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    Turf Show Times

    The following are the QB prospects as rated by myself basing it off my eye and other scouting reports. I couldn't find a real good media outlet that has done this already so I'm doing the honors myself. It's complete with reasoning for why he does and doesn't belong in the NFL, their projected round placement, and their "upside" (for the first ten QBs)

    1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma Sooners

    Why He Belongs Here: He had a terrific sophomore season, but chose to bypass the NFL Draft in the hopes of a BCS Championship. He has tremendous accuracy throwing for 69.5% in 2007 and 67.9% in 2008. He averages 5.5 TDs before he threw an interception in his Oklahoma career.

    Why He Doesnt: Injury concerns (played in three games, one full one in 2009), has a ton of weapons he won't get in the NFL, he was sacked 25 times in three years (he'll likely get sacked that much in one year in NFL)

    Upside - I won't be surprised if he's a bust given his great talent around him at Oklahoma, but I certainly won't be surprised if he's a 3 time Pro Bowler either.... hence his upside

    Projected Pick: Top Ten

    The next 26 QBs are after the jump.

    2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    Why He Belongs Here: He was sacked 80 times in his career so you know he can take a hit, had a 68% CP in his junior year, improved in every stat this year signaling he's figured it out (3172 yards to 3722; 25 TDs to28; 17 INTs to 4; QB rating of 132.49 to 161.43)

    Why He Doesn't: Despite those statistic s, his team went just 6-6 questioning how much of a difference he made to what was assumed to be a talented team, went 16-21 as a starter, has a cocky attitude (somewhat unwarranted), less than ideal size at 6'2

    Upside - Given his stats, he could be great and it depends on whether that cocky attitude can become Phillip Rivers or not

    Projected Pick: Top Ten

    3. Tony Pike, Cincinnati Bearcats

    Why He Belongs Here: He's got more than ideal NFL size at 6'6, 225, led Cincinnati team to the Sugar Bowl, could pick up NFL offense easy with his intelligence, very adept at moving in the pocket (something Rams desperately need)

    Why he Doesn't: He didn't face elite competition and when he did.... Sugar Bowl 2010, doesn't have a particularly strong arm, was inconsistent throughout his tenure at Cincinnati

    Upside - Tons especially considering he's projected a second round pick... bust here and it won't hurt u as much as a 1st round pick

    Projected Pick: 2nd round

    4. Dan Lefevour, Central Michigan

    Why He Belongs: Think Tebow, with NFL size (6'3, 225), right-handed (teams prepare assuming this), and a better passer (69.7%), He accumulated better stats in his four years than Tebow, a playmaker with his legs (737 per year, 47 TDs) and arm (3,226 per year, 102 TDs)
    Why He Doesn't: He plays in Michigan and it isn't Ann Arbor, doesn't have a strong arm, he'll need more seasoning to adjust to the competition

    Upside: Honestly, pretty high, it all depends on how he adjusts to the competition, but he made plays in CM

    Projected Pick: 2nd round

    5. Colt McCoy, Texas Longhorns

    Why He Belongs: He's a winner with the most wins ever by a QB in college football, has extremely good accuracy with 70% CP and 76% CP the past two seasons, is 3-1 in bowl games and the one loss stems from a 1st quarter injury

    Why He Doesn't: He doesn't have a strong arm, he may have played with too many good weapons that pad his stats

    Upside: Despite that one weakness, his upside isn't thought to be too great

    Projected Pick: 2nd round

    6. Jevan Snead, Ole Miss Rebels

    Why He Belongs Here: He has a quick release, and a strong arm (something lacking in most of the other QBs), very good pocket awareness, he is a mobile QB who will run if necessary, ideal size at 6'4

    Why He Doesn't: He was not consistent during the season, he transferred from Texas after losing job out to Colt McCoy, unlike McCoy has a lack of experience of only two years, very poor accuracy with 54.4%

    Upside: With him completing no more than 56% of his passes in college, why would that change in NFL... upside is in arm strength and size

    Projected Pick: 2-3 rounds

    7. Tim Tebow, Florida Gators

    Why He Belongs Here: he's focused as anyone (just look at "The Speech" last year), got as about as good character as you can get, extremely consistent, threw just 16 INTs in 4 years, scored 145 TDs in college, a fall-back option is TE or fullback

    Why He Doesn't: That fall-back option wouldn't be a good thing and he actually projects better as a fullback or TE (aka not worthy of the pick he'd get), he's lefthanded (harsh, but only Mike Vick has really suceeded with it), uncomfortable behind center (fumbled 3 straight during Senior Bowl practice)

    Upside: Limited given the fact that he NEEDs to know how to receive snaps under center, and is still learning what comes simply to a lot of QBs

    Projected Pick: 3rd round

    8. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia Mountaineers

    Why He Belongs Here: Has excellent size for a QB at 6'4, 225, he had a decent 63.2% that NFL teams can work with, is a threat on the ground with 452 yards rushing and 6 TDs

    Why He Doesn't: Very inexperienced starting just one year, threw 11 TDs with 9 picks,

    Upside: He has tremendous upside because of his potential to grow, but he hasn't shown enough to warrant a high pick

    Projected Pick: 4th round

    9. Bill Stull, Pittsburgh Panthers

    Why He Belongs Here: he played in a pro-style offense meaning easy transition, 65.1% shows he has good accuracy, 21 TDs to 8 INTs

    Why he Doesn't: He had little pressure as he was the second option on the offense, he played against Big East competition, which is not the strongest

    Upside: NFL Starter potential, but I don't think he looks like a potential star, just solid starter
    Projected Pick: 3-4 rounds

    10. Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State Cowboys

    Why He Belongs: best QB in the Senior Bowl who seemed to have complete control over offense, enjoyed prolific success at Oklahoma State, 3 year starter

    Why he doesn't: 6'2 isn't ideal NFL QB, he struggled without top flight wideout Dez Bryant throwing 59% with 15 TDs and 12 INTs in games he missed
    Upside: He has some upside as an NFL Starter but nothing too exciting
    Projected Pick: 3-4 rounds

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    Re: NFL Draft Prospects: QB

    I interviewed QB Dan LeFevour on KFNS Radio today on the First Call (5 to 7 a.m.) - great guy, confirmed he is "tweaking" his delivery. He also confirmed he only threw to stationery targets at the Combine while he tweaks his delivery. Will throw to moving targets on his Pro Day which is coming up later this month. He ran a faster 40 time than Tebow and McCoy at the Combine. When the interview is up on the KFNS website, I will let you know. He talked to QB Coach Curl during interviews at the Combine. Thanks - Roger


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    • AvengerRam_old
      Av's Pre-Combine/Pro Days QB Ranking
      by AvengerRam_old
      Here's how I rank the QB prospects going into the pre-draft testing season:

      1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma [STEADY]
      If Bradford has recovered from his shoulder injury, I think he is firmly entrenched as the No. 1 QB in the draft. He has the size, accuracy and quick release that scouts look for in a QB prospect. I don't know if the Rams will consider him as a potential first pick, but he'll be gone within the first ten.

      2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame [STEADY/FALLING]
      Right now, I have Clausen as the clear No. 2 QB, and a likely top 20 pick. I do think, however, that he might not measure up in either the height or arm strength categories. He also will have to overcome the perception of immaturity. If he has a good testing season, he'll stay right where he is, and could be taken as early as picks 5-10. If not, he could drop into the second round.

      3. Colt McCoy, Texas [FALLING]
      Fair or not, the most recent memories people will have about McCoy are him being rag-dolled, first by Ndamukong Suh and then by the Alabama defense. Meanwhile, other QBs below him have had good showings in the bowl games and All-Star games. Still, if he can show reasonable arm strenth when he works out (I believe he is going to throw at the Combine), he should stop the falling trend and hold firm as the third QB off the board, probably in Round 2 of the draft.

      4. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan [STEADY/RISING]
      I would have given LeFevour a grade of "rising" if no for his questionable decision not to throw at the Combine. Still, after his performances at the GMAC Bowl and the Senior Bowl, he is a prospect on the rise. I think he's a Round 2 or 3 prospect right now, but could be firmly within Round 2 (or even late first round) by April.

      5. Tony Pike, Cincinnati [FALLING]
      Pike is a hot and cold prospect. Watch some of his game films, and he looks like a Blue Chip prospect. Then, watch some more, and he looks like a college/system QB who is not quite ready for Prime Time. I think there will be quite a bit of scrutiny of Pike in the coming weeks, and my gut tells me he might not fare so well. I expect he'll be gone by the end of Round 3, but he might last until Round 4.

      6. Levi Brown, Troy [RISING]
      I may be alone on this one, but I think Brown could be this draft's biggest sleeper. Watch his game film, and you could easily conclude that he has a better arm than Clausen, McCoy, LeFevour and Pike. He also has ideal size. Right now, most probably have him ranked as a 4th or 5th round pick, at best. I think he could be a Round 2 or 3 value.

      7. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia [STEADY/RISING]
      Brown opened some eyes with his Senior Bowl performance. I think he is a prospect on the rise as a result, and could be selected as early as Round 4. But, is he the QB equivalent of a workout wonder? His career 16 TDs and 13 Ints (11/9 last year) might suggest that...
      -02-23-2010, 02:34 PM
    • eric2810
      Where's the Love for Colt?
      by eric2810
      24/40, for 340 yards passing yards, 60% Completion, 4 TD's
      18 att for 175 yards rushing. 1 TD

      Those were Colt McCoy's stat's for his Thanksgiving Day performance. He's been playing consistent this season, racking up 3,328 yards passing with 27 TD's thrown. Mentally, I believe Colt could be the best Pro ready Quarterback. Even despite playing in a spread offense. The guy is accurate, mobile, and finds ways to win. Sure he may not be considered at Top 5 prospect, but if we can draft him somehow, I can see him being more productive for us than guys like Locker, Bradford, or Clausen. I'd rather see us draft BPA with a our first round pick, and either move up or wait for McCoy at the top of the 2nd. A scenario as such would give us two early solid picks to build upon for the future.
      -11-27-2009, 03:29 AM
    • Goldenfleece
      QB Quick Takes
      by Goldenfleece
      A Pre-Combine consideration of some of the draft’s top quarterbacks:

      Sam Bradford
      Observations: The one benefit to Bradford’s lost season was highlighting the impact he had on the Sooners’ success. With Bradford in the lineup, OU was a national title contender in ‘08. Without him, they struggled to 8-5 in ‘09. Like Tebow and McCoy, he was a key component of one of college football’s best teams. Unlike Tebow and McCoy, Bradford was a pocket passer who succeeded using the same skills he will be asked to draw upon in the pros. He goes through his progressions, makes quick decisions, uses good judgment, and has completed a high percentage of his throws.
      Risk Factors: By far, the biggest question is how his shoulder checks out. Bradford played in a spread offense but stayed in the pocket more than most spread quarterbacks. Nonetheless, there will be some questions about transitioning to a system where he will be dropping back on the majority of plays.
      Gut Reaction: Bradford's got game. If his shoulder checks out, he is the only quarterback I'd seriously consider drafting in the top five at the moment.

      Jimmy Clausen
      Observations: If some quarterbacks are raw prospects and others polished, Clausen is that shiny spot on a bronze statue that has been rubbed about a million times for good luck. Jimmy’s older brothers were Division I quarterbacks, his parents paid for him to learn from a professional quarterbacks coach in junior high, he went to a prep school with a high profile football program, and capped it off by learning a pro system at Notre Dame from none other than Charlie Weis. It is doubtful that any other quarterback in this class compares in terms of preparation for the NFL. The flip side is that he might also be the closest to his ceiling. Despite what might sound like a slightly pampered upbringing, Clausen has played through injury and sickness and earned his place on the team. He has a quick release and throws with velocity and accuracy.
      Risk Factors: One area of concern is that despite Clausen’s gaudy personal statistics, the Irish never made it into a BCS bowl under his leadership. His college career ended with his head coach being fired after 4 straight losses to the likes of Navy, Pitt, U Conn, and Stanford. This was the team’s second loss to Navy in Clausen’s three years starting, snapping a 43-game streak of Notre Dame wins in the match-up. Given that all of ND’s losses were close last season (7 points or less), it is a bit disappointing that he did not pull off a few more comeback wins. He did not have the greatest defense or running game to help out, but he has benefited from playing with receivers like Golden Tate and Michael Floyd. Some also say he doesn’t have the greatest deep ball. I would also have slight concerns about how he would fit in with his teammates based simply on my own experience with Notre Dame alumni who often seem to forget that not everyone has enjoyed
      -02-18-2010, 04:43 PM
    • denverram
      Big 12 QB's
      by denverram
      We have 3 of the best College QB's in the nation in the Big 12, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniells. Will any of these QB's make a good pro? I think the Rams are in a fine position to take one of these guys, sit him behind Bulger for a year or two and then let him play. Bulger is coming to the end and all though I like him, I think we can get better at that position and I would rather get someone and develope him then draft whoever is available at the time.

      I know we have OL issues but I think we need to look at 2 of these because thay are fantastic! Daniells and McCoy are both mobile enough to move(Bradford not so much) and escape which is key in today's NFL. We then look at O Line in the 2nd and 3rd round.

      I know McCoy is just a junior but I think he will probably come out.

      What says the clan?

      -10-07-2008, 02:45 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      The Watercooler: Who Are The Rams' Top Draft Options At QB?
      by r8rh8rmike
      10.22.2009 12:27 pm
      Who are Rams’ top draft options at QB?
      By Roger Hensley


      QUESTION: If the St. Louis Rams were to take a quarterback in the first round of next year’s draft, which current college quarterback would you suggest they select?

      Very tough call, and of course I reserve the right to change my mind later, after these kids play more games and also go through the NFL Scouting Combine. Because a lot can change between now and the draft. But if we are talking right now, I’d go with Washington’s Jake Locker. Big (6-3), strong and athletic, Locker has a plus arm, and a quick release. He’s been thriving in the pro-style offense installed by first-year head coach Steve Sarkisian. Also, Locker is being tutored by one of the best, QBs coach Steve Clarkson, who in the past has worked with Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart and others. Clarkson cleaned up Locker’s mechanics and the improvement was immediate. And keep in mind that Locker is getting it done at Washington, and he’s not surrounded by elite talent. That makes his performance even more impressive.

      Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen has moved up as an NFL prospect. Clausen has always had the natural talent, but he’s grown at Notre Dame, and is more physically imposing now. Looks like a tough kid, too. He is certainly used to pressure and it doesn’t get to him. The best is yet to come for Clausen. The red flags are out on Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford; it’s not only the shoulder injuries, but the questions of whether he can throw while under pressure, because he doesn’t encounter much of a pass rush at OU. Cincinnati’s Tony Pike could be the steal of the draft; he’s likely to be downgraded and drop down the board because of multiple injuries to his left wrist. But he’s a player. Not sure if Colt McCoy (Texas) has the frame, but he seems like a good fit for a West Coast offense. Jevan Snead (Ole Miss) has been touted by scouts and draftniks, but I haven’t seen enough (yet) to get excited by his NFL future. Again, that could change. All of this could.

      With his bum shoulder this season, Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford may be losing stock for the 2010 draft or may even be considering waiting another year to come out. But if he’s available, the Rams would be wise to snap him up. Although he could stand to be more mobile, especially considering the Rams line, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner has all the tools to build a team around: accuracy (67.9 percent of his passes last season), height (6-4) and a leadership presence that makes players want to play better just for him, OU coach Bob Stoops says. Maybe some will see the shoulder injury and apparent aggravation of it last week against Texas as something chronic or signs he is brittle, but sometimes quarterbacks just get hit and hurt. There’s no reason to think it’s anything more with Bradford.

      -10-22-2009, 04:20 PM