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    I see all these posts about Jahvid Best "hopefully" falling to the Rams in round two and if he does the Rams should take him...

    Why not Pierre Thomas? He was only tendered at the second round level, and is already a proven STUD running back. He is only 25, and won't be 26 until the middle of next year. Why use our 2nd round pick on Best, an unproven RB, when we could use our 2nd round pick on Pierre Thomas a proven Super Bowl winning RB.

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    Re: Pierre Thomas

    Cause the saints will match that offer.


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      Re: Pierre Thomas

      Ya, Thomas would be a good addition, but no way saints let him go. Also I still dont think Jahvid Best will be drafted in the 1st.


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        Re: Pierre Thomas

        Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
        Ya, Thomas would be a good addition, but no way saints let him go. Also I still dont think Jahvid Best will be drafted in the 1st.
        Take it for what it's worth (next to nothing) but I've read that the Chargers, who desperately need a running back at this point, are preparing as if he won't be there when they pick at no. 28. So he may actually be gone, who knows.

        Regarding Thomas, he would be a great get, but the offer will almost certainly be matched, especially in an uncapped year. Reggie Bush hasn't yet proved that he can fill Thomas' role in the backfield.


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          Re: Pierre Thomas

          Why use our second rounder on Best or Thomas? We need a proven backup, which we could get without spending anything. We need a "stud" at basically every other position on the team except runningback!


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            Thomas: Live Rams Chat Transcript
            by r8rh8rmike
            JIM THOMAS
            Tuesday, February 8, 2011

            Here's a transcript of the questions and answers from Tuesday's live chat with Post-Dispatch football writer Jim Thomas:

            ram2000: Hi Jim thanks for your time. Two Rams questions for you. First, this LA stadium situation looks very tempting and looks like a HUGE money maker, your honest opinion, do you think Stan will listen to a proposal from LA since it won't be ready anyway till the Rams lease expires, and do we have a group in STL to even come close to financing these billion dollar stadiums. Stans NOT going to pay for it. Second question, I think the Rams should make Mankins the #1 FA priority, with WR #2, since Mankins is familiar with Mcdaniels and solves our OL for years to come. Your opinion. Thanks

            Jim Thomas: Sorry for the delay. Just back from Super Bowl week, and getting organized again back in STL. As Roger Goodell said during his state of the NFL press conferenc,e there are still issues in L.A. with financing of the stadium. His quote was: "the financing of the stadium in Los Angeles is still a very difficult proposition." So I don't think that's a slam dunk.
            As for Mankins, do you really want to pay $6 million to $8 million a year for a guard? Besides, Mankins is considered almost a certainty to be franchised by New England.


            Steve B.: Jim,
            I know a lot of Rams fans think we need to get a scat back during the draft to be our 3rd down back.However,I would like to see the Rams keep Jackson on the field for 3rd downs and was disappointed they did not do it this year. Jackson has always been good at receiving the ball out of the backfield and it gets him to the second level of the defense.What are your thoughts?

            Jim Thomas: There's no doubt Jackson is a good receiver. And maybe he'll be used more by McDaniels in the passing game. But whether it's a scatback or not, don't we all agree the Rams still need an upgrade at the No. 2 running back position?


            AKA Rusty Shackleford: Hey Jim,

            I was wondering what the feelings are about the DE position. Is that a position of high importance heading into the offseason? I am becoming a fan of Ryan Kerrigan and wouldn't mind seeing a nice scary DE duo in St Louis.

            Jim Thomas: Good point. We all know Spags likes pass rushing d-linemen. James Hall turned 34 last Friday. I guess what I'm saying is if the value is there I wouldn't be stunned if the Rams took a pass rusher at No. 14. But at this point, I'm doubting if Kerrigan is worth such a high pick.


            Rich: Greetings Mr. Thomas,

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          • r8rh8rmike
            Jim Thomas Live Chat Transcript - March 29
            by r8rh8rmike
            Jim Thomas Live
            Tuesday, March 29, 2011

            ramsfan008: 1. I hear Robert Quinn has tumor in his brain, does that affect his draft status or his nfl career?

            2. I have read the scouting on Jon Baldwin does he meet Spags 4 pillar because of his attitude?

            thanks jim
            Jim Thomas: 1.) It's a benign tumor, but that and the fact that he didn't play last season, explain why he may be dropping to the Rams' range (No. 14.)

            2.) I think the Pillar "test" is still applicable when Spags is looking at players.


            Andy: Hey Jim thanks for your is sounding more and more like Julio Jones will be gone...I think Ingram makes sense to take some of the pounding off of Jackson...but I have one question for you, think Spags will take a look at a former big reciever, former Giant by the name of Plaxico Buress...say maybe a one year thing? Might be worth a shot?
            Jim Thomas: This has come up before. I don't think Plaxico gets out until June. Assuming it's a normal preseason and season in this year of the lockout that wouldn't give him much time to get into shape. Remember how Michael Vick wasn't quite there that first year he got out of prison? You'd have to think the same thing would affect Plaxico. The only difference is that Burress will turn 34 in training camp in 2011. Vick was only 29 when he returned. So you have to be skeptical about what Burress can do. But is he worth a look _ meaning a tryout/workout? Why not?


            mike barttelbort: Ok, Here my trade- I'd ship Mardy Gilyard to Cincinnati Bengals his college hometown for Chad Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) I know he (Ocho) has only 1 year left on his contract. But after watching Gilyard in practice and knowing he has no speed and can't catch--this give the bengals a young wideout and would allow the Rams to address a problem area without the used of a draft choice --its a win win for both teams--your toughts
            Jim Thomas: Somehow, I don't think the Bengals will trade someone with 751 career catches for 10,783 yards for someone with six career catches for 63 yards.


            mike barttelbort: Jim-when you pick 14th- you have to take the best player available and that might be Mark Ingram of bama--Jackson won't go on for ever-your thoughts
            Jim Thomas: Let's just say Julio Jones (and A.J. Green) aren't available, and the Rams have a much higher grade on Ingram than any of the d-linemen that might be available (Clayborn, Smith, Jordan, Kerrigan, etc.). Then why not take Ingram?


            falcon: Everyone knows...
            -03-29-2011, 06:57 PM