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Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.

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  • Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.

    I understand that people get annoyed when another team makes a deal that they think the Rams should have made, but consider this...

    How many "big name" free agents are there this year? Ten... maybe?

    How many teams are there in the league?

    There is no guarantee that the Rams will sign any of the big name players.

    It is entirely unlikely that the Rams will sign multiple big name players.

    So... while we can all hope, you may want to manage your expectations to avoid disappointment.

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    Re: Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.

    No disappointment here, would you guys rather we go out and overpay inconsistent, over-the-hill veterans like Kyle Van den Bosch or Nate Burleson? I'd rather spend the money by giving Atogwe the long-term contract he deserves and continue building through the draft.


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      Re: Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.

      I agree. The unfortunate thing about the uncapped year is that the type of FAs the Rams should be considering (younger players on the rise) are now mostly RFAs.


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        Re: Frustrated by Free Agency? Do the math.

        Originally posted by AvengerRam View Post
        I agree. The unfortunate thing about the uncapped year is that the type of FAs the Rams should be considering (younger players on the rise) are now mostly RFAs.
        Exactly, we are a victim of circumstance I suppose.. and I don't think we're in any position to start giving up draft picks for any of these guys.


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        • zingers16
          Free Agents
          by zingers16
          For everyone that has the Rams going out in free agency and picking up 5-6 players, when was the last time that the Rams ever were that active in free agency? I know they usually sign a couple people each year, but a lot of people seem to have us taking a couple decent names in free agency. I can't remember the last time that the Rams actually went out in free agency and spent a lot of money on a few key players.

          Now, don't get me wrong, I could see the Rams picking up maybe one of Crowder/Birk/Willis/Butler because the new coaching staff wants changes, but do you really think they will spend money on a couple of them with there prices being driven up by other teams and the possible sale of the franchise?
          -02-06-2009, 05:22 AM
        • lordwhttgr
          Free Agency
          by lordwhttgr
          Please Rams, don't do anything!!! Free agency is for teams that need spot filled to get better right now. We are not in that group. We need to build great players from the ground up and that comes from the draft. I mean who is out there that we need so bad that we can't wait and see what is available in the draft. In my honest opinion, our Defense is tight and our Offense just needs tweaked to get going. T Austin, Z Stacy and even K Clemens improved through out the year. We beat teams like the Colts, Bears and the Saints. The Rams where the youngest team in the league last year and we reached 7-9. With Sam coming back, I think we can break into the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.

          Stay the course, cause it is way more fun that when we had Linehan and watching 1-15 to 3-13 every year!! We don't need those has bens on our team!!!

          GO RAMS!!!!
          Buy Season Tickets!!!
          Keep the Rams in St. Louis!!!
          -03-12-2014, 05:07 AM
        • eldfan
          Frustrated by free agency so far? Patience
          by eldfan
          by VanRam on Mar 5, 2010

          Anyone thinking the St. Louis Rams would move as fast this year in free agency as they did last year is bound to be a little disappointed. I can only counsel patience.

          Last year, the stars aligned a little better for the Rams in free agency. They had some prime targets that directly addressed important needs for the team. C Jason Brown was on the radar immediately, with the team setting up a meeting within 48 hours of the start of free agency. They worked out a deal with CB Ron Bartell, who was an unrestricted free agent, within a week. There was talk about signing SS James Butler in the early days of free agency too, but the team didn't reach a deal with him until two weeks into free agency.

          This time around it's not so easy. None of the big names in FA to sign thus far, less than 24 hours in, would have been good fits for the Rams. Nate Burleson, not exactly the WR we're in need of. Did you see how much the Bears gave Julius Peppers? That wasn't realistic for the Rams.

          Here's a pretty telling point from Mike Sando today: of the 43 unrestricted free agents with a Pro Bowl appearance, only one is younger than 29-years-old.

          The hardest pill to swallow is the report that the Seahawks are bringing in Broncos WR Brandon Marshall for a visit. Marshall, a RFA, would cost a first round pick, if signed away from the Broncos. Seattle has two of those.

          All is not lost. If you're starting to despair that A.J. Feeley might be the only roster move the Rams make, be patient. It's telling that the Rams had scheduled a visit with RB Darren Sproles during the brief window when it looked like he would be a free agent.

          As for trades, I expect the Rams to at least explore some options via that route, but those take time to hammer out deals.
          -03-06-2010, 08:30 AM
        • Ramfan2001
          Which will help more, draft or Free Agency?
          by Ramfan2001
          Which do you guys think will help more, the draft or free agency? I'm also curious to see who you guys think we should draft or which Free Agents we should sign.
          -12-19-2005, 05:50 PM
        • RamBill
          Who Will Be the Most Overpriced NFL Free Agents?
          by RamBill
          NFL insiders Pete Prisco and Will Brinson take a look at which players might get a larger contract than what they are worth. Ed Reed? Wes Welker? Anthony Spencer?

          Which free agent do you think will be over-paid?
          -02-21-2013, 07:30 AM