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QB/First Pick: Four Choices

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  • QB/First Pick: Four Choices

    Which of these four options do you favor?

    (I'm presuming that there are few enough people who would take Jimmy Clausen with the first pick that it need not be on the poll)
    Take Suh or G.McCoy/Retain Bulger
    Take Suh or G.McCoy/Trade for Vick
    Take Suh or G.McCoy/Take C.McCoy, Pike or LeFevour later
    Take Bradford
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    Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

    Bradford too much of a risk for the money !


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      Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

      As always with me it is Suh/Weatherspoon/Lefevour
      or Suh/Best/LeFevour


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        Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

        It's honestly going to come down to the pro days. If Colt puts on a show, if Pike comes in a little heavier, if Lefevour steps up and shows us some hootspa, if Tebow can show us a mechanically sound technique or if Bradford doesn't impress then I would be more comfortable with choice number 3.

        If Bradford is lights out and the 2nd tier qbs remain 2nd tier quality then I would go with choice number 4.


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          Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

          Number 4 for me. I don't think that's going to charge, unless barring a major setback on March 25.


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            Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

            Of those options, I'd take Suh and retain Bulger for one more year, with Feeley and Null as backups.

            However, I'm one of the Clausen minority.


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              Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

              i still prefer suh and lefevour, assuming he drops to our 3rd pick. bradford's injury situation still scares me a bit.

              however, i believe the rams will pick bradford. i am hoping at this point to be able to trade down and pick up an extra second rounder, if nothing else.


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                Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                until we have a solid offensive line I wouldn't bother spending 1 round money for a qb. get Suh and Colt mcCoy!
                LA RAMMER

                It's Jim not Chris


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                  Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                  Originally posted by LA Rammer View Post
                  until we have a solid offensive line I wouldn't bother spending 1 round money for a qb. get Suh and Colt mcCoy!
                  ditto that... bradford is fragile


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                    Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                    I would like to combine 1 and 3. Retain Bulger, draft Suh, draft 2nd round BQBA.
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                      what Hubison said.


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                        Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                        Originally posted by HUbison View Post
                        I would like to combine 1 and 3. Retain Bulger, draft Suh, draft 2nd round BQBA.
                        What I'm hoping they'll do.


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                          Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                          Originally posted by HUbison View Post
                          I would like to combine 1 and 3. Retain Bulger, draft Suh, draft 2nd round BQBA.
                          That would make for an interesting camp, with Bulger, Feeley, Null and C.McCoy/LeFevour/Pike fighting for three spots (I presume Null would end up on the practice squad under those circumstances).


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                            Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                            Hard to believe anyone wants to retain Bulger.

                            If not simply for the theory of having a fresh start, I think he has to go.

                            You think Martz will want to sign Bulger to help Cutler learn the system over there?

                            I think that is bulger's best fit., don't you ?

                            If you had to give a percent that Bulger will be with Rams next season I think it is about 12%.


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                              Re: QB/First Pick: Four Choices

                              I have no problem with the idea of keeping Bulger as long as the Rams also select a QB to groom for the future (C.McCoy, LeFevour, Pike, L.Brown).

                              To go into 2010 with a depth chart of Bulger/Feeley/Null, however, would be a mistake, in my opinion.


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                              • AvengerRam_old
                                The QB Issue: 3 Options
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Which do you favor?
                                Take Sam Bradford with the first pick.
                                Take N.Suh or G.McCoy; Hope to land Clausen or C.McCoy with second pick.
                                Trade for Jason Campbell before draft.
                                -04-08-2010, 06:29 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                If the Rams stay at pick #1, there are really only 4 candidates.
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                If the Rams don't trade down from the first pick in the draft, their choice really comes down to four players.

                                The Frontrunner: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
                                I call Suh the frontrunner because he is the player that most people consider the best prospect in the draft. While I obviously don't have any inside information from the Rams, I certainly can see a coach like Steve Spagnuolo, who built a champion defense on the strength of the D line, favoring Suh.

                                The Dark-Horse Candidate: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
                                While he is currently overshadowed by Suh, he is still considered a top 3-5 pick. If Suh slides during the evaluation period, while McCoy shines, he could rise to the top.

                                The Cult Favorite: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
                                Those who like Clausen really like him. In my opinion, his size is potentially an issue, and I'll be curious how he is reported as comporting himself in interviews. That said... QBs can rise quickly in the eyes of scouts, coaches and personnel guys. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

                                The Forgotten Candidate: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
                                Bradford may have been the first pick in the 2009 draft had he come out. Now he stands as the poster child for those who advocate early departures from college. Still, if he passes all the tests he'll be put through in the next few months, teams could fall in love again with his 2008 game tapes.

                                There are other top prospects who I really don't think the Rams would take No. 1 overall. I have Derrick Morgan rated #2 on my draft board, but I really don't see the Rams passing on Suh (or McCoy) to take him. Eric Berry and Joe Haden are A list DBs who will both go in the top 10 selections, but again, not to the Rams at No. 1. The Rams may like C.J. Spiller (as do I), but they can't afford to take a RB at No. 1 unless they trade Jackson, which isn't likely to happen. Finally, Dez Bryant, though a top WR prospect, does not appear to be a guy who would go that high.

                                So, in my book... its one of these four players or a trade down (which I don't expect to happen).

                                Anyone think there are more than four candidates?
                                -01-18-2010, 03:45 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                The Thing That Worries Me Most About The Second Tier QBs
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                First, let me define my terms. Right now, I have the QB "tiers" as follows:

                                Tier 1 (First Round Prospects)
                                Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
                                Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

                                Tier 2 (Second/Third Round Prospects)
                                Colt McCoy, Texas
                                Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

                                Tier 3 (Fourth/Fifth Round Prospects)
                                Tony Pike, Cincinnati
                                Levi Brown, Troy
                                Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

                                Tier 4 (Sixth Round or later)
                                Everyone Else

                                Note: Before we get off on a tangent, let me say that I am aware that there are many who have Tony Pike in Tier 2 and Tim Tebow in Tier 2 or 3. Let's just agree to disagree on those.

                                Now... here's my worry...

                                Where do you value the Tier 2 QBs?

                                At this point, I feel as though Colt McCoy and Dan LeFevour would both be reaches at pick number 33. However, I also think there is a very good chance that both will be gone by pick number 65.

                                In a perfect world, the Rams woudl trade from pick 33 to a pick in the middle of the second round, get McCoy or LeFevour, and obtain an extra pick in the process. But what if such a trade is not available?

                                My fear is that the Rams pass on the Tier 1 QBs in Round 1, pass on the Tier 2 QBs at pick No. 33, and then find themselves at the top of Round 3 with the choice of going with a Tier 3 QB or "Door Number 2" (Bulger, Boller, Null, ???).

                                If the Rams share this concern, it could push them towards taking Bradford first. However, that would the wrong reason to take Bradford. If they think he's worth the first pick, then they should take him. Taking him because of need is very risky.

                                Its issues like this that make me glad I'm not the GM.
                                -03-03-2010, 10:15 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                How would you handicap the first pick?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                If you were a Vegas oddsmaker, how would you handicap the Rams' first pick? In anwering, DO NOT PROVIDE ODDS OF RAMS MAKING A TRADE! Just provide your odds of who you think the Rams will take IF THEY STAY AT PICK #1.

                                Here are the current odds from the AvengerRam Sports Book of Central Florida:

                                Ndamukong Suh: EVEN MONEY
                                Sam Bradford: 3-1
                                Gerald McCoy: 4-1
                                Jimmy Clausen: 25-1
                                "The Field": 500-1
                                -02-25-2010, 07:46 AM
                              • BarronWade
                                2010 Draft Questions #2: Options Beyond Clausen and Suh!
                                by BarronWade
                                Many stuggling teams with new regimes and head coaches tend to win games toward the end of the season. So here is the Scenario:

                                Bucs: Ndamukong Suh
                                Chiefs: Russel Okung
                                Browns: Jimmy Clausen
                                Lions: Eric Berry
                                Rams: ...?

                                1) Who do you think is the best player available now? (not particularly your choice)

                                2) Would you take Sam Bradford? Or is he too much of a risk?

                                3) Is Tim Tebow worth a top 5 pick? If yes would you want him at #5?

                                4) If we dont get the best QB should we settle for the 2nd best in Jake Locker? Does anyone else see Jamarcus Russel comparisons in Locker?

                                5) Is Gerald McCoy worth a top 5 eventhough he won't do much vs. the run? Would you take him over a franchise QB?

                                6) Should any of the 2010 WRs even be mentioned as a top 5 pick?

                                7) Any other good players with value at pick 5 that are not a QB or DT?

                                8) Who would you take if Clausen and Suh are off the board?

                                If your going to answer try coping and pasting the answer or quoting it in the response so it is easier for everyone to know what the question is when reading your reply

                                Thank You
                                -11-05-2009, 06:35 AM