doubt.

                                Publicly, Reid left the door open on a McNabb trade -- if only ever so slightly. Reid at first said that McNabb, 33, would be back in an Eagles uniform in 2010 and reiterated that it's his call to make -- despite the recent shake-up of the team's front office. (General manager Tom Heckert was allowed to leave to take the same job in Cleveland, while Howie Roseman was promoted to take his place.)

                                But on Jan. 11, when making his final comments about the 2009 season to the local media, here's what Reid said that could be interpreted as he left himself an out:

                                "I was asked if Donovan would be my quarterback next year, and I said yes," Reid said. "That's what I'm...
                                -02-11-2010, 09:18 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Reid Is About The Only One Who Wants To Keep McNabb
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Report: Reid is about the only one who wants to keep McNabb
                                By MJD

                                According to a report this morning at, there's a bit of friction within the Eagles organization about whether they should trade or keep Donovan McNabb.

                                It seems they're getting a lot of offers for the veteran quarterback. Head coach Andy Reid wants to keep him. "The Eagles' brass" wants to move him. In their words:

                                There are many interested teams out there, but right now the Eagles are not accepting any offers yet.

                                Sources tell Fox 29's sports department that the Rams are not one of those teams, contrary to some reports.

                                But we're also being told that trading McNabb is not going to be easy because internally the Eagles' brass wants to move him but Andy Reid does not.

                                My first thought is to give some free advice to the brass, whoever that might be: Listen to Andy Reid. He's the one on the field, seeing what works and what doesn't. He's the one who sees the quarterbacks working every day. He knows what's going to win you games, if indeed that is your objective.

                                If you're looking to save money, get younger and rebuild, fine. But if you want to win football games, listen to your football guy.

                                If true, it makes for an interesting little situation, not only in terms of what happens this offseason, but all the way through 2010. If there is significant friction, and Reid stands firm with McNabb, you've got to think that the "brass" might tie Reid and McNabb's fortunes together, based on their performance next season.
                                -03-05-2010, 03:33 PM
                              • JustinHasAnAxe
                                McNabb For A 2nd? (RUMOR DEBUNKED!)
                                by JustinHasAnAxe

                                per rotoworld....
                                -03-24-2010, 09:14 AM
                              • socalramfan
                                Does McNabb deserve the contreversey?
                                by socalramfan
                                The Eagles QB is constantly talked about and hated on a lot of times does he deserve to be hated on? Or is at all TO's fault?
                                -12-14-2005, 09:16 PM
                              • rob6465
                                Eagles are crazy !!!
                                by rob6465
                                Report: Seahawks after Kolb, not McNabb
                                Kevin Kolb - QB - Philadelphia Eagles
                                More team news

                                Today - 11:15 AM ET

                                Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia reports the Seahawks are interested only in Kevin Kolb, not Donovan McNabb.

                                ESPN's Sal Paolantonio had reported the Seahawks were calling "non-stop" on the Philly quarterbacks, though it appears they're only interested in the younger of the two. The Eagles, who still see Kolb as their future, would reportedly require two first-round picks in exchange for him. Seattle does have an extra first-round pick this season, but it's hard to picture them parting with both picks. The Eagles' asking price for McNabb is said to be a first-round pick "plus something else."

                                -03-11-2010, 09:07 AM