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Brian Price Vs. Gerald Mccoy

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  • Brian Price Vs. Gerald Mccoy

    Time to get controversial. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say: based on what I've seen of game footage, Brian Price is just as good as Gerald Mccoy.

    They both have that great burst off the line, both are great inside pass rushers, and both are stout against the run, and both have a tendency to get blown out of plays due to picking the wrong holes at times. I'd even say Brian Price is nastier and has a better motor then Mccoy (though slightly).

    Why is Mccoy getting all this hype about being Number One Overall and not Brian Price?

    Again I'm not sure about Price's injury history or character concerns, but based on play alone, they are almost identical...

    Correct me if I'm wrong or agree if I'm not..
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    Re: Brian Price Vs. Gerald Mccoy

    I think you have a good point.

    Mccoy is not NFL ready. He needs to get bigger and stronger and play the run / pass combo effectively.

    I think there are only 4 potential NFL #1 picks in this years draft

    Suh, Clausen, Okung, and Bradford.

    McCoy has a lil of a tweener look to him -- higher risk with McCoy.

    Suh is clear cut #1 by my eyes at the DT position due to his combination of both strength and power.


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