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If Rams do decide to go with Bradford...

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  • If Rams do decide to go with Bradford...

    barring any set backs, I think even if we do go 4-12 or 3-13 with a rookie QB, we need to keep Spags here. I think he is the right guy for this team and if he is given time he can build a team that contend for the future. Im not really worried about next year as I think that we are going to rebuild till then but the 2011 season is where we should really expect anything. Go RAMS

    Rookie RB2 (ala Felix Jones or Shonn Green)
    Free Agent WR

    and a new defense ran by Spags should contend for the future for many years.

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    Re: If Rams do decide to go with Bradford...

    I really don't think they will let Spags go if we go 4-12 lol. we have been getting worst every year for 4 years, if we get 3 wins that's a 400% improvement from where we are now.


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    • AvengerRam_old
      What is Spags/Devaney's mindset re: the first pick right now?
      by AvengerRam_old
      Where do you think they are re: the decision?
      Its Bradford, unless he's arrested or hit by a truck.
      Its Bradford or a Hershel Walker type trade.
      They are 90% sure its Bradford, but still want to see how the private workout/meetings go.
      Its still up in the air between Bradford and the DTs.
      The Bradford hype is a smokescreen to entice the Redskins to trade up.
      -03-29-2010, 10:10 AM
    • Bing69
      Where do you see the Rams.....
      by Bing69
      Now i know all of us 'hope' the Rams become a competitive team in the next few years, Bradford becomes a star, Onobun fulfills his potential, maybe even Selvie can become a sack master! I want to know what you guys 'think' the Rams will be like in say 2-3 years time?

      Do you think Bradford will have made this offense his own? Or will he be a bust?

      Will Jackson still be pounding away?

      How do you think future draft picks will turn out?

      Do you think Spags can mould a superbowl winning team?

      -08-24-2010, 07:34 AM
    • Rambos
      Players commented on Spags NFLN
      by Rambos
      Long said Spags was a class act and said he really wanted to thank Billy.
      SJax said Spags said he was sorry he could not get it turned around and kept it positive.
      Bradford said he also was bummed liked playing for Spags, bummed they could not do better to keep Spags. Bradford has already lobbied to keep McD as the coordinator was told it takes three years to master the system. But Sam was realistic that it most likely will not happen.

      NFLN said if the Rams don't land a Fisher type a big name HC they better have a plan B and the plan might be to interview McD

      NFLN said the Rams GM job is a hot job, Bradford, Cap space ect. Going to need to fix the O line and change the Defense the Rams have a lot of work to do. Stan has to get it right the Rams fan based has had enough of the losing.
      -01-02-2012, 10:14 AM
    • FestusRam
      Spags Job...The hot topic.
      by FestusRam
      Well...everyone else has made their opinion of Spags and his job very clear.

      I guess ill join the party.

      It seems as if the consensus of Clanram is yelling OFF WITH HIS HEAD.

      From what i've seen during the Spags era, I don't think this is the right move, yet. It would be smart for Kroenke to give Spags and Co at least one more year to turn things around. Here's why.

      1. Injuries- Ok..ok..I realize its part of the game. Seriously though, is there a team out there that has had more crucial injuries than us. We lost our top 3 corner backs in the first weeks of play. This would be devastating to any team in the NFL. Not to mention, our young developing quarterback lost his safety valve early on. I miss Amendola at this point much more than I thought I might. The fact is, if he's healthy, Bradford hits Danny on a short route if necessary. IMO, this would've reduced our sack total by quite a bit. It seems as is Bradford sometimes refuses to just throw the ball away, which makes a shifty Amendola that much more important. He also could've gotten the ball out so much quicker. While Salas looks to be promising, he's just not quick enough to get open so soon like Amendola. By the way, what happened to that promising young Salas. :| Theres alot more injuries here and there also(Sam's ankle), that just keep holding this team back. I know there's no excuses to why we didn't score yesterday when we moved the ball so well. However, I would bet a lot of money we would've with Lloyd, Amendola, Dx, and Salas. Not to mention Clayton.

      2. Rebuilding- Correct me if im wrong, but when he inherited this team wasn't it filled with players that belong in the CFL. Keenan Burton, Alex Barron, and Justin"Cant wait til we cut his a$$"King just to name a few. It takes time to rebuild a team so dismantled. They've had only a few drafts and FA's to do so. They have done a good job in my opinion, considering all the dead money they inherited too. Also, keep in mind how hard it is to sign the top free agents when your rebuilding a team that has done nothing but lose most of the last decade.

      3. Short Offseason- Yes, all the teams had the same amount of time to get acclimated to the season. We did change quite a bit from last season though. We implemented a new offensive scheme, the second one in two years for a sophomore quarterback. We also added quite a bit of new players. These guys seems like they're finally learning to play as a team though.

      4. Continuity- This team desperately needs to stay the course and just keep building around young Sam. If Kroenke decides to fire Spags, and hire yet another HC, so be it. I would understand, but i would disagree. Bradfords young and im nervous of a new HC bringing yet another OC. He has shown this year that it will take him time to acclimate to complex offensive systems.

      5. Poor Fundamentals- Yea the coach takes some responsibility...
      -11-07-2011, 07:21 PM
    • laram0
      What Gives?
      by laram0
      I just watched Spags MONDAY press conference. It's 15 minutes and 41 seconds long. Approx 10 minutes of it is going over the new injuries. Also some questions about the Whiner game but nothing JUICY!

      What's up with these reporters at the press conferences? When are they going to start asking Spags the tough questions? Example: Why do we continue to lose? What the heck is going on with our team? Everyone is sick and tired of getting embarrassed. We are OFER against our division opponents that being the NFC WEST.

      It's time to wipe the smirk/smile off of Spags face.
      -12-06-2011, 06:56 AM