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  • Marlin Jackson

    Wasn't offered a tender today by the Colts. First round pick only a few years ago. Only 26 years old. I think this guy has a lot left in the tank. If he checks out medically, he probably won't request that great of a contract.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Marlin Jackson

    When corners suffer two torn ACLs they tend to lose their speed, so there are big questions there.
    If he does check out fine, then i wouldnt mind. Should be cheap after not playing much recently


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      Re: Marlin Jackson

      This is one that I might actually be interested in. He is only 26 years old. The Colts might see something declining in his speed, or may just be satisfied with his replacements. I'm sure we'll find out quickly.


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        Re: Marlin Jackson

        My question with this is where do we play him? With Ron Bartell signed to an expensive contract and Bradley Fletcher hopefully returning as a young CB, Jackson could be a luxury at whatever price that we don't need. Not to mention Justin King.

        Go Rams!