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  • Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    Unsatisfied with trade offers for third-string quarterback Michael Vick, the Eagles paid out his $1.5 million roster bonus Tuesday.

    Vick, meanwhile, wants to start in 2010 and went on a St. Louis radio station Tuesday to proclaim his desire to be traded to the Rams.

    "I'm not saying it out of arrogance but out of confidence," Vick told WXOS-FM. "I think I can be the difference-maker on any team, especially a team like the St. Louis Rams, who need a lot of help and will get it based on their ownership and the general manager (Billy Devaney) they have who is a great guy and I know from Atlanta.

    "I just think bringing the right pieces in, putting the right players in the proper positions and giving them the opportunity to win, I think premier players could turn any team around. Yeah, I'm confident I could do that. ...

    "Me and Billy have a relationship that dates back to 2001-2002 and we were very close in Atlanta. We always talked, he always came and sat by me by my locker and he'd ask me what my thoughts were on certain things and we just always had open dialogue.

    "I think the world of him, he's a great guy and he's been there for me throughout the last three years just communicating."

    If Vick were to be a starting quarterback in 2010, according to the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, he easily could reach $2.75 million in incentives on top of his $3.75 million base salary.

    Last week Vick said in a radio interview that he'd like to play for the Panthers, because they're close to his Virginia home and he'd get to face the Falcons twice a year. (He also likes their uniforms.)


    Have to say, im not opposed....

    Give a 4th rounder and 6th for vick, draft suh...maybe not that bad...

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    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    A fourth and six? No. Way to much for him.
    "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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      Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

      The Eagles have to get realistic and realize what they can get for Vick, I mean look at all the recent trades, Boldin, Cromartie, Rhodes. None of those guys, who are recent probowlers, were had for a 2nd round pick. I think a fourth or a fifth would be right in line for Vick. Heck lets just give them their fifth and AJ Feely back and call it a deal.


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        Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

        i mean we already have their fifth, i think a 4th and a 6th is probably his worth for a starting qb, and they chip in some cash considerations for the extra incentives he'd make for being a starter.


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          Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

          Originally posted by Alec22 View Post
          i mean we already have their fifth, i think a 4th and a 6th is probably his worth for a starting qb, and they chip in some cash considerations for the extra incentives he'd make for being a starter.
          He is most certainly not worth a 4th round pick. He has done nothing to show that he is worth a 4th which is a pick that can be use to acquire a fairly useful player in the draft. I personally wouldnt give anything more then a 7th for him. He is a third strong QB and should be valued as such.


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            Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

            hey man where'd you get that article?

            also i think a 5th rounder would be the appropriate value for a trade. (the 5th we acquired from them).


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              Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

              Originally posted by timsum1283 View Post
              also i think a 5th rounder would be the appropriate value for a trade. (the 5th we acquired from them).
              Could you explain why a 5th round pick is a good trade for a 3rd string QB?


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                Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
                Could you explain why a 5th round pick is a good trade for a 3rd string QB?
                That's where Null went.


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                  Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                  In the last years in the 4th round we have selected:

                  Dorell Scott, Justin King, Keenan Burton, and VA

                  I would trade any of those guys heads up for vick.
                  While the 4th round has been better than the 3rd round over the last couple of years even, vick would be brought in as the starter with null and aj and the backups
                  Then we would draft suh,

                  A 4th or 5th round pick coupled with prob a 6th or 7th would not be a bad deal at all for a major fan attraction and a starting qb.

                  Vicks last season (while a while ago) he was top ten in tds, td/int ratio, and total yards. He only even played with 1 semi playmaker and never had a D above 14th overall yet got the team into the playoffs even the nfc champ game and remember the game against us????

                  Id give a 4th or 5th for that type of hype around the team and a starting qb over justin king or dorrell scott anyday.


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                    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                    If trading for Vick means we don't draft Bradford and pick Suh then I'm all for it, and I dont care much for Vick. I just dont want to see us waste our first round pick on Bradford.
                    Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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                      Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                      The guy wants to play for Carolina, now for St. Louis. So indecisive. What will he do on the filed? "I'll,, pass....wait, I'll run...SMACK!"

                      No, thanks. One more reason to not let him wear horns.


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                        Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                        Originally posted by PeoriaRam View Post
                        That's where Null went.
                        Null went in the 6th round


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                          Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                          You have to remember that the Rams have the first pick of every round. That means that their fourth round pick is likely (depending on compensatory picks in Round 3) going to be the 97th selection overall.

                          In my mind, there is no way the Rams should give up a top 100 pick for Vick.


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                            Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                            5th round pick for Vick wouldn't be a bad deal. Then on Draft in first 3 rounds picking-up DT, LB and OL.


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                              Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

                              Originally posted by rammiser View Post
                              If trading for Vick means we don't draft Bradford and pick Suh then I'm all for it, and I dont care much for Vick. I just dont want to see us waste our first round pick on Bradford.
                              just what I was thinking


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                              • THOLTFAN81
                                Could Michael Vick be an option for St. Louis Rams?
                                by THOLTFAN81
                                BY JIM THOMAS
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                As the Philadelphia Eagles headed into the offseason following last weekend's wild-card loss to Dallas, quarterback Michael Vick made it clear what he wanted in his future.

                                "Everybody wants to be a starter in this league, and everybody wants to play," Vick told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "That should be your goal. The ambition you should have is to want to be great. ... I know I can still play at a high level."

                                All of which is no surprise to Eagles coach Andy Reid.

                                "That kid, the changes that he made this year in his life, I was impressed with," Reid told Philadelphia reporters. "And his desire to be a No. 1 guy in this league, I'd be disappointed if he didn't feel that way."

                                As long as Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb are in Philly, Vick won't get a chance to start for the Eagles. But what about St. Louis?

                                What seemed totally far-fetched last summer, as Vick was about to get out of prison, no longer seems like such a longshot in St. Louis. Because Vick remains under contract with Philadelphia, Rams general manager Billy Devaney can't speak publicly on the topic.

                                But Devaney has consistently said the team will explore all options to improve the club. He has made it a point in interviews to note that the "four pillars" approach is being softened this offseason. In other words, the Rams are more likely to take a chance on a so-called "character-risk" player than last year at this time.

                                Devaney worked for the Atlanta Falcons before coming to St. Louis, so he's very familiar with Vick. In fact, Devaney visited Vick in prison while Vick was serving 18 months for running a dogfighting operation.

                                Reid has been one of the major career influences for Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo. So when Reid talks about how he was impressed with Vick, and the "changes" he made in his life, that will resonate with Spagnuolo.

                                So it will come as no surprise if Vick's name comes up next week when Devaney, Spagnuolo and executive vice president of football operations Kevin Demoff meet with Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom at the organization's annual postseason summit.

                                By all accounts, Vick has said and done the right things in Philadelphia, where he was given a second chance by Reid. If not the Rams, it seems likely someone now will give Vick a chance to compete for a starting job in a league where top-flight quarterbacks remain a rare commodity.

                                But even if it comes down to a pure football decision, does Vick still have what it takes to be a difference-maker in the NFL? That's what the Rams, or any other team, must decide.

                                The No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 draft by Atlanta, Vick made three Pro Bowls in six seasons with the Falcons. He isn't a pure passer...
                                -01-14-2010, 11:26 PM
                              • MauiRam
                                Vick would bring buzz to Rams
                                by MauiRam
                                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Michael Vick served 19 months in federal prison for his role in running an extremely cruel and heinous dogfighting ring. If you believe Vick deserves additional penalties, then imagine the punishment he'd receive by playing quarterback for the Rams.

                                It could happen, if the Philadelphia Eagles decide to release or trade Vick after deciding not to pick up his option for 2010. Vick was a part-time quarterback and designated wildcat-formation runner for the Eagles this season. Considering his long layoff and two years out of the game, Vick played pretty well. Moreover, Eagles coaches praised Vick's dedication and the positive changes he made in his life. But it would be costly to keep Vick as a backup, and Vick would prefer being a No. 1 quarterback elsewhere.

                                The Rams need a starting quarterback. The Rams need a lot of things, as evidenced by their 6-42 record and last-place NFL ranking in points scored over the last three seasons.

                                So yes, there is a fit. And there are some obvious connections in play here. Rams GM Billy Devaney was part of the Atlanta organization during Vick's career there and visited Vick in prison. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur are former assistants to Eagles coach Andy Reid and they trust his judgment. If Reid recommends Vick, Spagnuolo will listen.

                                Vick may have other, more appealing, options. Several NFL teams are on the lookout for starting quarterbacks and Vick's stock is up after his positive experience in Philadelphia.

                                "I tried to be the best ambassador that I could be in the community," Vick told Philadelphia reporters. "And that won't stop. I'll continue to do that, and I'll continue to work hard."

                                If the Rams get the chance to land Vick, would the relationship work?

                                There's Vick, the quarterback. Would he be effective? And then there's Vick as a high-profile figure. Would Rams fans accept his arrival or be offended by his presence? Recently I set up an unscientific poll on my "Five Minutes" blog at I posed a simple question: Yes or no on Vick as the Rams' QB?

                                Of the 10,551 respondents, 62 percent were in favor of Vick becoming a Ram.

                                I've heard from Rams fans who insist they'll cancel their season tickets if Vick is signed. And there's little doubt the Rams would face some passionate, vociferous anti-Vick protests. But I've also heard from fans who say the addition of Vick would motivate them to keep their tickets. They're tired of the dull football and believe Vick would bring excitement to games.

                                Those opposing Vick probably would be more visible and louder than those who support him. Some of the initial anti-Vick sentiment would fade, just as it did in Philadelphia.

                                OK, now...
                                -01-17-2010, 03:30 PM
                              • Tony Soprano
                                - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -
                                by Tony Soprano
                                Rams to Pursue Michael Vick!

                                "Several people in the NFL told me not to rule out St. Louis as a possible destination for Vick. The Rams might have some ownership issues to deal with before actually signing him, but they have genuine interest. They’ve been doing their due diligence on Vick, and if the Commissioner does reinstate him, look for them to actively pursue him. It makes sense — a new coach with an older quarterback who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism. "

                                The Redzone - Best NFL News and Links
                                -05-31-2009, 01:35 PM
                              • ramsanddodgers
                                Vick Pleads Stupidity. World Agrees.
                                by ramsanddodgers
                                Vick Pleads Stupidity. World Agrees.
                                Written by Hugh G. Rection
                                Tuesday, 29 May 2007
                                ATLANTA (AP) -- Michael Vick blamed his woefully low IQ for taking advantage of him after a police raid found evidence of dog fighting at property he owns in Virginia.

                                An animal rights group scoffed at that explanation, saying they long suspected the Atlanta Falcons quarterback was involved in the fight-to-the-death activity. Vick responded to the group's accusations asking "Are they kidding? That kind of thing takes organization, planning, and the ability to make change"

                                Embroiled in another embarrassing -- and perhaps criminal -- situation, Vick traveled to New York on Friday to take part in a Memorial Day parade, but got lost inside the airport and missed the entire event.
                                Appearing at a news conference to ask directions on how to tie his shoes and get home he described himself as an unwitting victim of relatives living on his property in Smithfield, VA who realize how bereft of basic intelligence he is.

                                "I'm never at the house as I can't find it on a map. I left the house with my family members and my cousin who said they were running a business providing day care to attack dogs. It's unfortunate I am not smarter," Vick said. "Even if I'm there, I don't know what's going on. Mixing metaphors he added "When it all boils down to brass tacks, two in the hand is a penny saved"

                                John Goodwin, who handles dog-fighting issues for The Humane Society of America and clearly has never spoken with Vick, was skeptical that Vick was unaware of such a large operation -- especially when police were led to the property as part of a drug investigation after arresting the quarterback's 26-year-old cousin. In addition he doubts Vick's sincerity in his claim that he has no idea how his football cleats became caked with dog ****.

                                Falcon's spokesman Reggie Roberts said the team would not have a comment until it got more details and a copy of Vick's high school transcripts. Vick's attorney, Larry Woodward, did not return a telephone message seeking comment. However, his law partner attorney Ron Mexico did add he was sure Vick would be "exhenerated of all such falaciating acumazations"

                                The NFL said it is looking into the matter. Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear he intends to crack down on players involved in off-the-field misconduct and who are unable to come up with better excuses than Vick.

                                A recent string of embarrassing incidents have involved Vick including a lawsuit that accused him of knowingly infecting a woman with a sexually transmitted disease, and flashing an obscene hand gesture to heckling Atlanta fans as he walked off the field following a loss In January. Security officers at Miami International Airport seized a water bottle from Vick that they said smelled...
                                -07-12-2007, 07:01 PM
                              • K.G
                                Michael Vick
                                by K.G
                                Should I even mention the idea? What does everybody think? Whenever he can play we should def go after him if we got the money.
                                -05-17-2009, 08:33 PM